Lucky Brad, two of the most beautiful women he's ever met and they're his
Karma, kismet, fate or just plain bad luck, whatever, it seemed to conspire against me today.

The day started beautifully; it’s Friday and the weather is fantastic. I was really looking forward to a relaxing weekend. Maybe barbecue, suck down a few beers, catch the game on Saturday and then chill.

The check engine light came on when I started my car. I drove to a garage that was only a few doors down from my job. They told me it would be ready by three that afternoon; I walked to work.

I’m a foreman in a paper factory, only been on the job three months but as a returning veteran I was given preference in hiring so I started as a foreman trainee and was given my crew after thirty days. Today two of my crew called in sick. I used two of the relief men as fill ins, they’re good workers but not as fast as my guys. We missed our production quota for the day: not good.

Then at 2:30 I called the garage to make sure my car would be ready; it wouldn’t. There was a delay in getting the necessary part; I could pick it up Saturday at noon: the day was getting shittier.

It was still a beautiful day when I got off at four o’clock; it was my mood that was black as I walked to the bus stop. What was a twenty-minute drive would be an hour bus ride; bleak, almost made me wish I’d stayed in the Army.

Nah, ‘cause the reasons I got out still existed. I’d served eight years in the infantry and had been deployed to Iran or Afghanistan six times. I finally got burned out. Fighting for American freedoms I deemed to be the highest of callings but I didn’t think that was why we were there. I got fucking tired of ducking RPGs, IED’s and dumb SOB’s for the benefit of big business and big oil. So, I turned down the reenlistment bonus and got out, I was twenty-six years old.

Finally the bus ride is over, now it’s a two-block walk to my mother’s house. I’m staying with her for the time being.

And now the kismet; if the auto repair shop had gotten the part I would have driven home. I’d have arrived forty minutes earlier and what happened would not have occurred.

I don’t know why, force of habit I guess. I usually parked up the driveway and went in the back door when I got home, but today I was walking. Still, I went up the drive to use the back door.

As I turned the corner of the house I saw something silver lying on the lawn. Thinking it was a piece of trash I picked it up. It was a square of duct tape; there were shards of glass stuck to it. I looked at the door, one of the 4-inch panes was missing, someone had broken in.

Quietly I entered the house, as I came in I heard, “Noooooooooo, please God, Noooooooooo.” It was my mother’s voice. Her next sound was an unintelligible wail like a wounded animal then moans and a steady slapping noise.

I moved as quickly as I could while maintaining silence. I needed a weapon of some sort and there on the cocktail table was a heavy crystal ashtray. Why it was there I have no idea, there are no smokers in this house but I grabbed it.

Mom had a small office, that’s where the sounds were coming from. I approached; the first thing that I could see was that the drawers had been pulled out and papers were strewn all over. The second thing I saw chilled me.

His voice had drawn my attention, I’d heard him say, "Damn you got a tight ass bitch.”

My mother was on her stomach, her sweat pants and panties were bunched at her knees, a man was straddling her bottom with one hand entwined in her hair, pulling her head back as he taunted her.

The moans were hers; the slapping sound was him pounding into her. He was sodomizing my mother; I lost it.

Two rapid steps and I was on him. I slammed the ashtray against the side of his head knocking him aside and out.

I knelt beside her. She had pulled herself into the fetal position and was weeping. I put my hand on her shoulder, she tried to knock it away.

“Mom, it’s me, Brad, it’s me and it’s over, you’re gonna be ok.”

It took a few moments and repeats before I broke through.

“Brad?” She said.

“Yes Mommy, I’m here. Can I help you stand up?”

I helped her to her feet and pulled her pants and panties back into place, I couldn’t do anything with her blouse and bra, they were shredded, then I led her to the living room and sat her down.

“I’ll be right back, I want to tie that guy up and call the police.”

I came back and said, “No need to tie him, I hit him harder than I thought.” I went to the phone.

“Brad before you call, please let’s talk.”

I put the phone down and waited.

“That man’s dead isn’t he?”

I nodded yes.

“He won’t have to face prosecution and the only evidence the police will really need is to prove that his killing was justified, is that right?”

Again I simply nodded.

“Then let’s tell them what happened, how you came in and he was mauling me, there are scratches and bruises on my breasts from him. But that’s all we tell them about. I don’t want them to know that he sodomized me. They’ll insist on a rape kit, a trip to the hospital for an examination and then interrogation. I’ll have to tell it and I don’t want to. They don’t need to know, please.”

“OK Mom, we’ll do it your way.”

I dialed 911.

It was after nine in the evening before the medical examiner had finished his work and removed the body, the last patrol car had gone, the detectives had asked their last question, I’d been exonerated and Mom and I were alone.

I asked what she’d like for supper; she wasn’t hungry.

“What I’d like is a glass of wine then I’m going to take a long hot bath and go to bed.”

Mom’s forty-eight years old, she looks about thirty. She’s fairly tall, 5’8” at a trim 117 pounds. She has long legs, medium sized breasts that are still firm and erect, long coal black hair without a speck of gray, high cheek bones and almond shaped eyes that are a sparkling jade green. All through high school she’d been all my buddies favorite MILF.

Right now she looks every day of her forty-eight years. It’s evident that she was hurt by the attack; stretched muscles, bruising and scratches if nothing else. I got her a glass of a Cabernet.

She finished her drink and went upstairs. I heard the water running, filling the tub. I fixed myself a ham sandwich and some chips then got a beer and went out on the back patio. It reminded me, I needed to replace the broken glass tomorrow.

What had happened came out during the police questioning. Mom hadn’t even noticed the missing pane; she’d walked in on a burglary in progress. When she’d gone to her office he’d jumped her.

She told me, after law enforcement had departed, the rest of the story. He’d knocked her down on her back and was on top of her. She was positive that she was going to be raped; she rolled onto her stomach and tried to get up and run. He grabbed her and pulled her back down, when she tried to squirm away he grabbed for her again, he didn’t get her, he got clothing, her pants. He jerked them down to her knees and her panties came with them. She was nude from the waist to her knees; she heard his zipper come down. That was when she started begging. When she felt the head of his cock against her anus she started screaming. I knew the rest.

Mom had handled the questioning pretty well but I was still worried about her. I’d seen a lot of post traumatic stress disorder in the Gulf, delayed reactions to dangerous or life-threatening situations, I’d keep an eye on her.

I finished my sandwich and beer then had another suds before going upstairs. I showered and put on a fresh pair of boxers then headed to bed, first though I looked in on Mom.

A dim nightlight was on and I could see her. She was huddled against the headboard. Her knees were pulled up; she was cradling a pillow and sobbing into it.

