Maggie provides sexual release
Aren’t we creatures of habit though. My grandmother’s laundry day was Monday; my mother’s laundry day was Monday so my laundry day is Monday. There’s no reason for it, I mean if I worked Monday wouldn’t be at all convenient but then, I don’t work. No need, I’m wealthy although not in any way that I’d choose. It was from an accident settlement. My husband, Livingstone Braswell was struck by a big rig owned by one of the major freight lines; the driver was intoxicated on both alcohol and amphetamines and additionally Liv held a Ph.D in the sciences, his lifetime earning potential was immense. The settlement even after my attorney’s fees left me with eight figures that I’ve invested wisely.

The result of all of the above is that I don’t work, I do charity work of course but I don’t hold a job, thus, I can designate Monday as my laundry day and I do. It’s also convenient because my son, Livingston William Braswell II (Billy to all) is in school instead of underfoot.

So, it’s sheets and pillowcases next. My bed is stripped and Billy’s is next. When I pull the bottom sheet off his some publications follow. Am I surprised? No, not in the least; Billy is fourteen, I’ve found things before, I know he masturbates, in fact he masturbates pretty damned frequently, I can’t seem to change panties often enough to keep up. Yes, I know he avails himself of my soiled lingerie for his sexual gratification; I can live with it, he’s a good kid, straight A’s in honors classes, he has his father’s scientific mind, he’s targeting MIT or Cal Polytech, I’m sure he’ll make it. Then I look at what I’ve picked up.

I am not a homophobe by any stretch of the imagination, I had more than a few relationships with other women during high school and college and nearly all rated from pleasant to memorable; yes, I like guys but the gals weren’t bad. But still I was shocked by what I’d picked up. It was nothing more than pornography, not even the articles that attempt redemption like Playboy or even Hustler (am I dating myself), no, these were nothing more that images of men with men.

Understand if Billy is predisposed toward homosexuality it won’t change how I feel about him but in truth I hope that is not the case. Life’s tough enough without having to fight other people’s prejudices. I decide we’ll talk tonight.

The laundry was done by noon so I decided to put a few hours in at the food bank I support. I’d work the checkout for a while, give some of the permanent staffers a little break then go for a run in the afternoon, maybe around the lake.

There’s one other volunteer I’m particularly fond of, he has the pretentious name of Chadwick Buffington IV, like me he doesn’t work, like me he’s affluent although in his case I think it’s with a B not an M, nonetheless he’s a great guy; we’ve had coffee several times and have seemed to enjoy each other’s company. His nickname of course is Chad but he told me his secret, my good friends call me Charlie; call me Charlie.

I had to smile at him. “I’m Margaret Braswell but if you’re Charlie I’m Maggie, fair enough?”

“Fair enough.”

I liked him, I liked him a lot; I hadn’t dated much since Liv’s death, some command appearance type things but no real sexual interests, but I did stay occupied. With a fourteen year old son, my charitable work and my running, yes I’m a runner; not a jogger, a runner; I do 5 and 10K races most weekends and half marathons as frequently as possible.

Consequently I’m whippet thin, with ropy runner’s muscles, small breasts and boyishly narrow hips. At only 5’1” tall I weigh a whopping 98 pounds, I could be mistaken for Billy’s smaller brother. Well, we’re the same height so maybe his same sized brother? I make two concessions to my femininity; my hair is the color of burnished copper and it comes nearly to my waist. I pull it back in a ponytail when I run, the other concession is not quite so obvious but I don’t shave and I don’t trim, my bush is a mass of copper curls.

I’d done nearly ten miles, showered and had started dinner by the time Billy got home. He was in his first year of high school, fourteen, a freshman and, honestly intimidated. His size was all brain not body. Like I mentioned Billy is 5’1” tall and he’s a whopping 110 pounds; I guess I shouldn’t be surprised, I gave you my dimensions, Liv was 5’5” and 125 pounds when he was killed so Billy is fated to be a little guy but smart as hell.

I knew this night was going to be one of the most difficult of my life. I’m a gal, didn’t have a husband to give the birds and bees talk to my son so that talk never took place; now I think I have to take on that responsibility. I spent hours thinking what I should say, how to talk to a teen aged boy about what we needed to talk to.

I procrastinated and delayed, we’d finished supper, we’d watched a little television, he’d started up the stairs to bed; I followed him.

He went into his bathroom, brushed teeth, flossed, peed and came back. I was sitting on his bed waiting; much as I wanted to I couldn’t put it off any longer.

“Come sit by me,” I asked him, “I think we need to talk.”

He sensed an uncomfortable conversation in the offing, “What Mom?”

Ah hell, I didn’t know how to start so I said, “Sex, we need to discuss sex.”

“Tell me what you know,” I asked.

“Girls, intercourse, babies, families, is that good?”

“That is good but is that what you want?”

“No, I want high school, college, Masters, Ph.D, my own lab then woman, marriage, intercourse, babies, family; in that order.”


That was our little code word, your commitment to honesty with your answer.


“Then I have something I need to ask you about,” I said as I reached under his mattress.

I watched him turn red as a pomegranate; he knew what I was reaching for.

“Mom, leave it there please.”

I did.

“At school, I’m little and my voice hasn’t changed, I’m still squeaky, so some of the guys call me fairy or even queer. Mom, I like girls, I’m not queer but someone left those magazines in my locker with a note telling me these were the guys I was like.”

“Well you can just ignore them then, can’t you?”

“I thought so, that’s what I intended but it didn’t work out that way, one of the pictures aroused me, it wasn’t suppose to but it did.”

“Can you show me?” No, I didn’t want to see the pictures but I needed to know. He got out the magazines.

It was a series of photos; they weren’t at all like most of what was shown. Oversized genitals, hairy bodies macho men in drag but this one series of photos, a small man with a small phallus with another man of the same dimensions, small people touching, feeling then one lubricates the other and enters him. I was breathing hard by the time I’d reviewed the pictures, I could understand Billy’s arousal.

“Billy?” I asked questionly, “Is that what you want?”

He wailed his answer, “I don’t know Mommy, I just don’t know.”

“Can we maybe get away for a little while, let you relax, me relax and just share each other while we work this out? Will you do that for me?”

The following week was the Thanksgiving break; Billy had time away from school.

“We could go up to the cabin, would you like that?”

“Oh yeah, I love it up there,” he said. I don’t think he had any idea what awaited.

Next morning I was thankful for several things, one I was well to do, my doctor didn’t shun me when I demanded an appointment that afternoon. I went there, underwent a physical exam and was fitted with an IUD (I hadn’t had sex with a man in years), went shopping in the sleaziest area of town but at least got what I wanted and got home without being raped or killed. Then I went down to the food bank, I really didn’t want do it, it would brand me as a user but I had to for tonight, I bought six joints of marijuana.

On the way home I stopped at the liquor store and stocked up, yes, I fully intended to take advantage of my son.

When we got to the cabin and unloaded our provisions I asked Billy to light a fire in the fireplace while I fixed us a light dinner.

After we’d eaten we lay before the fire, if I didn’t have to use the champagne and the marijuana I had waiting, I would prefer to seduce him with my feminine wiles.

Foolish me, my son was one of the smartest people in the world, no, not on the next block, the next state, in the world, a certified and certifiable genius but still we were in a cabin in the woods so, what next?

I asked, “Ever get drunk at school?” He gave me a foolish grin, “A couple of times Mommy.”

“Ever smoke?” I asked.

“A couple of times,” his silly grin said.

“Hey, I’m gonna get dressed for bed, get your pajamas on and meet me back here, we’ll have a glass of that champagne, what say?”

“That sounds great Mommy.”

