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To fully enjoy the story, please read from part 1. Part 2 begins directly where the first left off. After being offered a ride, Kairi finds herself in Jasen's car being driven home. This is not the final part by any means, so for those of you who liked the pace of my other stories, try to not get disappointed just yet. I'm also sorry to say that the third part may not be coming for a while (I should be doing homework), but I'm hoping within the week. As always, I sincerely hope you enjoy!
She slid her finger over the vent and tried to turn it so that the warm air blew more towards her. Pushing, she noticed it was stuck and used a bit more force. It was more than surprising when the small dial that directed the vent broke off in her hand. “Oh...”

Jasen, hearing her quiet exclamation, looked over and saw the black plastic in her hand. There was shock and guilt on her face. “Easy there, Banner.”

“I'm not mad.” Her tone gave the impression of correction.

He had actually expected her to think that he was mad. “Huh?”

“Or frightened.” Without taking his eyes off the road, he gave her a confused expression. “Bruce Banner only turns into the Hulk when he's extremely angry or anxious.” She used a light hearted matter-of-fact tone, completely lacking the know-it-all quality that often accompanied it.

Reaching a stop sign, he was able to fully turn and look at her. The confusion was replaced with amusement across his features. “I wasn't actually expecting you to get what I was talking about.”

“I love Marvel comics.” She admitted, a bit shyly, not sure if saying so would make her seem too nerdy or lame. Were comic books cool anymore? Were they ever?

The roads were deserted, and he hadn't seen a single vehicle since they left the bar. Her apartment, according to the directions she gave him, was just around the corner. Letting up on the brake, he allowed the car to roll forward, giving only a slight push on the accelerator. This girl had managed to interest him even more, and he was far from eager to have the time end. “Is The Hulk your favorite?”

“No. I love the X-Men.”

“Let me guess. Wolverine and Cyclops, right?”

Kairi chuckled lightly, shaking her head at the question. “Well, you must admit that Wolverine is pretty bad-ass, and I love how he doesn't take shit from anyone..."

"Plus Hugh Jackman is insanely hot.”

She laughed even more. “And yes, Hugh Jackman may be mildly attractive, but I wouldn't say Wolverine's my favorite. He's everyone's favorite; he belongs to the masses. As for Scott Summers, he is a whiny, spoiled pretty-boy little brat.” The contempt with which she spoke made it sound as though she were speaking about someone she knew personally.

There was passion in that, and while he greatly admired it, Jasen couldn't help but let out a laugh as he eased the car against the curb where she pointed him. He shifted into park. “So, no to Wolverine and no to the pretty boy Summers. Who then?”

Shifting in her seat, Kairi turned so that she could face him more directly. “Rogue.” A playful smirk worked its way across her lips. “I know it's kind of lame, and there are others who probably seem much cooler or smarter or with more awesome powers, but Rogue's been my favorite since I was little. I mean, yeah, Jean Gray gets to turn into Phoenix, Hank is insanely smart, Xavier and Magneto are capable of ruling the world, Kurt Wagner can teleport, Oro gets to fly by controlling the weather and everyone else has all their cool powers, but Rogue is... I don't know.
“There's something about her. She's impassioned and real. She loses control and questions herself and... I know this is ridiculous but... I liked her hair. I always thought my hair was so ordinary and lame, and I wanted hair just like hers. It was different and cool. Sassy.”

He smiled at the girl in his passenger seat, chuckling softly. She watched him as he took in her words, relieved that he seemed to be interested rather than put off. Slowly, one of his hands left the steering wheel and began to work its way towards her. Kairi's eyes fell to the movement, and seeing it caused her heart to speed up a noticeable degree. A single finger curled around a lock of her honey blonde hair. “I like your hair.”

For a moment, she could not remember how to speak, sensing the closeness of his skin to hers. His hand didn't move away as he stared at it and then looked to Kairi staring back at him. There was a moment that neither moved. Then, as if just realizing what he had done, he slid his hand away, an unsure, shy grin on his face. “What about you?” She nervously tried to break the bit of tension, while equally trying to keep her voice even. “Do you have a favorite?”

His face relaxed some, which she took as a good sign. “Honestly, I would probably have to say Gambit, with his crazy little card tricks and such.” Before she was aware of finding it funny, Kairi chuckled. “Yeah, I know. 'Oooh, card tricks', but...”

“No, no it's not that; Gambit is pretty cool. It's...” There was no way to say what she thought without it being in any way awkward. As Jasen watched her, a tiny bit of pink rose to her cheeks. She was wishing she hadn't laughed in the first place. His face was still relaxed as he looked at her curiously and expectantly. “Gambit and Rogue kind of had a thing. They were one of the longest relationships in the series.”

