One rainy night, in a fit of sexual desperation Cindy ended up seducing her son's best friend Dennis. Late into the night and throughout the next day of sexual activities she eventually discovered that Dennis and a group of his friends shared videos and pictures of their own mothers. Soon afterwards she found herself making her own video for them, while the group eagerly watched. First, she masturbated in front of them using only her fingers. Then she let the group bring her to orgasm using their fingers. Now it was their turn to get off, and they were eagerly waiting...
After several minutes Cindy slowly opened her eyes and saw herself on the TV screen again. The image of her naked body, lying on the coffee table, legs spread wide and exposing her shaved pussy mound, with four obviously aroused teenagers standing over her caused her body to shiver. Thinking for a moment she decided, ‘They definitely deserve a reward for that.’ Looking up at them she said, “I can’t begin to tell how great that felt…” after she looked at each of them in turn she asked, “…what can I do to thank you.” Cindy saw her image on the TV disappear, and then the frozen image of Dennis' mother and the man fucking her come on the screen. Dennis put the video in reverse mode. A moment later he stopped it and it started playing forward again. Dennis then looked at his three friends, after they got a look if the action on the TV they looked at him, nodded, and then they all turned to look down at her. Cindy then looked from the TV to each of them. She knew what they wanted. Smiling, she also nodded and sat up on the coffee table. She now had four hard dicks within her reach.

Looking to her right she grabbed Brandon's dick first and starting jerking him off. To her left Steve stepped closer and was rewarded when she grabbed his dick with her other hand. Again she found herself jerking both of their dicks at the same time, only this time she was in a position to do more. Looking up at Dennis she saw his wide grin as he watched her stroking the dicks of two of friends. Looking into her eyes it only took him a moment before he nodded to her and then towards Brandon. When she saw him wink at her she realized he was OK with this.

Turning back to Brandon she leaned over and immediately took his dick into her mouth. She felt his body stiffen for a second as he took a sudden, deep breath. She took him almost all the way into her mouth before sliding back up to the head of his dick again. Sucking on the head of his dick she started stroking its shaft with her hand clenched around it. After several hand strokes she again slid her mouth down its shaft and began stroking it with her mouth. She slid her head up and down its length several times before sliding back up his dick and began sucking and tonguing the head again. Again she resumed stroking his shaft with her clenched hand. The whole time she had her other hand on Steve's dick lightly stroking him. As she continued stroking his dick she suddenly had a familiar taste burst onto her tongue. She prepared to start swallowing quickly, but then realized it was only a bit of pre-cum. Then a mischievous thought crossed her mind and she decided to changed tactics.

Picking up the pace of her hand she stroked even faster as she licked and sucked on the head of his dick. It didn't long before she heard his breathing get deeper and louder. A moment later she stopped stroking his dick, tightened her grip to hold it in place and lifted her head up to look at him. His breath faltered and he immediately looked down at her. She smiled up at him and then leaned over to her left suddenly. Using her other hand she guided Steve's hard dick into her mouth. As she lowered her mouth onto him in she heard him suddenly suck in a sharp, deep breath. She immediately stroked his dick with her mouth several times before coming up and sucking on just the head. Then she started stroking him with her clenched hand. It wasn't more then three or four strokes before she tasted pre-cum in her mouth again. 'I guess he's not going last long." she thought. Sliding her hand all the way down his shaft she lowered her mouth and began stroking him with her lips and tongue. Another taste of pre-cum entered her mouth and she knew he was almost there. She quickly brought her mouth up and off his dick as she grabbed it in a tight grip like she had Brandon's.

