hi first time writing any sort of sex story. was thinking many things as i proof read it, but mainly that maybe the actual sex could use more detail. please let me know all feedback welcome.
My name is Ali Stevens and my story starts when i was 15. My mother had just passed a few weeks earlier and with my father hiding in his work to escape the grief,  my brother and i had grown closer then ever.  I was in my bedroom in the middle of another cry-a-thon, (something that happened almost daily) when my brother came in to console me. My brothers name is Zach, he is 2 yrs older than me at 17 And he looks just like you would imagine someone named Zach would, blonde hair, blue eyes, and at 5'10 165lbs he was a picture right out Greek mythology from years of being on the track team at school.

He came into my room and hugged me in that way only a big brother can and told not to worry that everything would be alright. Now to this day i still don't  know if it was the loneliness i felt or if was just  a natural result of growing up. I couldn't  help but notice how nice my brothers firm body felt against mine has he held me softly rubbing my back. Now i have never had sexual feelings for brother, but the longer he held me and the more he rubbed my back  the more i started thinking about just that ! I was starting to get wet between the legs in just a few minutes. I remember thinking at the time that i must be some kind of deviant to have these kind of feelings for my own brother, but when i looked up at him i didn't  hesitate and i pressed my lips to his in a passionate if somewhat clumsy first  kiss.

I pulled back from Zach so i could gauge his reaction. He just sat there with a strange look on his face for a moment and i thought for sure he was freaked out. Then he surprised me by leaning in for a repeat  kiss. I let my body go limp in his arms as pulled me to him. His tongue gently probed my mouth as his hands started to run up and down my back, each time a little more firmly then the last. When we finally broke our kiss my pussy was soaked in it's own juices. Looking back i still don't know if it was the loneliness i felt or if it was how damn hot Zach was but before i knew what was happening I started  undoing  Zach's belt. He stopped me saying "Ali are you sure about this ". I nodded mutely as i  got to the button on his Levi's  and tore them open. i wanted to be fucked, and i wanted to be fucked now ! i wanted to feel something other then the loneliness that had ruled me for the past few weeks.

As his cock sprang free from his pants i knew there was no turning back. His cock was only semi-erect and was still perhaps the most beautiful thing i had ever seen,  it was at least 5-6 inches long already and as thick as a baby's arm. I pulled his pants down even further and lowered  my head towards it when Zach stopped me saying Ali there's some things we need to talk about before we do this, some rules if you will. "What rules Zach ?" i asked . Ali if you want to do this then i need you to give yourself over to me completely he said. "By completely"  i mean if i tell you to do something it cant matter what it is, where we are, or anything else, and i mean anything else, you must simply say "YES  MASTER" and do it, also you will only ever call you "whore" during sex. I think you should know little sister, i like my sex rough and i have to be in complete control. You will be the submissive. Now if at any time you decide that this is no longer acceptable to you, simply say so. Your safe word will be " PYTHON" . When i hear that we stop. And when i say stop Ali, i mean stop. All of it everything. Now if that sounds OK then we can start right away. So what do you say little sister ?

Zach moved in over me positioning his cock at my mouth. I eagerly opened and let him feed me his dick, as he bottomed out in my throat i felt his right hand slap my pussy thru my jeans, god it felt so damn good!! Zach pulled out and said ".stand up whore so we can get you out these clothes". I got up and started to strip. Now im not a fitness buff like Zach but at 15yrs old my body was firm and tone, my breasts were already a 36 b cup with small aeroles and long nipples, and truth be told at only 5'2 102 lbs they looked quite large. As my long black hair spilled over my breasts i looked at my brother (who was also fully nude now) like a bitch in heat. Zach grabbed me by the hair roughly and threw me back down on the bed. "You have a cock to suck and lessons to learn whore " he barked . Every inch of my tiny body especially my wet pussy was tingling, my lust was building up! when i did cum it would be long and hard. I quickly got back in position on the bed so he could continue fucking my face. Laying there i looked at him and in my sultriest voice i said " please master, fuck my whore mouth" adding "  i want to feel my masters cum in my mouth "

That was all the urging it took, Zach started sliding his cock into my mouth. As his cock slid down my throat i felt myself start to gag. "Breathe thru your nose whore ! If you throw up on my cock you'll  have to be punished ! At first this shocked me but after a couple seconds i realized i didn’t care, i was his little fuck whore and i loved it !  I came really close to finding out what he meant by punishment but fortunately i did manage to relax and start breathing thru my nose.