His sideways grin was back, causing her to feel less nervous and more nervous at the same time. “You know, I figured after getting my Hulk reference and calling Storm 'Oro' that you kind of knew your stuff, but Rogue and Gambit... that wasn't in the movies. You've actually read the comics.” He was looking her straight in the eyes, leaving her stomach to start doing flips. The grin extended up to his eyes, and scattered traces of thoughts with no true connection ran through her head.

Control. That one kept coming back. Control. Kairi wanted to regain her sense of control. “I have some nerd-like tendencies, I guess,” She joked, trying to keep her voice calm. “There are times when I get passionate about things and I just do everything I can to master that thing, you know?”

“Wow. I wish I had that much passion.”

“Oh, come on. Earlier, you asked me about the show, and I said it looked like you were having fun. That's because you were. You enjoy singing and playing, the music, the harmonies... it has nothing to do with being up on stage or the screaming girls or whatever other crazy things that come with it. You have so much passion for that, and it lights you up. It's a great thing...” Kairi desperately hoped that she would stop talking. Words were flowing from her mouth without any permission of her brain. His eyes and that smile made it hard to think properly. She couldn't get them out of her head.

He was still smiling, but this one was different. Much warmer. This time, it was a tingling in her chest. Suddenly even more nervous and self conscious, she started biting on my bottom lip, a habit she had long since kicked. “You're something else.” He was very good looking. He could sing. He was relatively famous. Did he pick up girls all the time? Did he use that smile on them? Guys had always meant so little to her, and she was melting.

“Do you think we could...” He shifted, almost uncomfortably, in his seat. “Do you think we could hang out a bit longer? We could go back to the hotel where I'm staying with Hank and... wait!” He caught her expression and immediately knew that he hadn't presented the idea they way he had wanted to. It sounded like a cheap pick up, the last thing he wanted. “No, I meant... I was just hoping that if you liked comics so much, you might be an appreciator of X-Box.”

Kairi was not for a moment disillusioned. Jasen would only be in town for one night. One night and she would never see him again. Kairi thought of innocence. “Got any good zombie games?”

“Left 4 Dead.”

No hesitation. “Sold.” He smiled, the type of genuine smile that involves every last inch of the face, and put the car back into drive.

“And I shamefully bow down to the queen of the head shots. I never would have seen that coming.” His controller hung limp from his hand as we watched the stats roll along on the screen. “You probably have this game and play it all the time, don't you?”

She felt a bit light from laughing, having barely stopped since they walked into his hotel room, something almost bigger than her apartment. “What? No, I don't even have a TV.” It was a fact, and she gave little weight to it.

Forgetting the arbitrary information rolling in front of him, he turned to her. “Why don't you have a TV? I'm guessing your not the type to be morally opposed to it.”

That was laughable. “Of course not. I just can't really afford one, that's all. Too many other things that need my wallet's attention, you know?” All at once, she was embarrassed. She hated openly admitting to being broke.

“What kind of things?” It was a question that easily could have been rude or with the air of being nosy, but it didn't come off as either. It was genuine curiosity.

“Uh...B-bills, rent, tuition, food... things like that.” She fiddled with the controller in her hand, a wave of embarrassment overcoming her.

Jasen wanted to know more, but recognized her embarrassment and decided it was best to not press it. "Thanks for not thinking I'm a total creeper and avoiding my invitation. This was fun."

That smile was back. "Any guy who can appreciate a girl who knows a bit too much about comic books can't be all bad. A little bad, maybe, you know... a homicidal tendency or two... but not all bad." Every second she came up with something new to amaze him. As he laughed at her off hand comment about murderers, he felt himself being pulled to her even more. "I had a lot of fun, too."

He glanced up to the clock next to the bed. It was past 4:00 a.m. "I would say it's getting late, but that would a lie. It has been late. Would you like me to take you home?"

"Only if you want. I don't have work until tomorrow night, but it is late, so if you would like me to..."

"I want you to stay." The words came out quickly, cutting her thought short. "It's not everyday you find a girl who can have a coherent conversation about Marvel characters. Besides, I should really redeem myself in this game. You effectively made me look like a noob." There was that smile again, her beautiful, imperfect, perfect smile.

Her soft hand fell on his thigh. "I hear they can take your man card away for losing to a girl."

All thoughts left from his mind but the feel of her hand the warmth of her smile. He had to keep his thoughts focused. "In my defense, we were on the same team..." Though he spoke the words smoothly, he truly wasn't sure if they made sense. Her hand was too warm.

