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Another fanfic of teen spy Alex Rider based on the novels, but this time around Alex will experiment sex with another boy…
It’s been a little over a month since Alex Rider’s last brush with death, and he was finally getting back into the flow of normal life. Aside from some remaining soreness, most of his injuries had healed up nicely. School was becoming easier and focusing on his studies had become less of an effort…
…That was until he met Justin Desmond.
It was strange, really, the way Alex thought of Justin. He would find himself sometimes staring at Justin during class (he had most of the same classes with him). Alex had to admit he was attractive, with raven-black hair that flowed from his head in a sort of messy way. They shared the same athletic build and he had noticed that they seemed to be the same height as each other.
Alex knew he was an attractive young lad, and he also knew that girls wanted him. He had the joy of sharing his first sexual experience with his long-time love Sabina Pleasure a few months ago. But he hadn’t seen her since he left California. Now he was home in England and he could feel a growing void between them. He wanted to call her when he got home.
It was a typical Monday and Alex was off to his sixth period gym class, another class he had with Justin. Today was another soccer match and he faced off against Justin in a pretty heavy game. Justin and his team won, but Alex appreciated how good a sportsman Justin was about it.
They hit the showers. Alex stripped off his sweaty gym clothes and turned on a shower. The shower next to him was empty until Justin took it.
“Hey,” Justin said, “good game today, Alex.”
“Thanks,” Alex replied as he scrubbed away at his body.
Justin took off the towel around his waist and turned on the water. As Alex focused on cleaning his own stomach, he looked down and caught a glimpse of Justin… and the surprise between his legs. What Alex saw was what seemed to be the most perfect penis he had ever seen. It was flawless, uncut, and what appeared to be almost five inches long flaccid. Alex couldn’t help but look down at his own member to compare. His wasn’t far off, except for being circumcised.
Alex’s cock began to stiffen slightly, and he quickly turned away, trying to clear his mind and soften himself up.

During seventh period, Alex’s mind was dominated by the image he saw in the locker room. It was unbelievably attractive to him.
“Rider… Rider!”
Alex snapped back to reality as he realized his math teacher had called his name. “Yes?”
“Stay focused.” The class giggled, and Alex noticed Justin, three seats ahead of him, looking back at him, smiling. He had the perfect smile that was complimented by his deep brown eyes.
Alex looked away from Justin and tried to regain attention to what the teacher was talking about. The teacher began talking about their next assignment, which would be a project for groups of two. As Alex looked down at the paper that passed to him, he heard a familiar voice.
He looked up to see Justin standing at his desk. “Wanna be my partner on this?”
“Uh… sure, why not.” Alex felt shy.
“Awesome, here’s my address.” Justin handed him a piece of paper. “We can start working on it tomorrow, yeah?”
“Sounds good.”
The bell rang, and Alex grabbed his things and said goodbye. There was a weird feeling in his stomach.

That night, Alex called Sabina. He was glad to hear her voice and they talked for a good while, catching up on what each other had been doing lately. After a bit, they seemed to run out of things to talk about.
“Alex,” she said softly after a short silence, “are you alone?”
“Yeah,” he said, “got the house to myself. Jack had some sort of date tonight.” He laughed at the thought. His American housekeeper and guardian never seemed to get out on her own. “Why, what’s up?”
“I’m horny…”
“Oh…me too, babe. We could have phone sex…”
“Oh, Alex. Let’s do that, please? I’m so wet for you…”
Alex and Sabina began describing in detail their sexual appetites. Sabina teased him with soft moans as she told him that she was rubbing her pussy. Alex whispered to her as he sat in his bed and stroked his hard cock.
“Mmm that feels so good, Alex. I’m cumming just for you!”
“Oh, Ju—Sabina!” Alex almost said… Justin? No, that couldn’t be… Images of Justin’s cock returned to Alex’s mind as he jacked himself off faster and faster. Next thing he knew he groaning into the phone as hot cum spurted out of him and over his boxers.
“Sabina…” Alex was worried she had heard him say a boy’s name.
“Oh, Alex, that was so good!” Phew, she hadn’t. “Thanks for that…” She was talking between heavy moans from what seemed to be the aftermath of an intense orgasm. “I’m so tired now… I’m going to go to bed. My family and I are getting up early in the morning tomorrow to go the airport…”
“Where are you going?”
“I’m not sure. Dad says it’s a surprise.”
“Ok, well I’ll call you tomorrow.”
“Great! Goodnight, Alex. I love you.”
“I… love you too.”
Alex hung up and got up to change his now sticky underpants. He was so unsure of what had just happened. Had he really masturbated to the image of another boy? He got back into bed and decided to not think about it anymore, drifting into a deep sleep.

