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A video tape and a threat insure a half billion dollar government loan.
Three masked men stood in the room. One had a gun and two had cameras. "Get the fuck out of your clothes now, both of you," the one with the gun said to me. "You are the swing vote on the bill that is going to give the company that we represent five hundred million dollars and the people that sent us here want to make sure that you vote the way they want so they get the money. If you don't do exactly what we tell you, your wife and daughter might just unfortunately be involved in a terrible auto accident some day. Do you understand?" I nodded my head yes.

I'm Hank D. Henderson, jr, a congressman from the state of Alabama. I'm am on a committee that is about to approve or disapprove a government loan to a green jobs company for half a billion dollars. The others are firm on their like or dislike of this loan. I had publicly stated that I was still considering it but leaning against it. I got a phone call and a man who said he was a lobbyist said he would like to talk to me before the vote. I agreed to allow him to come over. I thought that he was hinting that he might be able to make it worth my while to listen to him. I've never been against a little $ friendly $ persuasion. My wife was out of town for a couple days giving a talk to a women's group about protecting children's rights.

The doorbell had wrung at ten at night, just when I was expecting him. When I opened the door these three masked men pushed their way in. I was pushed onto the couch and my daughter was dragged form her room and pushed onto the couch with me. Now I stood in the living room with them and my sixteen-year-old daughter and we were being told to undress by men with guns and cameras. "Let her go back to her room. She's only sixteen and she never ...." was all that I got out when I was punched in the stomach. I doubled over but was pulled back up.

Joann, my daughter was sobbing and hanging on to me. I looked at her and said, "I'm sorry, Honey but we don't have a choice."

"I understand, Daddy,” she said as she reached for the first button of her blouse. Soon we were both standing there, naked. Joann is a very pretty girl. She is tall at 5'7" but only weighs about 120 pounds. She has a thin build and breasts that are no more than 32-B's. I looked away from her as we stood there in front of the strangers. Click, click, click went the still camera and I could see the man with the motion camera pointing it straight at the action. The men laughed. “Look at that limp little dick”. I'm only about three inches soft and right now my dick felt like it was trying to hide.

"Put your cock in your daughter's mouth Mr. Congressman."

"I can't do that. She's my daughter and she's never..." At that point I got another punch to the gut and fell to the floor. When I got up, my daughter looked at me and said, "it's Ok Daddy. I know that we have to do what they say and I'm not a virgin."

I looked at her with some shock in my expression. I had never thought of my little girl having sex with anybody. She slowly dropped to her knees in front of me and took my cock in her hand. Her head came forward and her lips touched the tip of my manhood. Slowly her tongue licked around the head and then she slid her lips over my shaft. As much as I did not want it to, the wonderful feeling was making me react, and I started to harden.

"Put your hands behind her head and start fucking her mouth."

Soon I was my full six inches and Joann was matching my thrusts with pushes of her own till almost all of me was disappearing in her mouth with each thrust. Her lips were tight around my shaft and each time I was almost all the way out of her mouth, she would lick around my prick head. My little girl gives better head than her mother ever did.

"It looks like you two are enjoying yourselves" the man with the gun said. "That's enough of that. OK little girl. Get on the couch and spread those skinny legs wide so your daddy can get between them."

I heard her tell me, "It's Ok Daddy. I've actually wanted you to make love to me for a long time, not like this but I have wanted it."

I got on my knees, between her legs and holding my erect cock, I started to approach her with it. "Not yet, Congressman. Eat your daughter's cunt first and don't stop till she cums." I leaned forward. The smell was heavenly and the taste of her already very wet pussy was delightful. I ate her out for about five minutes. I could tell from her sounds that she was enjoying it as much as I was. Finally my little Joann had a hard orgasm on my face. She grabbed my head and pulled me to her as she screamed that she was cumming. Her cum erupted from her and heavily coated my face from nose to chin.

All the time, the two men with the cameras moved around to get the best filming angles to show the congressman and his daughter with many close-ups of their faces so anyone looking could not help but knowing who they were and what they were doing. "Now shove your cock in her and fuck her good and hard."

With strongly mixed emotions I guided my cock into my daughter's baby making tunnel. I entered easily and in one slow push I was balls deep in her. As I pushed my cock into her, she matched my thrusts with pushes of her own. "Oh, yes Daddy, fuck my cunt. Do it deep and hard. It feels so good."