“Hey! Jasen!” There was a sudden pounding at his door. “Yo, man, do you...” The door swung open and Hank stood behind it. “Well, hello.” His eyes fell on Kairi then to her leg on his hand before turning to his best friend with a mischievous grin. “Not interested, huh? You know, I've got some...”

“Dude, shut up!” Flustered, Jasen stood, causing her hand to fall away. “Sorry, just give me one second.” Somewhat confused, Kairi only nodded and watched him walk away. The door slammed a bit harsher than necessary behind them. “What is your problem?” Jasen growled as soon as the door was closed.

Hank chuckled, amused by the hostility. “How was I supposed to know you had the waitress in there? You said you weren't interested.”

“Kairi. Her name is Kairi, and she's not here for me to have a meaningless one night stand with, okay? She needed a ride home after work, so I offered her one.”

This seemed to amuse Hank even more. “You do realize this isn't her home, right? Take a little bedroom detour on your way there?”

“Would you drop it?”

“In one second.” He walked away into his own room of the hotel and returned only a few seconds later. “Take this and I'll drop it.”

To Jasen's great annoyance, his friend held a condom out to him. “What did I just say! I'm not looking to get laid.” His voice almost rose above a whisper, but he refused to let Kairi hear him.

“You also said you weren't interested, but that doesn't exactly explain how she ended up in that bedroom.”

“I'm not interested in hooking up with her. She's intriguing and cute and sweet and I want to get to know her better, like normal human beings who aren't solely driven by their hormones get to know each other.” Jasen pushed Hank's hand away.

“Take it.”


“Take it, or I go in there and hand it to her. You know I will, too.” As if to prove his point, Hank took a step toward the door and began to move around the body in front of him.

There was no doubt in Jasen's mind that what his friend said was true. “You're an asshole.” Reluctantly, he took the small wrapping from his hand and shoved it directly into his pocket, hoping beyond hope that Kairi would never find out it was there. “You happy now?”

“Ecstatic. And you'll thank me later.”

Doubting this completely, Jasen turned his back and walked into the room again, closing the door behind him. “Sorry about that, Hank isn't very...”

"What' you're favorite song?" Kairi asked suddenly, cutting him off as she stared across the room at a small CD collection on the corner of the wooden dresser.

Initially confused, he followed her gaze, somewhat relieved at not having to try to explain what had just happened, yet fearing she may have heard some of it. Even so, he went along. "To listen to or to sing?"

Standing, she walked over to the stack and glanced across the titles, unwilling to touch them without his permission. "If every song in the world were obliterated save for one, which song would you want to survive?"

He chuckled, enjoying the abnormal context of such a question. "That's a lot of pressure," he jested as he clicked the lock and walked over toward her. "I mean, who could dare say a song by... One Republic, Michael Jackson... Weird Al," Kairi smirked at the last addition, "when you have Mozart and Beethoven." His body was inches behind her as he reached around to pick a few cases off the top, flipping through them.

There was nothing she could do to ignore his closeness but refused to let anything show. "Alright, how about... you're life would not be complete if this song hadn't existed. What's the song?"

That passion was back. It was more than a polite question; it was something she truly desired to know and understand. Yes, there was pressure, but that only gave it more depth, more importance. Putting down the cases he had in his hands, he rifled through a few more before picking one up that was at the bottom. He held it out to her. Their bodies were almost touching. "Kanye? Really?"

"Not everything is as it seems." Without meaning to, he had leaned closer and whispered into her ear. His breath was warm, giving her chills.

Curious, and needing to fill her head with more than the sound of his voice, she flipped the case open. "Oh! Not Kanye." A burned disc lay inside the case.

"Not at all." Drawing even closer, which neither would have thought possible, he pried the CD from its case and leaned to the other side of her, “I've always wanted to do a cover of this song, but Hank doesn't like it all that much. And there's something about it for me that's intimidating. I don't think I have the right tone to do it justice.” Opening the CD player on the other side of dresser he placed the disc inside and flipped through the tracks until it came to the one he wanted.

Kairi sensed more than saw his movements, but was still enticed by them. Once the music began to flow from the speakers, her attention turned fully to it, letting go of everything else. Both listened, Jasen immediately wondering if the song was inappropriate in the circumstances. Freak on a Leash with Korn and Amy Lee played to them, and the song was almost halfway through before he leaned further to the side and peered at her to see her reaction.

With her eyes closed, she looked even more stunning than she had all throughout the night. The calm yet rough urgency of the music swept through her, easing her breath yet taking it away at the same time. His arm brushed against hers gently, unintentionally, but he did not move it.

