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Mai is not what you would call a normal girl, nor is she what an every day guy would call beautiful, but she found someone that finds her beautiful in everyway
Mai was sitting in her class finishing a test by herself; the teacher had taken off early to catch a flight to his spring break vacation. Mai was a B student at the moment, but in past years she had been an A student nearly all the time, she was retaking this test so she could raise her GPA, get into college, do the whole 9 yards. Her parents supported and trusted her enough that she had no curfew and could do almost anything she felt like, despite some unruly past decisions. Her friends were similar to her, hard-working, wanting to get high GPAs, the only difference was that she enjoyed going out at night, doing fun stuff. She however was a somewhat insecure person and couldn’t really enjoy doing these things unless she had someone with her. With no boyfriend to speak of, and shut in friends she mostly stayed at home and played on her computer, living vicariously with internet flirting while looking at hot guys.
A sudden knock on the door startled her, so she went to the door to see who it was. When she peered out the peephole she discovered it was Jordan, a kind of friend of hers. See, Jordan had been Mai’s crush since at least the 8th grade. He was black, but not really black, kinda like a mix so he had white guy features but with a tint to his skin of a brownish gray, his eyes were a gorgeous coffee brown. He kept his hair short and he always had a smile on his face. Jordan was almost in her circle, he was smart and hard-working, but he was practically an honorary Asian guy, all of his friends were either white or Asian. This is not to sound racist it’s just a term of endearment. They were never right in the same circles, and it both pissed Mai off to no end while also kept her wanting for him all the time.
She quickly opened the door to let him in, and nonchalantly asked, “Hey Jordan, whatcha doing over here?”
He spoke away from her, scanning the room, “I’m looking for Mr. Paik, do you know where he is?”
Mai moved slightly closer to him to be able to look at his face, “No, he left early to catch a flight for break, what was it you were needing from him?”
Jordan finally looked her in the face, talking directly to her, “He was supposed to, umm, give me something.” He broke eye contact with her to walk over to Mr. Paik’s desk.
She was slightly confused, he was acting kind of funny, a little jittery for some reason, a twitch in his step, he was off. “Jordan, you alright?” He started opening random drawers on the desk, searching for something. “What exactly was he going to give you?”
He stood, triumphant in his findings, with a small but very full, bag of weed. Mai was astounded; she had never figured Jordan for a pothead. “This Mai” He sat in Mr. Paik’s chair and opened the bag, making the whole room instantly smell like weed. He sat back in the chair, taking in the smell and looking relaxed when he remembered who was there, “Oh, um, Mai, do you mind if I…” He gestured a smoking signal with a somewhat pleading look in his beautiful eyes.
“No, I don’t mind” And she really didn’t, she had grown up her whole life with this kind of thing. Outside of the immediate, everyone in her family did, except they got all religious about it and called it ‘partaking’ and all that crap. She didn’t mind that they smoked it, just how they acted ABOUT smoking it.
Jordan crinkled his forehead in confusion, “You really don’t mind? Everyone I’ve ever asked that has threatened to call the cops on me if I didn’t get rid of it” He laughed, “Haha, you’re really cool Mai, ya know that? Really freaking cool.”
Well hell, if I’m so cool, ask me out on a date or something, moron. She rolled her eyes at the thoughts that passed through her head because she knew that those kinds of things would never happen for someone like her.
Mai was born normally, maybe a bit on the heavy side of the scale when she was born but still normal. As she progressed through life she became a somewhat skinny child, loving playing and running around like anybody her age. But when she hit puberty she went through some awkward growth sprouts. She shot up a foot in 6 months and kept going until she was the height she is now, being 6 feet and 2 inches tall. Mai also grew out, but to her misfortune, not very proportionally. She nearly tripled in weight, gaining 150+ pounds, developing mostly gut, thighs, and her ass. Her breasts just didn’t want to join in the fun and only grew to B cups. The only good thing through all of it was that her massive height had spread out the weight some, so she didn’t look grossly overweight, but merely kinda pudgy, like an extra layer of warmth to protect her. From that point on she went through life believing that she was an ugly human being, never receiving a first kiss, never having a boyfriend, never being asked on a date. She, being 16 now, was coming to terms with herself as a person and starting to accept herself as a girl, a pretty girl at that, with a very pretty face but a not so pretty body to go with.