After several minutes and another good orgasm for her I felt my balls tightening and my cock getting extra hard. "Oh God Joann, I'm gonna cum." Then the guy with the gun spoke. "Don't cum in her. Pull out and stroke your self till you cum on her face." I didn't know if she was on the pill of what time of the month it was for her, so I was happy to pull out. I positioned myself next to her face and stroked my rod a few last times till I started blasting my load onto her pretty face. I may not have a big cock but I have always made a lot of cum and this time was no different.

The first thick white string hit her on the forehead and went up into her hair. The second and third were the biggest and they went in her tightly closed eyes and over her cheeks. I looked at her and saw that she had her mouth wide open. I put my cock head on her lower lip and the fourth and fifth cum shots went straight into her mouth. Joann closed her lips on my cock and swallowed. She looked at me and smiled.

I was pulled off and handcuffed in a chair. At the same time I was being cuffed, the man with the still camera put it down and started undressing. He was a big black man. I could see that he was already hard. His cock was only about an inch longer than mine but it was almost twice as thick. "No. Leave her alone. Please. You have everything you need and I promise I am going to vote the way you want. Please leave her alone." I struggled but was fixed tight to the chair.

He approached my daughter and roughly pulled her legs apart. With one hard push he buried his prick, that looked to be as thick as my wrist, in my daughter, stretching her vaginal walls further than they had ever been stretched. She screamed but I couldn't tell if it was in pain or in pleasure. He pounded her cunt. The movie camera got great shots of his black pecker pounding in and out of her teen aged white cunt. He was wearing a mask but the one with the gun also pointed out that they would edit the movie so you could not see his face so no one could tell that she was being forced.

The physical pleasure overcame her fear and, I hope, dislike of what was happening and soon she was tightly gripping the cushions, rolling her head back and forth and pumping her cunt up to meet his thrusts. "Oh fuck. Oh shit. Don't stop. Pound me. Pound me hard with that huge black prick. Yesssss."

"I'm gonna cum. I'm gonna fill that pretty little tight white pussy full of my black seed."

I yelled for him to pull out, not to cum in my daughter but he had no thought about pulling out. He held his head back and his prick deeply in my daughter, as he pumped shot after shot of his cum into her cunt. He finally pulled out and with his jet-black prick still in the camera shot, they got a good close up if his cum dripping out of her well fucked white pussy. Joann lay there almost passed out.

Next he came over to me. "OK congressman, suck my cock nice and clean." I kept my mouth shut. He slapped me hard across the face and then pulled my hair. I opened my mouth and he promptly shoved his thick black price down my throat while the camera caught it all. I gagged and tried to throw up but my throat was too full to let anything out. He held himself down my throat till I was on the verge of passing out before he pulled out. He dressed and after tying us together with my daughter sitting on my lap facing me, they left. "Remember how to vote or worse than this will happen."

We tried to get loose but could not. Late the next afternoon when my wife got home, she found us. Still naked and tied together in the chair, my erect cock between our daughter's legs.

The next day a package was left at our front door. It was a DVD with a fancy label that said, 'Congressman Henderson's life at home.' I went into my office and watched it. It had been very carefully cut so that it looked like my daughter and I and the black man were happily enjoying the sexual threesome that we were really forced to have. The note said that this would go to a lot of important people if we ever crossed the people who made it.

The following day was the vote on the bill. Before the vote, the other democrat members of the committee and I had a final meeting. I told them that I was going to vote to pass the bill to give the green jobs company the half billion dollars. There were high fives and pats on the back. No one understood why I was not as happy about what we were doing as they were.



2013-11-06 09:11:54
Could we do something like this to many of them to get rid of Obamacare?

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2011-12-30 11:00:11
I bet Republicans are going to like this story but Democrats are not going to.

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2011-11-27 01:45:14
And now green company's are failing. There's a hole program about how the actual number of jobs were fixed to make it look like alot. Ok story though.

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2011-11-24 10:49:55
Like to have seen the congressman think about how much he enjoyed it, and eventually come back for a voluntary round with his daughter.

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2011-11-23 21:17:25
I really don't know what to say but I think it ended to suddenly create more but otherwise good job

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