The song ended, and for a moment, Kairi opening her eyes was the only movement. "How was it?” His voice was little more than a whisper, leaving warm breath to tickle across Kairi's bare neck. It was the first time he had shared his feelings for this song with anyone other than Hank.

Her own breath caught as she realized once again how close he was. The skin of his arms still rested against her own. “Passionate,” she all but gasped. The next song on the disc started, but neither of them processed the music as it flowed out of the small speakers. The only sound they heard was the sound of the other breathing.

Slowly, he lifted one of his hands from the dresser where both had rested on either side of Kairi's body. With endless hesitation, he placed his shaking fingers against her waist, more nervous than he could process. “Can I kiss you?” He whispered, voice barely audible, but intoxicating. His lips were mere inches away from the sensitive skin of her neck.

No words came to her, but she began to turn toward him, trapped between his body and the dresser as his fingers trailed her middle. Keeping a steady pace, her heart thumped in her chest and to her ears, so much that she wondered if he could hear it. Then his fingers traced the inner part of her arm, moving upward slowly while she gazed directly into his eyes. Over and across her shoulder, gently to her neck. She might have wondered if he could feel her pulse, but her mind was wiped clean of everything but his eyes and the warmth of his breath.

Jasen was all too aware of the beating in his own chest. Doing what he hadn't thought he would when he offered her a ride home, he began to lean closer, his eyes darting between hers. Space disappeared between their bodies as his eyes slipped down to her lips. Neither dared to breathe. His lips were soft against her own, gentle and controlled.

Kairi didn't move, not even to kiss him back, too confused in what was happening. Sensing her hesitation, he began to pull himself away. All at once the sensation of his fingertips, the warmth of his body and the contour of his lips overwhelmed her, and she followed him forward, unwilling to let him go. A heavy sigh against his lips was all he needed to encourage him. Sliding his hand further behind her neck and bringing his other to rest on her lower back, he pulled her closer, still moving as gently as he could against her. His lips kneaded her own, warm and welcoming.

Wanting more, she slid her body against his, snaking her own hands up around his neck and deepening their kiss. Every touch of his was sensual and undemanding. His mind told him to slow down, not to push things, but everything about Kairi pulled him in, as if she were the answer to a question he hadn't known he'd asked.

A ripple washed through him as he felt the softness of her tongue brush against his lips, slowly and with mild reservation. Contrary to her expectations, he did not push her away in disgust, but tilted his head even further into her. Regardless, he was unwilling to lose control or take advantage of the moment. With measured hesitancy, he tickled his tongue against hers, eliciting a sigh that tempted his control. She tasted sweet and perfect; he wanted more.

Through his movements, she was all too aware of his desire to go slow, but she needed to be sure slow would never equal stop. Her mouth opened more, pulling him into a deeper kiss as her tongue slid against his teeth. The music still coming from the CD player covered their heavy breathing from everyone else. For them, however, there was no other sound in the room but the gentle moans of the other. Jasen ran his tongue against Kairi's, feeling every muscle and nerve in his body jump with excitement. “Mmm...” She moaned into his lips, causing him to all but lose it.

Without thinking, he moved both hands down her body and hooked underneath her white t-shirt, slowly bringing it upward. She only kissed him more deeply, pulling herself away the smallest bit to allow him to continue. His fingers trailed a path along the outside of her cami, pushing her outer shirt upward painfully slow until it reached her shoulders. Breaking contact for the shortest time possible, she stopped their kiss and lifted her arms. Had he not been so lost in his lust, he would have taken the time to memorize every last inch of her, but she pressed her body quickly against his and urged him forward.

Once her shirt hit the floor, he lowered his lips to her bare neck, clutching at her body and leaving a trail of kisses along the sensitive skin. Kairi's chest rose and fell heavily, breaths only speeding up at his touch. Small moans jumped from her throat, exciting him more, and ripping his self-control even further away. He kissed down to her shoulders, across to the hollow of her throat and up the other side as she twisted her fingers through his hair and began rubbing against him.

He mustered the self-control that remained and pulled his lips from her body to look at her. Sensing his movement, she looked down to him and couldn't help but smile at the gentle look in his eyes. "You have an amazing smile." It wasn't something he intended to say, but it was something he completely meant. Her heart beat wildly in her chest. Her smile didn't falter. The thought was in the forefront of her mind that it was nothing more than a line. Compliments were just part of the game boys played, part of making a girl feel special. "And that wasn't just a line." Taking a deep breath, Jasen tried to slow his thoughts. "It's my last night in town.”