I changed into a nightie that came mid-thigh and a pair of bikini panties. An ice bucket containing a bottle of Moet, two glasses, an ashtray and a joint were waiting when Billy came back.

I think the wine and marijuana were more for me than Billy. I was so nervous I was nearly tongue-tied. My tummy was turning somersaults and I was afraid my bladder was going to fail me; I poured us each a glass of the champagne, handed him one, clicked glasses with a “Cheers.”

“Cheers,” he answered.

I’d never tried to seduce a man before, certainly not one of fourteen; I hardly knew how to begin. We were sitting Indian style facing each other, the fire at our side casting shadows as the flames danced, I scooted forward; as I did so my nightie rode higher on my thighs.

Billy looked down, I followed his eyes, my panties were exposed, he couldn’t tear his eyes away.

“You do like girls, don’t you?” I teased.

He was red as a beet; caught and embarrassed by it.

He was barely able to rasp out, “Yes Mommy.”

“It’s okay to look, I don’t mind,” I told him as I set my champagne glass aside; I wasn’t going to need it.

I held my arms out to him, “Come give Mommy a kiss,” I asked.

He crawled to me and gave me a peck, on the lips but just a peck.

“Lie down with your head in my lap and I’ll give you a body rub while we talk.”

He lay on his side, head on my lap, looking up at me; I guessed it was time.

“Billy let’s talk about what I found under your mattress and how you feel about sex and your own sexuality. Have you had any sexual experiences?”

He was shy, his response not rapidly forthcoming, finally he answered, “No Mommy.”

“Do you masturbate?” Now I knew the answer to this but I wanted him to say it.


“What do you think about while you’re doing it; girls, boys, what?”

He turned his eyes away from me. He didn’t seem to want to answer so I was afraid he might say boys. I was wrong, oh was I wrong. What he said was, “You.”

“Me? Why?” Was my shocked response.

“You’re beautiful and sexy and smart.”

Oh for the eyes of a loving son. My mirror didn’t bear out his view of me, it saw skinny, maybe a pixyish cuteness but certainly not beautiful and the body of a twelve year old boy.

“Tell me about it, what do you do?”

I wondered if he’d tell how he used my panties.

“I wrap something around my penis when I do it, something to catch the cum, you know.”

“What do you use Billy?”

“Mommy please, this is embarrassing me.”

“You don’t want to tell me?”

“I use your panties, your soiled panties, all right?”

I looked appropriately shocked and asked, “Why my dirty panties, why not clean ones from my drawer?”

“Mommy, please.”

“Billy what do you do with them?”

He got up, standing he said, “I sniff them and lick them then use them, okay?” He stalked out of the room.

I’d gone to far too fast, I got up and followed. He was on his bed, his head buried in his pillow, he was crying.

I crawled in beside him and hugged him.

“I’m sorry Honey, I just wanted to know, I didn’t mean to embarrass you; can I make it up to you.”

He was sniveling a little. He answered, “It’s okay Mommy it’s me that should be sorry.”

“Are you sorry son?”

“No, no, I’m not, I like your smell and taste, I’m not sorry.”

“Are you going to keep doing it even though I know?”


“Billy have you ever seen a woman’s body, touched a woman’s body.”

He thought a moment, “I saw Sally Lancaster through her bedroom window and I saw you once through your open bedroom door but I’ve never touched anyone, no.”

“Would you like to?”

“You bet.”

“Okay, we can do some things but you must never tell anyone what we’ve done, promise?”


“Do you want to look at my breasts,” I asked.

He nodded yes.

“Take off my nightie,” I told him.

As he lifted it over my head I was unbuttoning his pajama top. Letting it fall open I began rubbing his belly.

My son was gazing at my breasts. Small as they are he was still enthralled.

“Touch me, rub my nipples.”

Tentatively he reached out, he rubbed and watched as my nipple hardened and swelled.

He looked up at me in awe.

“Suck my breasts Billy, please.”

“You mean it?” He asked.

I smiled and nodded yes; he fell on me like he was ravished, nursing like a baby.

While he attended to my breasts I was stroking him through his pajama bottoms. He was stiff as a steel rod, I guessed him to be around 5” long and maybe 3 ½ in girth; just about perfect for his little Mommy.

I took his hand and placed it at my crotch, my voice was getting a little raspy, I was being aroused by my son, I asked, “Do you want to take my panties off?”

He didn’t answer but, instead, tugged at the elastic waistband, working them down took them over my feet.

I’d unbuttoned his pajama bottoms while he was removing my panties, now I took them off him.

I let my legs fall apart and took his hand and guided him to my opening. “Here is my vagina, that’s where you put your penis when we make love.”

He moved up against me and started to enter. As soon as he touched me he ejaculated shooting along my slit and onto those copper curls.

My God his face fell, I thought he was going to cry.

“I’m sorry Mommy.”

I wanted to raise his spirits and self-esteem, I told him, “Hey I take it as a compliment, I must be a real hot momma, I excited you so much you couldn’t wait,” I said with a big smile.

He was still hard and this time he didn’t miss. It felt so good when he slid into me. I hadn’t had sex in several years and I just realized that I’d missed it.

Billy was pumping me like he was a little rabbit, “Slow down, let’s enjoy it,” I said. He slowed a little but not much

I realized he was going to cum quickly and I wasn’t going to be able to catch up, that was okay, he was young and would recover in short order, I’d get mine next time or the next.

Suddenly, “Oh, oh, oh, oh yessss, yessss,” Billy, my son was cumming for the first time in a woman and this woman had forgotten the feeling of warmth and satisfaction of taking in a man’s seed.

As we rested I guided Billy through a crash course in the anatomy of a woman’s sex organs, giving each its proper name; labia, vulva, urethra, and of course the clitoris, can’t leave out the clit. Then I put him to work stimulating it with his fingers. I wanted mine, too the next time.

When he mounted me I wrapped my legs around his waist and pulled him up a little. I wanted his cock hitting my clit and I didn’t object at all that he was pumping me fast, and I came, I trembled and I clutched and contracted and I came, one organism after another, four, five, trying to make up for lost time. Billy squirted into me again, his lusty semen flooding me; it was heavenly having him in me.

Afterwards we lay together, I was holding him to my breast letting him nurse. He was so darn proud, he’d given his Mommy an orgasm, he was feeling like a man.

“That was fun and that was great,” I told him.

“It sure was, gosh Mommy it was wonderful.”

“I think so, too, you’re not thinking about those things in the pictures any more, are you?”

He thought long and hard. “Mommy I don’t want you mad at me.”

“Honey I won’t get mad, but I do want to know what you’re thinking.”

“Yes I still want to do it, I don’t know what it is but when I think about it my tummy gets all quivery. I don’t know when but I do want to do it, I’m sorry.”

“Oh Honey, there’s nothing for you to be sorry for, nothing at all.”

No I thought, I was the one who was sorry. Sorry that my son wanted to be sodomized and sorrier still that I was going to be the one to do it.

I rolled him over atop me; I wanted him in me again.

Afterward I suggested a bath together and then I’d give him a back rub. We went into my bedroom, I asked him to fill the tub while I took care of some other things.

I turned on some music, slow and sensuous, lit several candles and turned off the lights, burned a stick of mildly scented incense then got the bed ready. Two pillows were stacked on one side of the bed in readiness and a bottle of Astrolube lay beside them. There was body cream on the nightstand for Billy’s back rub.

Billy and I bathed together, there was a lot of touching and feeling as he familiarized himself with my body; I encouraged him, I wanted him to find the female form desirable.

We dried each other then I asked him to go lie on the bed, I’d be just a moment.

From under the sink where I’d stashed it I retrieved it. The harness was soft leather and the dildo that I’d selected was small, 5” long and 3 ¼” in circumference. It wouldn’t be long before my young son would be able to choose which way he preferred it. I put on my robe hiding the appendage and went into the bedroom.