Leaning back over to Brandon she immediately took his dick into her mouth again. Pushing down on him until the head of his dick was almost touching the back of her throat before she came back up his shaft again. Then she began fully stroking him with her mouth. After several more strokes she slid back up and began stroking him with her hand as she resumed sucking and licking just the head again. When she tasted a bit more pre-cum leak into her mouth she immediately slid her mouth all the way down the length of his dick again before pulling her mouth all the way off him again. And again she grabbed her in iron grip as leaned back over and took Steve back into her mouth. "Oh shit..." she heard Steve say as she started fully stroking him with her mouth again. Up and down she bobbed on his dick before she started sucking and lick on just the head and started jerking him off again. Suddenly she felt Steve's body tense up as the first jet of cum shot into her mouth. She quickly dropped her mouth down the length of his dick with her forefinger and thumb making tight "O" as she went. By the time her hand and mouth touched down against his pubic hair and were both on their way back up his dick he shot two more jets of cum into her. After several more mouth/hand strokes (and as many spurts of cum) she felt his dick start to soften and his body begin to relax. Slowing her pace she worked her mouth up and down on his shrinking dick three more times before just sucking and licking on it. When she was finally satisfied that he was fully satisfied she pulled her mouth back until his now soft dick slipped from between her lips. Giving it one more lick, and smiling as he drew in a quick breath, she looked up at him to see a look of rapture. Letting go of Steve's dick she then turned back to Brandon.

Easing her grip a bit, Cindy started stroking Brandon's dick slowly with her one hand, as she reached over with the other and began to softly fondle his balls. Looking up she almost laughed at the expression on his face. He was watching her hands playing with his dick and balls and she could only imagine what was running through his head. 'Speaking of which...' she thought as her mouth engulfed his dick again and her once more tasted the pre-cum leaking out. She heard his sharp intake of breath as she started moving her mouth up and down his dick again. Taking her time she brought her mouth slowly up his shaft before sliding back down again. While one hand continued playing with his balls, the other began massaging the base of his dick in a tight grip, as her mouth continued to slowly slide up and down its length. She heard his breathing start to speed up. When her mouth reached the head of his dick again she started sucking and licking as her hand began stroking the length of his dick. His breathing got louder and she felt his body begin to tremble. Suddenly he tensed up and she felt the first jet of cum spurt into her mouth. She quickly lowered her mouth as another jet of cum hit her throat and tongue. Swallowing quickly she held her mouth on his dick and felt several more spurts fill her it. For a second she almost thought she might gag, but she found her rhythm and managed swallowed it as fast as it flooded her mouth. Soon the last spurt leaked out and she sucked it from him greedily. She continued to licking and sucking him until he was completely soft again. Releasing his dick from her mouth she looked up at the wonder and relief on his face.

Then she turned and looked at the two hard dicks at the end of the coffee table. “Now what shall I do with you two?” she said as she slowly scooted her ass down to the edge of the table. She knew what she wanted to do, but she didn’t think she could bring herself to cross that line, not in front of the whole group, or with the whole group. A small shiver tingled its way up her back at the thought all four of them using her as they pleased. 'Well, at least not yet.' she admitting to herself.

"Um, Mrs. J...if it would it be OK...I'd like to do something different." Mike hesitantly said.

'Huh oh...' she thought, ' it comes.' Cindy realized that this was the first time she had heard Mike say anything, must less say something to her. 'He must be the shy one of the group,' she thought. But the problem now was she didn't know how she was going to let him down easy when he asked to fuck her. Even as turned on as she was she didn't think she could bring herself to do that...'yet,' a little voice in her head chimed in. Cindy was still thinking about how she was going to answer his unspoken question when he asked, "Would it be OK, if I could do that to you instead?"

Cindy stopped in mid-thought as a shiver shot up her spine. She was so completely surprised by what he just asked that she sat there looking up at him for a moment. She then asked, "You mean, you would like to try giving me oral sex, instead of receiving it?" When Mike nodded she felt another shiver move up her back. Her mind was racing now with thoughts of how she felt about letting him go down on her, and what it could lead to. She was still turned-on from her recent orgasm, and even more so now that she had just giving two of the boys blowjobs. And now Mike was asking to go down on her instead of getting a blowjob himself. Another shiver shot up her spine and she felt suddenly flush with excitement. Without a second thought she laid back down on the coffee table and spread her knees as far apart as she could. She looked up at Mike as her breathing quickened and she prepared herself for what was about to happen next.