“Mom,” I said.

She stared at me, her look was haunted, her eyes tear stained and appearing bruised she said, “Brad?” It was almost a question.

“I’m so cold Brad, could you hold me ‘til I get warm?”

I feared that she was going into shock; I crawled onto the bed with her.

She threw the covers over me and scooted against me. She was shivering, chattering teeth and icy fingers greeted me. I took her into my arms and held her tightly letting her absorb my body heat.

I rubbed her back and shoulders as I crooned to her.

“You’re gonna be alright Mommy, I’m here for you, nobody can hurt you now, I’m here Mommy, I’m here.”

I brushed her hair from her face and caressed her cheek. “My beautiful, beautiful Mommy,” I whispered to her.

She had ceased to shiver but she was still firmly snuggled against my chest. She asked, “Do you really think I’m beautiful?”

“Don’t think; know; you’re the most beautiful Mommy in the world.”

“You’re calling me Mommy, you haven’t called me Mommy in years. I like when you do that; it makes my tummy quivery like when you were breast-feeding.”

I caressed her cheek again, traced my finger along her lip line then lightly kissed her, “I love you Mommy.”

She returned my kiss, I felt the tip of her tongue probe between my lips; I opened my mouth to her, tasted her, shared her breath. This was going somewhere and going fast, I went with it. She was wearing a long nightgown, I caressed her breasts through the fabric feeling her nipples harden and her bosoms swell.

She worked her gown up over her hips then pulled it to her shoulders exposing both breasts.

“Suck me Brad, suck on me like you did when you were a baby.”

I caressed one breast while I hungrily nursed on the other, sucking hard, tugging at her nipple. When I nipped on her she moaned but pushed her chest up inviting more. I nibbled on her other nipple; she caught her breath and moaned, “Pull my panties down please Brad, pull my panties down.”

No further encouragement was needed; I rolled her panties over her hips, down her legs and off her feet. She spread her legs; I moved to her and thrust into her. I slid in smooth as silk. She was wet and wonderful, I bottomed out; it was like her core was molten lava and maybe it was because, like a volcano she erupted.

As soon as I was completely in her she wrapped her legs around my waist and her arms around my body. Then it was all sound and fury. She pulled me tightly against her; her pelvis was hammering against me, beating a violent tattoo as her fingernails tore at my back. I leaned forward, trying to escape her claws; she bit me on the shoulder.

Hoping that she would ease up on me if she experienced some pain herself I squeezed her breast and twisted her nipple. She wailed and bit me again; her hips had never slowed, she continued to pound against me, grunting with her efforts

God, finally she was going to cum; she was quaking, her vagina was clenching, she ejaculated copious quantities of her juices, soaking herself, the bed and me. And she never even slowed down. Not until she’d had a second squirting orgasm did she release me.

I was ready to cum; I knew she was still fertile (feminine products under the bathroom sink), I told her I was ready and reached for the box of tissues on the nightstand. She grabbed my hand.

“No, on my belly, cum on my belly I want to feel your seed.”

I pulled out and aimed. I was Army infantry not a forward observer for the artillery, I didn’t know an azimuth from an Archway cookie, I got the angle all wrong.

The first pulse went high, over her belly, over her breasts; it landed below her nose and trailed over her lips to her chin. The second spewed onto her breasts then I pumped onto her belly and finally as I drained, dribbled on her raven black pubic pelt.

I was still kneeling between her splayed thighs, she gave me a smile and licked her lips, tasting my cum.

“Wow that was intense,” she said. “It had been a long, long time since I could just let go, I didn’t hurt you too badly did I?” She asked.

What could I say, I felt like I’d gone three rounds with a wildcat, I answered, “It was worth it Mommy.”

“Would you call me Julie when we’re together?”

“Julie,” I tried it out, “Julie, a beautiful name for a beautiful lady.”

I crawled up beside her, we both sat with our backs against the headboard and we talked. We agreed that we both wanted to continue to have a relationship. She planned to visit her gynecologist during the upcoming week to have an IUD implanted and it was decided I’d sleep with her unless we had houseguests.

Then she confessed, “Brad honey I won’t always be like I was tonight, biting and clawing but I will sometimes. I like it rough, give it rough, take it rough, I want you to know that; sometimes I’m quirky, freaky about sex and my appetite is voracious, it’s been a long time, I have some catching up to do; can you live with that?”

“Now that I’ve had it I don’t think I could live without it; you’re on Julie,” and kissed her to seal the deal.

She got up telling him, “Don’t move, I’ll be back in a minute,” as she picked up her nightgown and panties and went into the bathroom.

When she came back out she stood at the side of the bed. She’d changed from the long nightgown, now she was wearing just a pajama top and her panties. Her head was hanging, she looked sad and contrite as she said, “I’ve been a bad girl haven’t I Brad.”

I thought, what the hell is this; “I’ve been a bad girl” about. Then I saw through her. She was playing a roll, she wanted something, something she had to be a “Bad Girl” to get. I had an idea what it was she wanted.

“Yes, you have been a bad, bad girl Julie and what happens to bad girls?”

She whispered, “They get spanked.”

“I’m sorry Julie, I didn’t hear you, what happens to bad girls?”

Her arousal was palatable when she whispered louder, “They get spanked.”

“That’s right, they get spanked. Do you think I should spank you Julie?”

She sounded for all the world like a chastised nine year old when she said, “I don’t want you to spank me.”

“But you’ve been a bad girl, you need a spanking, come here,” I said, patting my lap.

Amazingly she had tears in her eyes as she sprawled over my thighs. I jiggled her into position and asked, “How bad have you been, how many spanks do you deserve?”

“Twenty, I deserve twenty,” she mumbled into the sheet.

“Count them,” I told her.

Slowly and methodically I spanked her five whacks then paused and asked, “Why aren’t you counting?”

“Those don’t count, they only count if they’re on the bare.” She still had her panties on.

“Pull my panties down please Brad,” she asked.

I took them down to her knees.

Crack, the sound of flesh on flesh. She bucked forward shouting ONE.



At five she was squirming all over my lap, trying to block my hand, trying to escape.

At ten she was wailing, begging me to stop.

But at fifteen, she screamed FIFTEEN then shuddered, she clenched her legs together and came in a gush then she lay limply over my lap.

Love pats, I finished with five love pats and I did the counting. She’d gotten what she wanted

I’d never spanked a woman before; hell I’d never spanked anyone. I was kinda amazed and a little shaken, I had found it tremendously arousing.

“I want you in me now Brad, I want your cum in me,” she said as she crawled off my lap.