The next morning went by in a blur. It was a Saturday, so he allowed himself to sleep in. He had breakfast, went for a run, took a shower, and worked on some homework. Around noon, he went on his laptop to check his Facebook.
There was a new message from Justin Desmond.
“Hey Alex, you can come over around two today. See you soon!”
At two, Alex rode his bike to Justin house. He felt nervous, which he found strange for someone who had played spy for the British government and came face to face with death on several occasions. There was something different about Justin, and he had made Justin feel something he hadn’t felt since he first met Sabina…
When Alex arrived, Justin opened the door with a huge smile. He wore loose basketball shorts and a tight-fitting V-neck shirt. Justin led them up to his room, and it appeared that no one was home.
“Sorry the house is so quiet,” Justin said, “my parents had to visit my aunt in the hospital.
“Is she ok?”
“Yeah, she just had surgery. No biggie.”
“Oh, ok.”
Justin laughed. “This is my room.” Alex and Justin stood in a moderately sized bedroom that looked like it belonged to the typical teenager. Some clothes were scattered about and the walls were covered with band posters. “Sorry about the mess.”
“That’s fine,” Alex said, “mine’s no different.” They laughed, and Alex put his backpack beside the bed and sat down. Justin retrieved some papers from him and they began working on their project. They discussed the math and joked from time to time about school and their teacher. After a while, Justin got up to go to the bathroom. “Hold tight, I’ll be right back.”
As Alex waited, he looked about the room. He saw a baseball on the nightstand next to the bed and held it in his hand. He tossed it a couple of times until he dropped it. It rolled under the bed, and Alex crouched down to retrieve it. As he felt around underneath, his hand landed on what felt like a stack of papers. He pulled some to him.
To his surprise, they were dirty porno magazines. Most were Playboys, and Alex quickly skimmed through them, somewhat laughing to himself.
“Ah, you found those?” Justin was standing at the open doorway, but he didn’t appear mad, or even embarrassed. He sort of laughed.
“Oh, sorry…” Alex put them down.
“No. that’s ok. Go ahead, take a look.” Justin sat down on the bed next to him as they both looked at the seductive and naked women on the pages. They pointed out what they found sexy and sort of joked with each other about how ridiculous some of the pictures were.
They finished one book, and as Alex pulled out the next one from the pile, his eyes widened in surprised.
It was gay porn.
Justin gasped and grabbed at it. “Whoops!” He tried to laugh it off.
“Whoa…” Alex said softly.
“Ok, yeah, you caught me. I’m gay…” Justin looked down at the ground, clearly embarrassed. “Well, bisexual I guess.”
“That’s… ok. There’s nothing wrong with that.”
“Really? I’m glad you think that. Some people can be pretty prejudiced against it.”
“No, I’m not like that at all.” Alex looked back at the stack of magazines and saw another gay book. He took it and thumbed through the pages, examining its contents. He browsed through the issue of TwinkStuds with an open mind as he looked at pictures of young attractive boys engage in hardcore sexual acts.
Alex found himself turned on.
Justin returned to his spot next to him on the bed and they looked at the pictures together. Alex moved his eyes over to Justin, who was softly rubbing his crotch as he looked at the pictures.
“You keep looking at the pictures, Alex…” Justin finally said, “Are you gay, too?”
“No…” Alex said, almost defensively, but then he looked down at his own crotch and found that he himself was aroused. An erection was clearly present under his pants.
Justin blushed and softly laughed. “I think you might be… its ok, Alex. I won’t tell.” And with that, he placed an assuring hand on Alex’s leg.
Alex looked down at his hand and placed his own hand on his. Justin’s hand was soft and warm. In what seemed like an almost involuntary move, Alex moved Justin’s hand over his crotch.
Alex saw Justin’s jaw drop and he let the other boy’s hand feel around his crotch. They locked eyes and instinctual lust took over. They embraced in a passionate kiss.
Justin pushed Alex back onto the bed and continued kissing him as he lay over him, running his hand under his shirt and feeling Alex’s hard body. Alex did the same and he helped Justin take his shirt off. No sooner did Justin take Alex’s shirt off, he went to work on him, kissing his bare chest and neck. Alex moaned softly as Justin kissed his chest and abs. Suddenly, Alex felt busy fingers at his waist, working to unbutton his pants. Justin slid them down along with his boxers and gazed in wonderment as Alex’s firm dick sprung up at him.
