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They say that youth is wasted on the young. As you get older that saying becomes more and more accurate. When I look back to my late teens and early 20s, I regret not having more sex. I was a very shy young man and had no sexual experience other than one awkward fumble in a car to lose my virginity. I had no confidence with women. Then at 24 years old I fell in love with a beautiful 18 year old called Jen. It was only then that I discovered the true beauty of a naked female body and the joys of sex.

Like any relationship it was non-stop sex at the beginning. On our first holiday 3 months later we broke a bed and a sofa-bed in the apartment such was the passion of our love-making. Alas, as the years went by the sex decreased from several times a day, every day to once or twice a month. I tried everything I could think of to spice things up but to no avail. Jen was just too reserved and unwilling to try new things. I had the choice to say nothing and just get used to this way of life, or I could tell her how I felt, so I told her how I felt. She seemed to get unset about the topic and didn’t really make any reply. Things did not change over the next few weeks so I didn’t bother bringing it up anymore.

One day whilst at work, I got a phone call from Jen saying that she would be a few hours late as she had to call to her parents. I told her I would see her later. I went home at about 7 and had something to eat and settled down in front of the tv. At about 9 I got another phone call from Jen saying her car had broken down and if I could collect her. I asked her where she was and she told me that she was at the hotel on Main Street and that she would meet me in the lobby as it was cold outside. I got in my car and drove to the hotel. “Thanks for coming” said Jen “I have a surprise for you, come with me”. I was surprised and curious, what did she mean by surprise, so I followed her to find out. She led me to a bedroom and once inside she stripped me, took me to a chair next to the radiator and handcuffed me to it. She moved back and smiled at me. “You said we needed to spice up our sex life” she said to me, “well after you said that to me I went onto the computer and looked at your browsing history and saw the websites you were looking at. They all seemed to be the same – hotwife and cuckold so I researched both and decided to give you a taste of both. You are going to watch me with another man. Come on out Ben”. With that the bathroom door opened and out walked a tall, well built guy about 25 years old wearing just a robe. Jen continued “while I was researching these sites I found myself incredibly turned on and found that I really would like another guy to fuck me. You are handcuffed in case you change your mind and I don’t want you to be able to stop me. Now watch Ben stripping and fucking me”.

I was surprised to hear Jen talk like this. I was also worried as I didn’t know if I really wanted Jen to be fucked by another guy. I liked the fantasy but did I want that to become reality. I was trapped, this was going to happen and I was going to have to watch. Ben moved behind Jen and started to strip her from behind. First her top was taken off and thrown at me, then her skirt followed by her bra and finally her thong. Jen stayed looking at me the whole time watching my reactions. She then told Ben to take off his robe and to move alongside her facing her. He did as he was told and stood beside her, his cock fully erect and ready for action. The sight of Jen standing there naked with a naked guy standing next to her ready to fuck her was confusing. I didn’t know what to think or say. “Looks like we have his approval” said Jen as she pointed at my cock. I had a raging hard-on, I guess the sight of both of them standing there turned me on even more than I realised.

She turned and kissed Ben passionately on the lips, his hands instantly exploring her incredible body. Jen dropped to her knees and took his stiff cock into her mouth and started sucking the head of it and licking up and down its long shaft. After a few minutes she stood up and moved to the bed, sitting on the edge. She put her hand behind Ben’s head and moved it down to her bald, shaven pussy. She lay back on the bed and spread her legs apart to allow him easy access to her clit. His tongue immediately went to work and she gently moaned as he slipped his finger into her wet pussy and started finger fucking her. “Oh that feels so good Ben”. Jen looked at me and my still erect cock and said “I see you are enjoying the show. Now watch as Ben fucks me”. Ben stood up and lifted Jen up off the bed. He turned her around to face me, put his hand on her back bending her over the bed and entered her from behind. “I want you to see the pleasure in your wife’s face as I fuck her tight little cunt” Ben said to me. He was right; I could see the pleasure in Jen’s face as he pounded her from behind. The moans and groans coming from her mouth were also a telling sign.

Ben smiled at me and said “your wife is one great fuck, I haven’t fucked a pussy this tight in years”. Jen replied “I think he has seen enough of you fucking me Ben, now he can watch me fuck another guy”. With that she stood up and pushed Ben onto his back on the bed and climbed on top of him. She lowered herself onto his cock and I watch as every inch went into Jen’s hot, tight pussy like mine had done so many times before. This was Jen’s favourite position and she sure did know how to ride a cock. She gyrated her hips as she rode his cock and I knew it would not take her long to cum this way. 5 Minutes later I heard Jen scream “Oh god, I’m cuming….yes….yes…yes….yeeeessssss” as she came on top of Ben. She climbed off his cock and said “now time to finish you off”. She moved down and again took his cock in her mouth. She worked his cock with her mouth and hands and before long he shot his load into Jen’s mouth. “You can leave now” Jen said to Ben as he put back on his robe and left the room.

Jen walked over to me, wiping Ben’s cum from her lips. “Well” she asked “did you enjoy what you saw? Was watching a stranger fuck me as good as what you saw on those websites?” “It was better” I replied “it was amazing”. “Good” said Jen “because I am going to do it again and again and again but don’t worry, I’m going to want to fuck you every time that I do” and she climbed on top of me pushing my throbbing cock into her swollen, used pussy. We both agreed later that it was the best sex we ever had. Why didn’t I say something to her sooner.

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2015-11-07 13:33:20
I want to watch my wife fuck all day everyday

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2013-12-27 01:34:41
Why didn't Ben come in her pussy so hubby could eat it up?

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2012-06-04 03:59:22
typical fucking pig wife taking a fantasy and doing it in front of her husband........... if she was my wife I wouldn't fuck her I'd kick here fucking ass and throw here out on the street

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2011-12-02 02:37:20
what a loser to let his wife call all the shots after cutting his sex life down she is out sexing up every other guy in the world, she needs her pussy cut out


2011-11-27 17:30:48
Yummy, Yummy, Yummy, Yummy, Yummy, Yummy,

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