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since nobody liked the way my first story was going i changed the game
My name is Faith, and I...I had sex with my brother. I can't tell you how surprising it is to me to say that. I'm 36 years old, and he's 31 so this isn't some adolescent experimentation. And I wasn't drunk, so that can't explain it. I never had those kinds of desires for Troy before--and in fact I've hated him for the greater part of my life for being so reckless and being the kind of guy I almost would have expected this kind of thing from--but once it started there was nothing I could do to stop it.

I like sex, but never wanted to get in over my head about it. He went down on me, and that was the only time I'd ever been eaten out. Then, not only was Troy the first man I ever sucked, he was first man I ever wanted to suck. And when he came with force in my mouth and on my face, it was the single greatest moment of my life. I never wanted to face him again after that afternoon, but I was even more concerned about never getting the chance to do it again. And that made me feel disgusted with myself, so I kept my distance.

While I did feel that Troy and I had made a connection that day, I still regarded him as the deceitful, arrogant brother I'd loathed for so long. So when he invited me to an early Thanksgiving dinner, I assumed there was more to his intentions than just having me over for turkey.

Thanksgiving was still days away, but Troy, his fiancée Claire, and my other two brothers Will and Bryce were all staying at Troy's. Will and Bryce had flown in to town to meet Claire last week, and had liked her so much that they'd extended their stay. But they still had to get back to their respective lives before Thanksgiving, hence the early dinner.

I doubted that Bryce, or Will, the brother I was closest to, knew about this terrible event, and I knew if I went to dinner, my nerves would make things hell for me. Will especially would sense something was wrong, and I'd never been good at keeping things from him. So initially I turned the invite down. Until the day it happened, my brothers and I hadn't seen each other and had barely spoken for years. It seemed like a good idea to start that trend again. I still was so ashamed for what I had done with Troy that I had called in sick to work each day since it happened. I hadn't been out of bed in days.

And there were worst things to fear than just facing Troy. Claire was one of them. You see, the reason my older brother Will and youngest brother Bryce had liked Claire so much that they extended their stay was because Claire had had sex with both of them--actually, Troy was there, too, so all three of them--at the same time. It was something my brothers had done with different girls as far back as high school, and was the main reason why I hadn't spoken to them much over the years. I vehemently disapproved of such behavior, and they had no apologies for it. When I found out Claire was the latest of these slut girls, I realized that my brothers still hadn't grown up.

But while I chastised them all for it (calling Claire a slut right to her face only about an hour after having met her), Claire kept her cool and actually lectured Troy on being better to me. Unfortunately I didn't know what her idea of "being better" was until it was too late and Troy had his face buried between my thighs, his tongue actually inside my vagina.

At the time, it seemed as though Claire was pushing Troy to do this in some warped attempt at healing our relationship. But after giving it thought, I wondered if she was just intent on corrupting me so that I wouldn't be able to say anything bad about her without being a total hypocrite. By getting Troy and I in bed together, she had eliminated me as the problem sister-in-law to be. She'd neutralized my power. And this invite to Thanksgiving was, perhaps, the second phase of that plan--to get me to submit completely and become a slut just like her.

I made up my mind that that had to be the reason. And the arrogance behind it made me furious. As if my lifetime of responsibility and good choices would be so easy to break down now that I'd tasted Troy's cock.

The thing was, I couldn't deny that my foundation was shaken. Though I hated myself for thinking it, the idea of being with Troy again made me hot, and I knew, if I was alone with him, I wouldn't be able to fully trust myself to keep my hands off him.

Maybe I was just fooling myself, but it was then that I decided I needed to go to this dinner. Not to submit to Troy's huge dick, but to prove to him that I wasn't some easy little girl who would beg for him. I wanted to show him that I wasn't corrupted, that I was stronger than that. But I also wanted to show him that I was a sexual being, and that it wasn't what we had done that I hated, but that I had done it with him. I wanted to show him that he wasn't everything he thought he was. I wanted to kill that arrogant bastard's confidence, and I knew there was only one way to do it.

I was going to bring a boyfriend.

Tim was just a regular guy. He didn't have a huge dick, or a perverted sexual drive. We had dated not long ago, but remained friends, and were thinking about starting up again anyway. Our physical relationship had been just like I preferred: tame, enjoyable, controlled. We never had oral sex. It was something that repulsed me before that time with Troy. And though I definitely craved it now, I was intent on showing Troy that it was Tim and his average-sized penis that made me that way, not him.

