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The boys get some time alone
I think the lust and desire for something to happen was obvious in both of us. We made our way to each of our tracksuits, that had been used as goal posts, with rock hard boners tenting our nylon shorts, even the few seconds that took us away from each other, as we walked to our goal area, felt like too long for me.

Our eyes hardly left each other, I was worried that Stevie might take fright, he might think that things had gone too far and make off in panic, but I had no need to worry he was soon coming back towards me his tented shorts assuring me that he still had interest, things just happened so fast, we were like two long lost lovers who had been kept apart for a long time, rather than two guys who had only known each other for under 24 hours, as soon as we were inside the wrecked hovel that at one time had been a club house, our hands where all over each other touching, feeling, exploring,

It was instinct that our lips met rather than a planned action, and when they did and our tongues started exploring the inside of each others mouths, we held each other tightly against each others bodies, our covered cocks crashing and rubbing off each others, the warmth of each others legs touching from time to time, and when I slid my hand inside the waist band of the boxers under his shorts, I felt the same sticky pre cum that was already starting to show on mine, Stevie followed my lead and as we kissed and groped each others cocks I was in another world, could this really be happening, I had wanked thousands of times, fantasising about something like this happening, and now that it was I was taking as much as I could get before it ended.

The old Clubhouse was a total wreck, vandalised beyond repair, every inch of ground space covered in empty cans ,broken bottles, even poo that looked as if it had come from a human, what was left of the interior walls where covered in all sorts, it was not the love nest that any sane person would have chosen, but then again who said we were sane?, I wonder if Stevie was asked to write this story, if he would describe feeling the same lust I did that day? It was intense ,it was clumsy, two boys exploring each others bodies, doing things to each other that normal society saw as wrong,

I could hold back no longer I needed to taste his cock, I had fantasised for so long about having a guys cock in my mouth, a guy who was willing to let me suck him off, a guy who was willing to fill my mouth with his meat then my throat with his cum.

I backed Stevie against what was left of a wall then got down in a crouching position, scared to kneel on my knees for fear of cutting them on broken glass. I pulled down the front of his football shorts taking his boxers down at the same time, it was there 5 -6 inches of solid smooth uncut cock tapered from a thinner tip to a thicker base resting against wiry dark pubes, the pre cum around his purple cock head made it glisten, I took it in my hand pulled the foreskin back and forth a few times then moved my lips over the head of his cock, feeling for the first time the softness of his fore skin followed by the salty sweet taste of his pre cum before finally pushing down to the firmness of his blood filled cock,

This was everything I had dreamed of every night before going to sleep, God alone knows how many pints of boy spunk I had wiped up with last nights socks while dreaming I was doing this, and now that I was it was everything and more that I had dreamed it would be, there was not a taste really, it was a feeling, a feeling that I had never experienced before, the silky softness of his skin over the bone hard meat underneath is so hard to explain, but it felt good it felt really good, no fuck that is not a fair deion it felt out of this world, I would have been happy to walk about for the rest of my life with that feeling in my mouth it was just totally amazing.

Stevie was making the right noises to assure me I was giving him as much pleasure as I was getting, his hand pushing my head on the down stroke sometimes pushed me a bit far causing me to gag, but it never put me off I just adjusted my position and kept sucking, the without warning, I felt his body shake, his grip on my head tighten, then the warm gooey liquid filled my mouth, I drank it down, I had waited so long for this to happen, and now I had finally got the taste of another guys spunk I wanted to saviour it, this was my champagne, I could have died a happy man there and then without regret, but far from dying I was just beginning to live, I raised myself up until our mouths met once again, our arms around each other his still bare cock adding to the stains my own pre cum had created on my nylon shorts, Stevie whispered in my ear “ Your turn now big boy”

My cock slightly shorter than Stevie’s was cut and a little thicker , as it entered his mouth for the first time I could have exploded there and then, the feeling of his warmth, the softness of his tongue as it licked and swirled over my cock head sent waves of tingles and tickles throughout my body, I fought for breath as I experienced sensations that I never even imagined could have existed, I don’t know if I was letting out moans of pleasure, but I followed Stevie’s lead, My fingers on his head, guiding him down on me , like me he gagged a few times but it never put him off, I looked down, I wanted to see my cock slide in and out of this handsome studs mouth and was surprised to see that not only was he fully hard again but he was wanking,

Then it all came to a sudden end, The whistle, then the sound of a mans voice as he shouted on his dog from a very close range, the sound of heavy panting, as the dog came bounding into the club house, I think we startled it, as the poor thing came to a sudden stop turned back to the door, then stopped and began barking like mad, at lightening speed our shorts where up and our cocks went down, as we heard this mans voice getting closer to the club house, we could have made a dash out the back way before he got close enough to see us but we where scared that the dog might attack if we turned and ran. The guy came to the door of the club house to see what the dog was getting all excited about, he grabbed it by the collar and put it’s leash on, as he pulled the dog away you could see that confused look on his face, you just knew he was wondering what we had been up to.



Hi folks thanks for reading this story, I hope it reaches the parts it was intended for and at least gets you hard, I know my spelling and grammar are not great, I should have spent more time learning than lusting over my class mates at school, but hey I am sure if you persevere you will get the drift of my stories. If you have enjoyed the story please vote for it, and if you have time leave a comment, it is the comments and the knowledge that others are reading my stories that keep me writing. My photos are on my forum profile, I can be contacted at I also have a blog with my stories at
Thanks again for reading Teddy.

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Oh, so nice ! Got me hard !

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Good story. Reminds me of my first awkward boy sex at 13 with best friend 11. Keep up writing. Look forward to more stories.

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