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The Widow Lady and I Get Together
My Neighbor Alice

It was a little after 6 in the morning. I’m doing my usual thing, drinking coffee, watching porn and jacking my dick. I heard a noise outside and thinking it was a little early for the paper boy I went to window in the next room so I could see what was going on. There was my neighbor, Alice, trying to peek into my room.
Alice has been a widow for about 10 years. She and her husband Stan were living there when my wife and I moved in 20 years ago. She has two kids, who are the only other people I ever see around her place. Very quiet person takes good care of herself and has a pretty nice body for late 50’s. Not being able to see anything she turned and headed for home. This was very strange I thought but the possibilities gave me a great hard on.

The next morning I moved my laptop around on my desk so it could be seen from outside and opened the blinds on my window slightly. I turned on the porn and took cock in hand. I heard noises again but stayed where I was, stroking my 8 inch dick and watching a gal take a load of cum in her mouth. Things were quiet making me think Alice had gone home. The same thing happened two or three days in a row and I wanted to see what was going on so later I turned my security camera around so I could see outside my window. And, of course it was set to record everything it saw.

The next morning right on schedule I’m laid back in my chair cock in hand, one eye watching a girl getting a cock in her ass and another in her pussy and the other eye on my security screen. And then Alice approached. She had on her usual sweat shirt and Levi’s and peered in my window. Then I was amazed at how fast her hand went up under her sweat shirt and caressed her breasts while the other went down into her Levi’s and started rubbing. I was getting harder just watching my neighbor playing with herself.
Nearly every day Alice came over and every time she stood there watching me and the porn and playing with herself. I could just imagine what went on after she returned home. Finally one morning I couldn’t stand it anymore. I went to the door and invited a very startled Alice to come in and join me. She moved towards the door as she removed her hands from under her clothing. I held the door for her and as she passed me I took the hand that had been rubbing her crotch and put the fingers in my mouth.

“My you are tasty girl,” I whispered.

Now remember that my hard cock is still poking out of my shorts as I pulled a chair up next to mine and asked her to join me. She did and just starred at the girl getting hard fucked by a big cock. Then the guy shot his load in her mouth and the picture changed to a gal rubbing her pussy and squeezing her nipples. I asked Alice if she wanted to stimulate herself because I was going to continue what I was doing. I stroked my hard cock as Alice put her hand up under her shirt. She looked over at me, not realizing that my cock was still out. From then on she repeatedly looked from the video to my cock and back to the video. So I’m laid back in my chair jacking off and she’s playing with her tits.

“Did you and Stan have an active sex life?” I asked.

“What do you mean?”

“Well, did you fuck often, like every day?”

“No,” she replied.

“Once or twice a week?” I queried.

“No, maybe once a month,” she whispered.

“Well did you suck his cock between fuck times?”

“Only once, I bit him and he didn’t like it so I never did it again.”

“Did he lick you pussy?”

“NO, he said it was dirty and never did.”

“Let me get this straight, he never licked your cunt, you never sucked his cock and you fucked only about once a month! Did you wish you would do it more often?”

“Not necessarily,” she stated, “I thought that was how it was supposed to be.”

“Well, did you enjoy pleasure the times you did fuck and deep down wish you could do it more often?”

She looked at me with just the faintest smile and said, “Maybe!”

After a few minutes I sat up and moved my hand over not quite touching her breast.

“May I?” I asked.

She nodded OK so I started rubbing and squeezing her tit. Then I moved my hand down to the bottom of her shirt and once again asked,

“May I?”

Once again she nodded OK so my hand moved up under her shirt to her bra covered boob. I’d had enough of asking so I took hold of her shirt and pulled it up to remove it. She raised her arms so off it came. Her hand returned to one breast and my hand to the other. I squeezed a couple of times and then reached around her to unhook her bra. It was difficult so she did it releasing her 34 D tits. I pulled on her nipple and played a bit then reached over and kissed it and bit it. She jumped a little but didn’t pull away. The video had changed to a gal on her knees sucking a guy’s cock. She was watching it very closely. I took a pillow from under me on my chair and put it on the floor between my feet.

“Why don’t you try that?”

I had barely got the words out when her hand was on my cock and she was dropping to her knees. She was a very good student and started working on my cock like the girls in the videos. Licking the head, then up and down the shaft, even taking my balls in her mouth. She was very close to making me cum. I let her continue for a few minutes and then said,

“Please stand up.”

She did and I started to pull her pants down. They were quite tight but with her help we soon hand them on the floor. I ran a finger down her pussy and then pulled her panties off. Once again I ran my finger up and down her pussy and then sucked it with a big smile on my face. She was looking down at me wondering what would happen next. I lifted her leg and put her foot on the chair where she had been seated. Then I dropped to my knees on the pillow and pressed my face into her pussy. I had just started licking when she started moaning. She was already quite wet but more of her love juice began flowing. I licked her and sucked her clit for maybe four or five minutes then sat back up on my chair and told her to sit.