We got to Troy's about 1pm on the day of the dinner. When we walked in, everyone was snacking on this and that, sipping beer (thankfully not chugging it) or wine, and just having a relaxing time. I quickly noticed that Tim wasn't the only extra guest in the group. I had only been aware of my three brothers and Claire to be at the dinner, but now there was another woman, older than Claire but younger than me. She looked just like Claire, even though her hair was a different color and style. And though also tiny like Claire, this new woman had big breasts that she showed off with a revealing top. They weren't as big as mine, which are 34Ds, but they were perfectly shaped. And fake, I thought.

She introduced herself as Lana, Claire's sister. I wondered if she had fucked all of my brothers at once, too.

When I introduced Tim, I looked to Troy for his reaction of bringing a man, and I got just what I wanted. He made a sour face, tried to hide it, and then forced himself to welcome my companion.

Various mixed drinks were added to the beer and wine flow, and everyone began to loosen up even more. Nothing sexual happened, but we were all joking and laughing like a bunch of old friends, even me. I was putting on quite a show, because I knew where this party was eventually headed. Sometime after dinner there would be an orgy. I knew my brothers too well to suspect anything different. It was the orgy Troy had expected me, because of him, to become involved in. It was why he'd invited me. And I had to make believe like I was into it so I could get the chance to truly display how Tim, so quiet and collected, was the kind of man who did it for me, not some creep like my brother.

We had a surprisingly wonderful dinner, though instead of turkey, my brothers had tried a new tradition of the Thanksgiving T-bone. We sat around afterwards and drank a little more, and soon it was dark and Lana and Claire shut the shades. They were involved in a little conversation that left no questions about what the night ahead held.

"I was never really into cum much..." Claire said.

"Until Troy," Lana laughed.

"No," Claire laughed back. "Actually it was that guy before Troy. That moving guy. You remember?"

Lana nodded. "Yeah. He did taste good."

"I think he was the first guy who I really enjoyed having cum on me," Claire confessed. She looked to Troy. "You owe him big, sweetie."

"Why?" Troy asked, not all bothered to hear the details of Claire with another guy.

"Because if I didn't know I enjoyed cum, I never would've slept with you. I would've been scared about what that dick of yours could do."

I was glad Tim was using the bathroom during this conversation, because he almost certainly would've demanded we leave if he'd heard it.

"No you wouldn't have," Lana toyed. "A cock like that will get any girl to beg for a big, nasty cum shot in the face. Good guys with dicks and nuts like that are too rare." She looked at Troy. "I'll bet you could get the biggest prude in the world to guzzle your sperm. Any one of you guys could actually."

"Yeah," Claire agreed. Then to me, "What about Tim, Faith? Do you let him finish on your face...or, I'm sorry, is that too personal?"

"Usually I just...swallow," I lied, hoping my face wasn't too red. I glanced at Troy, and it didn't seem like he was buying it. "No sense wasting all that good stuff, right?"

The sisters laughed and agreed I had a point.

Claire then went and sat on Troy's lap. It was just about to begin, I thought.

Everyone was talking, and fortunately the subject had become tamer by the time Tim came out to join us. It was then Claire who brought me and Tim into a conversation as Troy looked curiously on. She asked the usual stuff about us, like how long Tim and I'd been dating, where we met, etc. She wasn't being rude or invasive, so I had to bring it on myself. I crossed my thigh over Tim's, put an arm around him, and laid my other hand right near his crotch. Tim's body stiffened, but not his dick. He wasn't used to this kind of thing.

"We just have a really good time together," I said. "Especially alone. My Timmy can just...well, never mind." And I threw in a naughty little laugh for effect, hoping the confusion on Tim's face didn't ruin everything.

But Troy called my bluff. "So you two are pretty comfortable with everything?" he said. And as he said it, he slipped a hand down the neck of Claire's shirt and cupped one of her breasts. I didn't look at Tim, but I knew the poor guy's eyes were probably falling out of his head.

"Oh yeah," I responded, cupping my hand over Tim's crotch and feeling only the slightest swelling. "We're perfectly comfortable."

"Except we're always, you know, alone," Tim said, to my dismay. "We're very private..."

"Not all the time," I interjected, smiling to Tim in hopes that even he would believe it. "I have no problem making a show of it. And you like to watch so much..."

Troy wasn't buying it, but at least we had the attention of Bryce, Will, and Lana now. Tim's face grew red, and he tried to keep his eyes off Troy's hand as it moved under Claire's shirt, rubbing her breast.

"I don't think I should..." Tim said, trying to get up from under me, but I held him back down.

"Oh come on, Timmy," I said seductively. "Don't you want to see Claire? I'm sure Troy would let you look if you asked."

But Troy was so confident I was faking that he didn't even wait for Tim to ask, or not ask. Troy pulled his hand out of Claire's shirt, then helped her off with it and her bra. Her breasts were very firm, pointy, and though B-cups, had huge areola surrounding her hard nipples.

Tim was clearly uncomfortable, but he tried to be polite. "Those are, um, very nice."