Coming to be herself meant changing herself to her. She cut off most of her long hair so it was just below her ears and started dying it a different color every month. She got tons of piercings in her ears and started buying clothing that would make her feel better about herself while exaggerating the good parts of her body as well. She work makeup, eyeliner and mascara most days to show off her lovely hazel eyes. She became a person that on most days, she enjoyed being.
She went back to her desk to try and finish her test, about half of it to go. Jordan walked over and sat directly next to her. Out of the corner of his eye she saw him pull out a pipe. I tried to concentrate on my test. Heard him light the pipe and inhale. Concentrate. Elbowing her, “Mai, wanna try?” then “Lol, that rhymed” he cracked a goofy smile. ‘Fuck it’ she thinks before quickly taking the pipe and lighter and takes a deep, deep inhale. Feeling the drug starting to take affect and she smiles, handing both back to Jordan. She got of her chair and laid on the floor to spread out, Jordan followed suit and lay next to her.
“Wanna know something Jordan?”
“Always M” He says happily before lighting and inhaling once more.
She nervously admitted, “I’ve never been kissed before, never had a date either. Isn’t that sad?”
Jordan sat up on his arm, holding his head in his hand he looked her deep in the eyes and softly replied, “That is one of the sweetest things I have ever heard” That one sentence had so much conviction and honesty in his voice that she completely believed him. She took the pipe and lighter from him, inhaled and held the smoke in for a moment before letting it out of her lungs. Laying back, and putting her arms behind her head before letting out a sigh of content and closing her eyes.
Jordan looked at the gorgeous girl below him, and unable to help himself, leaned in, kissing her gently on the lips.
Mai opened her eyes to see Jordan’s coffee eyes not an inch away from her own hazel ones; she closed them once more, believing it to be unreal. She felt his soft lips almost part from her lips before she finally reacted and started kissing back. It started long and deep, feeling each other’s lips part open and their tongues dance together. He tasted sweet, and reminded her of happy days of summer when she could enjoy herself by laying in the grass of the park when the sun was just setting, creating warm pinks, purples and oranges in the sky.
She could feel him moving to be on top of her, but never once breaking their kiss. When he finally pulled away, she could still feel the warmth of his lips on hers. Opening her eyes and seeing his above, her breath caught in her throat rendering her speechless. “Mai, you are the most beautiful girl I have ever seen in my life, and I want to be with you for as long as I can, will you grant me this? Will you be with me?”
So overcome with happiness tears started to form in her eyes. Still speechless she showed her love by reaching up and pulling his head down to meet hers in an overwhelming emotional kiss. As they kissed Jordan held her face in his hands, using his thumbs to wipe away her tears he chuckled, breaking the kiss. “I suppose that’s a yes?”
Mai chuckled as well and somewhat regaining her voice nervously asked Jordan an all important question, “Will you…be with me?” He smiled.
“Of course Mai” He sat up some, and started unbuttoning his blue plaid shirt slowly, revealing the muscle beneath. Leanly muscled, with a flat stomach and an inny belly button. She reached up to run her hands over his body, feeling like hard muscle everywhere she smiled, when she ran her hands over his nipples, she felt a small shiver run through his body and his eyes closed. When she was finished with him, he reached to pull her shirt off, but she grabbed his hands before he could.
“Are you sure you want to see?” With a crinkle between her eyebrows and almost sad eyes, she conveyed her fear that he would reject her, finding her ugly and untouchable.
Reaching to her face once more he smoothed out her brow and gave her forehead a small kiss, looking in her eyes he spoke comforting but with an air of authority, “I do not care what you look like beneath your shirt, what matters to me is just being with you and you alone. Alright?” She nodded feeling reassured. Again he reached for the bottom of her shirt, lifting it up and over her head. He let out a sigh, and for a second Mai thought it was a sigh of disappointment, but when she looked at his face, she saw not disgust but a look of blissful joy. It made her so happy she almost started crying again. With a bit more confidence in herself she arched her back to reach under and unclip her bra, showing both of her handful sized breasts. She was so excited with everything that was happening; her nipples became very hard and pointy.
Jordan put his head to her breasts and gave both of them a lick before starting to suck on the right one gently while massaging the other breast with his hand. Mai breathing started to quicken as she lay there with Jordan playing with her breasts. He switched to the other breast and gave the same treatment, but with a bit more playful biting on her left, and more pinching on her right.
After a couple minutes he started to move down her stomach, trailing kisses as he went. When he reached her jeans, he looked to her for approval. She gave a small nod and he began to unbutton and unzip her pants. Soon they were on the floor several feet away, along with her underwear.
Mai kept her private area clean, shaving it thoroughly once at least once a week, luckily yesterday had been the day so she was completely smooth. He gave a kiss on the inside of each of her somewhat large thighs before giving a tiny lick to her pussy, getting a quick taste before giving a long, wet lick over everywhere. She shivered in joy. His tongue began probing her inner most depths while his thumb rubbed her clit very aggressively, almost sending her over the edge. He pulled away and stood up, making her whine in protest.
Beckoning her with his eyes she sat up completely naked and switched positions to be on her knees. Jordan slowly unbuttoned his pants and slid them off, along with his underwear, when he stood all the way back up, she could see his massive member, it was almost longer than her hands on top of each other, at least 8 or 9 inches and ¾ as wide as her wrist. He was circumcised and completely erect, and utterly beautiful as he stood before her in all his massive glory.
“Will you… touch it?” Almost sounding nervous she had to smile.
“I’ll do you one better” Leaning forward she kissed the tip of his member and he, relieved, smiled. Soon she was licking the entirety of its length while Jordan moaned in ecstasy. Engulfing the head she began to suck gently while running her tongue in and around the small hole in her mouth.
Abruptly Jordan pulled her off and looked at her, “I can’t stand it anymore, please, please oh please?” he begged. She smiled, so he laid her softly on the floor and positioned himself over her. Looking in her eyes he asked, “You ready?” After giving a slight nod, he began to push into her slowly.
As she felt him enter her she wondered how he was fitting into her, he was so huge. Soon he came to her hymen, giving a quick thrust to break it her face scrunched in pain and he stopped moving, “Are you alright?” Scanning her face she started to relax.
“I’m alright just give me a couple more seconds” About a minute later she gave the okay and he started to move again slowly. A couple minutes after he hit her cervix, which was lucky, he had run out of length to push into her, so they fit perfectly, like 2 jigsaw puzzle pieces. Slowly he pulled back out and started over again, going slightly faster each time. After about 15 minutes they had a strong rhythm going, she was even pushing back to meet his hard thrusts.
Without her realizing it right away, he had put his arms under her and scooped her up while his member was completely inside of her and carried her to the wall where he pushed her up against it and began fucking her mercilessly. Mai cried out in pleasure wrapping her legs around his torso to help hold her up. Soon they were both moaning unrelentlessly while screaming each other’s names so loud they were sure that they would be caught.
“Jordan! I’m gonna cum!” she screamed.
“I am too Mai, ohhhhh” With a deep guttural groan he came inside her, never once stopping his thrusts. A second after he came, so did she when she felt his hot seed coat her insides. She screamed his name over and over again. She came for several minutes with Jordan still pumping to give her the biggest orgasm of her life.
When it was over her legs were too weak to hold her up so she lay on the floor next to Jordan, both of them panting from exhaustion. The room smelled of sex and weed.
“That was the best orgasm of my life” she admitted.
He smiled, “It was my best ever too” He gave her a long kiss once more before sitting up and finding his clothes. She followed suit, using a spare shirt from her bag to clean the cum off her pussy.
Jordan suddenly developed a panicked look on his face, “Oh my god, what if you get pregnant?” She froze, she wasn’t on the pill, and she had had no need to in the past but now…
“I’ll get a morning after pill, it should work, right?”
“I don’t know… we’ll have to wait to find out.”

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