My master cooed his appreciation by saying " good, you learn quickly whore ". "When I'm  done with your face i might reward you by fucking your pussy ". Zach was throat fucking me in long slow rhythmic strokes. I reached down to rub my pussy, i found out the hard way that was a mistake. When Zach saw me trying to play with my pussy he brought his hand down hard on my tit making a loud "whack " sound. If my mouth and throat hadn't  been stuffed with cock i would have yelled for sure, as it was all i could manage was a whimper. Zach growled his displeasure with me " did i say you could touch yourself,  "put your hands to good use by playing with your master's  balls ". As i played with Zach's balls his pace increased, fucking my throat more quickly. After a Minute or two of this i felt his cock start to swell even bigger and i thought at last, I'm  going to taste his cum ! But Zach had other idea's and pulled out at the last second, dropping his balls on my face he panted " suck them whore " while he started stroking his cock. Between the build-up of throat fuckinghis little sister, and now me hungrily  sucking his balls It only took about a half dozen strokes before he started moaning " here it comes whore " and shot a huge load of cum all over my tits and stomach.

He tried to hide it but when Zach  looked down a me, laying there horny as hell with covered in his cum, i knew he loved me. Slapping my face as he got up Zach said " you really are just a little cock whore aren't  you " wait here I'll  be right back ".  Zach reappeared  moments later with large dildo in hands.  In retrospect, i should have wondered why he had a dildo. but at the time i was too horny to care. " sit up at the top of the bed whore, you haven't  quite earned my cock yet. But I'll  let you fuck yourself with this one while i watch". Overcome with excitement at this dominant side of my big brother i quickly took the dildo and scurried up the bed to lean against the headboard.  Zach was watching intently as i started rubbing my clit with the fake cock, as i started to put it up inside me he grabbed my hand saying "slowly whore i want a good show " adding  "if you give me a good show i may let you suck my cock again"

Completely taken over now and eager to please my master i started slowly pushing the dildo into my now wet and aching pussy. The dildo may not have been a real cock but at this point i didn't care, i could have gotten off on anything. As i slowly worked  the entire dido into my pussy, i realized my hormones were in overdrive from this wonderful and new kind of sex. I started to grind on the dildo rotating  my hips in a full circle, my moans of ecstasy coming freely now. I looked at Zach and then at his cock,  he was starting to get hard again from watching me fuck myself.

Realizing  how much he was enjoying the show i continued grinding on the dildo holding it with my right hand while my left hand found my breasts and started rubbing my nipples one, then the other. I felt the orgasm building  quickly from deep inside, it wouldn't  be long now. Picking up pace i ground the dildo into my pussy faster and faster while my big brother sat on the foot of the bed stroking his cock. whispering " do it whore, fuck the shit out your little pussy". All this did was get more excited. Faster and faster i plunged the dildo in and out my aching pussy the whole time looking at my brother and  practically screaming " like this master ?" is this what you like ? You like watching your  little sister fuck herself ?" I came harder then i ever had before, squirting my juice onto my bed as orgasm after orgasm ripped thru my body. i was in heaven and i never wanted to leave.

The last thing i remember  seeing before the pure ecstasy overtook me and i blacked out was the smile on Zach's face.


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Not bad

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he shad have shag her she have felt a lot more injoy ment

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2011-12-03 20:38:49
My sister and I carried on a three year affair until she met her current husband.
We got together after her marriage a few times I think her second daughter is mine although she will not admit it, good story but does not reflect real life.

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She should of gotten cock fucked first and then the dildo.

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lmao @ "he looks just like someone named zach would, blonde hair, blue eyes, 5'10", 165lbs." that is dead on. haha!

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