Troy agreed by massaging Claire's breasts, and she melted into his hands. "So you like to watch, huh?" Troy asked Tim. "But what about showing off? I mean, she showed you hers."

Tim didn't get it, and if he had, he would've walked out right then. So I answered for him, pulling off my top and taking off my bra. I was so intent on beating Troy at this game that it didn't even hit me that I was baring my breasts in front of not just one but all of my brothers until it was too late.

"Jesus! Faith? What are you doing?" my older brother Will asked, surprised but with joy in his voice.

Tim was so shocked he couldn't even form words. He stared at my big breasts, then at my face, and in a futile effort to cover them up, put a hand over each of my nipples.

Troy just shook his head and laughed. "Well I guess we can all get started then!"

Tim looked to me in horror. He seemed to know what Troy meant, but couldn't believe it. He definitely didn't want to be here. I should say a little about Tim. I met him at church, where we both volunteered teaching an abstinence course to 8th graders. Though we'd since relinquished the course to others and had succumbed to each other, we both believed in crisp, clean sex. Nothing deviant whatsoever. That was the only reason I agreed to have sex with him, because our minds on the subject were so alike. Only now I had changed, and I was beginning to worry that maybe I'd overplayed my hand by bringing him here. If Tim didn't submit, I wouldn't be able to show Troy that sex with him had been meaningless.

Not only did I have to seduce Tim into accepting things he'd never accepted before, but also into doing things to me he knew I'd never been interested in.

I kissed him, trying to take at least this next step slow so as to work him up and get him comfortable in this impossible situation. Meanwhile, I was acutely aware of others in the room taking their clothes off. I caught Tim looking, wide-eyed with fear, as we kissed. He must have felt like he'd been having some surreal nightmare. I don't think he'd ever seen sex like this before, out in the light. We'd always done it with the lights off, and I was the only woman he'd ever been with. Funny thing was that, until Troy, I had lacked the same experience. And even with Troy the light had been dim, so I hadn't seen much at all.

We kissed for what seemed like forever. Or at least I did. Tim passively fought me most of the time, afraid and confused and definitely not wanting to do this in the company of others. I was losing hope that he would become excited enough for this.

Meanwhile, I heard the others around me getting progressively more involved. The moaning and the sounds of skin slapping told me that at least one of the sisters was already fucking someone. I rubbed the bulge at Tim's crotch frantically, but it seemed to be useless. Finally I broke the kiss and looked around. What I saw changed my life.

First I saw Troy in the chair, naked, his head thrown back as Claire sat on her knees before him, her head bobbing in his lap. She was naked also, her back turned to us, giving a view of her soft, white ass. She moaned on him, and he gasped in pleasure. I could even hear the wet sound of her lips sliding up and down his shaft.

Then, on the floor behind me, I saw Lana with my brother Will fucking her slowly. They were both naked, as was Bryce, my youngest brother, who straddled her face. She sucked on and tongued his balls, which were so big I had to look long and hard to confirm they were even real. His fat dick pointed past her chin toward her incredible and definitely real breasts.

I had already seen Troy's cock, of course. And now I'd seen Bryce's. While Bryce was shorter, he was thicker, and I just couldn't take my mind off those huge testicles of his. Specifically, how much cum he had in there. Suddenly I wasn't just hungry, I was starving. I needed Tim to cave, and I needed it now!

But Tim had seen everything I had, and he was not at all comfortable with the view. To convince him, I felt I needed a better position, so I got off of him and tried to turn him on the couch. It wasn't a coincidence that, in the position I had in mind, I'd be able to see the others with just a slight shift of my eyes.

I pulled Tim's shoes off, not hearing a word he was saying to me, even when it seemed that he was screaming at all of us to stop this. I just kept watching either Claire's head moving up and down on Troy's crotch, or Lana nuzzling her face into Bryce's heavy nuts. And when I looked at Will, I caught him staring at my bare chest, even as he pounded into Lana's body. He licked his lips and we made eye contact. His face reddened and he looked away. But seconds later and I caught him checking me out again. He couldn't have known that the thoughts he was trying to deny himself--sex with his own sister--had already happened...just not with him. If he'd known, he probably would've made a play for me. And I was becoming less and less sure about how I felt about that. I had planned on Tim taking care of me, but now I felt that, even if he did fuck me like I wanted, it wouldn't be enough.

I had his socks off and was fumbling with his belt when Tim sat up, finally really trying to stop me. I didn't know what to say to him. Convincing him that I'd magically changed like this seemed impossible. But then suddenly Claire was beside him on her knees. She bent over and forced a kiss on his mouth, and it must have been a good one, because he gave in.