“Did you enjoy my tongue in your pussy and my lips on your clit?” I asked.

“Yes, Yes,” she replied.

Did you enjoy my cock in your hand and mouth?” I asked again.

“Yes, Yes,” was her reply again.

“Well I tell you what girl, over the next days, and weeks and months we are going to get you caught up on all the sex you’ve missed over the years. I’m going to fuck your mouth and cunt and asshole and you are going to swallow my cum. Or maybe you’ll jack me off until I come on my stomach and you will lick it up. And I’m going to squeeze and play with your tits and nipples and finger and lick your cunt until you squirt your juice all over. You will become my whore and my cum bucket. How does that sound?”

Alice just smiled at me as she dropped back to her knees and took my cock in her mouth. It was only a minute or so before I blasted my load in her mouth. She never hesitated, just keep sucking and swallowing. Finally she released my very soft cock with a lick of the cum hole to get every last drop. I was exhausted but got the feeling Alice was just getting started. Her hands were busy taking care of herself. After 15 minutes or so I felt a little stirring in my cock so turned off the video and invited Alice to join me in my bedroom. I knew we weren’t going to fuck for awhile but the thought of my tongue in her hot pussy was turning me on. I pulled down the sheets and asked her to lie down. I nestled in between her legs and gripped her enlarged clit with my lips.

I so enjoyed the feeling of my tongue on the slick lips of her pussy and the hard clit that it flicked back and forth. Since I had told Alice she was going to be my whore and cum bucket her attitude had changed. She was no longer the reserved, almost afraid woman; she was now a whore who let her feelings go and enjoyed what we were doing. She had given me a couple of squirts of love juice and my cock was getting ready for a new adventure. Alice had her hands on my head as she pushed her pussy hard against my mouth. Then she pushed my head back and said,

“Bring your cock up here so I can get it ready again.”

Of course I didn’t need any further instructions and buried my prick in her waiting mouth. I was on my hands and knees over her and rapidly fucking her mouth when she slapped my ass. I pulled out and she whispered,

“I want your cock in me!”

Of course I obliged her, backing down to between her legs, lifting them up and spreading them and pushing my cock all the way in her love cannel in one stroke. She almost screamed in pleasure as I began fucking her hard and fast. Her cunt was so wet we made a slurping noise as my tool moved in and out. Then I started ramming it all the way in and staying there for a few seconds, then pulling out and ramming back in. Alice was enjoying her fucking and displaying her pleasure both physically and audibly. Her pussy was pushing against me and her moans and words explained how she felt.

‘OH I never have felt like this before,” she moaned, or “It feels so good when you do that,” or “Yes, Yes do that more.”

It had been a long time since I had fucked as long or as hard as I had in the last 15 minutes or so. Alice was fucking me as hard as I was fucking her. Several times I felt squirts of her hot love juice hit my stomach. Then her moan became on long and loud “OOooooHhhhh,” and my balls began to empty and we both had a mind boggling climax at the same time. I collapsed down on Alice completely exhausted as her climax continued. Her body jerked, her arms and legs quivered for several minutes. Then she lay still. I rolled off of her and we both just lay there, trying to recover. She put her hand over on my chest and asked,

“Is that how it’s supposed to be? Every time?”

“Maybe not every time, but most times. Depends on the people involved. Some guys don’t care what happens for the girl as long as he gets his rocks off. What happens to my sex partner is as important to me as what happens to me. I always try to make sure my partner enjoys it.”

Alice glanced at the clock and rolled out of bed. “I’ve got to get going, Jordan is dropping by this morning.”
I looked at the clock and it was a little after 9. We had been going at it for around 2 hours. As I walked Alice to the door I told her if my light was on my door would be open. Just come on in.

“But if it’s daylight I won’t be able to tell if the light is on,” she said with a big smile.

I was hungry so fixed some breakfast and sat there eating and reliving the wonderful sex I had had earlier. My cock was hard again but I had things to do and errands to run so couldn’t take care of myself just then. About 4 in the afternoon I decided to call a friend.

Marcus was the paid manager of a local theater group. A 6 foot plus very in shape black dude and very straight. Except, he enjoyed fucking guys with his 8in dick and loved giving them a big, thick and tasty reward for a good blowjob.

“Hello, Marcus here,” he answered.

“I have a couple of places that need some attention,” I said, “Any chance you could help me out tonight?”

“Let me check my schedule. Yes, I would love to join you. What time did you have in mind?”

“Would fifteen minutes work?” I laughed.

“Maybe twenty,” he replied, “See you shortly.”

I knew it would be maybe 30 minutes before Marcus got here so headed for the shower. I took my time, enjoying the hot water streaming over me. When I was finished I reached out and grabbed a towel and stepped out.

“Your bed is kind of wet,” a voice said.

I looked over and there was Marcus, nude on my bed hard cock in hand. I was startled to say the least.
“How did you get here so fast?”

