The Best gift a Dad can get is his seven year old daughter
This is a work of Fiction. Everything in this story never happened or never will happen so please enjoy!

My Name is Sean and I have the most beautiful, generous, and loving wife that any man could wish for. Kara and I have been married for eleven years now and have had two wonderful daughters. Mandy is ten and Kirsten is seven. Both girls are as beautiful as their mother. Both of them have long auburn color hair and the most captivating blue eyes. Mandy and Kirsten are both very petite like their mother. Kara is only five foot one she makes me feel tall because I am five foot eleven. I measure our girls every year by the basement door Mandy was measured at a little over four foot and Kirsten at three foot eight inches yes both girls are very small but my angels.
On every birthday I have (when the kids aren’t around) when I’m sitting in my chair Kara brings me an ice cold beer puts the remote in my hand and gives me the blowjob of the year. It was my thirty-first birthday and I was sitting in my chair waiting for Kara to come and give me my birthday gift. I dozed off in my chair and was awoken by Kirsten. She shook me awake and put the remote in my left hand and a beer in the other. I said thank you and gave her a kiss on her forehead. Kirsten just stood there looking at me like she was waiting for something. She said “Happy Birthday Daddy!” but didn’t leave her spot. I was perplexed and wasn’t sure what she wanted. But finally she ran away into the kitchen where her mother was. Kara came walking out of the kitchen holding Kirsten’s hand. Kara said “Sean I’m not feeling well let Kirsten give you your birthday present!” Unsure of what she meant I said “Ok baby give me my birthday present!”
Kirsten looked at her mother standing in the door way. Kara gave Kirsten like this nod of approval. Kirsten walked over to my chair put her hands on the foot rest and pushed it down back into the chair. I was sitting up-right looking at my little daughter. She reached and grabbed the waistband of the shorts I was wearing and pulled my shorts and underwear down at the same time. I grabbed my waistband and stopped her. Kara said “Kirsten wants to give you your birthday present. Let her give it to you!” I let go of my waistband and let her pull my shorts off. My flaccid penis was just lying there waiting for attention.
Kirsten looked at her mother and Kara said “Do what I told you get Daddy hard!” Kirsten removed her shorts and panties and climbed on top of me straddling me. She said daddy put your arms up so I can take off your shirt. I put my arms up and she lifted my shirt up over my head. She than reached over grabbing the lever to the chair letting the footrest back out. She was now rubbing her pre-pubescent pussy up and down on my cock. Then she started to kiss my chest moving to each of my nipples sucking and gently biting on them. She than started to move up my neck kissing and sucking as she moved up. My cock was growing by the second and Kirsten was picking up the pace rocking back and forth on my cock. She than started to nibble and suck on my ear lobe! My cock was now at full mast. I was in euphoria of pleasure as my baby girl started to kiss down my neck. She slowly kissed both sides of my neck and then my chin then my seven year old daughter kissed me full on the lips. Putting her tongue in my mouth! My hands were on her hips moving her back and forth. She then grabbed my hands and pushed them off of her hips. She started to slowly kiss down my chest. She reached my belly. She climbed off of the chair pushing the footrest back down. Her hand than reached for my cock slowly……slowly stroking it. She was now at my belly button her tongue went in and out as she looked up at me with those eyes that I love so much. I looked over at Kara. She had the most seductive look on her face that I have ever seen. Kirsten now had her face in my pubic hair. Her hand then went to my balls fondling them rubbing them back and forth. Her kisses were now on my thighs while her hand went back to my cock. She took the entire right ball into her mouth. She stroked my cock with her soft little hands while she moved to the left ball. I felt like I was going to explode. I put my head back and closed my eyes that’s when I felt her warm mouth on the head of my cock. She started to suck on just the head keeping up the pace with her stroking. I heard Kara say “That’s it just like you practiced with the banana. Relax your throat and take more into your mouth!” I almost jumped out of my chair when my little girl took my entire nine inch cock in her mouth. I moved the hair out of her face so I could watch her move up and down on her daddy’s cock. I heard Kara say “Stop Kirsten!”
Kirsten climbed off of me and said “Go lie on the couch” I did as she said and walked over to the couch with a saliva soaked raging hard on. Kirsten removed her shirt so now she was completely naked. She climbed on the couch with me and straddled my face. I immediately started to lick her sweet young pussy. Kirsten said “yes daddy get me all nice and wet so you can put your cock in me!” I lapped at her young sweet pussy as she slowly stroked my cock. I tried inserted a finger into Kirsten’s Pussy when I felt her hymen. I knew I had to save that for my cock.
Kara was in the back ground instructing Kirsten. “Make daddy cumm in your mouth so you can ride him longer.” Kirsten started to franticly stroke my cock with both of her hands. I felt it coming as I let lose all over my belly and my daughters hands. My daughter climbed off of my face and in-between my legs. She licked her hands clean and started to lick and suck all the cumm off of my body. My daughter’s hands were still all over cock making sure it didn’t get soft. I felt her mouth on my cock again as she started to get my cock all nice and wet. Kara walked over to Kirsten and told her to get on top of me. Kara grabbed my cock and spit on it making sure it was nice and wet. She pulled some lubrication out from next to the couch and rubbed it all over our daughters’ pussy. I noticed that Kara had slipped a finger or two into Kirsten’s Pussy. Kirsten climbed on top of me. My cock directly beneath her pussy! Kirsten started to lower herself until the head of my cock was barely touching her slit. I could feel the pressure from her body as the head of my cock entered her tiny pussy. It was sooo tight as it sank deeper and deeper. I could feel my baby contract and wince as the head of my cock was now touching her hymen. I heard Kara say it’s like a Band Aid the quicker the better. I put my hands on her hips holding her in place. My little girl started to bite her lower lip as she accepted more of my hard cock inside of her. I could see my hard cock start to disappear in her as she took my whole cock. Kirsten didn’t make a sound as she started to rotate her pelvis on me. I lifted up on her hips and I could see the blood on my cock as she came almost up to the tip. I pulled her back down on me so my cock was now going back in her. That’s when I heard her exhale. I knew at that point she was enjoying this. I sat up with my entire cock inside my little girl. I wrapped my arms around her and rolled with her so she would be on her back. Kara was at the foot of the couch with her hand down her pants. I started to rock back and forth as I continued to fuck my little girl. I was now in a zone as I continued to fuck my daughter. Kirsten was now making a lot of noise as I fucked her uncontrollably. It was so easy now as her pussy was soaking wet. All the muscles inside of her pussy were contracting on my hard cock. I had never been in this tight of a situation before. I saw Kara remove her hand from her pants with pussy juices running all over them. She then put two fingers in Kirsten’s mouth and told her to suck her fingers clean. That was all that I needed to unload what seemed like all my bodily fluids inside of her. I slowed my pace making sure I got every bit of cumm inside of her little body. When I finally pulled out of her Kara dropped right to her knees and accepted my cock into her mouth as she wanted to get all of her daughter’s juices off of my cock. She finally had me all clean as she put the rest of her attention to Kirsten’s pussy as she started to lick her clean.
I was spent after that ordeal and couldn’t go any farther as I watched my wife eat my seven year old daughter’s pussy. The only thing that I could now think of was I have another daughter to seduce. But that’s a different story.