The music, the sensual scents, my naked son lying on the bed and the realization that I was just minutes from having anal sex with him, watching my toy slide into Billy’s young body gave me a heightened sense of arousal, I was anxious to begin.

I squeezed some of the body cream into my palm and warmed it then massaged the backs of Billy’s legs first the calves then his thighs. I worked the cream in deeply, kneading his muscles, relaxing him then, bypassing his bottom for the time being I moved up and straddled his hips, added more cream to my hand and worked his shoulders. I leaned forward and whispered, “My beautiful son, my Adonis.”

I rubbed his back, he was purring with pleasure.

Then I moved to his bottom. I gave him a little whack, “You’ve got a cute butt Honey.”

He wiggled it at me. I massaged and kneaded each of his cheeks then I spread them and brushed my fingers over his anus, he lifted his hips to meet my finger.

“You like that?” I asked.

“Un huh” he mumbled.

I traded the body cream for the Astroglide and rubbed him. Then more lube and I worked a finger into him, when I penetrated him he sighed with pleasure; it was time.

I shed my robe, added some lube to my shaft then helped him over the pillows. He didn’t balk at that, why should he, everything we’d done so far was fantastic.

I pulled a pillow over to him and pushed his head down on it telling him he might want it, if he did it was there. Once I had him positioned I straddled him.

“Billy Honey when you feel me touch you I want you to totally relax all of your muscles, can you do that for Mommy?”

With one hand I spread his cheeks, with the other I guided my faux phallus to his tight little rosebud.

“Now relax,” I said as I pressed into him. About two inches penetrated on my initial thrust. I kept a steady constant pressure sinking deeper.

When I popped into him Billy wailed, “Mommeeeeeeee, Mommeeeeeeee, Oooooooooo, that hurts, that hurts.” Then he sobbed and clutched his pillow.

I pushed forward until the entire five inches was buried in him then began to slowly pump.

After a few minutes Billy went, “Oh, oh, oh, Mommy, Mommy as he pumped his hips against the pillows.”

I guess I’d forgotten what little I knew of the male sexual anatomy, my pumping was giving him a prostate massage and cum was just pouring from him. It wasn’t spewing it was flowing. His cock was up against his stomach, he was soaking himself and the pillows.

When I stopped pumping he quit flowing, still, I stayed in him.

“You make me feel full Mommy, real full.”

Finally, I rolled off the pillows taking him with me, I was lying behind him in the spoon position, I was still in. I reached over and fondled his penis then starting to masturbate him while I again pumped his bottom, I wanted his flow; I got it.

Even after he was drained I stayed in him. I’d learned something about myself in the last hour that I would never have imagined.

I’m a real little gal unintimidating, quiet and serious. I always thought of myself as a submissive person, I’ve just realized that’s not the case. I’m a natural top, I was on just about the greatest high I’ve ever experienced. I could make him wail, I could make him cry and I could make him cum at will. I can’t imagine a more physically dominating and dominant position than to be committing sodomy on another person, I felt like I owned him and I rejoiced in my newfound power.

I hoped that he’d want it again, I certainly did. I asked, “So, how do they compare?”

He thought then said, “They don’t, sex is hot and wild and pretty damned wonderful, I loved it. But anal sex is darker, pleasure spiked with pain and a dose of humiliation. I can’t say I loved it but I can’t deny I crave it. I want them both.”

“Billy do you still want to try it with a man or was it okay with me, a woman?”

“I’m glad it was with you.”

At last I pulled out of him.

We spent the rest of the weekend exploring each other’s bodies, even learning the glories of oral sex.

Once we were home we indulged frequently. About a year later Billy brought home a friend, they went upstairs to his room and studied together then Billy came down to get Cokes.

The friend’s name was Donald Hamilton, Billy asked, “So what do you think of Donnie?”

“Honestly he reminds me a bit of you, a little guy but cute; is he a brainiac, too?”

“Oh yeah, first class. Mom he’s even more like me than shows, just like I was last year he’s questioning his sexuality, he does like girls but he’s anxious to experiment and too shy to do anything about it.”

“What can I do?”

“What you do.”

“You want me to walk up there and proposition your friend, is that right?”

“Well not exactly; Donnie and I have talked so he knows what to expect if you go along.”

“Billy I thought we’d agreed, we wouldn’t tell anyone about us.”

“We did and I’m sorry but Donnie’s in so much pain and mental anguish I had to help.”

“Okay, give me the one of the Cokes and make yourself comfortable down here, it may be a couple of hours.”

At the top of the stairway I turned left and went to my room to dress for the occasion. I got my toy out and picked up the bottle of lube. I was wearing shorts and a T- top, the top was fine, I shimmied out of my shorts and panties, strapped on my toy and pulled on a red miniskirt and white strappy sandals.

Maggie the vamp…right!

But Maggie the Dom? Maybe.

I walked into Billy’s room.

“Hi, Billy asked me to bring you this Coke,” I said as I handed it to him.

“My inconsiderate son seems to have forgotten to introduce us, I’m Margaret Braswell.

“Hello Mrs. Braswell, I’m Donnie Hamilton.”

“Donnie, Billy asked me to talk with you, are you sure this is something you want to do, because, I’ll be honest, it can be painful and humiliating.”

“Mrs. Braswell I want to know, am I gay or am I straight, I just can’t seem to get a handle on it.”

“This won’t provide you with your answer. All it will prove is whether or not you like certain feelings and sensations, do you still want to go ahead?”

“Yes, please.”

“Okay, come with me. I was going to use Billy’s room but decided I really wanted my King size bed for my playground.”

I took his hand and led him to my room then sat on the bed and stood him in front of me.

I asked him to slip out of his shoes then took off his shirt, unfastened his britches, rolled down his whitey tighties and checked him out.

“Would you like to take off my top Donnie?”

He swallowed hard then raised my top over my head, I was braless, he admired my small breasts and asked, “May I?”

I nodded my approval; he leaned forward and kissed each one; that got a smile from me.

“Donnie would you get on your hands and knees in the middle of the bed please.”

I spread a towel on the bed under him, then I stepped out of my sandals, dropped my miniskirt and climbed onto the bed behind him.

First I pulled a pillow over for him saying, “You may want this, it’s here if you do.”

Then I pushed his head down on the pillow, opened his legs a bit further, and pushed down on the small of his back forcing his hips higher.

“I’m going to lubricate you now Donnie.”

I proceeded to heavily lube him.

“When you feel me touch you I need you to relax.”

When I popped into him he winced and tightened but did not cry out. I rubbed his back and bottom.

“You need to relax Donnie, it won’t hurt as much.”

He had clutched the pillow, I think he was biting on it but he was silent until I began to pump him; then he grunted with each of my thrusts. I kept my strokes short, I didn’t want to hit his prostate, I didn’t want him to cum yet.

I’d developed a bad habit with Billy, I liked to talk dirty, almost tauntingly when I was in him; I started with Donnie.

“Oh, I like fucking your ass Donnie, do you like getting your ass fucked, you’ve got such a nice tight little ass,” as I gave him a spank.

Finally I hitched up against him and picked up the pace, giving him long hard thrusts. I was using the five inch dildo, Donnie was a virgin, for Billy I was now using one that was six and one half inches.

“Are you ready to cum Donnie, are you ready to cum?”

I was really flying, hard driving strokes, rapid and repetitive, pounding into him.

No he was making some noise. He was huffing and puffing like locomotive with every deep stroke he got then, “Oooooooooo Yesssssssssssssssss,” as the flood started.

I continued to pump him as he drained onto the towel then I stopped but stayed on him.