“After you get your IUD,” I answered.

She’d opened the drawer on her nightstand; she took out a tube of KY Jelly. I looked at her strangely.

“For my toys,” she said as she handed it to me and stacked two of her pillows one on top of the other and added, “and for my bottom,” as she lay over the pillows.

“Julie, I’ve never done this before. I tried once and it was a terrible experience for both of us.”

“I’ll teach you, you’ll need to learn ‘cause this is just about my favorite, I haven’t had it since Josh left us, my father. I want it now and I want it often. The secrets are, take it slowly, give it gently and, the most important lesson of all is; for anal sex there is no such thing as too much lubricant. So, lubricate me.”

She guided me, instructed me, “That’s right now work it into me, use your finger inside me, add more lube, use a second finger, a little more lube. Ok, I’m ready, slather some on yourself then put the head of your cock against me.”

I was positioned as she’d dictated.

“Now keep firm pressure against me. When you feel me relax, press in.”

It worked perfectly; I slid in and continued to thrust forward until I had no more to offer. Julie moaned when I entered her and continued to moan as I filled her and in those moments I truly became an ass man. Hot, slick and smooth, like my cock was in a velvet tunnel that was as tight as a virgin and when she tightened then released, tightened and released her sphincter muscles it was like I was being masturbated at the same time that we fucked.

“Give it to me good Brad, give it to me hard and fast,” she begged.

I got my feet under me so I could really get my hips into action then pounded her, forcing my way into her bowels, filling her rectum with my cock, driving her forward on the pillows.

She wailed, she came, her flood gushing over us, flowing down the insides of her thighs. I blasted into her, roaring as I added to the flow. I was drained, exhausted, I just collapsed over her back; we lay together until we’d recovered.

Julie got up and brought back a warm washcloth. She cleaned me off but told me she wasn’t going to take care of herself, she was already lubricated and she wanted me in her again later.

I’ll confess, I was totally trashed, beat, tired, I dozed off; got about two hours sleep then Julie awakened me, her mouth on my phallus then she was back over the pillows.

Twice more over the course of the night she got me up (literally and figuratively).

It was nearly ten in the morning when I woke up for good. She wanted it again; me, too.

I got up to get us a washcloth and glanced out the window. A car had pulled into our driveway. I cleaned up Julie and myself, pulled on a bathrobe and went down stairs.

At the knock on the door I opened it. On the porch stood the most beautiful woman I’ve ever seen, tall and dark with long ebony hair she was stunning, a Goddess, a vision. I should have been struck speechless…I wasn’t. “Hi, come on in Sis,” I said. It was my twenty-four year old sister Catherine, known as Cat to all. “What’s up?”

She walked in and answered nonchalantly, “I left Gordy.”

“Good,” I said. Gordon Jefferson was her live-in, I thought he was an asshole and had never made a secret of it. “Do you have any luggage?” I asked.

“There’s a suitcase on the back seat.”

“I’ll get it for you, why don’t you go ahead I’ll bring it up to your room.”

I got her case; she’d waited for me. She climbed the staircase, leading the way. I appreciated her having waited. Her bottom was perfect, white shorts, a nice little panty line, I was afraid I’d step on my tongue and trip.

I put her case on her bed and asked if she wanted coffee, she did, I went down to the kitchen and started it brewing.

Cat took her time, the coffee was ready by the time she got there, she gave me a queer look.

She sat down, added sugar to her cup and stared at it for a few minutes, deep in thought; finally she looked up at me.

“Brad,” she asked, “Are you fucking Mom?”

I tried to give her a look of innocence; it didn’t take. “Don’t try that Brad, the FFF tells the story, I know.”

Now it was my turn to cast a questioning glance, “FFF?” I asked.

“Christ Brad it’s hanging in her room like humidity in a tropical jungle, the redolence of Freshly Fucked Female, I should know it’s just that hers is a little earthier than mine.”

“Her bottom.”

“Her bottom? You fucked my mother in the ass?” Cat asked in disbelief.

“No, I fucked Julie not Mom.”

“Then who the hell is Julie?”


“Damn it Brad, make sense.”

“She wants me to call her Julie when we’re together, she’s Mom the rest of the time.”

“That doesn’t answer my question, did you?”

“Five or six times, I don’t know; she loves it. Cat, our Mom is a sex freak, the stuff she likes; it’s extreme to say the least.”

“How did this get started?” She asked.

I told her about the burglar, the rape, the killing and Julie’s later delayed reaction and how she’d just let go sexually.

“Why didn’t I know about the burglar and stuff Brad, why didn’t you call me?”

“I’m sorry Cat, my mind wasn’t working 100%, I’ve never killed anyone before.”

She was more sympathetic after that, “Oh God Brad, I didn’t mean…”

“I know Cat, I know.”

To redirect the conversation she asked, “So how is she as a lover.”

I thought for a few moments; how the hell to answer that? “Wild, sexual, sensual, the hottest woman I’ve ever been with,” I eventually answered.

Flashing eyes, am I mistaken or was that the old green-eyed monster in her jade green eyes, a challenge to a world-class beauty.

“I bet I’m hotter,” answering my thoughts, it was a challenge to her.

“We’ll have to find out, make it a contest,” I teased her.

“Maybe we will, maybe we will,” she seriously replied.

I started breakfast and asked Cat to roust Mom.

After we’d eaten Cat took me to the auto repair shop so I could retrieve my car; it was ready. I drove home to Julie’s waiting arms.

Later that night I left Julie’s room. Since Cat was with us I would sleep in my room. I didn’t let on to Mom that Cat knew, I wanted some down time from her and I had something else in mind.

Everyone else was sleeping; I got up and walked to Cat’s room. She had a dim nightlight that provided scant illumination but I could see Cat’s face; she was angelic. I went to her bedside and lay beside her.

My weight on the mattress wakened her. She looked startled then said, Brad, what are you doing in here?”

“Starting the contest,” I answered.

“What contes…, you mean the one we joked about, the contest between Mom and me?”

“That’s the one.”

I pulled her sheet aside, I wanted to see her; Cat slept in a T-shirt and her panties and she looked luscious.

“Brad, you need to leave,” she told me.

That wasn’t gonna happen. I started my finger at the tip of her nose then brought it across her lips, “Don’t talk Cat,” I told her.

She opened her mouth to speak. I slid my finger in and rubbed her tongue, “Don’t talk.”

I traced the line of her lips with my finger, tickling and teasing then brushed the hair from her face before I kissed her lightly. She tried to turn away but I held her between my two hands and kissed her more passionately.