I looked past them momentarily and saw Troy still in the chair, his dick still hard and glistening wet. I wondered if Troy had sent Claire over in hopes of getting me to come to him. If I did that, I would lose, and Troy would know he had me. So I kept my concentration on Tim. I opened his belt and tore down his pants and underwear. His dick was average size and hard, but compared to the other men in this room he looked pathetic.

Maybe it was because he knew that, or maybe having his pants off at all was just too much, but suddenly Tim leapt off the couch, pushing Claire away and knocking me off his feet and onto the floor. I fell between the couch and the coffee table, and Will, who had seen the whole thing, pulled out of Lana and came to make sure I didn't fall into the glass. He stopped when he saw I was all right, but didn't go back to fucking just yet. In fact everyone in the room stopped to watch Tim have his fit.

He was yelling at us all again, and I couldn't help but notice that he was saying some of the very things I would've said just days ago. That fact burned me, because it meant that Troy had indeed won--had corrupted me--and it made me even more insistent that I show him he hadn't. I grabbed Tim's hips before he could get his pants up and I tried to take his hard cock into my mouth. He resisted with all his might, even putting his hands on my head to push me back.

"What happened to you?" he said, disappointment filling his voice. I knew he wanted this, physically. His erection proved that much. But mentally this was just too much for Tim.

I got a tongue on him, slipping it across his tip, and at that moment he went weak in the knees, which allowed me to push on further. He fought with a little less conviction, but it was still enough to keep him dick mostly out of reach. I grabbed his ass, tried pulling him too me. He begged me to stop, but I begged back. I couldn't see him, but I knew Troy was watching.

"Please give me that cock," I said. "Please! I want to suck you. I want you to fill me. Please give it to me. I'll do anything. I'll let you cum anywhere you want. On my face, Tim. You can cum on my face! Or I'll swallow you! Just please let me taste it."

"Faith!" he exclaimed in confusion. He pushed me away to the side, and I might have given up in defeat right then, but the next thing I saw was Will standing behind him, still watching the whole scene, his cock huge and wet and hard as stone. In that moment I forgot all about Troy and our stupid little fight. I had worked myself up by begging for Tim, and now I didn't need his cock, I just needed cock, whoever's it turned out to be.

I just so happened that my oldest brother's was the closest.

I pushed past Tim as he pulled up his pants and dove for Will's dick. I wrapped my lips around it, surprised at the unusual taste, and then remembering that it had just been in another woman's body. But that didn't turn me off at all. I sucked him fast and furiously, loving the feel of his hard body in my mouth, delighted with the unusual taste despite it's source. He wasn't as thick as Troy, but was about an inch longer, meaning I had the better part of a foot of dick in my face, so much that I couldn't hope to take it all, so what I couldn't suck I stroked with both of my hands.

I would learn later that, as I devoured Will's body, Tim finished dressing himself, but then turned and saw what I was doing. He knew Will was my brother, and knew I must have been out of my mind. He thought maybe I had drunk too much, or I had something mentally wrong with me. Whatever the reason for my change he wasn't sure, but he stayed rather than bolted and watched me out of disbelief while trying to come up with a way to help me. He didn't want to be too rough, though, because he was outnumbered, and even one of my brothers was big enough to bench the poor guy. And so he just watched, dumbfounded.

I, meanwhile, was practically gagging myself on my brother's cock. I took him out and rubbed his dripping dick all over my face, then dipped down under him to tongue his big balls. While I was doing this, Troy and Bryce moved the coffee table to give us more room on the floor. I looked around briefly when Will guided me to the center of the room and noticed that the sisters were together on the couch, watching. And then it hit me that I was going to have all three of my brothers at once. It was the greatest moment of my life.

Will laid me down on my back, then crawled between my legs and rubbed that huge, wet dick of his up and down my slit. He tested my tightness gently with his cock head while lowering his face to my fat breasts and sucking them all over. With me being so small and him being so big, it was a while before he was able to penetrate me, but when he did I almost passed out in pleasure. He began to fuck me very slowly, and it was like I had a whole arm in there!

"Oh fuck me," I gasped, my eyes closed and my body feeling wiped out already. "Fuck your little sister..." I couldn't believe I'd said those words, but I said them again anyway. "Come on. Fuck your little sister. I need my big brother's big hard cock..."

My words became garbled when a length of hard flesh was pushed up to my lips. I opened my eyes to see it was Bryce. Feeling Will's giant erection inside me had made me submissive, but with Bryce's thick, 8-inch monster in my face and his gigantic balls just a breath away, I became the attacker once again. I sucked him down, happy that I had at least one brother that I could take all the way--though even he was a challenge. His length forced much of him down my throat, but it was his girth that caused the real problem. My lips were stretched to the limit, and I felt as if my throat would explode when I finally sunk him into it. He bucked into my face, his boulder-like balls slapping against the underside of my chin.