“Do you like it Donnie?” I asked.

“I don’t know Mrs. Braswell, I don’t know.”

“I know Donnie, I know I like your tight bottom real well,” as I started stroking again.

I’d been in him for over forth minutes. Even though I was only using my little boy I knew Donnie would have a little trouble sitting later. I rolled so that I was behind him spooning him, masturbated and pumped him until he’d come again.

Then unceremoniously I pulled out, stood and helped him to his feet.

“You’ll make your decision about whether you like this or not, if you do, you’re welcome to come back,” I told him.

I never saw Donnie again.

I’ve been servicing Billy for eight years, he’s twenty-two now. During that time frame he’s brought a dozen of so friends home to meet me. They must gravitate to him, maybe they have a shared gene, I don’t know. Some of these boys have gone their own ways but a few still come to visit when the need arises.

I liked them all, every single one of them. They were without exception brilliant young men, many destined to be huge successes. They worked and studied under tremendous stress, they were the leaders, the order givers the ones responsible. I think they came to me for release and relief.

No stress for them, I gave the orders, I abased them, humiliated them, gave them pain, I even spanked several of them, then I sodomized them, always from the back, always me on top.

A plastic cock doesn’t go soft, sometimes I’d fuck them for several hours and my favorites, the ones I appreciated the most were my crybabies. I longed to hear them sob and I managed to reduce most of them to tears.

I’m not going to introduce you to all of my young men but there is one I want to tell you about.

It was a Saturday during Billy’s junior year of high school so he must have been sixteen, the weather was warm and I was out by the pool, I wanted to get some sun on my body so I was wearing a skimpy bikini, not that there was that much to see, but still.

I guess he hadn’t known that I was outside but he greeted me with a “Hi Mommy,” and came over to give me a little peck on the cheek.

Billy was already dressed for swimming, he had a friend with him and he called him over; he was also already in his swimming suit.

“Mom, this is Stephan Corbett; Stephan, my Mother, Margaret Braswell.” We shook hands.

They jumped into the water but I couldn’t tear my eyes away from Stephan. He was the most gorgeous boy I’ve ever seen. His hair was golden, worn just a little long his face not handsome but pretty in a feminine way; he had long dark eyelashes shading soulful big brown eyes and his body, he was perfect and perfectly petite. Stephan couldn’t have been over five feet tall and may have weighed a hundred pounds. He reminded me of a doll, a doll I wanted to play with. He’s also the only one of Billy’s friends I ever pursued and I overplayed it.

He must have sensed my eyes on him; he may have seen when I checked out his package (nice) and he certainly felt it when I patted his bottom.

When I went into the house Billy followed me, I mean he followed me. I went into the bathroom; I was sitting on the throne when he barged through the door.

“A little privacy?” I said.

He ignored me. “Mommy are you trying to snare Stephan?”

“Am I that obvious?”

“Yeah you are, you’re scaring him. If you want him let me do it. Stephan’s a virgin and he’s shy with the girls.”

I backed off.

I was banging around in the kitchen, Billy cornered me.

“Mom, Stephan’s decided he’d like to play. He knows what the game is and he’ll go along. He didn’t say it, it’s not a contingency but, like I told you, he’s a virgin and he would like to change that if you would.”

I didn’t usually have sex with the boys but in Stephan’s case I’d make an exception.

“Why don’t you go up to your room I’ll bring him up and leave your bikini on, he likes it.”

Sent to my room.

I was seated on my vanity stool. Billy delivered Stephan to my bedroom door then went back downstairs.

I walked over, closed the bedroom door and took Stephan’s hand. “Come it,” I said as I led him to the bed, “Let’s sit here so we can talk.”

I sat on the bedside with Stephan beside me.

I decided to get right to the point, “Billy tells me that you’re a virgin, why’s that? I think you’re the prettiest man I’ve ever seen.”

“Mrs. Braswell I’m so shy around girls, I get tongue tied and even stutter sometimes.”

“You’re doing fine with me, why do you suppose that is?”

“I don’t know, maybe because you’re Billy’s Mom, not some teen aged girl I’m trying to impress.”

“But you are impressive, if you hang with Billy I know you must be brilliant and my, such a beautiful face, such haunting eyes. You should be beating the girls off with a stick. Are you going to beat me off?”

That got a smile from him. “Mrs. Braswell sometimes guys like me, we work so darned hard trying to make the perfect grades, study, study, study; that we end up book smart with no social skills, that’s the way I feel.

I thought, that defined most of the guys Billy had brought home.

“Would you kiss me Stephan?” I asked.

He turned to me and gave me a peck on the lips.

I wrapped him in my arms and took him to the mattress, “Not like that, like this,” I said.

I crushed his lips against mine, nipped his lower lip and probed his mouth with my tongue. I traced the outline of his lips with the tip of my tongue, teasing him until he responded; I sucked his tongue into my mouth then fed him mine. His arms were around me now. I took one hand and brought it to my breast.

“Feel me please feel me.”

“Oh take my top off Stephan, please take my top off.”

He unfastened my bikini top; I let it fall off my shoulders and guided his head to my breasts.


He sucked, first one breast then the other; he circled my nipple with the tip of his tongue.

Kiss my tummy, lick me,” as I pushed his head down.

He licked across my tummy then dipped his tongue into my belly button.

“Take my bottoms off Stephan.”

He did and there I was copper curls above a valley of pink.

“Open my lips,” I directed him.

He parted my lips.

“Oh Stephan, look at me, am I beautiful, can you smell me am I fragrant.”

“You’re more beautiful than the prettiest pink rose, your scent surpasses any blossom.”

“Get your suit off Stephan, I’m going to want you soon.”

He pulled off the swim shorts and returned to my vulva.

“At the top, slide your finger along ‘til you find a bump at the top, Oh yes, that’s it.”

I hadn’t even asked Billy for this but I asked Stephan, “Lick me please, make me cum, lick my slit then that bump, please Stephan.”

The touch of his tongue sent a jolt through me like an electric shock, he laved my labia, I felt his tongue dip into my vagina.

“The hole you just licked, that’s my vagina, that’s where you put your penis now at the top, tease my clitoris, yes, yes, just like that, oh, oh damn that’s great.”

God my skinny little body was bouncing all over the bed, I was moaning and crying out as my climax hit. It shook me, dazed me, amazed me. Screwing’s great but nothing beats oral for a fantastic orgasm.

“Put it in me Stephan, put it in me.”

As he climbed up between my legs I got a pleasant surprise, the little guy had a fat cock that was at least seven inches long. He fed it into me.

He was pumping way to hard and way to fast, I didn’t say anything. Let him get the first one quick so we can go on to the rest.

His was the biggest penis I’d ever had, he was exploring some uncharted territory, stretching me then he blasted a huge load into me, his cock was jerking each time he shot, four, five jerks. He didn’t shrink and he didn’t slow down, he stayed hard and kept plunging into me.

And now his hard fast thrusts felt good, he was hitting my clit, taking me along then taking me over the top, I clamped his between my thighs and pounded him with my pelvis, screaming, crying out as my contracting vagina squeezed Stephan, bringing him with me, his second climax and still he remained hard.

He’d finally slowed down still he gave me a hard long fucking. This little girl knew she’d be sore tomorrow but she also knew Stephan wouldn’t feel much like sitting when she finished, that was still to come.

I got a little one and he had his third, finally he deflated and pulled out. Three loads had pretty well filled me, cum was leaking from me.

“Wow Mrs. Braswell, you’re the best.”

“You ain’t bad yourself Pretty Boy.”

We lay arm in arm for half an hour; I needed the rest a whole lot more than he did.

He was hard and waiting, he asked, “Can I do you from behind Mrs. Braswell, I want to admire you. I think your little bottom is so cute, I hope I can find a girl built just like you for my wife.”