“I know.” She had heard an exchange between the stagehands that told her just this.

“I don't want you to think that that's the reason that you're here. I didn't invite you here because... well, for..."

Kairi chuckled nervously, even more unsure of what to say, and bit down on the corner of her bottom lip. As much as Jasen wanted to keep his intention pure, he couldn't help but watch the movement with interest. "You really shouldn't do that."

“And what happens if I do?”

Jasen's lips found hers again.

Without hesitation, Kairi slipped her tongue past his lips and softly, yet urgently, into his mouth. One less layer separated their skin, and she reveled in his warmth, wanting more of him. She rubbed against his body. Their kissing turned fast and frantic, moans and heavy breaths masked only by the music that still played beyond their awareness. “You feel so good,” Kairi whispered against his lips.

He gripped her quickly, wrapping his hands around her upper thighs and hoisting her up so she sat atop the dresser, not allowing an inch to separate their bodies. His lips dropped again to her neck, earning him a soft moan. Tightly, she secured her legs around him as she threw her head back, bringing his hardened member against her soft, wet, tight...

There was nothing he could do to shake the thoughts from his head as her body rocked up and down against his most sensitive area. Everything about her, the feel of her skin, the flicker of her tongue, her scent, the way her body moved against his left him helpless. She was rocking back and forth, exciting him so deeply that a small band of sweat began to form across his forehead. Only one hope remained in salvaging his control. “Tell me to stop...” He breathed heavily against the perfectly soft skin of her neck. If she said it, he could get back to reality. He needed to hear from her the only thing that could stop him from what he had never planned on doing.

“Don't stop.”

His arms secured her tightly against him as he lifted her and turned them toward the bed. The only thoughts in his head were of her and how badly he wanted her. Kairi was nervous beyond explanation, never having done anything like this before and fearing she couldn't satisfy him. At least, she thought, she was able to turn him on. Their bodies dropped together to the bed, Kairi on her back with him still between her legs.

Frantic kissing passed between the two. He moved without rhythm, passing from her neck to her lips, down to her bared chest and back up to her lips. At times he pulled her up to a seated position, with her straddling his lap, only to lower her back down again. One of his hands stayed planted at the back of her head while the other explored in an equally sporatic pattern.

Still needing more, Kairi grabbed the bottom of his t-shirt and pulled it upward, running her soft hands over his solid back. In no time, he pulled it over his own shoulders and threw it to the floor, unwilling to break from her skin. With a few more solid kisses against her mouth, he kissed down the front of her throat, and continued down her chest until he was pushing at her cami. Groping almost thoughtlessly at her perfectly rounded chest, he began to pull the fabric aside before deciding to get the shirt out of his way completely. He only needed to lift it past her navel before she ripped it off herself, allowing him to adjust his focus to shifting her bra and bringing his tongue to her exposed nipples.

Kneading her breasts together, he moved back and forth between the two quickly. “Mmm...” she moaned, encouraging him. “Oh...yes...” Her fingers wrapped around the back of his head, keeping him in place as their eyes locked. Just looking at him excited her even more; she ground her hips against him. Jasen pressed his lips against hers solidly, quieting her moan, as he unhooked her bra and threw it to join the other abandoned articles of clothing on the floor of his hotel room.

Within seconds, he pulled them both upward, leaving Kairi straddling his lap while he ran his hands over her body, kissing every inch of bare skin he could reach. She consciously had to keep her head from falling backward in ecstasy, wanting to watch him and look him in the eye as he moved along her. His arms wrapped tightly around her back while she rocked against him before his hands fell to the button of her black work slacks, quickly undoing them. Her weight lifted upward, just enough to get the pants as well as her panties past her hips until she simply stood next to the bed and dropped them to the floor, stepping out and moving to climb on top of him again.

Having other plans, he hooked her leg and pulled it above his shoulder, doing the same with the other. Kairi's nerves rose, but she found that she trusted this boy she barely knew and resisted her urge to push him away. Her body hovered above his face, until he gripped her naked thighs solidly and pulled her downward, running his soft warm tongue over her pussy. “Uh!” The sensation almost caused her to fall backwards, but he tightened his hold and steadied her small frame, clamping his lips around her clit and sucking her in.

Once again, she bit down on her bottom lip, this time preventing herself from calling out. Jasen watched her wiggle and twitch, unable to resist her taste and sweet aroma as he ran his tongue over her sensitive skin again and again, sucking on her clit at the perfect time to work her up but keep her from peaking.

