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Man/boy, gay, molest, reluctant, rape, blackmail
His dick started to get sticky from my drying cum, no longer making a very good lube; I removed my hand from his little prick. Ryans dick was now hard, it stood at an impressive 4 inches, ( impressive for a 7 year old anyway) I spread his legs and laid down between them on my stomach, his dick right in front of my face. I opened my mouth and took him all the way in; his dick was so small that I could take the whole thing without even gagging. The sweet taste of my own nut on his cock made my mouth water. I pulled back, pushing my tongue against his shaft as hard as I could. When I was far enough back that only my lips touched the tip of the head, i flipped my tongue so that the bottom was on his piss hole. As I went back down onto it, I rolled my tongue until It was flat again at the base with his whole 4 inches once again in my mouth. I heard him moan, I glanced up at him and saw that he was staring back at me; he was watching intently as I sucked his cock. 

Seeing this, I felt my cock harden and push into the mattress; I had to reposition my self to make my dick rest between my stomach and the mattress. I thrusted my dick into it as I pulled my mouth back off his prick; sucking as hard as I could and forcing my tongue against him. Repeated this for a few more minutes, i then took my mouth off him. I took him in my hand and squeezed, "I can stop now if you like," I said while squeezing his throbbing member. He thrust his hips forward into the air, "no please," he said, "please don't stop". Oh my god I thought. I stuck out my tongue, started at his taint and started licking up, over his balls, to the base of his cock, up the shaft,  
the tip, and started to tonguing his piss hole. Then, after resting my tongue on the tip, I took him back into my mouth; with my tongue pushing against him the whole way down. 

After doing this for a good five minutes, I heard his breathing getting heavier, he was bucking his hips harder than ever with each stroke of my mouth; I knew he was about to cum. "OH! OH! EH! EH!" he started moaning, louder and louder; I felt his hands on each side of my head, grabbing my hair. He was getting close! I reached down with my pinky finger and felt around for his little ass hole again, I found it; I stuck it in and curled it, pushing it against his prostate as he screamed out in uncontrollable pleasure that no 7 year old should ever get to feel. He was cuming! Oh my god! A seven year old boy was cuming in my mouth! I thrust my cock into the mattress as he lifted his hips into the air holding onto the back of my head for dear life. I felt his little thing twitching in my mouth; oh god I wish he could blow a load in my mouth, I want to taste him! with one last thrust of his hips in the air, pulling me down so far on his cock my eyes started to water. He held me there as I wiggled my tongue from side to side, back, forth and around; keeping good suction as he started to settle down. He was breathing so hard, I sucked and pulled off his dick. I kissed his cock, up to his belly button, over his sternum, to his nipple, up his neck and to his lips; he kissed me back. I rolled off to his side, and kissed him again; I stuck my tongue in his mouth and he sucked on it like a lollie pop. I laid my head on his chest, I could hear like little heart beat; it was so fast. My head lifted and fell with every breath he took, I started rubbing his stomach, playing with his belly button. His cock had still not deflated, it was still as hard as ever; I moved my hand to it a rubbed it softly. 

I lifted my head and turned it to look into his green eyes, they were so beautiful; I could just get lost in them.  "I'm sorry for getting so ruff with you baby boy," I said in a soft voice. "it's ok," he replied, I'm a big boy now!" I smiled, "yes baby, your a big boy now. Did you like being a big boy? It looks like you still want to be big boy". I said as I squeezed his rock hard dick again. "can we play again?" he asked. "yea, if you want to," I said smiling. "let's try something new" I suggested. I pulled him on top of me, I opened my legs spread eagle; I could feel his prick poking my ass cheek. I reached my hand down by my ass, I took his dick in-between my index and middle fingers and guided the tip to my ass hole. "hock up a loogie," I told him, "and spit on your thingy". He did what I asked, "now rub the spit all over your thing and rub some on my butt hole". He did; I felt his little finger poke my hole and it made my dick twitch. I wrapped my legs around his upper back, i sat up as much as I could, my right hand grabbed his right ass cheek, my left hand reached down to repossession his tip to my ass hole.

 I squeezed his right ass cheek and pulled him into me; but only the tip, I reached my left hand around and grabbed his left ass cheek; they were so firm! With one motion I pulled him fully into me, I looked at his face, he was so cute and he was loving this so much. "call me daddy!" I said. "daddy" he said in the voice of an angel. I had a good grip on his hips, I used it to pull his cock out of me and then thrust it back in, out and then in again. I only had to do this two more times before he took over. Like a real man; he grabbed my hips and thrusted his little cock as deep inside of me as he could, ramming it like I was his bitch. I let go of his ass and hock a loogie into my hand, I grab my cock tight and with each thrust of his prepubescent cock into my ass, I push my hand down and thrust my cock into my spit covered palm. Our eyes meet, "fuck me Ryan!" I scream at him, "fuck me harder!" he pumps harder, I start banging my head and using my legs to pull him into me; trying to get momentum to push against him. "I think I'm going to pee!" he yells out. "do it baby! Pee in me!" I scream back. Here it cums! Oh my god! Here it cums! " I'm cumming! I'm cumming! Fuck me harder! I'm cumming!" I scream. "I'm  pee-peeing! I'm pee-peeing! Ryan screams back at me. He arches his back and I can feel the twitching of his cock as he cums in my ass. With his last thrust he actually lifted my ass up off the bed and held it there for a second before dropping me back onto the bed and falling forward; I felt his prick come out of my ass as he fell forward and felt it pop as the tip came out, followed by him plopping on my chest. Our sweat and my cum mashed against our bodies, were breathing so hard; but we managed to kiss before we even caught our breath. I lifted him off me just enough to scoop some cum off my chest; "open your mouth," I said. Shoving my fingers into his mouth he sucked the cum like it was honey. "Hmmm" he said around my fingers. He sat up once my fingers were clean, looked down at my chest and said "I like that." he stuck his tongue out and licked what was left off my chest. "can we do this again?" he asked. "yes we can baby boy," I said, "in fact, I don't think you'd have much of a choice".

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2011-12-02 18:47:39
mmmmm such a hot series! more to come hopefully???

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2011-12-02 18:42:21
mmmmm such a hot series! more to come hopefully???

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2011-11-26 19:43:50
Opposed it make more made me come harder than ever these where great

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