“Of course you can,” he’d won me over with his compliments.

He rolled me onto my tummy, lifted my hips until my knees folded under me then spread my lips and filled me.

He rubbed my bottom while he rode me, pistoning in and out of me while he sang the praises of my tight buttocks.

He felt bigger from behind like he could get further into me. It was wonderful, the best sex I’d had in years, maybe ever.

I had a mild ache up in me, his big cock had stretched me, but I was trembling again as I reached my third climax, Stephan was right behind, giving me his forth deposit.

When he pulled out my pussy felt all gooey…I reveled in it.

Again, we just reclined for a while, both of us needed a little recovery period.

As we lay together I said, “Are you sure you want to go ahead, you don’t have to you know.”

“Do you like doing it?” He asked me.

I nodded yes.

“Then I want you to do it with me, okay.”

I almost wished I’d have said, No I don’t like it, it’s a chore, I almost wish I’d given him an out.

When I’d gone after Stephan it was because I wanted his tight little butt. In talking to him I’d found I really liked him but I also got some impressions. He was so pretty but so small as to almost seem feminine. I knew the size of his penis but I imagined, because of his size that some things might be smaller than normal.

Waiting for me in the bathroom is my equipment, usually I use my 5”dildo for virgins, like I told you Billy gets a bigger one now but I’d predetermined that Stephan would be one of my crybabies so, to assure it I would be using a 7” schlong

“Are you ready to begin Stephan?”


“Would you lie in the middle of the bed on your tummy facing the wall please,”

He did as instructed; I went into the bathroom to prepare. I checked to be sure the O-ring was secure; that the dildo was well anchored then strapped it on and got the Astroglide.

I’d asked Stephan to face the wall; I didn’t want him to see what would be invading him before he felt it.

I crawled onto the bed beside him and told him, “I’m going to get you ready now, lubricate you, okay?”

What I feared at his small size was that he would have a small anus and rectum, soon we’d know, I spread his cheeks.

His rosebud was tight and pink, virginal pink, it was pulsing; nerves I knew. I fully intended to fuck him for at least two hours, I thought tight and pink now, but red and distended by the next time I see it.

I put some lube on and rubbed it in then added more and worked it into him with a finger, finally I added more lube and a second finger trying to stretch him a little. I smeared some on myself.

“Stephan Honey would you get up on your hands and knees for me.”

He pulled his knees under himself.

“Like this Mrs. Braswell?”

God I felt like I was leading a lamb to slaughter and I was still Mrs. Braswell.

“Maggie Honey, call me Maggie,” I told him.

I pulled a pillow over for him saying, “You’ll want this,” Not my usual speech I know but I didn’t question that he’d need it.

I spread a towel under him and moved into position behind him and pushed his head down on the pillow.

“Okay, Honey, when you feel me touch you I want you to relax, just let every muscle in your body go limp, ready?’

I pressed against him, as he relaxed I thrust into him, perhaps three inches entered in the initial invasion, I kept pressure constant, not thrusting just driving into him deeper and deeper.

Stephan shrieked when I entered him, “Magggggieeeee, Magggggieeeee take it out, please, please take it out, pleeeeese, take it.”

He heard me when I said, “It’s time to cry for Mommy Maggie,” as I thrust hard into him.

God he wailed, I hoped the neighbors didn’t hear. He whipped his head from side to side, his a little too long golden tresses glistening in the fading light, his tears were flowing, his sounds incoherent; I pulled his pillow to him and pushed his head down on it.

I still had two inches, he was tightening his sphincters trying to fend me off, I reached with my left hand, caressed his beautiful hair then grabbed a handful and pulled his head back toward me.

When his head came back his back arched elevating his hips and I thrust forward impaling him on the additional two inches. I was in, I rested.

I rubbed his back, “Congratulations Honey, my Pretty Boy has all of me.”

I let him settle down a little, some snuffs but he wasn’t crying right now when suddenly he tried to escape from under me.

I pinned him in place.

“Maggie, let me go, I’ve gotta go potty, number 2.” He sounded like a kid.

“You don’t need to go.”

“Please I’m cramping I have to go right now, Maggie please.”

“Honey, that’s me you’re feeling.”

“No Maggie, I have to go.”

“Okay, I’ll prove it but you may not like it.”

It was a good opportunity to reposition myself. I planted my feet just outside his knees and rose so that I was crouching behind him, now I was ready. But for now, I slowly pumped him, half way out clear back in, half way out clear back in, he was groaning, I was forcing the cramping.

“Still think you have to go?”

“No, please stop, don’t make me cramp Maggie, please.”

I looked down at him, God he had such a cute little ass, especially when it was split by my dildo. I pumped him several times just to watch me slide in and out.

I stopped and let him moan himself out, the cramps passed. I massaged his back and talked to him, told him he was beautiful and sexy.

Told him that I found him desirable and that I wanted, no I was going to fuck him.

He was probably going to cum this time, I’d be moving fast, batting his prostate. Yes, he’d probable cum but he was going to earn it.

My strong runner’s legs could go for hours, I shifted my forward so that most of my weight rested on Stephan’s hips and lower back, I pressed down, bowing his back, forcing his hips and bottom up; perfect.

With the muscles of my thighs I launched forward, then pounded him, I was like a piston forcing further and deeper.

Then I moved even higher on him, he tried to slide out from under me, escape me. I grabbed a handful of hair and pulled him back.

God I was on him, his bottom was so high that I was plunging nearly straight down, burying the dildo to the hilt.

I was fucking him hard and fast, pounding him like a big dog on his little bitch; my Golden Boy, my Honey was moaning, groaning, wailing and crying a flood of tears when all sounds were interrupted by, “Unnnnnnnngh, Unnnnnnnngh, Oooooooooooooooo.”

And his cock flowed. I kept pumping but slower and more gently, keeping the pressure on the prostate but letting him enjoy his release.

When he was drained I rested, letting him support my weight with his back.

“Did that feel good Honey?” I asked.

He could hardly speak, “Good bad I don’t know, I’m exhausted, Mommy Maggie I don’t know if I can take any more.”

I glanced at the alarm clock on the bedside table and was surprised, I’d been in Stephan for nearly three hours, with the time spent before I started with him we’d been engaged in sex for five hours, and with what I’d put him through it was no wonder he was exhausted, he must be on the verge of collapse and I’m not quite done.

I’m not going to have him cum a second time and I’m not going to spoon with him, what I’m going to do won’t take more than around five minutes but they will be a painful five minutes for Stephan, I want him bawling like a baby when I quit.

Up and pounding hard, going at him like a wild beast, thrusting deep, piercing his guts, filling and overfilling his bowel, exhorting him, “Cry for me Honey, cry for Mommy Maggie.”

His tears flowed, he begged, please Maggie no more, no more.

He was wracked by his sobs, trying to mute his wailing with the pillow but having little success when I pulled out of him. I unstrapped and dropped it on the floor beside the bed, lay down beside Stephan and pulled a sheet over us.

I wrapped my arms around him and pulled him to me.

“You hurt me Maggie, you hurt me a lot,” he managed to utter through his tears. He looked at me as he spoke; his eyes were tear-filled and blackened.

“And you cried for me Honey and I love you for it.”

I brought his face to my breast. Nurse from me Honey, suck Mommy Maggie’s breasts.

I stroked his golden locks and massaged his shoulders and back as he sucked.

Exhausted beyond measure he fell asleep on my breast.

I held him until; in his sleep he rolled away.

I got up, donned a robe and went down stairs for a drink. I was surprised Billy was still up.

“Did you kill him?” Billy asked.

I flashed him a wicked little grin, “Maybe you’d like a session like that?”