After minutes of this intensity, I was growing impatient. I wanted him to cum. But my throat just couldn't take it anymore and those balls against my chin and neck were too damn appetizing. I gagged him out of me, then had him rise up so I could suck his testicles. I could never get both in my mouth, but one at a time was arousing enough. And the whole time Will was stroking himself into my tight body, his prick reaching depths I didn't even know I had.

Forever hungry, I continued sucking Bryce's balls. I had both of my hands on them, holding them close to my face so that I could feel whatever I couldn't wrap my lips around. I massaged his nuts, too. And then I saw him grip his cock as it hovered over and past my eyes, and he pushed it down and moved it back and forth across my face, rubbing my nose and forehead with his hard flesh. As he did this and I continued to suck and lick him and massage his balls, and I eventually moved farther under him so I could tongue the area just behind his testicles but before his asshole. I don't remember where I'd read it, but I'd heard once that this was supposed to be a magic spot.

And it was, for after just a half a minute of tonguing it, Bryce was moaning as loud as ever. I felt his balls tighten up, and heard him say he was cumming. I tried to push out from under him, and I got out just in time for a huge, forceful, impossibly thick blast of cum to hit me right between the eyes. It splashed off of me, splattered my whole face, and it kept coming. Dual rivers of sperm ran down either side of my nose, down my cheeks, and into my hair just above my ears. I moved up to catch him in my mouth, but by then Bryce was jerking himself since my hands were busy milking his balls. He wasn't guiding himself, therefore, and so the unending stream splashed against my lips and my chin until finally I caught his seed in my mouth. I took him in my mouth, swirled my tongue around his tip and tried to milk his cock that way.

He just kept cumming. I swallowed over and over. Then I coughed a mouthful up, adding more cream onto the outside of my mouth. And then I was swallowing him again. There was so much that I felt like I was chugging it from a pop can, only this beverage was much more satisfying.

After Bryce had finally stopped cumming, I still sucked him, making sure I got everything. But suddenly he was up and off me, and then I heard Will's warnings that he was going to cum and for Bryce to get out of the way! As excited as I was, I was still trying to swallow down all the thick semen that coated my throat. I didn't know if I would be able to swallow another load so soon, but I was happy to at least try. Will pulled out of me, straddled my body, moving toward my face, but then he was shooting cum.

His first shot stretched from the blast site just over my belly to across and between my breasts, and right down the middle of my face, with the far end landing in my hair just over my forehead. I grabbed Will's cock and jerked him off from there. His orgasm lasted at least as long as Bryce's marathon had, and though he released less sperm, the difference was negligible. His jizz literally exploded all over me, most of it covering my breasts but a good amount splattering up onto my face, in my hair, or over on my shoulders. I held my tongue out to catch what I could, and though I caught only sprinkles of his seed, I collected enough of it to have a mouthful before I swallowed it all at once.

On the last leg of his eruption, Will pushed forth and fucked my cum soaked tits, pouring what jizz he had left down onto my neck, where it flowed down and dripped into my hair.

His orgasm finally over, Will was still stroking himself in between my gooey breasts when I saw Troy crawl between my legs, and then felt him enter me. I'd been effectively stretched by Will's dick, so even though Troy was thicker, I took him much more easily. He was fucking me good and hard and fast very soon, and eventually Will got off me so we could better concentrate.

It was as soon as I made eye contact with Troy, his dick slamming into me, that I had my first orgasm that night. It wasn't just him, but also the knowledge of what I was doing, what I was covered with, and the feeling off all that hot sperm sliding over my skin. My brothers' sperm. And there was more to come.

Troy grabbed me by the waist as he pounded into me, never letting up as I thrashed and screamed in climax. I wrapped my legs around him and tried moving my hips to meet his rhythm. I couldn't deny it. This is what I wanted. As much as I hated to admit it, Troy had won. And suddenly I felt very bad for trying to make him think otherwise. I decided to tell him that I conceded, and that he had me. That he could have me. Whenever he wanted.

"Oh, yes, fuck me, baby. Fuck me like that!"

Not only did I cheer him on, I begged him. I begged for his cum, and told him where I wanted it. On my face. On my tits. All over my body. I told him I wanted him to feed me, his sister, every last drop of his sperm. I told him I'd do anything for it. And I meant it.

But for a long time, past my first orgasm, and then through and past my second, Troy was content with just fucking me, doing so with passion. At one point during my second orgasm I almost blacked out, but then Troy reached under me, even as he fucked me, and teased his finger to my anus, bringing me back. And I went right back to begging for him to do the nastiest things I could think of.