She fell back against his knees, which were angled upward, and rested her hands against his stomach, shaking against his grip, but having no strong desire to move. Thoughts of innocence flashed across her mind, but she shoved them away. The look in his eye told Kairi his focus was solely on her, leaving her to want him even more. She wanted to return the pleasure.

Unsure of exactly what to do, she reached behind her, attempting to steady her shaking despite his tongue still flicking against her pussy, and grabbed at his belt, undoing it blindly before moving on to the button of his jeans. Momentarily lost in his frantic flicks of the tongue, she managed to keep from screaming out and worked her hand under the waistband of his jeans. The closer her soft skin moved toward his solid prick, the faster his tongue worked against her. “Shi... yes... oh!”

Her hand wrapped around him and started stroking, causing him to moan against her pussy. Quickly, he freed one hand and pushed his jeans and boxers downward, shifting between pushing and kicking – without once pulling his lips away from her – before dropping them to the floor with his foot. She stroked him behind her back while still bucking against him, working her soft hand up and down him. Stopping quickly, she ran her tongue across her palm to wet it and continued to work his cock. He pulled her upward, wanting to keep the focus solely on her, but she resisted, needing to feel him and pleasure him, as hoped she was doing.

With a different tactic in mind, he lifted her solidly by the hips and threw her to her back. His own body followed quickly and he pinned her legs to her chest before dropped his face to her dripping pussy. He licked her up and down as she pushed against him, “Uh... fuck! Oh, God... uh... uh...”not sure how much longer she could take it. The muscles in her stomach tightened and contracted, shaking every inch of her body. Still, he did not slow, and it was all she could do to keep herself from shoving him off completely, not that she could have moved him an inch if he didn't give in.

Her chest rose and fell heavily. “God... Oh, God!” If she grew any louder, the still-playing music would do nothing to muffle her. Recognizing this, he broke his assault and pulled her downward, covering her mouth with his own. Her juices were sweet on her lips as she ran her tongue across them. “I want you.” She breathed.

Another moment of sense came to him, but it was weak. “We don't have to...”

“Don't stop.” Her eyes were solidly on his, and there was nothing he could do to resist. Pulling away, he reached down toward his jeans, slipping his finger into the pocket and pulling out the small package Hank had forced on him earlier. As much as he had believed he was right when they had argued in the hall, Jasen was suddenly glad for his friend's insistence. He tore the package open quickly and threw the unneeded parts to the floor before slipping the tight latex over himself.

Wrapping an arm around her shoulders, he held her in place and aimed his cock toward her waiting pussy. She breathed deeply, trying to relax herself with the thought of what was about to happen. She told him not to stop, and he wasn't about to. The tip pushed in and she drew a breath sharply. “Hey.” Without pulling back, he raised his eyes to her level and gazed at her, unable to suppress a small sideways smile. “I won't hurt you.” His words came ragged and labored as his breath was anything but steady. Nonetheless, he meant them to be true.

“I know.” She whispered back, still trying to keep herself calm. His smile helped more than any of her own thoughts did, sending butterflies all throughout her insides. Slowly, he began to slide into her, not stopping the motion until his pelvic bone collided with hers. “Uh...” She was tight and warm. He had to concentrate with everything he had to keep from all out fucking her. He didn't want to hurt her in any way, and he could see in her eyes how easily hurt she could be. Again, he dropped his lips to hers and kissed her soundly while beginning to rock in and out of her. The bare skin of their chests rubbed hotly together as she wrapped her arms around his neck, clinging to him. Their kisses broke for only fractions of seconds.

Turning their bodies slightly to the side, he wrapped his fingers around her hip and rocked her body against his, adding to the pace of his thrusts. His tongue ran over her lips, quieting her moans and preventing his own. This was the last thing he had expected to happen when he picked her out of the crowded bar and nothing like Kairi had thought it would be. Countless girls had thrown themselves at him, but he always said no. This girl smiled and he lost all control. Even through the thin latex, her pussy gripped his cock in all the right ways, leaving him grunting with every motion.

Pulling away from their kiss no more than an inch, he stared straight into her eyes, pulling against her hip harder, speeding the movement. Up and down she slid, lost in his eyes and the feeling. His cock rubbed all the right places. His warm skin tingled against her own. His eyes held nothing but passion. “You feel so good,” panting, he echoed the words she had spoken earlier. He slammed into her harder, never breaking eye contact. “Oh, Kairi.”

Hearing a name sent a tingle through her heart, causing her breath the hitch. She wanted him, and had since the moment he touched her in his car. “Don't stop.” She needed him. “Please don't stop.” Their lips brushed together, without kissing, with the sway of her body under his. His solid cock filled her and pushed against her insides, rubbing the perfect places.

