The second part in a possible series? Once again this is a romance, for those of you who do not like romance stories i insist you turn back now. Comments are highley valued and criticism appreciated. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND READIN THE FIRST IN ORDER TO TRULY UNDERSTAND WHATS GOING ON. Sorry if its to lubey diubey ^_^"
Seth awoke alone in her bed. The daylight burned through the thin curtains. A quick glance at the clock read 11:23 a.m.The sudden clatter of something metal made him jump, he got up throwing on his clothes and quickly left the room. He entered the small kitchen to find claire fixing breakfast. The aroma of eggs and bacon, potatoes and pancakes filled the room as she went about her buisness, unknowing he had entered the room. Her large protective boot stuck out like a soar thumb on her small frame. she was wearing. Nothing but a pair of black panties and a large, button up dress shirt.
He crept up to her, wrapping his arms around her waist. She jumped and peered up at him, her golden eyes Accentuated by her brilliant smile. He leaned down and kissed her softly. Their lips locking before she broke the kiss as the bacon started burning. He let out a small chuckle before he let go. He took a quick look around the room before deciding he'd help with the cooking. He grabbed a knife and started to add to the pile of uncooked potatoes. He'd already finished one before she snatched the knife from him, and forced him to the table. She typed furiously on her computer, again letting the voice settings act as a surrogate voice. 
"i want to make you breakfast. Sit. Relax."
The monotone voice carried no real power behind it but her wording made him laugh.
"i'll help if you want. Its not a problem."
She turned and shook her head.
He gave a sigh of resignation and sat quietly.

Claire had woken early that mornin and decided a breakfast was in order. She wanted to impress him. And the quickest way to a mans heart? His stomach right? So she had begun cooking, eggs, bacon potatoes. She made some pancake mix from scratch and squeezed fresh orange juice. When seth had come in she had been deep in thought. Did she make a mistake last night? He wouldnt really stay. and yet she let him deflower her. his words echoed in her head. I wont, i wont ever leave.
He told her he loved her. She was confused, Trying to sort her own feelings. She soon had finished with the cooking and set the table, bringing him a fresh glass of juice and serving him a heaping plate.

Seth stared at the plethora of food she had made, and the pile she had placed upon his plate. It looked and smelled delicious, but he couldnt eat all of this! He barely ate as it was!
She sat in the seat next to him. Watching his reaction of wonder. She beamed with her acheivment and waited for him to taste her food.
What the hell he thought happily.
He started eating, the food was absolutely fantastic! Before he knew It he had cleared most the plate. As she sat beside him she ate silently. A faint smile and the aura of someone proud about her.
Seth finished his plate and she motioned for the extras.
"no no no im done." he laughed as he turned to face her
"thats probably the most ive eaten in a looong time." 
She eyed him curiously before wiping her mouth. He glanced at the clock, 12:32 p.m.

She wiped her mouth and turned to the comp, reaching across the gap she typed on the key board and hit enter. The computer spoke.
"how long can you stay?"
Seth smiled
"as long as you want, hey! How about we go see a movie?"
As long as you want. She wanted him to stay forever.
She tapped on the keyboard.
"that sounds great. We need to get cleaned up."
She got up and started picking up the dishes and food.
She started to protest as seth got up and started to carry dishes to the sink.
"hey, sit down. Your legs hurt, you should be resting."
He took the food from her.
"go on sit, i can handle the clean up."
She gave in and took a seat. Her leg did ache. But not enough to keep her down. He finished piling the food in the fridge and washed the dishes. 
Again the rhythmic patter of the keyboard killed the silence.
"do you need to leave to change?"
She looked at the screen. 
"no. I have a suitcase with an extra change in clothes in the car. Always a good idea to have spares right?"
He chuckled to himself.
She studied his face.
"do you need a shower."
"i could do with one."
She blushed. Maybe they could shower together. Like in those romance novels she was so fond of.
"do you need one?"
She tapped her quick three letter response.
She got up and hobbled to her room, with seth close behind.
He sat on the bed.
Know was her chance if she had any. She grabbed a fresh towel from the closet and took his hand, leading him to the restroom. Her tub would be large enough for both of them.
As they entered she shut the door. Her heart racing, her thoughts all jumbeled. What was she doing!
She turned a faint red.
"you wanna shower together?"
At his question she dropped her head, suddenly ashamed. She turned bright red.