Soon I saw Bryce kneel next to me, his cock hard again, and I took him in my hand and stroked him. Will found position above my head, took a handful of my hair into his fist, and then stroked his dick with it. Though I couldn't really feel him, I fell in love with the idea of what he was going to do.

And then I saw the most surprising thing out of the corner of my eye, and looked to see the whole scene. Tim was still there, still watching, only he looked slightly less repulsed and more captivated at what lie before him. His jaw was open in shock. More importantly, his pants were down to his ankles. Lana and Claire were on either side of him, petting his body and giving his thighs slow, gentle kisses, even though their eyes were all on me. Tim took it like a zombie, frozen by disbelief.

But then Lana lowered herself behind and under Tim and took him from beneath, gobbling his balls fully into her mouth and gulping them noisily. Tim jumped at first, but then melted into her face. He spread his legs to give her better access, and she used everything he gave her, gobbling at him with enthusiasm. And then Claire joined, licking and slobbering all over Tim's erection. Remember, though he was smaller than my brothers, he was still a decent average size, and so I was sure Claire had no problem enjoying herself as she bobbed on him. Tim, meanwhile, had to put a hand on top of each of the girls' heads to keep himself from falling over.

I was brought back to the moment when I felt a change in Troy's rhythm as he fucked me. He slowed down, then sped back up, and then he was yelling.

"Oh fuck! This is it! Cumming!"

I increased my stroke speed on Bryce's hand job, and I felt my hair tugging as Will jerked himself faster with my hair. We all had the same idea, and seconds later it happened. Troy came inside me with such force that for a minute I thought it was actually his cock that had bore deep inside me rather than his stream of thick, hot, milky seed. He pumped into me frantically, filling my aching and thirsty cunt and then making a mess out of it as the overflow spilled out of me. Bryce came next, his dick spitting another massive load of cream all over my chest, tummy, and even down as far as my clit. The sticky, slippery shit was literally everywhere, and it just kept coming.

Finally, Will grunted and released his steamy load right into my hair. I felt it warm and seeemingly burn my scalp, and the feeling so delicious I climaxed right then, hoping he wouldn't try for my face, which was covered so much anyway that I could barely see past my cum-laced eye lashes. And thankfully he didn't, effectively soaking and caking my hair with his jizz.

As I climaxed, I was faintly aware of the sound of Tim's voice as he called out. I watched as both Claire and Lana got beneath and in front of him, their mouths open for him. They each had a hand on his cock and they jerked him off expertly into their mouths, half of Tim's load going into Claire's mouth and the other half into Lana's. And then, to my amazement and certainly to Tim's, the sister's kissed, swapping his goo in a deep French kiss.

Tim collapsed on the couch, unable to take his eyes off the sisters as they shared his sperm. He was soon joined by Will and Bryce, and Troy sat back in the chair nearby, all of them watching the two beautiful women maul each other. I was still on the floor, covered in cum, and the fact that nobody offered to help me clean up indicated that I was going to experience far more this Thanksgiving than I had expected to.

Lana and Claire stopped kissing, and then they looked down at me with hungry smiles, confirming my suspicion. I was instantly terrified. Having sex with my brothers was one thing. At least it was still a dick. But I was not a lesbian, and the thought of being at all intimate with a girl, even now, did not sit well with me. Yet I didn't move, even as they approached me.

Lana and Claire surrounded me, then lowered their faces to my chest, each one claiming a breast and sucking and licking it clean of every last bit of the thick mess of jizz. Their faces met in my cleavage, where they tongue wrestled for the significant amount of cum that had pooled there. My nipples were hard, sending sparks that electrified my whole body. It hadn't taken long for me to accept them. In fact, I guided their heads back to my nipples before they could move on to the next area of my body to clean, because the sensation was so intense I was certain I'd climax from it with just a little more time.

And I almost did. The sisters' tongues and lips on my suddenly ultra-sensitive tits brought me to the very edge of orgasm at least three times before they moved on. I begged for them not to stop, but my hands allowed them to go on, excited about whatever lay ahead. I looked over and caught a glimpse of all four guys, even Tim, jerking off as they watched us girls on the floor. That in itself was hot, but it was even more thrilling to think more cum might very well be on the way.

I rubbed my own tits and played with my nipples as the sisters split up, licking their way across my body and through the deposits of cum that covered me. Lana went down, slurping a huge amount of cum from my belly. I even felt her rub her face in it! She then licked my sides, getting the drips that had run down my ribs.

Claire went up from my chest, sending me into near convulsions as she lathered my neck with her tongue, collecting a lot of sperm, but nothing compared to when she licked up under and then over my chin, to my face. She later told me that there was not one bit of my face that wasn't doused with jizz, and when she saw this, it was all she could do to stay in control of herself. She lapped at my face, clearing the sticky goo from my cheeks, my forehead, my nose, and even around my eyes. She slurped down by my ears, then in my ears, and though she didn't try eating it, she ran her hands through my cum-soaked hair, spreading the mess further than it had already reached.