Mike watched her as she lay down and spread her legs for him, and then he looked at Dennis. Dennis leaned over and started whispering something to him and Cindy watched as Mike kept looking at her pussy as he listened. Mike pulled back after something Dennis said and looking at him asked, "Really?" When Dennis nodded Mike looked back down at her pussy, and then Dennis whispered some more. Cindy was starting to really feel the need to be touched as she watched the Dennis prepping Mike for what he was about to do. Cindy noticed the other two boys had moved down to where they could better see what was about to happen. Finally, Mike pulled away from Dennis and looked at him again. Dennis nodded again and Mike turned back toward Cindy.

Cindy watched with bated breath as Mike stepped forward and then knelt down between her spread legs. Reaching behind her she pulled the pillows underneath her head so she could watch him taste pussy for the first time, her pussy. She was starting to breathe faster as she watched and waited for him to touch her. Dennis started moving the video camera, tri-pod and all, over a bit and when she looked up at the TV she saw why. In its original position Mike's body would have blocked the action. Now it showed a clear shot of her lying on the coffee table from an angle, and her pussy would be in clear view when Mike started on her. She watched the TV as Mike lowered his head, but then he stopped. Then she saw him look up. She looked down at Mike and saw him looking at her, a hesitant look on his face. Cindy smiled at him for a moment, and then said, "Go ahead Mike, explore."

Cindy watched as Mike lowered his head. She could see him inspecting her pussy with great care, looking at it from top to bottom. Then he lowered his mouth, extended his tongue and gently licked her shaven pussy. Her body shivered at his touch and he glanced up at her. He watched her face until she smiled at him, then he licked her again. Again she shivered, but he this time he didn’t look up. Cindy looked up and saw that Dennis had put the video of his mother back on the TV.

As the woman sucked the man’s dick he reached down and started fingering her pussy. Her head starting moving fast as she continued to stroke him with her mouth.

Slowly Mike traced Cindy’s pussy from the top near her clit, all the way to the bottom near her ass, and then back again. Slowly up, and then slowly down, over and over.

After rubbing just inside the woman’s pussy lips for a minute the man suddenly thrust a finger inside her. She faltered for a second in her dick sucking, but then continued even more vigorously.

Cindy felt her breathing get a little faster when Mike almost reached her clit, but his tongue fell just short of it again. Soon his tongue licked down far enough to almost touch her asshole, before licking its way back up again.

The man then pushed a second finger into the woman’s pussy and began pushing them both deeper into her as his palm began pushing against her pussy mound and clit each time he thrust them in.

A soft moan escaped Cindy’s lips and her back arched slightly as Mike's tongue this time parted her pussy lips slightly on its way up. Another shiver raced up her back as continued its slow progress until it once again almost touched her clit.

Cindy groaned when the tongue left her pussy. Sitting up Mike seemed to roll his tongue around in his mouth for a second, then smiled and lowered his head again. She felt his tongue again start at the bottom of her pussy, but this time it plowed deeply between her pussy lips on its way up, spreading them wide apart. Her lower back came completely off the coffee table and her sudden intake of air signaled her complete surprise. Now his tongue dug into her pussy as it prodded and probed as deeply as it could.

As the woman began to deep throat the man beside her he suddenly pulled his fingers out of her pussy. Grabbing her shoulders he pushed her off his dick and back down onto the blanket on the floor. Then he climbed between her wide-spread legs.

Watching the TV and feeling Mike’s tongue inside her Cindy couldn’t believe how turned on she was, and how desperately she wanted to cum again. His tongue was doing a pretty good job, but she now needed more.

The woman reached down and grabbed the man's hard dick. She guided it to her pussy and began rubbing it around at the entrance. Then she pulled her hand away. The man suddenly lunged forward and shoved his dick all the way into her pussy. He then began to fuck her with long, hard strokes.

As Cindy watched Dennis' mother (Laura) on the TV her own body began to respond to the action. When she saw Laura's body language indicate she was about to have another orgasm she felt her own orgasm approach. Then...