Again she opened her mouth to speak, again I shushed her, one finger over her lips then I took that finger and traced down her body.

Slowly, over her clothing between her breasts then down her taut tummy, just a single finger tracing down.

“Spread your legs Cat,” I told her.

She hesitated.

“Spread your legs.”

She whispered, “Don’t Brad,” but she complied; her thighs parted. My finger traced her slit; through her panties I ran my finger along her vulva.

“Don’t Brad, please.”

I circled her clitoris; “Do you want to cum?” I asked.

She shook her head no.

I continued to stroke her love button until she started pumping her hips to my rhythm.

“Do you want to cum Cat?” I asked again.

Again she shook her head no.

“But you’re going to aren’t you?”

She shook her head yes.

I still was touching her with only the single finger when she shuddered and gushed soaking the gusset of her panties.

Like mother like daughter I thought, Cat squirted just as Julie did.

“Would you like me to take off your panties?” I asked.

“Are you going to fuck me Brad, is that what you want?”

“No, I want to taste you, lick you, revel in your lusciousness.”

“Then yes, pull my panties down please Brad.”

As I rolled her panties off I was thinking, amazing, truly mother and daughter, she even used the same words that Julie uses.

I spread her thighs and then took a few moments to admire her womanhood. Her Mons Veneris was covered with a neatly trimmed pelt as black as midnight, I opened her labia; she was a coral rose color and still wet from her earlier orgasm. I could smell her, she exuded a heady fragrance, that called to me like a siren’s song; I covered her with my mouth.

My tongue glided along her vulva, her taste was heavenly, a slightly salty acidic citrus tartness; I dipped into her vagina, pumped her several times then nibbled on her inner labia, tugging with my lips then I flattened my tongue and ran it upwards along her slit until I found her clitoris. Cat’s clit was large, half the length of my little finger, it protruded from between her lips. I imagined she spent a lot of time aroused; her panties would have to rub against her sensitive tip. Now it was me that was creating her arousal.

First I licked the stem of her clit then took it between my lips and sucked. I used the tip if my tongue to incite her little pearl, licking and batting it while I slid one hand up her body, under her T-shirt to massage and caress her breasts. I marveled at her firmness, she could have been a seventeen year old. Her nipples were large, distended and swollen, I tweaked and twisted them until she emitted a low moan then I concentrated on her clit, it was time for her to climax.

I sucked hard and fast until she began to writhe under me, when she started to quiver I knew she was ready, I replaced my mouth with my hand then slid down ‘til my mouth covered her vagina. I wanted to drink her when she had her orgasm; I did, her honeyed nectar flooded my mouth, I swallowed taking her in, she gushed once again, then again and again, my face was awash with her fluids, I sucked on her until she was emptied.

“Fantastic, you’re fantastic Sis,” I exalted.

I crawled up beside her.

“You’re unbelievable,” I told her.

“No, you’re the one that’s unbelievable,” she said, “Coming into my bed in the middle of the night. Would you like to make love to me?”

“Oh, more than anything but let’s pass tonight. Mom’s meeting Aunt Connie for brunch Sunday, they’re going shopping, to a movie and then having dinner. She doesn’t plan on being home until after ten that night; we’ll have all day.”

“Got it all planned out, don’t you?”

“Actually, yes.”

“We’ll see,” were her final words as I returned to my room.

In deed we would see and yes, I already had it pretty well planned out. Mom would skip breakfast; she was leaving around nine and was meeting Aunt Connie for brunch. Once she was gone I intended to take Cat into Mom’s bedroom, her big King size would give us more room to play.

We’d open with a little oral to get things warmed up then some pure unadulterated sex for an hour or so. I wanted to break then, get something to eat and, if I could goad Cat a little before taking her back upstairs. If things worked out according to plan we’d conduct my little exercise then I wanted her doggie style. After a little rest and cuddling, Cat could have some Cowgirl. I wasn’t planning anal; Cat I knew was opposed to it, for now I’d abide by her wishes, for now.

The following morning dawned bright; it was going to be a beautiful day. I went up to Mom’s room at about eight forty-five. I knew she had to leave in fifteen or twenty minutes, still that should be time enough.

She was putting the last touches on her make-up she was wearing a pretty dress and sandals, no stockings and minimal jewelry. I complimented her; she truly is the most attractive middle-aged woman I’ve ever seen. Then I walked up behind her and encircled her with my arms. One hand massaged her breasts the other rubbed in circles on her abdomen as I whispered, “Please.”

“Oh Brad, I’m all dressed and made up, let’s wait ‘til I get home.”

“I can’t wait Julie, I need you now,” I told her. I knew she wouldn’t deny me. “Maybe you could just put your hands on the bed and bend forward?”

When she was in position I got the KY from the drawer, flipped the skirt of her dress up over her back and waited for her.

Magic words, “Pull my panties down please Brad.”

I rolled them down and had her step out of them, on the way back up I paused, giving each cheek a kiss, uttering, “Fantastic.”

“I’m glad you like,” she replied as I was lubricating her.

I’d never done it standing up before; I liked it. It gave me more freedom of movement, I was able to grab her hips and hold her while I filled her with long strokes. I knew she wasn’t going to cum, she’d make up for it tonight, but I was. I separated her cheeks so I could get a little deeper, thrust two or three times and unloaded, spewing into her.

“Thank you Julie,” I told her.

“I’m glad I said yes, that felt so good I think I’ll keep it. That way I can squirm in my seat as the restaurant and movie and get a nice gooey feeling,” as she pulled her panties back on and smoothed her dress.

“Julie, I’d feel bad if I didn’t tell you. Cat and I are probably going to play today.”

I don’t know what I expected but it sure wasn’t what I got.

“Well play nicely, don’t be too rough with her, she’s not me. One of these days maybe we can all play together.”

Then with a peck on the cheek and a ta ta she was off.

I gave it a few minutes, waited ‘til her car was out of the driveway before going to Cat’s room.

She was just beginning to stir, I sat on the bed and watched her come awake; she stretched, long limbed, lithe as a panther then kicked the covers off.

“Let the games begin,” I announced as I took her hand and pulled her to her feet.

Even fuzzy with sleep, her hair mussed from the pillow Cat was spectacular. She’s tall, 5’10” and a trim but solid 130 pounds; I’ve mentioned the long black hair and devilishly angelic face. Her breasts are a perfect 36C and her bottom was crafted in the workshop of the Gods.

And then her voice, husky and low, she uttered, “Brad, I have to potty.”

Not exactly a spell breaker but close, I led her to the bathroom in Julie’s bedroom.