I should note that I was most worried about the cum in my hair, expecting it to be impossible to clean out. It wasn't the mess that bothered me, though, as much as the idea that I might be hesitant to ever let a guy cum there again if I knew it meant two hours in the shower.

Lana moved down to my hips, and the position I could feel her taking both scared and excited me. She was between my legs, working her way toward my crotch, which had been flooded and covered in Troy's seed. Before I could tell my mind that this would be okay, my hips rose instinctively to meet Lana's face. She grabbed under me, gripping my ass and holding me to her face as she thrust her tongue inside me and sucked out anything she could get. I spread my legs and ground my cunt against her as she munched me, and shut my eyes tight as I screamed out, heading toward another orgasm at full speed.

My mouth was wide open and I was still screaming when Claire kissed me full on the mouth, giving me her tongue as well as a mouthful of sperm she's lapped off my face. This moment was the most shocking of all, for it was one thing for me to be submissive and enjoy getting the attention, but now I was expected to kiss this person? Another woman? It frightened me so much that it stopped my impending orgasm. But the fresh cum in my mouth was so good I couldn't help but go for it, and that wasn't easy because Claire wasn't giving it to me. Like what she'd done with Lana with Tim's load, Claire tongue wrestled me for it, and the only way to really taste and swallow that cum was to tongue wrestle her back.

It didn't take long for the cum in our mouths to disappear, especially since I was trying to swallow it and I knew Claire was only trying to push it around, back and forth. But the blonde kept her tongue in me, even put a hand to my chest and played with my nipples. I didn't want to show her that I wasn't into this, and so I accepted her kisses with only minimal attempts to kiss her back. But I had to admit, the longer our tongues danced, the easier it became. And having an expert mouth eating me out below wasn't hurting the situation. I hadn't even realized till then that I had put both hands on top of Lana's face and was holding her to my pussy. I knew I was going to climax in just seconds.

And then I heard a loud, male groan. I knew what it meant, and I pushed Claire away from my face without even thinking about it. More cum was coming, and I wanted it bad. Will took my signal and kneeled down by my face just in time to unleash a hot, white, churning stream of jizz directly into my open mouth. His load seemed surprisingly large considering how short a time had passed since he first came all over me, and I was happy to accept.

But something was missing as I collected his ejaculation in my mouth. And before I could identify it, my hand was around the back of Claire's head, pulling her back to me. I knew right then that she was exactly what I wanted--my body knew itself better than I did! I pulled her into a kiss, then shared with her the huge mouthful of my brother's hot, thick cum. Only this time I didn't try to swallow. I just wrestled Claire for it, moving it back and forth between our mouths, spitting it and accepting it, and loving every second. Our swapping might have lasted an hour if I hadn't finally climaxed again a few minutes later. When the orgasm crashed over me, I lost control and choked on the cum as my throat sucked it down. Claire had about half of it at the time, though, and so she swallowed her own share, then sucked the globs of jizz off my lips even as I was screaming out in ecstasy. Below, Lana fucked me with her tongue and rubbed her nose against my clit to make sure my orgasm was total. When it finally died down, I wasn't sure I'd even be able to get up, for my strength was so completely drained.

Fortunately I didn't have to get up. Claire moved away even as Lana crawled on top of me. She kissed and sucked my breasts as Troy climbed behind her and slid his cock into her pussy. As he worked up a rhythm with her, he asked me if I wanted it, too. I was glad he asked because, as great as it sounded, my pussy and clit needed time to rest. Lana had really done a number on me, and I was too sensitive to take anything more. But now I was getting off on the feeling of this other woman naked on top of me, her body thrusting as Troy thrust into it. It was a little like I was being fucked myself. And before I knew it, even without a mouthful of cum to tempt me, I made out with Claire's sister, Lana.

After a while I even slid down beneath her a little so I could suck on those perfect tits of hers, and I was very happy to hear her beg me not to stop. I'd never thought about sucking on a breast before, of course, but I liked it very much and I think it gave me as much pleasure as it was giving Lana to have them sucked. I just couldn't have enough, even when she squeezed them together and fed them to me, hard nipples and all.

I was aware of movement beside me, and I stopped sucking on Lana's chest just long enough to see Tim on the floor beside me embracing Claire and fucking her like a bunny. I couldn't believe it! Shy Tim, who had never even watched a porn movie in his life was actively involved in partner swapping while sitting right next to his girlfriend, who had just had her brothers' cum licked off her by two sisters! It was so wild I almost laughed. I was happy he was enjoying himself, but I was even happier to see that Claire was very much enjoying the pounding he was giving her. Tim had never fucked me like that, but then again he was a new person now. As I went back to sucking Lana's nipples, I heard Claire whispering dirty things into Tim's ear, which seemed to further spur him on.

