It had been a few months since they met online. Josh & Zooey were young, horny & ready. Zooey was from Canada & Josh was from America. They had waited & waited for the chance to meet & "get acquainted" with each other. They had shared photos to each other. Zooey had been fantasizing about Josh's cock just as much as Josh had fantasized about her perky tits & tight pussy. When they came face to face, a giant hug was exchanged. They hailed a taxi & went to a near by motel. They sat on the bed looking deeply into the other eyes. Zooey licked her lips as Josh talked, Josh noticed & gave her a wink & a slight grin. Zooey gestured for Josh to take his cock out, Josh slowly reached into his pants & pulled out a thick, long cock. Zooey stared at it in amazement, this is the cock she had been dreaming about for the past months, she took it by her hand & slowly jerked him off. She stuck her tongue out & barely licked it, She enjoyed what she tasted. So then with some hesitation managed to get his cock all the way in her tiny mouth, she bobbed her head & the sensation Josh received was incredible. He moaned her name, Zooey liked it, she pulled his dick out & smiled at him. She then kissed the head gently & continued to suck. She was about to deepthroat him but was stopped by Josh, he pulled her up & kissed her hard, Zooey started to tremble. Josh lied her down on the bed & slowly pulled off every article of clothing she had. Then he kissed her sweet lips, & continued kissing everything in between her mouth & her pussy. The chin, then the neck, the shoulders, the tits, the stomach & finally her pussy. He slipped his tongue onto the lips of the vagina. He licked slow, like a child licking a lollipop. Zooey breathed hard with enjoyment, she was enjoying the sensation of Josh's lips on her sweet, tight pussy, He then shoved his tongue deep inside her increasingly wet vagina, He then licked with increasing force. He started to roll his tongue inside her, emulated a vibrator. Zooey's moans were becoming increasingly loud & she came in Josh's mouth, she quickly apologized before Josh shushed her, smiled & got back to work. He proceeded to take his pointer finger & middle finger & while continuing to eat her out, shoved them into his moist vagina. He then took his pinky finger & inserted it into her asshole. The sensation drove Zooey insane & she came again, this time Josh stood & inserted his penis into her vagina. He started slow & got increasingly fast with each thrust. He was making Zooey feel amazing. She smiled while she screamed Josh's name. He could tell he was doing a good job. He looked into Zooey's eyes & she looked back & what they saw as they were engaged in the sexual encounter was not lust, but rather love, Zooey loved Josh because he wanted her to feel good, & Josh was happy to give, the two had met online & Shared pictures of each other nude, & here they were months later sharing sex, but having it be about more than sex, rather the two cared about each other & wanted the other to feel satisfied, Josh wanted Zooey to feel like the most important girl in the world, rather than just another girl who had sex, Zooey & Josh shared a long kiss with each other. The two were feeling amazing, Zooey told Josh to lie down and she grabbed his cock, she gave him a hard & pleasurable blowjob, she made Josh shout her name & she enjoyed that, just as much as Josh enjoyed hearing Zooey shout his name, She then got on top of Josh & rode him. Josh grabbed her ass & as she rode on top of him, they shared another kiss, Both were moaning & shouting the others name by this point & Zooey could tell that Josh was at the point of cumming, so she got off & started sucking again, she was going to be perfectly sure all his warm, white, gooey cum was going to be in her mouth, She gave him the most amazing blowjob she could & it paid off, after only 2 minutes, Josh shot a huge load of cum into Zooey's mouth, she savored the flavor in her mouth, she enjoyed every drop of his cum. The two then got in the bed & just layed there looking into each others eyes, they smiled & giggled at each other, It was at this moment that both of them realized what they had was more then chatting online & having sex in person. Josh gazed at Zooey's eyes & she gazed back as his, they shared a final kiss & fell asleep together, The next morning they both woke up almost at the same time, they showered, got a breakfast at McDonald's & on the way to the airport, Josh & Zooey hugged for an almost endless period of time, neither wanting to let the other go. But they eventually did let go & as Josh got onto the plane he looked down at Zooey for the last time that day. He was both happy & sad, Happy that he got to see the woman he'd been waiting to see for months, but sad that it had to end. As he got home later that day he got online to see he had a message from Zooey it was a long poem about how much she cared for him, Josh printed it off & put it on his fridge, He knew, that the next time they met, it was going to be more amazing than the last time.

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2011-12-25 17:10:25
You can't talk that long without taking a breath.
You need pierions and parahraphs.


2011-11-26 10:02:31
Horrible - writing skills of a 12 yr old. Poor grammar, story line non-existent. What, you get your rocks off to this shit?

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