I was waiting when she came out; she was clad in a T-shirt and her panties, her normal sleeping attire. I led her to the bed, took her in my arms, kissed her and curled with her to the mattress. I came down with her under me, I continued kissing her, nibbling at her lip, probing her mouth with the tip of my tongue, tasting her. When she responded she bit my lip drawing a drop of blood. She licked it off and swallowed.

My hand was under her T-shirt, massaging her breasts when she bit me; I twisted a nipple in retaliation, getting a little moan from Cat.

I wanted to see her fantastic breasts so I raised her shirt and pulled it over her head. She was displayed, her breasts perfect in shape, white skin, pink areolas capped with dusky rose nipples. I trailed kisses down over her throat and chest to take one of her nipples between my lips. I swear there was a sweetness to her, it was like I was sucking on a tasty gum drop.

I moved over her flat, taut tummy, through her luxurious ebony pelt to her coral slit. With my fingers I opened her. I gave a little attention to her clit then licked downward, tickling at her urethra, dipping into her vagina and down, across her perineum to her anus.

I rimmed her, circling her tight little hole with the tip of my tongue, waiting for her reaction. She feebly swatted at me, wiggled her bottom and said “Un unh.”

I moved on, back up until I could suck her swollen clit. I rapidly flicked her little gem with the tip of my tongue until she began to quake. Her breasts and nipples hardened, her chest reddened, her tummy rippled, she screamed as she ejaculated. Fluid shot from her, I wasn’t there to catch it this time, the sheet was soaked under her as she continued to gush. Finally, I did tongue along her labia for a swallow of her nectar.

“Wow,” she said, “Now that’s the way to start the day.”

“Breakfast of Champions,” I added.

Now, would it work? Cat fell on me; she was going to return the favor. She engulfed me with her mouth and licked along my shaft. Then she looked up at me, a suspicious glint in those green eyes.

“What am I tasting?” She demanded.

I just shrugged.

“Damn it Brad, what am I tasting, it that Mom, it that what it is?” Then it dawned on Cat I’d told her that Julie’s vagina was off limits until she was fitted with her IUD.

“Oh my God, I’m eating her ass aren’t I? I’m eating my mother’s ass.”

“Could be,” I answered.

“The bitch, the whore, the slut, God I hate her, how can she do this to me?”

“Cat what are you talking about, you’re not making sense.”

“No, she knew, she knew we were going to be together, she just wanted to get even with me for playing with her plaything; God the vengeful bitch.”

I let her rant, let her anger build then she went at me with a vengeance. She deep throated me, it felt like I could feel her tonsils, up and down her lips flew, fast and furiously she sucked me, I was sure she’d gag; she didn’t. When she felt me swell she took me all in then swallowed gulp after gulp as my cum coursed down her throat, not missing a drop.

“How was that?” She grinned at me, she figured she’d get a compliment and she would have until she added; “How does she compare with that?”

“No comparison,” I told her, “In fact I can’t compare, she hasn’t fellated me yet.

“I hate her you know, I can’t believe she’s being such a bitch to me.”

I decided to rearrange the order of things, now was a good time to take a break.

“Come on, let’s go get some coffee,” I said.

I pulled on my boxers, Cat donned T-shirt and panties; we went downstairs.

I brewed the coffee, Cat continued to fume, finally I said, “Come on Cat, leave it alone.”

She didn’t even take a break for her coffee, she was on a roll and Julie was the devil reincarnate.

The language started, “No good bitch, miserable cunt” and on and on. I had no idea Cat even knew these words but I did know she shouldn’t be applying them to her mother.

“Just stop Cat. You’re beginning to sound like a very foul-mouthed ten year old. You’re twenty-four, a grown woman, please act like one.”

“Damn you Brad, you’re taking her side against me, aren’t you. But who’s better, who’s better her or me? Tell me that.”

“Who’s better looking?”

“Hard to compare. You’re both stunningly beautiful women. You’ve got the advantage of youth but she has maturity. I guess I’d call it a tie.”

“Better breasts?”

“Yours are firmer, you’re younger, but she’s spectacular for a woman of forty-eight. Comparing looks, breasts, figures bottoms, all of those are skewed by your age difference. I think if you two were the same age you’d look like twins.”

“Then it comes down to the real contest doesn’t it?”

“I guess it does.”


“You’re good Cat, so beautiful, so desirable and you know it. You use it, it’s your edge, you make a man feel grateful for whatever you deign to give him.

Julie’s different, she wants to make a man feel good and will use her body any way she can to make that happen. She’ll do anything, nothing is off limits, she’s wet, wild and wonderful and she’s the best lover I’ve ever had. Right now, she beats you hands down.”

I was taken aback and amazed at Cat’s reaction. She broke into tears and pounded my chest with both fists like a child throwing a tantrum. I let her hammer away at me. Through her blubbering she was swearing at me and cursing Julie.

I said, “Cat, enough, you’re acting like a recalcitrant child; like a ten year old.”

She continued her wild swinging at me until I grabbed her arm and pulled her toward the stairway.

“Cat if you’re going to act like a child you’re going to be punished like a child, let’s go.”

She climbed ahead of me; when she got to the top I said, “Back in the bedroom.”

She had stopped hitting but she was still sniveling and spewing venom about her mother.

I stood her at the bedside then sat with my back against the headboard.

“Cat, I’ve heard enough, you’ve said enough and done enough. You’re acting as a jealous child, a naughty, jealous child. No one is trying to hurt you, Julie doesn’t want to upset you or do you harm. But you’re taken it too far. Acted too childish and now I’m going to discipline you like a naughty little girl.”

I took her hand and pulled her over my lap.

“Brad what are you doing,” she gasped.

“Getting ready to spank a bad little girl.”

“You can’t spank me, you can’t.”

“Of course I can, you cursed for it, hit for it, cried for it; you’re earned it and now you’re going to get it.”

“Please Brad don’t, I’m sorry I know I shouldn’t have said and done those things, I’m really sorry.”

“Cat it isn’t a question of if or not now the question is how many, how many swats do you merit? What do you think?”

“Please don’t,” she begged as she tried to squirm off my lap. I pushed down on the small of her back pinning her.

“How many Cat,” I asked.

I was rubbing her bottom as I talked.

“If you won’t answer I guess I’ll have to decide won’t I? I think ten for the things you said about Mom, ten for cursing and ten for hitting; thirty total. I want you to count them out loud.”

“That’s not fair,” she pouted.

“You had your chance, now it’s time to start. They’re going to be on the bare, so ask me.”


“Of course you will,” I told her as I swatted her on her panties.

“They don’t count ‘til you’re bare, ask me.”

“No damn it.”