"Oh yeah, fuck me, fuck me, just like that. Give me that big dick! Fuck that pussy. Let me feel it. You gonna give me your cum? Huh, Timmy? You gonna cum in my pussy or are you gonna make me eat it? Cause I'll swallow it, baby. I'll drink every drop and beg for more..."

She looked to me and saw that I was eavesdropping. Claire momentarily pulled Tim out of her, rubbed his cock with her hand, then sat back on him to resume fucking.

"What about your precious little girlfriend?" she said, louder so I was sure to hear. "You think she should find out how your cock tastes with my pussy all over it?" Then she pushed the hand she rubbed Tim's dick with into my face. "Here, taste my pussy."

Those words seemed to have set Tim off, because suddenly he was grunting with all his might, and he tore into Claire's cunt like never before. She didn't even try to pull him out to take his load in her mouth, but instead rode him hard all the way through his orgasm, her pussy no doubt filling up with his juice. With her free hand she rubbed her clit frantically until she, too was climaxing, and the whole time she kept her other hand at my face, waiting for me to taste it.

I eagerly sucked her hand, surprised by how distinctive her taste was, and I loved it. I licked and sucked her fingers clean as she climaxed with my boyfriend, then went back to Lana's fantastic tits, still shaking in my face as Troy fucked her.

But then Lana was shaking harder, and Troy wasn't just moaning but calling out. He slammed repeatedly into Lana's body as he came in her, which jolted my body as we clung to each other. I didn't realize until then how sweaty we'd both become, because our bodies slipped together as Troy pounded the last of his load into her.

I didn't know how to ask for what I wanted next, but fortunately Lana was a step ahead of me. She climbed up my body and sat her cream-filled cunt right onto my mouth. She was so full that her pussy had leaked a solid trail of Troy's cum from her clit, up my tummy, between my tits, and over my chin. It was almost pouring out as I opened my mouth and wrapped my lips around her hole. And then I sucked and drank her, lashing at her with my tongue more for effect than anything else, because the cum was flowing freely. Only when that flow slowed down did I push my tongue inside the body of another woman for the first time, curling it in her hot cunt before drawing it back out with whatever amount of treat I'd collected.

It didn't take long for Lana's well of sperm to dry up, but that didn't mean I was finished. I made sure to clean her cunt good, and then I chewed on her lips with my mouth, found her clit and sucked it, ate her out like the good little bisexual I'd never knew I could be. I didn't stop until she climaxed on my face, and I continued to munch and suck her until the orgasm was well passed and she rolled off of me under her own power.

I sat up for the first time since it all began, expecting everyone to be as worn out as I was and finding them all laid out across the room. But I had been so eagerly eating Lana's pussy that I hadn't even noticed that Bryce and Will had each cum once more--and both of them had done it in Lana's mouth. She sat on the floor beside me, and then Claire joined in, and we all moved in for a three way swap. Lana's mouth had been literally full to the brim with the last of my brothers' cum, so when she opened to share it the white syrup spilled out over us.

It was a real mess. Cum ended up everywhere, streaking down our breasts, landing in our laps, running down our chins. But even after we had kissed and swallowed it all away from each other's lips, we went after everything that had escaped onto our bodies. I licked Claire's tits clean of two long stripes of white, and both sister's licked the long trail that Lana had made when she leaked Troy's sperm onto me earlier.

I ended the night taking turns with Lana sucking Tim's cum out of Claire's pussy. By that time my jaw ached, my tummy was full, and I was just wiped out completely. But I was awake enough to watch Claire end her night by sucking the last of Troy's cum for the night out of that huge dick of his, taking it directly down her throat, gulping noisily, and then falling asleep right there, naked with her head resting against my brother's warm but drained ball sack.

Not wanting Tim to be the only guy who didn't cum three times, Lana let my guy fuck her marvelous tits for a good half hour, keeping the area lubed with spit until he jizzed a small but thick load right into her cleavage. Then another amazing thing happened when she collected a glob of it with a finger, offered it to Tim, and he sucked it off. Lana was so excited by this that she thrust her chest to his face, and he licked her clean with no further encouragement. She said aloud how hot that was for her, but when she looked around, I was the only one still awake to hear it.

Lana and Tim then kissed very long and very deeply. They were still kissing when I fell asleep, my last thoughts being that whatever I was about to dream about, it could never compare to this Thanksgiving dinner

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Good but definitely weird, not to my taste ( but I do like cum ) didn't make me that horny though I think it was a little too much like a list not a flowing story. The writing was great nevertheless, keep it up. Luvsalik xx

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