The woman cried out as the man fucked her without mercy, pounding into her pussy again and again. Her back arched and she cried out again as her body began to shake all over.

Cindy suddenly felt Mike licking her clit and a wave of passion began to wash over her just as she watched Laura's orgasm play out on the TV. As Laura's body began to push upwards to meet the thrusts of the man fucking her Cindy grabbed Mike's head and held it against her. She rocked her hips upwards against Mike's mouth and tongue as waves of passion washed over her.

The woman's cries of pleasure die out, but her heavy breathing can still be heard as the man continues fucking her.

Cindy's body slowly began to come down off of her euphoric high, but she was still eager for more. Mike had stopped licking her clit and his tongue was now digging between her pussy lips again. To her left and right, Steve and Brandon were watching eagerly as their friend continued licking her pussy in front of them. And Brandon was already hard again. Cindy heard Laura cry out and looked up to the TV as she began another orgasm while the man fucked her. Cindy was getting excited, but her body wasn't close enough to cum again just yet. Still watching the TV she saw...

Then the pace of the man fucking the woman started to slow, at the same time he started to really pound into the woman's pussy. His breathing started coming in deep, strong gasps as his own orgasm hit him. His dick slammed into her pussy several more times before he suddenly pulled out of her. Still breathing heavily he got up and walked around her, then plopped down on the edge of a big easy-chair.

Mike was still licking her pussy as Cindy watched the man cum inside of Laura, then get up and sit down in a chair behind her. Then she watched as Laura got up.

Then the woman slowly rolled over and got on her hands and knees. She crawled between the man's legs, raised up to a kneeling position, and then took the man's soft dick into her mouth. Then she began sucking on it as if she wanted to get him hard again.

Cindy started breathing heavy as she watched Laura take the man's dick into her mouth. She pushed Mike off of her pussy and quickly sat up. Mike sat there on his heels for a moment until Cindy said, "Stand up." Confused, Mike did as he was told. Cindy then reached out, grabbed his dick and then leaned over and took him into her mouth.

"Oh shit!" Mike said as she started sucking on his dick. Cindy heard his breathing coming faster and deeper and then she felt his dick erupt as it began spurting cum into mouth. She sucked and swallowed until his body stopped trembling and his dick was completely soft, then she let it slip from her lips. When he was done Mike staggered back a bit, before going over and almost collapsing into one of the chairs next to the coffee table. Cindy looked up and saw Laura still sucking on the man's soft dick. As she watched Brandon stepped up next to her with his hard dick pointing right at her. Cindy knew what was coming next so she turned towards Brandon and took the head of his dick into her mouth. He stepped a little closer and she took more of his dick into her mouth, but not all of it. She began stroking his dick with her mouth, but didn't use her hands at all. Slowly she continued to suck and stroke his dick with her mouth, waiting for what was to come.

After a few minutes she felt his hands cup the back of her head and pull her mouth all the way do on his dick. With his dick now filling her mouth she pulled her knees up until she was kneeling on the table with her hands bracing her on the tables edge. Then she felt fingers rubbing her pussy from behind. She felt a shiver race up her back as a single finger began probing inside her pussy. Brandon raised her head up until only the head of his dick was still in her mouth. He allowed her to tilt her head enough to see the TV screen.

The man in the chair was holding the woman's head down on his dick and another man was now kneeling between the woman's fully exposed ass. With the first man holding her head down both her ass and pussy were totally vulnerable to anything the second man wanted to do to her.

Another shiver shot up her back as she realized that her naked ass was just as vulnerable to these horny teenagers. Just then she felt fingers being pushed inside her pussy.

The second man then pushed his dick into the woman from behind as the first continued holding her head on his dick. Her back suddenly arched and the man behind began fucking her.