“Keep refusing and I’ll make you beg,” as I whacked her three solid strokes.

“Damn you, I won’t, I won’t.”

“I keep spanking now until you beg.”

I gave her one wicked cut over her panties but then, like an electrical shock I delivered two blows to the bare backs of each of her thighs.

Crack, crack, crack, crack, when I hit her she jerked forward and wailed, “Please no Brad.”


“Pull my panties down please, pull my panties down.”

Unlike with Julie who I’d only dropped her panties to her knees I took Cat’s completely off then I helped her out of her top. I wanted her completely nude. She was going to be writhing before I was done and I wanted her legs unencumbered so she could kick and fight me if she wanted.

“Remember, count.”

I jiggled her into position then admired her. Her skin was alabaster and as smooth as ivory, each cheek was perfectly formed, here, she did top Julie and I told her so.

It took a moment for what I’d said to register.

Incredulously she asked, “You’re spanked Mom, what did she do, how did she take it.”

“She’d been a bad girl and she knew it, she deserved it, she took it like a woman, she even came; she likes a little pain with her pleasure.”

“What happened when you were done?”

“I sodomized her.”

Even in her tenuous position that scared her, “You’re not going to do that to me are you?”

“No Sis, your precious anal virginity is safe for another day, but now it’s time to get started. Count.”





At five she was trying to squirm off my lap. At ten she was wailing and begging. By fifteen she was sobbing uncontrollably into a pillow. With the twentieth her legs were splayed, any sense of modesty and decorum had been surrendered to pain. For twenty-one through thirty she lay limply over my thighs whimpering.

I hadn’t hit hard enough to cause bruising but my strokes did carry some bite. She was scarlet from the top of her bottom down the back of her thighs, her hair was tangled and disheveled, she slick with sweat. I rested my hand on her bottom, she felt afire.

“Come on Cat, get up on your knees,” I said as I lifted her.

She looked at me, beaten, with a plea in her voice said, “I thought you said no.”

“Your vagina, I want in you,” I told her as I moved behind her and entered.

I slid in effortlessly, I was a bit surprised, she was wet. Seems she had lubricated some during her spanking; again like mother like daughter.

I rested against her cheeks absorbing some of the heat I’d given her then I began to stroke her. I gave it to her hard and fast, ramming her, slapping my groin against her enflamed flesh.

I was a little bigger than her previous partners, not humungous, 7 ½ inches long and 5 ½ girth, but a bit bigger. I was stretching her and she was feeling a little pain up inside, she was moaning, low, “Oooooooooo God Brad.”

“Oooooooooo God, pain it hurts it hurts way up in my pussy, Oooooooooo, Brad, Brad, fuck me hard, fuck me hard, I’m cumming, oh God I’m cumming, Yesssss, Yesssss,” she wailed as her vagina spewed her hot fragrant juices.

The heat, her heat brought me over the top, while she poured on me, I spewed into her; even after I’d finished I left my cock in her until it became flaccid and slipped out.

I sat back on my feet and gazed at her. The sight was so lurid it made me want to go back for more. Her bottom was crimson, her juices were running down the insides of her thighs and my cum was leaking from her gapping gash.

I went to the mattress taking her down with me.

She snuggled against my chest then said one word to me, “Bastard.”


“You didn’t have to spank me like that. Thirty is too many; next time twenty at the most, better yet stop at fifteen.”

“There’s gonna be a next time?”

“Of course there is, I know I’ll be a bad girl sometimes. Besides if you’d touched me after fifteen strokes I’d have blown my cookies all over your lap.”

“Will Mom really let me share you do you think?”

“Julie, when it comes to sex it’s Julie and, yes she has no problem; in fact knowing her sexual appetites it wouldn’t shock me if she wouldn’t like for me to share you with her.”

“You really mean that?”

“I know she’s willing to try about anything so it wouldn’t surprise me.”

“I’ve never been with a woman Brad, it would scare me, I think.”

We rested for a while, napping in each others arms then ended our afternoon with something for Cat, she got to play Cowgirl.

We were still awake watching a movie when Mom got home. She mentioned that she was tired; she’d had a big day and was going to take a bath then to bed.

I gave it a few minutes, kissed Cat goodnight and followed. She had her bath drawn and was soaking, I stripped and got in with her.

“I’ll wash your back,” I told her.

After we’d rinsed and dried and we’d climbed between the sheets Julie asked, “Could you make a pillow pile for me, I think I’d like that.”

She was lying atop the pillows, relaxed as I lubricated her. I asked, “Julie, have you ever been with a woman?”

She thought for a moment before replying then said, “Several times; when I was in high school and college.”

“Did you enjoy it?”

“As a change of pace, yes. I like a stiff cock but something wet and soft was nice once in a while.”

“Would you do it again?”

“Maybe, probably.”

“Would you do it with Cat?”

Again, a pregnant pause; “Why, does my little girl swing both ways?”

“No, at least not yet but I think she would with you.”

“Brad I won’t groom her or coerce her but if it should happen, OK.”

No, I thought, grooming and coercion were my job. Cat wasn’t ready to join in with us yet, anal was such a big part of our sex play, if she was going to participate she needed to go over the pillows.

Mom was up, dressed and had breakfast fixed when I came downstairs, she wanted to get to work a little early because she planned on leaving early. She had a four o’clock appointment with her gynecologist for an IUD. She hadn’t made that visit in several years so she knew she was facing a complete physical.

That night she told me what an exam entailed. I kissed her and sympathized then took her to bed.

We lay in bed kissing like lovers, I stroked her, feeling her begin to lubricate then spread her legs and entered her. Simple, missionary style lovemaking, lips on lips, holding each other stroking into her slowly and gently, climaxes that were relief and release then falling asleep in a mutual embrace.

We’d all been together for three months and I’d made no progress. I still had Julie and I still had Cat but never together and Cat would still be on the outside looking in because of the other issue. I decided to push the envelope and made plans for Friday evening.

A little shopping, a bit of prep work and all was ready.

I planned to have cocktails at six and dinner at seven then dessert.

There was a pitcher of Mojitos in the fridge just waiting. I opted for Mojitos because they are a little stronger than most pitcher drinks.

We had our cocktails on the patio; I kept the glasses full, I wanted everyone relaxed and happy.

It’s funny, as much sex as I share with Julie and as much sex as I share with Cat it’s a subject the never comes up when we all three sit down and I couldn’t work it into the conversation tonight, at least not yet. Jobs, the frustrations of jobs and the low pay of jobs was where we started. Boring.

Finally I said, “Damn here I am with two of the most beautiful women in the world and we’re talking about jobs. Let’s talk about women and beauty.”