“Uh...mmm... I won't. I can't...oh... I want you.” She gripped him tighter as his pace quickened even more. Both found their breath falling to pants and moans. With that speed, she felt herself rising to a high she had never felt before. Just as she was sure it couldn't feel any better, he lowered his other hand to her, grinding his fingertips against her clit as he slammed their bodies together. Kairi buried her face against his neck in an attempt to muffle the rising screams of pleasure. “That feel good?” He whispered against her ear, the sound of his voice almost more than she could handle. Shaking, it was obvious that a loss of control was coming.

“Wait... wait...” Her hand rose to his chest, bracing herself against him to slow him down. With much conscious effort, he relaxed himself, moving in and out slowly, only pulling halfway out before slipping back in. The look in her eye told him a lot: she was scared. He wrapped his arms around her tightly, wanting to make her feel safe as he cradled her head against his chest.

The sound of his heartbeat is what did it. Her breathing slowed and the panic that had begun to fill her subsided. “You okay?” Though unsteady, genuine concern was obvious in his voice. Not trusting her own voice, she nodded against his ribs. “We can stop.” It wasn't a polite offer. He truly meant it.

This time, she shook her head. “I don't want it to stop. You were just...” She chuckled nervously, “I was getting too close.” Again, he was lost in her smile. “I didn't want it to end yet. You feel way to good.” As if to prove her point, she rocked herself back and forth, sliding along his cock.

Tilting her head away from his chest, Jasen kissed her with restrained passion. It was almost impossible to think with her tight pussy wrapped around his cock. “Are you sure?” She looked straight into his eyes and gave a crooked smirk, a good enough answer for him. “Come here.” He rolled further onto his side and pulled her along, facing her away from him. With her back pressed up against his chest, he entered her once more. He hoped that with less pressure against her clit, she would get what she wanted and last longer.

Locking his arms around her chest, he held her in place and moved with deliberate speed, leaning down to slip his tongue past her lips. She returned his kiss eagerly, moaning against his lips and allowing herself to get lost in every sensation. He rocked in and out of her quickly, as her pussy refused to release him. An arm moved to her middle while the other stayed tightly against her chest. “Oh...oh... God...” The words muffled against his mouth as she tried not to call out. The CD moved on to another track, but neither noticed.

He sped up, slamming himself against her with a small grunt to punctuate each movement. Almost overwhelmed, she clutched to his hand, intertwining her fingers with his desperately. He was at a steady pace, loving nothing more than the feel of being inside of her, but knowing he was getting close. The hand on her stomach began to slip downward. “How does it feel?”

“Oh God!”

“Does it feel good?” He knew the answer, but wanted to get her thinking about exactly what was happening. His hand slid further down.

“Yes... yes!”Her screams, one again, were quieted against his lips as his fingers found her clit.

“I want to make you cum.” His thrusts came faster as his fingers began to rub against her. She squirmed and bucked. “Cum for me.” Instantly, she was scared. Kairi had no idea what it would be, what it should feel like. Just as she decided to push him away again, a new sensation came to her. Jasen's cock tightened and twitched inside of her, and she realized just how close he was. More than anything in that moment, Kairi wanted for this boy to get his release. More than anything in that moment, Jasen wanted to give a release to her. He thrust in and out of her pussy with measured speed, but as quickly as he could, rubbing his fingers solidly against her most sensitive spot. Grunts and groans fell from his lips without pause. “I want to make you cum.” He whispered to her again, this time making it obvious how determined he was.

Kairi saw only one option that didn't scare the hell out of her. “AH! God! Yes...YES!” Allowing her body to tense and shift in all the right ways, she faked it as best she could, hoping he would never know the difference.

“Mmm!” He thrust deep into her before the tension became too much and he released. Everything caught in the bit of latex Hank had forced on him, but Kairi could feel the shift nonetheless. “Oh God...” He panted, planting a small kiss on her neck. “Wow... Jesus...” Before moving away from her, he lay with her in his arms, attempting to regain his breath. Kairi anticipated a wave of regret to come over her as soon as the high was done, but as Jasen began to plant small, slow kisses along her bare neck and shoulder – a place she never knew was so sensitive or sensual – she felt nothing close to regret.

Inch by inch, Jasen slid his softening cock out of her, and marveled at the sense of loss that accompanied the final inch. “You...” He began between kisses as he worked his way up to her lips. “I...” There was a desire to tell Kairi that he loved her, but that wasn't true – not yet anyway – and those were words he would never speak unless he meant them. He felt something though, something he wasn't certain of how to put into words.