The fingers inside her started pumping into just like the man on the TV was fucking Laura. Cindy felt her body respond as her hips began to rock slowly back and forth against the fingers. She didn't know whose fingers those actually were, but she suspected they belonged to Dennis'. Brandon adjusted his position from standing to the side of her to standing right in front of her, then he pulled her head back down onto his dick. Although she couldn't glance up at the TV now, she could visualize the scene for herself. In fact she imagined that Dennis was kneeling behind her fucking her doggie style with his dick instead of his fingers while Brandon was in front of her fuck her mouth. That thought caused her body to tremble a bit and another shiver shot up her back. Several minutes later the fingers pushing into her starting pushing even faster and then she felt his hand hitting her ass as he practically shoved the finger up into her. Cindy realized that the man fucking Laura on the TV must be cumming, but she couldn't see the TV with Brandon now standing in front of her. Brandon was now holding her head still as while he fucked her mouth with long, slow strokes.

Suddenly the fingers pulled out of her and she felt someone tugging on blanket under her right knee. Raising her knee up she felt the blanket being moved out from under her one knee and pushed all the way over to her other knee. As Brandon continued fucking her mouth she felt something brush against her pussy for a second, then heard something slammed down on the table between her knees. A second later Brandon let go of her head and pulled his dick out of her mouth.

Cindy immediately looked down between her knees and saw the dildo Dennis had picked out for her earlier. It was one of his mother's toys that he had pulled it out of a chest in his parents' closet while they were discussing what she might like to try in front of the group for the her video (she couldn’t remember what else he had picked out with it, but they both had something to do with the video). The dildo was molded to look like a real dick, complete with a circumcised head and little veins running along it. Plus it had a large suction cup attached to the bottom so it could stand straight up without being held. It looked larger stuck on the coffee table beneath her and pointing straight up at her pussy. Then she heard his mother's voice on the TV so she looked up...

The man from the chair had moved down to lie on the floor, and the woman was now straddling his dick. She had a hold of his now hard dick and was pointing it straight up as she lowered her pussy onto it. As she lowered her hips the man's dick disappeared inside of her. Her head was now back and her eyes closed.

Cindy looked back between her legs and reached for the toy. Then she lowered her hips until the head of the toy pushed up between her pussy lips. Slowly she lowered herself until the toy sank almost completely into her. 'Oh, I sooo have to get one of these.' she thought to herself. She heard Laura softly moaning and automatically moved her hips upwards. Still watching between her legs she came up until just an inch or so of the toy remained inside of her before lowering her hips again. Cindy raised and lowered herself once more to make sure she was comfortable with her range of motion before looking back up at the TV.

The woman was riding the dick of the first man, as the second one moved to stand in front of her. She took the second man’s limp dick into her mouth and began sucking on it just like she had the first man’s.

Cindy watched the threesome on the TV screen for minute as she rode the dildo. Then she turned, grabbed Brandon’s dick and put in back in her mouth. She realized Dennis wasn’t the only one with stamina in this group. Bracing herself with both hands on the table again she began rocking forward onto Brandon’s dick every time she came up on the toy. A shiver shot up her body when she heard Dennis’ mother moan on the TV. Brandon adjusted his position to stand right in front of her again. And again, although it was a bit easier to take him into her mouth this way, it totally blocked her view of the TV. She heard Dennis’s mother moan again on the TV, and a shiver ran up her back. Something about listening to the woman’s moans was really turning her on. Brandon placed his hands on the back of her head again and began limiting her movement on his dick. ‘Maybe he’s getting ready to cum and wants to shoot it down my throat.’ She thought. She didn’t sense that he was about to cum yet, but maybe this “control” thing would help him get there.

Cindy was really starting to enjoy the stationary dildo and knew that she’d be able to make herself cum using it. When she got her rhythm on both the dildo and Brandon’s dick (as much as her limited movement allowed) her mind started drifting back to her son’s bedroom and Dennis’ description of his mother’s video. She remembered asking him about his father. His father supposedly was recording the action on the TV and was suppose to join in at some point. But if he was going to join in what was he going to do. She thought about a third man touching her body and shiver raced up her back. She imagined him fondling her breasts as she pressed down on the dildo and sucked on Brandon’s dick. She imagined his reaching under her and playing with her clit. Another shiver shot through her and she felt her whole body tremble at the thought. She started concentrating on the dildo and then reached down between her legs with one hand to lightly touch her clit. “MMMmmmm…” she moaned around Brandon’s dick. She was really enjoying this toy and couldn’t wait to go buy one. Her body trembled again as her finger lightly brushed over her clit once more.