Cat started, “Women, that’s all men ever think about, women have more diversified interests.”

“Not true, men think about golf, new cars and beer and, of course women. But women have that diversification, yeah, fashion magazines, her hair style and some actors package.”

“Oh Brad what do you know,” Cat was laughing at me now, “We don’t check out “packages” butts, unquestionably but “packages?” Well maybe sometimes. What do you say Mom.”

“Butts definitely butts.” With a glance directed toward Cat she added, “Butts definitely don’t get enough attention.”

Pointedly I questioned, “Your butt doesn’t get enough attention Mom?”

“Never; there can never be too much attention.”

“Cat do you like to get your bottom rubbed?”


“Well. I do, it’s so much more relaxing than a back rub and even better it can be a little arousing.”

Leering like Groucho Marx, I offered my services as her masseur.

The Mojitos were having some effect. She stood up and shook her bootie at me.

I gave her a little whack, “Be good.”

With a smirk she asked, “Why, I like to be a bad girl.”

Cat knew what that the code for, she looked at me questioningly, wondering if Mom was in line for a spanking tonight.

I answered with an enigmatic smile.

I poured the last of the pitcher of Mojitos for the ladies then went into the kitchen. Dinner would be quick to prepare, I already had a rice pilaf in the oven. I put some asparagus on to steam and sautéed scallops.

Then I opened a bottle of white Chateauneuf-du-Pape and poured three glasses then served.

The meal was delicious, light and tasty.

After we’d finished I had to run upstairs for several minutes, some final preparations.

Then for dessert we had chocolate crepes with a raspberry sauce and champagne.

Mom knew my plan, I’d discussed it with her this morning, she approved. I asked if she wanted to be there. She said she might come in after things had begun; she was afraid her presence at the beginning might be off-putting to Cat.

Mom said she’d load the dishwasher and be up; Cat and I headed upstairs.

“Let’s get changed,” I suggested.

I was wearing only my boxers. I went to Cat’s room; instead of her usual T-shirt and panties she’d put on some cute little shorty pajamas. She knew I was planning some sort of event, she really thought it was going to be Mom getting a spanking; she wanted to dress for it.

The bedroom door was closed. I opened it and guided Cat in.

It wasn’t what she expected; the room certainly wasn’t set up for a spanking.

Illumination was being provided by ten large candles, pillows were stacked under the bedcovers on one side of the bed and several items of personal lubricant were on the nightstand.

She looked at me questioningly, she obviously knew what the preparations boded, she asked it a voice that said she was afraid of what the answer would be, “Are you going to take Mom’s bottom tonight, do you want me to watch?”

“Would you like to watch?”

I could see her breathe a sigh of relief, she was off the hook, it was Mom, she answered, "Yes I want to watch.”

I’d stepped up behind her, one arm encircled her waist, I was massaging her abdomen the other held her hip.

“Tomorrow night you can watch.”

“Then what’s this…” She stopped talking and I felt her tummy clench, she bent forward, she’d cramped.

Trembling she asked, “Me, this is for me isn’t it?”


“No brad, please don’t do this to me, don’t force me to do it.”

“I’m not going to force you to do anything Sissy.”

“I don’t have to do it?”

“Of course you don’t have to do it. I’m not going to rape you, if you don’t want to you can go back to your room.”

“I can just walk out, right now?”

“That’s right, go to your room like a little girl. I thought you were a grown woman and wanted to play in our games; guess I was wrong.”

“But I do want to play, I love to play.”

“Sissy, imagine that up until now was a free preview but to continue playing you have to join the club. You know what the initiation fee is, do you want in?”

“Please Brad, I’m afraid, can’t I do something else.”

“No, it’s to much a part of our games.”

Her voice was so subdued as to be nearly inaudible.

“You’ll hurt me won’t you?”

“I won’t lie to you Sis, I’ve got relaxant and lubricant but the first time it will probably hurt. I’ll be as gentle as possible though.”

I’d moved close behind her, she couldn’t help but feel my erection pressed against her bottom, my hand had moved lower from her abdomen, I’d slipped it down the front of her pajama bottoms and was cupping her sex.

“Say it, ask me.”

“I don’t want to, I’m scared.”

“You do want to, your body’s telling on you, you’re lubricating with arousal. Say it.”

I ground against her bottom letting her feel my cock.

“You’re too big,” she whined.

“Say it.”

“You ARE going to make me,” she sniveled.

“No you’re going to beg me, now say it.”

“Damn you Brad, damn you…pull my panties down please.”

I rolled her panties over her hips and tugged them down her long slim legs. I wanted her totally nude, I lifted her top over her head then guided her onto the bed. I helped her into position over the pillows then I pulled another pillow over so she could lay her head on it. I suspected she might want it in a few minutes.

First I lubricated her. I’d purchased some things especially for her. I was using Astroglide, it would be for her, I’d leave it in her room. Julie and I would continue with KY. Next I sprayed on Apronal, an anal relaxant.

She was taut as a bowstring; she was lubricated, ready in that manner but she was so tense that to try to enter her would have been like trying to stick a Redwood up a gnat’s ass.

I massaged and caressed her thighs, her bottom, her hips and along her sides, talking, crooning.

Only because my head was up while I talked to her did I notice the flickering of the candles as though a zephyr had passed through the room. I couldn’t see, she was hidden in the shadows but I knew Julie had entered the room, watching.

‘I’m scared Brad, so scared, it’s gonna hurt,” she whispered.

“I know you’re scared but try to relax, let me in, think about it like losing your virginity.”

“Is that what it’s like Brad?”

“A little,” I answered. Not a good analogy I knew, loss of virginity is mostly a sharp pain then it’s over. This would be more long lasting.

“What do you want me to do?”

“Sis I’m going to rest the head of my cock against you, you’ll feel a little bit of pressure but not much. When you feel that I want you to relax. Just go limp if you have to.”

That’s what she did, like a rag doll over the pillows and I slid forward, through her sphincters, into her.

She shrieked when I popped through her muscular ring and groaned as I pressed forward.

“You lied, you lied, you lied, Oooooooooo, I hurt, I hurt.”

I slid in as far as possible then rested.

“Oh Brad, I have to potty, I have to potty, let me up, I have to potty, I’m so full, so full.”

“Sissy, settle down, you don’t have to potty. That’s my cock you feel filling your rectum.”

As I began to pump her her moans increased in volume, she grunted from the effort of taking me each time I thrust into her.

“Ungh, ungh,” as I filled her then, “Oh you’re fucking my ass Brad, you’re fucking my ass, Oh it hurts.”