“God Mom what did you do to him?”

“I fucked him unmercifully and now he’s sleeping peacefully; goodnight son,” and I climbed the stairs.

Next morning Stephan took me one more time, I enjoyed it, he’s a good little lover.

I really didn’t expect I’d see him again but he asked for my cell number, he didn’t want to go through Billy if he called and he’s called many times, when the stress gets too high my Honey visits. He got married two years ago; I offered to instruct his wife about his needs but he said he’d rather visit me when he’s seeking relief.

Billy stopped me on my way out the door this morning asking for some time with me this evening. I told him I’d be back before five. Maybe we could have a light supper then, it would give us the rest of the evening.

I imagined he wanted a session with me. It had been several weeks, I was ready, too.

I was half right, he did want a session but he wanted to talk first.

Billy’s twenty-two now, a college senior and he’s been dating the same girl, April Thorson, now for about a year. April is nineteen and a real prize. A stunningly beautiful blonde with a perfect hourglass figure, her hair is cut in a pixie and her eyes are ice blue. She’s not only beautiful, she’s brilliant; that’s how she and Billy met, she was taking an advanced class; they hit it off immediately. Billy couldn’t find a more compatible match, like Billy and she’s, me small, too. April stands a towering 4’10” and probably weighs ninety pounds if she’s caught in a thunderstorm.

Billy prefaced the conversation with, “Mom I know this is probably premature but April and I are discussing marriage. I could take my Batchelor’s Degree and tie down a job paying six figures, get a small apartment and put April through school. It would work.”

“Yes I agree with all of that, is that what you want?”

“Yes I want to marry April, yes I want her to get her degree, no I don’t want to go to work, I want to finish my masters and Ph.D, and, like I’ve always said I want my own research lab. Truth be told, I can make a living but I’d really like to take a shot at a Nobel.”

“When would you want to plan the wedding for?”

“After I graduate, in June.”

“Billy are you asking for my support?”

“If so you have it, I’m ready for grandchildren. Here’s what I suggest. I have that beachfront condo that I never use, I was thinking of selling it but the market is the pits. I’ll give it to you and April as a wedding present and I’ll provide financial support for both you and April, her until she gets her undergraduate degree, you until you’re completed your post-grad work. Now that we’ve solved that problem what kind of wedding do the two of you have in mind, large, small, church, what?”

“Medium sized, friends and family at Christ the Redeemer Lutheran Church, April’s a virgin Norwegian Lutheran.”

“Oh Lord, a nineteen year old virgin? Really?”

“Well I can certainly tell you that I’ve been patently unsuccessful in altering that status,” he told me.

“You’ve tried?”

“Only about every day for the past year.”

“Get me a guest list, names, addresses, etc for the invitations, decide on music and the like, I’ll hire a wedding planner, she can meet with April to work out details.”

“Wonder Woman strikes again,” I gloated, “Any other problems I can solve?”

“Yeah Mommy I guess there is; me.”

“Why do you say that Billy?”

“I’ve never shared with April what I need, what I have to have, what you give me. Marriage won’t change my craving, I know that’s true and I don’t know how to deal with it. I mean how do you say, April, the light of my life your loving and dutiful husband has a minor need; can you help me out. I mean Mommy I can’t even try to introduce it during sex play, she’s a virgin, there ain’t much sex play with one of those.”

“I see your point but you have me.”

“I know, I know and I’ll want to see you but we’ll be living at the beach, sometimes my needs are spontaneous, a bad day, whatever, you won’t be there for me.”

I sat for a few minutes thinking about this problem, “How about this, let me handle it, girl on girl conversations, I’ll bet I can convince her and instruct her in the care, feeding and sexual gratification of my only child. Here’s what I want you to do.”

“It’s gonna be a girls only weekend, April and I are gonna go up to the cabin, Friday afternoon we’ll drive up, come back Sunday afternoon, then we’ll go out to dinner, my treat. If I blow it I’ll cut my wrists so instead of dinner there’ll be a funeral, fair enough?”

“You really think you can do it Mommy, you want me to set it up for next weekend?”

“You bet your sweet ass and I do mean sweet, let’s go upstairs.”

April got to the house at ten Friday morning, we set out, I needed to stop at the market, pick up some supplies for the weekend, I went light, seafood, fish, lots of green veggies and wine and more wine…girl food.

I’d packed light and I’d packed sexy. I fully intended to have a most pleasant dinner with my son and his betrothed Sunday night, her with an understanding of her husband’s needs, even if I had to seduce her myself.

Music on the radio, good conversation, getting to know each other, future mother-in-law, daughter-in-law and finding out we truly did enjoy each other, I even told her that if I’d have had a daughter I’d use April as my model and how happy she was going to be my daughter-in-law.

The poor child blushed a little at my compliments, I reached over and patted her thigh, “Hey get used to it, when you’re beautiful people let you know and you’re more than just beautiful of face, you’re beautiful of spirit.”

I left my hand resting on her thigh; I wanted to see her reaction. A virgin, she’d no doubt fended off men but what was her experience with women; I certainly approved, she rested hers atop mine.

When we got to the cabin I unlocked, walked in and set my bag down, April was following. I pointed, “Put your things there in the master bedroom it’s so much nicer than the other.”

After she was ensconced I carried in my bag making her aware that we were sharing a room. I watched her eyes; she took in that there was only one bed, albeit a huge California King Sized playground but still, only one bed.

“I cook you wash, you cook I wash, your choice.”

“I’m not much of a cook Mrs. Braswell, maybe I should wash.”

“Sweetheart I don’t want to be Mrs. Braswell, you’ve got three choices, I can be Maggie, I can be Mom or, if you want to be unfair, cheat, you can turn my tummy liquid, call me Mommy; I melt.”

She smiled and had to stifle a laugh, “Mom you’re something else.”

“So, can you make the salad,” I replied.

“I always worrying about amputating a finger when I pick up a knife but I’ll try,” she replied.

I gave her a little swat on her bottom, “Oh you are a bad little girl, aren’t you,” I said.

She just gave me a little grin.

Butter, shallots, mushrooms, wine and thickened they went into ramekins, her salad, my Coquilles St Jacques, and we shared a very nice Chenin Blanc.

After we’d eaten we sat in front of the fireplace, I’d built a fire, the chill was off, we were just enjoying getting to know one another.

“Tell me about you, tell me all of your deep, dark secrets.”

“I don’t have any deep secrets but Mommy I wonder if you do.”

“Why would you say that April?”

“I’m the only gal in a lot of my classes, the guys don’t tell me things but sometimes I hear things and I hear a name, Mommy Maggie, is that you?”

“What did you hear, I’d like to know.”

“I heard that when the pressure made you almost suicidal you needed to talk to Mommy Maggie, is that true?”

“What is it that you want April, do you want help, relief?”

Suddenly she changed the subject, “Maggie we didn’t come up here to talk about me did we? We really came up here to talk about Billy, didn’t we?”

“Yes, that’s exactly why were here. You’re an amazingly intelligent and astute young women but that’s exactly why we’re here.”

“Let me ask April, most of the people I deal with are male, I understand their problems and sometimes I can help but you’re female, female with the same brilliant brain, but the same crushing responsibilities, so how do you handle it the tension, the stress, how?”

“Sometimes I cry, in the privacy of my room I bury my head in my pillow and cry my eyes out.”

“Does it help?”

“Not really, it provides an outlet but sometimes the pressure, the stress feels like it’s crushing me. Like a tremendous weight bearing down on my chest.”

“April I’m not a psychologist but I have quite a bit of experience in providing relief and release. The tears help, in fact I think they are mandatory, but I feel the most important aspect is the release. The letting go, ceding control to another person even if only for a little while; someone who will make the decisions for you, tell you what to do, simply someone who will dominate you.”