Suddenly she felt something rubbing over her sensitive asshole. “MMmmmm…” she moaned onto Brandon’s dick again as the finger (she decided it must be) started making tight circles around its rim. “MMMmmmmm…” again she moaned her pleasure as the finger’s movements seemed to match that of her own as she rode the dildo. She put her hand back down on the coffee table to help brace herself. As she was enjoying this new feeling she realized that the finger felt wet…no, it felt lubricated. Just then she felt a hand come to rest on her right hip and the finger began pushing into her asshole. "MMMmmmm..." this new stimulation caused her to push down harder onto the dildo. Another shiver raced up her back as the hand on her hip gripped it and the finger pushed all the way into her ass. She new she wasn’t going to last much longer as the finger in her ass began pushing in and out of her.

Cindy began moaning on Brandon’s dick as she felt her next orgasm slowly starting to build.
It had been many years since she’d cum this many times in such a short period. Suddenly she felt the finger pull out of her and she wanted to tell Dennis to put in back. But a moment later she felt it again rubbing more lubricant on her asshole. Just then she heard a somewhat familiar voice on the video.

“That’s it babe…ya, you know you want it…just relax those muscles…there ya go…you can take it…take all of it….”

As Cindy was trying to figure out where she’d heard that voice before, but then she felt Brandon tighten his group on her head and pull her down onto him until his dick was filling her mouth again. Just then she recognized the voice, it belonged to Dennis’ father. Then a thought crossed her mind…she had never found out what happened when his father joined in the video. Like Laura on the TV she had a dick in her mouth and one (the dildo) in her pussy. And someone had not only lubricated her asshole before pushing a finger up it, now they were spreading even more lubricant on it? And why was Brandon holding her head down on his dick again? ‘Oh Shit!’ she thought…

Suddenly she felt a second strong hand grab her other hip, then both of then got a tight grip and started limiting the movement of her whole ass, actually holding it in place. As wave of panic started coming over her as she felt something press against her well lubricated asshole. In her mind’s eye she pictured what was about to happen…no, what was happening! She couldn’t believe that Dennis was going to take advantage of her like this…or allow the other boys to take advantage of her while she was in this vulnerable position. The thing pressing against her ass was slowly pushed into her, and a massive spasm of pleasure shot up her spine as her body responded to the feelings it was causing. She felt it stretching her poor ass open and she tensed up in anticipation of the pain it was going to cause her.

Suddenly her sphincter muscles clamped down as the head finally pushed past them, and it stopped pushing into her. She held her body completely still, partially in fear of the pain to come, and partially because her body wanted to move. She couldn’t believe how badly she wanted to press her hips downward onto the dildo beneath her, but the strong hands held her still. The hands then tightened their grip, and as she prepared for them to pull her back onto the dick threatened to send her into spasms of pain just the opposite occurred. The hands pushed her hips down onto the waiting dildo instead and a spasm of pleasure caused her whole body to begin trembling. She was held there until her body stopped trembling, but the anticipation of her eventual ass raping, coupled with the dildo shoved deep inside of pussy caused another massive shiver to shoot up her spine. Her breath was now coming in desperate gasps as she waited for what was to come.