It was more painful for her than I’d expected it to be. Suddenly, a shadow fell across Cat’s back, Julie stood beside us. She rubbed her back saying, “let me help my Baby Girl” then reached between her legs, giving her fingers, massaging her clit and letting her ride her hand.

Julie rubbed faster; Cat pumped herself on the fingers and her bottom against me at the same speed. I couldn’t believe it, she was going to beat me, I felt her shudder then her anus contracted squeezing me as she came gushing.

She was exhausted, the stress and pain. She wanted off the pillows, I rolled with her onto our sides in the spoon position. I was still in her; I hadn’t cum yet.

As I pumped her from behind she began moaning again. She knew Julie had been there for her; she rasped out, “Mommy help me.”

“I’m here Little Girl,” Julie answered as she pulled the pillows from under the covers and tossed them off the bed.

Julie climbed in beside Cat, “I’m here for you Baby,” as she took her into her arms.

Cat snuggled against Julie’s chest with leaking tear filled eyes. Offering comfort Julie directed her to her breasts; Cat nursed greedily while I continued to fuck her from behind.

Finally I erupted flooding her bowels with my seed. I allowed myself to soften in her before pulling out. Cat continued to suckle at Julie’s breasts for quite a while then announced that she needed some rest, that she was going to bed.

Before she left I handed her the Astroglide and said, “Put this on your nightstand we’ll need it later.”

“Later?” She was startled by what I’d said.

“Yes, later, you get some rest and I’ll see you in two or three hours.”

“You’re going to do that to me again tonight?”

“At least once maybe two or three times. You’ll need to be over the pillows or on your knees several times a day until you’re broken in.”

“Broken in?”

Julie spoke up, “Like me, you’ll see what I mean tomorrow.”

“Mommy will you help me?”

“I’ll be there for you Baby.”

After she’d left Julie got a washcloth and wiped the Cat funk off me. She only wanted me clean so she could suck me and she only wanted to suck me to get me hard. What she really wanted was me in her vagina from behind; I was happy to oblige.

Afterwards we just lolled around in the bed until it was time to visit Cat.

By the time the following evening rolled around I’d sodomized Cat four times. Her bottom was sore but each time it was getting easier, she was learning how to relax, how to help me make it less painful. She did like Julie’s fingers though and didn’t mind at all that it was her mother who was pleasuring her.

It had been nice last night in the flickering candlelight; they were burning again. Cat was in the big chair she was topless but did have on a pair of panties; she knew she’d be back on the mattress before the night was over, she was wearing the panties so she could ask me to take them off.

Now, she was watching, she was the audience, Julie would be the show.

I was nude, lounging on the bed, waiting for Julie to make her entrance.

When Julie came in I was surprised, all that we’d planned was a little anal for Cat’s viewing pleasure. Julie came in dressed in virginal white baby doll pajamas and stood at the side of the bed.

“I’ve been a bad girl,” she said.

She wanted to give Cat the full show; I caught up with her immediately. Straightening up I sat against the headboard.

“Were you bad enough to deserve a spanking?”

“How many strokes should you get?”


“My you have been a bad girl,” I said as I reached for her hand and guided her over my lap. (Julie always takes twenty; she needs around fifteen to cum and doesn’t want to miss that).

I waited as she lay across my lap. She waited. Finally I gave her two firm strokes on her pajama bottoms and waited again.

She asked, “Pull my panties down please.”

After I’d jiggled Julie into position I motioned for Cat to come over to the bed and sit with me. I wanted her to be able to see everything particularly when Julie came.

“Count,” I said.





I made her wail then she pled for mercy, for leniency then she sobbed. Her legs were splayed; all of her feminine wiles were on display when, on stroke number seventeen it looked like a Super Soaker had erupted from her vagina.

Cat looked up at me with eyes as big as saucers, “Oh my God, do I do that?”

“Not quite as hard but, yeah you do.”

Smaller gushes still flowed from Julie, Cat could only comment, Awesome.”

Julie remained over my lap recovering for several minutes then crawled off and got on hands and knees. I pointed Cat to the bedside where she would have the best view, slathered a little lube on her then myself and moved behind her.

My feet were poised on each side of her hips; I was in a squatting position I was going to get a little rough, show Cat what would be in store for her on down the line.

I lined up and pressed against her then waited until Cat was ready. I thrust forward, the head of my cock pierced her sphincters then I forced deeper. Cat was staring enraptured by the sight. I went in fairly quickly and began to pump her.

Julie was moaning, Julie always moans when she’s getting anal sex, I think she likes the sound ‘cause she damned sure isn’t getting hurt.

After getting my rhythm I raised myself up putting some of my weight on her hips then went at her like a dog on his bitch, hard, fast, deep thrusts probing her eliciting an animal wail from her. I pounded harder moving higher on her, pressing the small of her back, forcing her to lift her hips and bottom until I’m nearly standing pumping nearly straight down, fucking her harder than I ever have before. And she’s taking it, God damned what a woman, she’s taking it.

And then I’m cumming, explosively magnanimously; I empty my balls into her. She hasn’t cum, she deserves better, I pull out of her bottom, her luscious pussy is right before me, I take her with my mouth, her clit, rapid tongue flicks until she spews soaking my face.

I crawl up beside Julie then motion for Cat to join us in a group hug.

“Wow I see what you guys were talking about. It’ll be a while ‘til I’m broken in enough to handle that.”

I needed about a thirty-minute refractory period before I could visit Cat’s sweet little bottom again so we all just rolled around trading kisses and gropes.

I was ready but Cat had something she wanted to do beforehand. She asked me to sit in the chair.

“Mommy please sit up, would you?”

Julie sat with her back against the headboard; it was evident that she wondered what this was about. Cat got up and stood at the side of the bed.

Her head was hanging and I could see tears in her eyes as she said, “Mommy I’ve been a bad girl.”

Julie smiled at her and asked, “What did you do that was so bad Baby.”

“Mommy I was jealous of you and Brad, I cursed you and called you nasty names, I was childish and willful and Brad disciplined me for it but it’s you that I owe the apology. Please forgive me for what I’ve said and done, please.”

“Of course I forgive you Catherine, you’re my Baby Girl, I love you and would never hold anything against you. But that’s not all you want is it,” Julie asked as she reached and took Cat’s hand.

Julie helped Cat over her lap and asked, “How many?”

“Twenty.” Like mother like daughter.

Julie hesitated giving Cat a chance to ask.

“Mommy will you take my panties off?”

Julie rolled them down to her feet then removed them.





And I thought, this is even better than doing it myself, God it was so hot, I just knew we were going to have lots of fun

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