Justin took control as he ran his hand up and down Alex’s hard shaft. Alex could not believe how good that felt, this boy was so good at it. A burst of pleasure came as he felt Justin’s moist, warm mouth enclose over his cock. Alex reached his hand out to hold Justin’s head as he bobbed up and down on it. It was just like Sabina used to do; only this seemed to feel far better. Every now and then, Justin would cup Alex’s balls in his other hand and gently rub them.
With a pop, Justin released Alex’s cock from his mouth, a string of spit connecting his mouth to it. He slowly moved back up Alex’s body and came up to his ear.
“I want you in my bum,” he whispered seductively.
“How do I do that?” Alex whispered back.
“There’s some lube in the nightstand…”
Alex opened the drawer in the nightstand and found a little purple bottle of clear lubricant. Justin pulled off his shorts and underwear. He helped Alex get his cock nicely lubed up and took a good amount on his fingers and put some between his ass cheeks. He positioned himself over Alex and guided his anus towards his skyward cock.
“It’s gonna be nice and tight,” Justin cooed, “just like a pussy.” And with that, Justin slid Alex’s cock into his ass. As he did so, Justin’s face went from a sexy smile to a wide grin of pleasure, and Alex was surprised at how quickly Justin began to fuck him. He was already bouncing on Alex like a wild rider. Alex wondered if it even hurt.
Alex held onto Justin’s hips as he rode him, Justin moaning and yelling Alex’s name as he did. Alex couldn’t deny how great it felt.
“Fuck me just like that, Alex!” Justin cried, and Alex continued thrusting upwards into him with great lust. Justin would lean in and they would kiss heavily. If anyone was home, Alex figured, they’d be hearing the loudest and most animalistic sex ever.
“Oh, turn me over, baby. It gets in so deep like that.” Man, Alex never imagined Justin having such a dirty side to him, but it didn’t bother him. In fact, it turned him on even more, and he did as he was told.
Trying his best to keep his cock inside Justin’s tight boy-pussy, Alex flipped them over. Justin spread his ass wide and Alex continued to drill him, only this time, he was in control. He could get in much deeper this way, and Justin nearly screamed as Alex thrust in and out.
Alex had Justin bent over the edge of the bed, and Alex held onto Justin’s hips as he fucked him. Justin buried his face into the bed to muffle his screams and clawed at the sheets. Their balls nearly slapped together.
Alex pulled Justin up and kissed his neck. He reached down and began stroking Justin’s dick as he continued to fuck him up the ass. Seductively, he nibbled at Justin’s earlobe.
Justin was moaning and grunting more and more, and between groans he tried saying “I’m gonna cum!” Alex understood perfectly and let Justin grab hold of his own cock and begin pumping at it. Alex thrust deeply and quickly and felt Justin’s anus tighten and his head roll back onto his shoulder in pleasure as Justin came all over his bed. Justin pumped load after load of pearly white seamen onto the sheets.
“Oh…Alex!” Justin softly cried as he came. He fell onto the bed. Alex let his cock slide out of his ass and slowly stroked his dick.
As his breathing slowed, Justin looked back up to Alex and saw him stroking. He laughed. “Oh yeah!”
Justin quickly got down on his knees and took hold of Alex’s cock. He took over his stroking and put it in his mouth. A quick blow job later and Alex was ready to cum.
“Justin…” Justin knew exactly what was next, and he opened his mouth and stuck out his tongue, ready for Alex’s cum.
And cum he did. No sooner did Justin begin fondling Alex’s balls did Alex start spurting out ropes of cum. It felt like his orgasm lasted forever as Justin sucked every last drop out of him.
Justin looked up at him with a smile and little bit of cum dribbled out of his mouth. They both laughed hysterically.

It was getting dark, and the rain that was so infamous in Britain began. Justin offered to drive Alex home. Luckily, he had a truck, so Alex could put his bike in the back.
When they got to Alex’s flat, he offered Justin inside for tea and introduce him to Jack (just as a friend, of course). She was out again, having left a note on the kitchen table explaining she had to run some errands. They sat in the kitchen and drank tea and talked for a while, mainly about school and social things. Alex showed him around the house and when they got to Alex’s room, they couldn’t help but give into their urges.
Alex pushed Justin down to his own bed and they made out for a good while. He felt that Justin was getting hard again. He unzipped him and began stroking him. Alex was about to move down to suck Justin’s dick when the door flew open.
“Surprise!—whoa…” Sabina stood in the open doorway, eyes wide. Alex jumped to his feet.
“Sabina, wait, let me explain…”
“That…” Sabina stuttered, “is so hot!”

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