She hadn’t even realized how hard she’d been breathing until she felt the dick in her mouth begin to twitch and suddenly Brandon cried out, “Ohhh shit!” Then his dick started spurting cum into her mouth again. It wasn’t as much as the last time, but its suddenness had caught her by surprise. As she fought to swallow his cum before it caused her to gag, her hips were slowly pulled upward again. Her hips rose to the point of almost letting the toy slip out of her before they were pushed downward again. She swallowed the last of Brandon’s cum, but he continued holding her head on his now softening dick. As she continued sucking him her hips were raised up again and she felt herself responding once again. Her body was now on fire and betraying her to its own needs, and she wasn’t sure what she wanted any more. No, she knew what she wanted…she wanted to cum again! She didn’t care that there was a dick threatening to violently shove itself deep within her ass. She didn’t care that she was being used by her son’s friends for their own pleasure. She didn’t even care that the whole thing was being recorded for who knows who to watch later…she just needed to cum, now!

As Cindy felt her need take control she shoved her hips down onto the dildo beneath her. Raising her hips up again she pushed them back downward as another bolt of passion shot up her spine. She felt the soft dick in her mouth pull out as Brandon stepped away from her. Looking up she saw Dennis’ father on the TV screen. He was kneeling behind his wife and fucking her in the ass with long strokes, while she was on all fours pressing her pussy down on the dick of the man laying beneath her and sucking on the dick of the man kneeling in front of her. Cindy could hear her moans as the three dicks continued penetrating her ass, mouth and pussy at the same time. Just then the image on the screen changed and Cindy saw herself on the screen, kneeling on the coffee table with a dildo sliding in and out of her as she lowered and raised herself, and someone kneeling behind her and holding her hips. She suddenly tried to turn her head to see who it was when Dennis came up from behind her, gently but firmly took hold of her head with both hands and turned her to look forward as he stepped in front of the coffee table. She looked up into his eyes as he looked down at her and she saw him smile. She didn’t know what to feel at the moment, but her hips never stopped moving on the dildo and her passion continued to build within her.

Just then she felt the hands holding her hips let go and moment later Steven walked over and sat down in one of the chair facing the coffee table. Cindy immediately looked to her other side and saw Brandon and Mike sitting on the couch watching her as she rode the dildo. As she felt her body begin to tremble from her coming orgasm she looked behind her and found no one there, but she felt the dick still in her ass. Then she looked up at Dennis and found him smiling at her. The confused look on her face must have been plain to see because just then Dennis held up what looked like a small remote control. Cindy only had a moment before her world turned upside-down.

Cindy’s body started shaking uncontrollably as the toy in her ass came to life and she both heard and felt a high pitched vibration go off. “OOOOHHHHH MMMMYYYYY GGGGOOO…” she screamed as her orgasm went off like a bomb! She practically slammed her pussy down on the dildo and ground herself against the coffee table. She couldn’t think at all as her body took complete control of itself. She found herself suddenly gripping the edges of coffee table for dear life as she repeatedly ground her pussy onto the toy underneath her. The combination of the vibrations coming from the toy in her ass and the toy she was thrusting down on sent wave after wave up her spine in a never ending spasms of pleasure. She felt the table rock with each downward thrust of her hips and heard the ragged gasp of her own breathing as she tried to push her pleasure even further. Again and again she thrust her hips down onto the coffee table, impaling herself pussy on the dildo. Again and again waves of passion washed over her as her body began to feel as if her would pass out any minute from pure please. As she began to gasp in desperate need for breath she suddenly she felt the vibration in her ass stop. She continued thrusting her pussy onto the dildo even as the waves of pleasure slowly began to subside.

Finally, when the last of her orgasm shook through her she slowly lowered herself until her pussy completely engulfed the dildo again, her body quivering slightly in the process. Holding completely still she sat there as she tried to catch her breath. Looking around she saw looks on the teenage boys surrounding her. Each watched her with mixture of wonder, surprise and exhaustion. Only one of the boys was still sporting a hard on. After a couple of more minutes she finally caught her breath enough to look at Dennis and asked, "Now what am I to do with you, young man?"

Dennis blushed slightly and he smiled at her…

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Cindy likes it when she has no control and things are done to her without her permission. You should have her agree to be blindfolded with noise canceling headphones on and tied down so that the entire MILF club can learn about a woman's body like she did for Dennis and then they can experiment with her body and use her however they want and Dennis is in charge of what happens and only he can say yes or no and direct what happens to her.

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