“I was doing some errands in this area when you called.”

As we talked I finished drying off and then moved over to the bed, lying in between Marcus’s legs. I took over rubbing his cock and then kissed the head.

I looked up at Marcus and said with a smile, “Yes, I couldn’t swallow fast enough with the lady but you know I won’t waste any of yours.”

The feeling of his hard cock in my hand and mouth turned me into a sucking machine. I had been with him enough that I could take almost all, not all, but almost all of his cock down my throat. I sucked and licked and played for probably 15 minutes but then my mancunt began to get that wonderful prefucked feeling. I retrieved a condom and some lube from the drawer and got Marcus and then myself ready to fuck. I liked doggy because then I could push back as his monster meat was banging me.

I was in my own little world as his cock pleasured me. As he moved in and out of my rosebud we got the rhythm going and it was extacy. But it didn’t last long enough. When Marcus slapped my ass I knew he was about to cum so as he pulled out I turned around. He had pulled the condom off and stuffed his bare cock down my throat just as it erupted. I knew his cock was very tender after shooting a load but I continued to suck it as long as Marcus let me. Then we both laid back and relaxed.

I got two more loads of his hot cum that evening before we both sort of passed out around 11. Before I went to sleep I developed a plan. If Alice came over in the morning it would be her first experience with being double fucked.

I was up early as usual, coffee in one hand dick in the other watching two gals chowing down on each other’s pussies. The door opened and in came Alice with only a big t-shirt covering her body. She took her usual seat and started playing with my cock while watching the video. When the girls finally got each other to squirt
I switched to two guys and one gal playing. I told Alice to watch it closely because it was a training film.

“Who’s the other guy she asked?”

Alice had not heard Marcus join us but he was standing right beside her, hard dick in hand. I said,

“Alice I’d like you to meet Marcus, Marcus meet Alice.”

She turned her head and his black meat was about 6 inches away pointing right at her mouth. Without hesitation she leaned forward and kissed the head. Marcus put his hand behind her head a pulled her mouth onto his cock. Alice willingly started the blowjob. I told her she needed to be watching the instructional so she moved a little and Marcus moved a little and the hard cock continued in and out of her mouth.
The one gal had just lowered her pussy down on the one guy’s hard cock and was riding it cowboy style. He pulled her down on him just as the second guy started rubbing his cock up and down over her rosebud. Then he pushed hard and the head entered. She screamed he pushed and cock slide in further. Soon her pain
subsided and she began to enjoy her double fuck.

I said, “That’s enough training, now time for the real event. We headed for my bedroom with the black cock still in Alice’s hand.

Marcus lay down on his back and Alice lay beside him. They cuddled a bit while I spent some time with my friend’s prick. With a slap on the ass Alice knew what to do and straddled Marcus. She rubbed her pussy back and forth on his cock and then raised up so I could position it at the entrance to her cunt. She was so wet that she dropped down and took its entire length in without a problem. I watched as the hard black dick disappeared time after time into a hot wet pussy. I pressed my face into the action and began sucking Marcus’ hard balls then licked up and tasted the juice being released from Alice’s cunt. My tongue lingered on her rosebud and then the tip entered. I decided it was time for the double fuck to begin.
Pouring a generous amount of lotion on the ring of her asshole I used one finger then two and then three to make it ready for my cock. When I removed my fingers and inviting love hole remained which I filled immediately. Alice moaned with pleasure as another 8 inches of cock invaded her body. The rhythm of both cocks in and then both cocks out made her moans become screams. We fucked her like this for probably 8 to 10 minutes before Marcus moaned he was about to cum. I replied that I was also and we did. Both her fuck cannels were flooded with man juice as shot after shot was discharged from our cocks. And then we collapsed Alice onto Marcus’ chest and me onto Alice’s back. We lay there for a bit and I pulled my now spent cock from its love nest and watched as my cum drizzled out and down the crack towards her pussy.
The site of my cum running down was too beautiful to pass so my tongue began licking up my own cum. Alice reacted by squeezing her asshole so that more was ejected. Then she lifted off of Marcus and rolled off onto her back. I made short work of cleaning his cum out of her pussy.

“Hey, how about me?” Marcus said with a laugh.

It was my pleasure to take his semi-erect prick in hand, lick it up and down the shaft and then suck the last tasty drops of cum out. We were all more or less exhausted so relaxed for a few minutes. Marcus rolled over me and out of bed and said he had to get going. I wasn’t sure if either Alice or I were capable of another session but kissed the nipple on her tip saying,

“I too have things I need to do. Thank you for the great morning, both of you.”

We all dressed and headed for the door. I said goodbye first to Marcus and he entered his car and then to Alice as she walked across the lawn to her house.

“Hey, you’re walking kind of funny,” I hollered.

She turned and gave me a sort of “well DUH” kind of grin.

I hope you have enjoyed my story. Please send any comments to itsbeenfun99 at yahoo dot com.

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