Just as he was about to try again, Kairi turned and looked at him, a perfect tentative smile across her lips. “You are so beautiful.” As her entire body filled with warmth, her smile was almost lost in her confusion. If she was just a one night stand, why would he need to compliment afterward, after he had already gotten what he wanted. Stealing her thoughts away, Jasen tickled his fingertips lightly across the side of her face, settling just below her chin. He leaned down and pressed his warm lips gently against her own, kissing her slowly but without sense of holding back. Neither felt the need to slide their tongue against the other, desiring instead the more intimate and less erotic.

When their kissing ended with final pecks, Jasen slid his hand further down her body and, finding her own fingertips, brushed against her skin gently. “Don't go anywhere, okay?” He whispered against her skin. “I'll be right back.” She nodded, and both watched and felt as he raised himself from the bed and moved away from her. Picking his jeans and shirt up from the floor, he pulled them on quickly and worked his way over to the door. As soon as he slipped out, Kairi released a heavy sigh and tried to put her thoughts in order. This night – morning really – was not supposed to mean a thing. One night stands happened in movies, that was her only frame of reference. This didn't seem right. It didn't feel like the detached crazy things that she always saw.

Jasen stood in the bathroom with the door closed, leaning over the sink after he had tossed the condom in the toilet. While he knew it wasn't the best place for it, the last thing he wanted was for Hank to find it. This was something he did not want to share with anyone else. Looking at himself in the mirror, he retraced the night, unable to believe that it had ended up the way it did. How, when he never desired or imagined more than spending innocent time with Kairi, had he ended up with her naked in his bed? He wished he had taken his time more, his thoughts traveling back to her talking about girls being reduced to meat. The only thing he knew was that he had to see her again. It couldn't be a one night stand if he had always intended on talking to her after this night.

Working his way back into the room and over to the perfect naked form that lie under his covers, he decided to ask her for whatever he could get: phone number, e-mail, skype name... anything. That information, however, could wait until morning, after he had felt her in his arms again. “You must be exhausted.” His comment came as he stripped off his shirt and threw it once again to the floor.

She nodded, nervous about what was to come. Being kicked out would make everything that had happened a bit harder to handle. “Do you want me to leave?”

“What?” He stopped in the middle of dropping his jeans, standing in just his boxers, and looked at her squarely. “No, of course not.” Crawling over her, he pulled her small naked frame against his body. “I want you to stay right here for as long as you can.” Both reveling in the other's warmth, they were pulled gently toward sleep as the sunrise began to peak through the window shades. “Don't go anywhere, okay?” He whispered again, just seconds before his consciousness left him.

He kissed her shoulder gently before moving to climb over her. The clock next to the bed told him it was a little after ten in the morning, earlier than he would have expected to awaken given the time they finally laid down for sleep. Pulling the same pair of jeans and the t-shirt he had worn the night before back on, he scribbled a note on the watermarked pad of the hotel. After positioning it under the clock, a place he hoped she would see it if she so much as glanced at the time, he pressed his lips firmly to her forehead. “I'll be right back.”

The sound of a door closing jolted her from sleep. The second her eyes opened, she realized that she had stupidly fallen asleep with her contacts in, again. Vision blurry, she reached to her night stand for her glasses -- so she could get her contacts out and have her sight back -- brushing aside the few things that were there, before quickly realizing it wasn't her night stand. In that moment, she also realized the only fabric covering her body was the thin sheet of the bed. The night came back to her in a rush as she blinked frantically, shifting her contacts around until things became clearer. With a glance at the clock, she saw it was a bit after ten. A glance in the other direction, however, told her that there was no one else in the bed.

Quickly surveying her surroundings, she noticed Jasen's clothing was gone from the floor, but her own remained as a scattered mess. He woke up and disappeared, probably hiding out somewhere until he thought that she would have left, saving him from awkwardly having to kick her out. Wanting to get home and get her glasses on, she quickly collected her things from the floor and dressed herself. When she moved out into the main area of the hotel, she looked into the bathroom, the kitchen and the living room area. All were empty.

Just as she was about to travel to the door, she realized there was something more she wanted, a memento to always prove the night had been real. Once she opened the CD player and slipped the disc from its grip, she surveyed the room once more, noticing the messy bed, the remaining stack of CDs and the abandoned video game controllers from when they had been playing. She did not, however, notice the piece of paper she had knocked to the floor. With nothing else to do, she slipped her shoes back on her feet and left the hotel room, already looking forward to the mile long walk that would help her clear her head.

Kairi – Whatever you do, please don't leave. I just went to get us some breakfast, and I will be right back. I want to see you again after today. -Jasen

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