2014-12-30 09:03:16
A Footnote P. S. to the writer 'phillyboi75': You are an awesome writer with a vivid imagination, teeming with ideas and situations, and a great thought process! Your theme and context concepts are very good.

A great improvement will be to learn paragraphing rather than twenty to thirty or more of sentences into ONLY five, bunched together paragraphs!! Though the story is short, it should consist of at least fifteen (15) paragraphs.

There should also be more foreplay between daddy and daughter, such as when daddy unloaded his baby-batter into Kirsten, there was no detail description of the activity!

Keep up the great writing of these type stories and themes of a nice, thoughtful AND respectful father fucking his daughter(s)--even beginning with them at seven years old--with the encouragement and direction of their mother's blessings! That's what made this story, 'Daddy's Birthday', so damned awfully sensual, sexually stimulating, erotic, loveable and fantastic!!!


2014-12-30 08:48:20
"Daddy's Birthday" - Thirty-one Yer Old Married Father Sean, Thirty Year Old Wife Kara, Parents of Two Daughters, Seven Year Old Nubile Sexpot Kirsten and Ten Year Old Mandy.

The girl's mother--Sean's wife Kara--is a very horny, open-minded mother(fucker), enticing, prompting, coaxing and training their seven year old daughter Kirsten to not only undress him, but to give him a monstruous blowjob, though she did not swallow his cum she did swallow his nine-inch cock (??), knew to have her daddy eat her pussy, how to climb on him, slip her pussy down over his big cock, breaking her hymen and loose her virginity! She was also able to take his big cock all the way into her pussy cavity, along with her daddy's recharged, full load of baby-making cum. Although being seven years old she is physically too premature to get pregnant (dammit!!!). Likely with momma Kara's blessings daddy Sean will promptly be performing the same scenario on their ten year old daughter also! Whow!

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2012-10-20 04:52:40
Since 3 my daughter all time she wants to suck my cock,now she 8 and slleps with me and I fuck her every night.

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2012-04-23 06:14:42
Loved it. 7-10 is about perfect, easy to teach and eager to learn new stuff!

I got so hard by the end scene that I just had to unzip and cum real heavy. Is there any more?

What happened to mandy - she could walk in and help with a 'surprise' birthday party!


2012-02-28 15:37:39
Great story. 7 is a great age. Made me wish that I was the daddy in this story.

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