“Mommy it that what you do?”

“Honey, I take control, for a night I own them body and soul. I give them pain and I give them tears; and it’s a catharsis, I purge them of the tensions that brought them to me; I make them live in the minute, their only reality is what’s happening to them at that moment. Afterwards, after I’ve broken them I soothe them, build them back up.”

“Does it work?”

It must have seemed a non sequitur when I asked, “What do you think of Billy, all the good and all the bad.”

“What can I say, Billy’s brilliant, he’s handsome and he’s funny. He’s also one of the kindest gentlest persons I’ve ever known, if we’re somewhere and I want to leave he’s ready, when we’re together he treats me like a princess; I think he’s nearly perfect.”

“I’m proud of him April, I raised Billy mostly by myself. Like every teen-ager he went through his rebellious period but we dealt with it.”

“How did you do that, my Mom never figured me out.”

“I withheld his treatments; haven’t you noticed how he occasionally suffers from depression?”

“Yeah, I have; every couple of weeks he gets so down on himself, thinks he’s not doing enough, not moving fast enough and it comes crushing down on him but he’s always fine the next day.”

“You asked; does it work, it works. It works for Billy and for every one of the other boys. Do you want to be able to help Billy when he needs it, how to do for him what I do?”

“Very much Mommy, will you teach me?”

“Baby that’s what this weekend is all about. You learning, seeing, doing, me teaching, for the rest of tonight and any time this weekend that we are in bed, I am in control. You’ll need to obey me, understood?”

A little fearfully she answered, “Yes Mommy, I understand.”

I stood, took her hand and led her to my bedroom.

“April Baby, I want you to sleep with me, okay?”

“Okay, let me go get my nightie from my room.”

“That can wait April, you won’t need it for a while. Now I want you to undress and lie on your tummy on the bed. I’m going to give you a back rub. I start that way, it’s quite relaxing.”

I needed to get ready but I delayed. I wanted to see April in the nude. She was wearing a T-top. She peeled it over her head then unfastened and removed her bra. Her breasts were perfect peaches, plump and round capped with light pink nipples.

She unfastened her shorts and let them fall revealing pink bikini panties then she rolled those over her hips and let them fall displaying fine flaxen curls.

“My you’re exquisite April, Billy is one lucky guy.”

She blushed, her nudity, my compliment.

“Go ahead and climb on the bed,” I instructed.

Loved the view of her tight little bottom as she crawled, though my next would be far more intimate.

Once she was lying down I took two of the pillows and stacked them beside her.

She looked at me questioningly.

I just gave her a little smile, “Be back in a minute.”

In the bathroom I quickly stripped and strapped on my harness. I was using my smallest, five inches, put on my robe, pocketed the bottle of Astroglide and grabbed the tube of body cream.

I climbed up on the bed with her and straddled her.

“I like to start out with a back rub, it’s so relaxing and you’ll want them relaxed for what’s to come. Remember your object is to take their cares, stresses and tensions.”

I warmed some of the cream in my hand and started at her shoulders. I worked those muscles until she sighed in contentment then I worked down her back and sides.

I skipped over her bottom. I slid down the bed, massaged her calves then worked on her thighs from the knees upward. Once at the top I nudged her legs apart so I could reach her inner thighs. My hand was brushing her lips as I kneaded her.

“Does this feel good Baby, do you like it?”

“Un huh it feels wonderful.”

I moved up to her bottom, kneading the big glute muscles, caressing her delectable little cheeks, I changed bottles, pocketed the body cream, got the Astroglide and dribbled some on her anus.

I rubbed it in, added more lube and worked a finger into her. She squirmed when I penetrated her but remained quiet. She was tighter than any of the boys had been; she was such a little girl.

After I’d added more lube I lifted her and guided her over the pillows and brought one she could use for her head. I told her she might want a pillow, it was there if she needed it. I pushed her head down.

“When I touch you I want you to relax, forget all your cares and give yourself over to Mommy Maggie, okay?”

I don’t think until that moment April had figured out what I was about to do to her, she asked, “Mommy what are you doing?”

“Teaching you April, showing you what you’ll need to do for Billy.”

“Mommy please don’t, I’m a virgin.”

“And you’ll remain one,” I answered.

“What are you doing?”

I’d guided my plastic peter to her opening and was ready but I answered her.

“April Baby I’m going to sodomize you.”

She started to protest, started to tell me no.

It came out as, “Nooooooooooooooo,” as I forced my way into her.

I was using my smallest, thinnest dildo, I kept pressing forward until it was completely buried in her then I rested.

I rubbed her back, “I’m all the way in Baby, you took it all, I’m so proud of you. Can you feel me up in your belly?” I asked as I stroked her twice.

Her body was wracked by sobs, through her tears she moaned when I prodded her.

“Mommy you’re hurting me, my bottom hurts and my belly aches, please, please take it out of me.”

“Not yet Baby, you need to cry, I want the biggest cry of your life, cry for Mommy Maggie,” I said.

I was pumping her with a steady rhythm; I’d been on her for around forty minutes. April was sniveling and mewling, not an all out cry but she was still tearful when it dawned on me, she wouldn’t cum like the boys did. I slid my right hand around her hip and under her. Her clit was a little button but as I played with it she began to swell.

I realized April was getting a good feeling when she started working her hips and pressing her pelvis down on my hand.

When she went stiff and cried out, “Oh yes, oh yes, oh, oh, oh Mommy, oh, oh.”

Although I remained in her I held still letting her experience and enjoy her orgasm, she continued rocking on my hand for several minutes when she stopped she sighed, “Oh Mommy that was nice.”

I leaned forward and whispered, “Remember I explained about pleasure and pain? That was the pleasure Baby now, I’m sorry but you need the pain.”

I lied, I wasn’t sorry in the least. I’d never been with a woman before like this, only the stuff when I was younger, never had the desire but I was rethinking that. She was so different that the boys, she was soft of body and I loved listening to her mewling cry, she sounded like a wounded kitten. The boys, I enjoyed them but it was mostly for them but April, fucking April, that’s for me. I want to own her cute little ass and I will.

I lifted myself and rocked forward impaling her on my plastic penis, gouging her as deeply as my five inches would allow then hammered her hard and fast. My arms were wrapped around her waist holding her in place while I fucked her unmercifully.

Her tears were flying, she was crying unabashedly when I ended my assault. I pulled out, unstrapped, dropped my apparatus on the floor beside the bed and pulled April into my arms.

She was having trouble stopping crying, she couldn’t catch her breath and was sniveling and snuffing, I rubbed her back and smoothed her hair.

She looked up at me, the pain she was feeling was reflected in her sorrowful eyes, “You hurt me Mommy,” she said.

She was so beautiful, so heartbreakingly beautiful, the innocence and agony I felt a jolt and an arousal beyond belief. I kissed her; I kissed her wounded eyes and her inviting lips. I probed her mouth with my tongue tasting her, stealing her breath. She didn’t kiss me back but she didn’t pull away.

I nibbled her ear and whispered, “I’m going to make love to you April.”

I don’t believe she had the strength to resist. I kissed down to her breasts and nibbled on her little peaches then over her flat taut belly through her flaxen fluff to her coral pink slit. I’d never given oral sex to a woman but I knew what I liked so, that’s what I gave.

She was still moist from her earlier orgasm; I laved along her vulva and found her vagina. I probed it with my finger, yes; she in fact was a virgin. I fell on her clit, with rapid flicking strokes with the tip of my tongue I teased up her arousal. It was awesome to watch. April’s body trembled and her tummy rippled as cum flowed from her, I tasted her, slightly salty and citrusy; a pleasant flavor, she exuded a faint feminine fragrance I found alluring.