You wanna shower together?"
When he asked he could see her hope disappear. His gut fell, he lifted her head up and smiled.
She watched him with mild disbelief as he removed his shirt, undoing his belt and dropping his pants. She slipped out of the large tee four sizes to big for her to reveal her beautiful body. as he droppes his boxers he started getting a hard on.
She moved close, placing her hands on his chest, looking up at him. Trust and love in her eyes.
She reached down and grabbed his man hood with her small delicate hand. He was easily eight inches, more on the thicker side. She kept his gaze locked as she slid her hand back and forth along his shaft. 

His penis felt like a red hot iron rod in her hand, she had no idea what to do as she attempted to crouch with her boot. She got on her knees, his manhood eye level with her. She kissed the tip and felt him shiver. she ran her tongue along the length, licking the head. She took the head in her mouth, sucking, circling her tongue around the sensitive rim. She moved merely on instinct. Playing with him in her mouth, her jaw started to cramp a bit so she took it out, licking his length and massaging the shaft with her hands. She felt his hand on the top of her head, lightly gripped her as he gasped. She smiled. Happy she was pleasing the man she loved. She took him in her mouth again. Attempting the fit as much of it as she could. She got about half way before she pulled it out, her gag reflex getting the better. She licked off the coat of saliva she had left, she remembered her friend telling her about one of her "sexcapades" where she had played with the mans balls as she sucked him off. 
Claire, leaving the duty of the shaft to one hand she massaged his balls with the other, licking and sucking on the head. After a short while longer of playing with him she felt his testicles tighten, his head grew bigger in her mouth as he shot his seed. She coughed abit from surprise but managed to keep it in. After he had finished, she looked up at him. Satisfied she had pleasuresd him and swallowed.

 seth pulled her up, he kissed her deeply and passionantly, letting their lips and tongues dance gracefully in each others mouths. After a few minutes he broke off.
"thank you claire." he smiled and she returned his thank you with a nod and a bright smile of her own.
"now its your turn." before she could protest he lifted her onto the counter and had her black panties down and off. There was nothing that smelled better than her womanhood. He had just had an amazing orgasm and he was already getting hard again. She was wet, and her taste was amazing as he flicked his tongue through her opening, around her little bud of pleasure, and inside her as far as he could go. She shivered and sighed, holding her hands on his head, running them through his black hair. She traced the scar along his eye.

She traced his scar, her mind to far gone to care about anything other than the sensations he was creating within her loins. That same spark she felt the night before, was again growing into an inferno of pleasure as he slipped his tongue inside of her.
Her mind went numb as her orgasm roiled through her, her smallframe convulsed as she felt him lap up her juice.

His pride overflowed knowing he had pleased her, made her feel pleasure. Like his very existance had become all for her within only a few short hours. He stood, holding her in his arms as he helped her down from the counter. She started the shower, she looked absolutely stunning. She glowed, her long hair was smooth and silky, her bodies proportions were just right, she had gentle features and tell tale eyes.
They climbed into the tub together, the water rolling down their skin, steaming as they washed each other. When they finished they dried each other, taking care to observe each others bodies.

Seth walked out in just his towel, grabbed his trunk of clothes from his car and walked back in as though he had done  nothing wrong. His case contained some emergency supplies: clean jeans, clean black cotton tee, socks. Toothbrush with toothpast and a small medical kit. 
He dressed hoping his plain day clothes would be enough. Claire had kicked him out of the bedroom after he told her they'de be going to dinner first. He told her they would go to a nice place, then go see a movie. And then the rest of the night was unplanned. He sat on her couch. