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Chapter 2

The hotel was brilliant compared to the dank, small building I had been expecting. The room we had booked for the night was small, furnished with only a king-sized bed, a small TV on top of a desk, and a bathroom, but it was well-cleaned and painted a soothing light blue.

"So, shall we get on with it, or wait a bit?" the man asked. He had been the same way since leaving Hooters, quiet and to-the-point. Not mean, but very curt.

"Well, I'd like to know your name." I said, smiling. "I'm Sade, by the way."

He looked at me for a long time, a gaze that was neither accusing or believing. "I'm Jay." he answered.

"Uhm, if you don't mind me asking, h-how old are you?" I asked, a small blush coloring my cheeks.


"Good. I'm 18."

"So, wanna start?" he asked, not impatiently, but not kindly, either.

Feeling extremely awkward, I nodded. I didn't really know how this would work. Would we start with foreplay? Or would we watch a movie or something to get in the mood. Turns out I was wrong in both guesses. I suddenly saw a blur, felt my low-cut tanktop leave my body, followed by my skirt, then I was on the bed with a naked man on top of me. I felt fear seize me as I sized him up, noticing the rippling muscles in his arms and his washboard abs.

"You must be quite educated," I murmured, not missing the speed in which he'd gotten us undressed and ready.

He grinned, then glanced at my closely trimmed pussy, which was noticeably dry. As a "newer" Succubus, it was much more difficult for me to get aroused.

"I guess the sight of Lil' Jay wasn't enough," he said softly. I grinned sheepishly, watching Lil' Jay with hunger. He was very nice looking, indeed, and quite large.

Suddenly, Jay slid down my body. He lifted my legs at the knees and spread them wide, then lowered his head to my thigh. He nibbled on the skin of my inner thigh, sending tingles up my spine. I squirmed under him as my pussy began tingling and growing wet. Instead of moving on to my pussy, he turned his attention to the other leg. I moaned a little as he sucked my skin. By the time his warm mouth found my pussy, it was soaking wet. He slid his tongue along the slit of the two lips, tickling me with his light stubble. I moaned again, and was finally rewarded by his tongue pushing past the yeilding skin and into my tight pussy. He began flicking his tongue in and out, occasionally biting gently down. His hand crawled up and began circking my clit. As my legs wrapped around his head, pushing his mouth deeper into my pussy, I felt myself heading for an orgasm. ** He lifted his head from my pussy, my juices dripping off his chin and his eyes blazing, and I cried out with as my body shook and stretched as I climaxed.

Jay didn't hesitate before positioning himself back over my now-wet cunt. He grinned down at me, licked his lips free of my love-juices, and pushed Lil' Jay deep into my pussy. He slid in easily, and filled me. I arched my back a little, pushing him further into me. Then he pulled out, thrusting back in with enough force to make his balls slap loudly against me. I rose to meet each thrust as he began a startling fast pace. ** His grunts grew louder as I felt another orgasm seize me. My vaginal walls tightened around his cock, refusing to let go as I cried out in pleasure. When I came back to earth, he began thrusting harder. I lay back on the bed, feeling my entire body shake, along with the bed, from the force of each of his thrusts. Suddenly, he pushed deeper into my pussy, almost touching my womb, and my pussy was filled with his hot cum. He shot two more loads into me, then lay back on the bed next to me, breathing heavily.

I felt his hand near my side and placed mine over it. I felt a strange contentment, as though I'd just eaten a very satisfying meal.

Jay suddenly rolled on his side to face me, a serious look on his face.

"Why did you want to come here?" he asked suddenly. "I know it's not for money."

"H-how do you know?" I asked.

"You agreed to come here without even stating the price you were expecting. And you never asked me for money before we began."

I felt my face flush at being called out. I had no idea what else to tell him.

"Just tell me. No matter what you say, I won't think of you differently."

I sighed. It would probably be best to tell a stranger. Then I could just leave if he made fun of me or got mad. And if he believed me, I'd have a steady source of sperm.

"I'm a Succubus, a sex demon." I said, feeling my heart begin to race in my chest. There was a long silence, filled only by our breathing and the blood pounding in my ears.

"Prove it." he said after a few minutes of silence.

I sighed, stood beside the bed, and watched him for a moment. "If I show you, you must promise not to tell anyone." Jay nodded, and I closed my eyes. A few seconds later, the skin on my back ripped open, but no blood fell and there was no pain. Then small black wings burst from the slits in my shoulder blades. They were wet and furled, like those of a newborn bat. I unfurled the four-foot long wings, flapping them briefly. Two more slits opened in my head, also void of blood or pain, and two tiny horns rose slowly out of them. To complete the transformation, the skin right above my butt split open, and a long, red tail slithered out. It was topped with a triangular tip. All of these no features were as black as the long, wavy hair that tumbled down my back.

I locked gazes with Jay, who's mouth had fallen open and was breathing heavily. At the intense stare he was giving me, I felt ashamed and humiliated, and felt a hand automatically cover my breasts. The other went in front of my bare pussy.

"Well?" I said after a few more moments of his staring. I felt terrible for not telling him when a look of revulsion came over his features. It was gone almost as soon as I had seen it.

"I-is it real?" he asked, gesturing to the wings. I nodded and turned my back to him, revealing the cuts in my skin. I shivered as his cool fingers gently grasped the leathery skin. His hand then grabbed the tail, and he gently prodded the pointed tip. At his sharp intake of breath, I knew he'd pressed a little too hard.

"This is why you wanted to have sex with me?" he asked, and I turned to face him, still blushing in humility.

"Um, yes. You see, Succubi live off of sperm. We need some every day." I said quietly, refusing to look at him. I knew he'd be disgusted by my eating habits.

"So how do you get it?" I glanced at him quickly, surprised to see curiosity in his eyes.

"Well, prostitution at the moment." I answered, waiting for the curious expression to become hatred. It never came.

"Why are you here? Do Succubi usually live among humans?"

"No. I believe I'm the only one. There's a place called Blanditia, a world similar to Earth. This is where the Succubi and Incubi -- our male counterparts -- live. There, Succubi -- or Incubi -- build up large harems to keep themselves fed. I would have done the same and taken over my mother's harem, but she'd had a daughter before me. Because of this, she decided to send me to Earth. I'm like an experiment. If I can survive down here, then other Succubi may come down."

"Do you guys eat humans? Or just the sperm?" he asked suddenly, fear darkening his eyes.

I couldn't help but laugh. "No, no. Just sperm. We also eat human food."

He didn't say anything else, just watched my wings and tail. Finally, my hands left their posts and hung limply at my sides. He didn't seem very shocked, scared, or repulsed. It was odd.

"Do you believe me?" I asked.

"Of course. You have a tail and wings and horns."

"Then why aren't you scared?" I asked.

"You didn't harm me earlier. And you need me." Jay answered, a small smile crawling across his lips.

"Need you?" I parroted.

"Yes. I can't have you selling your body to scum, and you need to eat." he answered, smiling wider at my blush.

"Are you offering me your body?" I asked.


"Are you crazy?" I cried. "You shouldn't believe me, and you definitely should not be offering yourself to me."

Jay laughed. "I am a little crazy. I'm also a nice guy. You need sperm, I produce it daily, you're good at sex, and I enjoy sex. It all adds up." he said simply.

"Th-thank you, then." I said, smiling.

"You're welcome." He answered my smile with his own. "Now where do you live?"


"Hello Mother." I said, trying in vain to keep from grinning.

"What happened to you, Sade?" she asked.

"I have a..." I paused, not sure what to call him. We definitely weren't dating. "A sperm donor!"

"Really? That's great, dear. Is he good looking?"

I giggled. "Mother! He's a meal, he doens't need to be good-looking."

"He is, isn't he?"

"Yes, Mother."

"Where is this young man, I'd like to speak with him."

"He's sleeping. You can talk to him later."

"Your father allowed him in the house?" Laden exclaimed, as shocked as I'd been when Robert invited Jay to stay with us.

"Yeah. I think he's just glad I won't die, and he doesn't have to offer me any more advice on selling my body."

"Is that how you met him?"


"Does he know?"

"Y-yes." I muttered, expecting a lecture. Mother just smiled.

"That's very good, dear. I'm so happy for you!" she said.

I told her goodbye, then turned off the TV. I stayed in the room for a few more minutes before slowly getting up and walking to my bedroom. The room I now shared with my sperm donor. He was sleeping, as I'd told Mother. I yawned, slipped out of my pants and shirt and crawled under the covers beside him, in only underwear. He turned toward me, eyes still closed, and wrapped an arm around me. I was about to smile happily over the kind gesture, but then his other hand grabbed my breast.

"Pervert." I whispered, but didn't push him away. I just closed my eyes.


Author's Note: Thank you for reading the second chapter of Esculentus Amor! I hope you enjoyed it. Now, about the ** in the beginning. I stole this idea from another writer. Everytime I have to stop in the story to "relieve" myself, I put two astericks there. If you like it, I'll continue, but if not, just say so and they'll go. Thanks again. ^^ If there's anything you'd like to see in the next installment, or see changed in this one, please comment or email me at

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