I looked at her top to bottom, I was so stoked, so aroused I was ready to turn her over and fuck her tight little ass some more but that wasn’t what I really wanted, I wanted to cum.

I lay down beside her.

“Did you like that Baby?”

She snuggled against me, “Yes Mommy.”

I took her hand and led her down; I dipped her fingers into me then brought her hand back up and touched her fingers to her lips.

“I want to cum,” I told her, “Will you help me?”

“Yes Mommy,” she answered as she crawled to the opposite end of the bed.

By the time we returned to the city on Sunday afternoon April’s bottom was sore but she knew how to take care of Billy. We’d both sucked and I’d fucked away almost every waking hour. We’d agreed that we would get together on Tuesdays at eight in the morning for our own fun and games and we’d agreed that it was our secret, no need for Billy to know.

I dropped April off then went home to change; we’d pick her up on the way to the restaurant. Billy asked about our weekend. I told him we’d had fun getting to know each other and that April understood his special needs, she was willing to help.

He wanted some of my attention now, we headed upstairs; as we walked he said after the wedding even if April was there for him he still wanted to see me. I told him I’d be there for him, just call.

Dinner was excellent and the conversation even better.

The next day I began to fret, I was afraid of what would happen. I’d be fifty on my next birthday. I wouldn’t have Billy nearly so often, the other boys were pretty well disbursed, sure Stephan still visited occasionally but not regularly and I would have April but she was different, she was a girl and my secret lover, I’d need to be more gentle with her. What I needed was a man, a man with special needs that I could meet but a man, someone I could give it to rough and dirty. I thought of Charlie.

Yes, Charlie, he’d be perfect. He’d been trying to get me to go out for several years; I accepted coffee and lunch invitations but had turned him down for dinner. I only had three months before the wedding, I needed to work quickly, I dressed casually and drove to the food bank, as good fortune would have it Charlie was there.

I guess I was almost blatant in my flirting, I mentioned a new restaurant that had received rave reviews, said I wanted to try it soon and, of course wrangled an invitation for dinner Friday night.

Just a goodnight kiss at the door but I’d accepted his invitation to see a play with him the next night.

It took a month of fairly steady dating before he’d chased me so hard that I’d caught him, Charlie was an accomplished lover, it was fun but I still had my craving.

There was only a month to go, Charlie and I were lounging in bed enjoying out post-coital bliss and I was rubbing his bottom.

“You’ve got great buns Charlie, so totally cute and fuckable.”

It wasn’t a slip; I needed to move along, if Charlie wasn’t my guy I needed to find him.

“What’s that Maggie, you like to fuck guy’s asses?” Charlie questioned me.

Coquettishly I flipped my hair, “So what if I do Charlie Buffington, have you ever done it?”

“Not yet I haven’t but I’ve got a feeling.”

I brought my equipment the next time we were together and I roughed Charlie up pretty good. I was going to see tears, I nearly had to gut him to get him to cry but afterwards as he lay sobbing as he nuzzled my breasts I knew he was mine.

I was only trying to be fair with Charlie, I wanted him to understand he wasn’t exclusive, I told him about Billy, April and even Stephan and I told him about the boys that had gone before. And I confessed that though I’d given a lot of anal sex I, myself was virgin.

I even gave him my philosophy regarding pain/pleasure/soothing as stress relief.

Charlie asked me if perhaps my philosophizing wasn’t just a cloak hiding my need to dominate.

I pooh poohed the thought…truthfully it hit too close to home.

The wedding was perfect, the bride gorgeous in her white gown and long train, the groom handsome in his tux and the mother of the groom so happy and proud.

We had a nice reception, a sit down dinner then cocktails and the newly weds were off on their honeymoon.

That was four months ago, April’s four months pregnant, they didn’t let any grass grow.

I still see April on Tuesday mornings and Billy calls about every two weeks but now I have to make special time for Charlie, at least twice weekly we get together for our fun and games, we even have a special room.

After the wedding and the reception Charlie had driven me to his house (read mansion), we changed clothing; I was in a floor length orchid gown, great for the mother of the bride, not so great for lounging and drinking wine. I had some clothes there; I put on a pair of white shorts and a T-shirt. Charlie slipped on some gym shorts and a muscle shirt; we were both barefooted.

“I’ve got a gift for you Maggie, want to see it?”

“Charlie, what did you get me?” I asked.

“Can’t tell you, I’ve gotta show you,” he took my hand and led me to the stairs.

I was just a little tipsy, the cocktails and the wine, I was bubbling, he led me upstairs and down a side hall.

He opened the door to a room I’d never visited before.

“Come in Maggie, this is for you.”

He turned on a lamp.

There were candle stands with unlit candles standing waiting, incense burners, dozens of different sexual lubricants, sound system, mirrors and even a video unit, you could either play or record. But dominating the room was a California King sized bed with a hump in the middle.

I walked over and inspected it.

“Charlie,” I giggled, “Is this for what I think it’s for?”

Charlie had turned on the music, smoky jazz set the mood, he was now lighting the candles and incense burners, filling the room with the heady aroma of the East.

“Try it out Maggie, after all it is for you.”

I walked over to the bed and climbed on.

“See how it’s cut out, put your knees there, that’s right now lay over the hump, see how the down side falls away so that your hips and bottom are higher than your head. It creates the perfect position, don’t you think?”

I was sprawled over the hump, “I love it Charlie, I can’t wait to try it out.”

Charlie had taken my left hand and pulled extending my arm, “And look, there are even restraints if you want a little bondage play.” It was a chain affixed to the bedpost, there was a fur-lined handcuff at the end. Charlie snapped it over my wrist and went to my right arm repeating the action.

He climbed on the bed, rubbed my back and caressed my bottom, kneading my cheeks.

“I adore your bottom Maggie, I love small tight bottoms on girls with narrow hips, yours is absolutely perfect.”

“Charlie, let me go,” I asked.

“Do you have a favorite lubricant Maggie?”

“I like Astroglide Charlie, now turn me loose, please.”

“I do, too,” he said as he reached and got that bottle and laid it on the bed.

He picked up a loose pillow and put it under my head telling me I might want it later then he pressed my head down and told me to relax and get comfortable.

I felt his hand under me; the waistband loosened when he unbuttoned them and I heard my zipper being pulled down then the garment was tugged down and removed, my shorts were gone; I was clad in only my panties.

“Charlie, please,” I begged.

He caressed my bottom through my panties then he slid them over my hips and off, I was bare.

“Charlie please, what are you doing?”

“Why Maggie, the same thing you’ve done to April, Billy and dozens of other boys.”

Oh God, he’s spread my cheeks, I feel the Astroglide on me.

“Charlie, please don’t, you don’t want to do this.”

“On the contrary Maggie, I do want to do this, I’ve wanted you since the very first time I saw you I just didn’t know what I’d have to give up to get what I wanted.”

“You planned that far back this? You’ve done this before?”

“Oh Maggie, hundreds of times, I’ve had hundreds of female posteriors, there is no feeling close to that of my cock sliding into a woman’s bottom.”

He had a finger in me, working in the lube.

“Charlie, I’m a virgin, please don’t.”

“I know, when you told me I was in heaven, I haven’t had one in such a long time, you’re special Maggie, really special. You have the most desirable ass I’ve ever seen and you’re virgin; absolutely perfect.

He spread my cheeks and pressed against me.

I want you to relax Maggie,” he said.

He thrust into me. I thought I’d been struck by fire, the burning pain, he kept forcing forward filling my bowels, he pumped me hard.

I screamed out in agony, the tears flowed from my eyes before the scream died then I heard Charlie.

“That’s my girl, scream for me cry for me Maggie.”

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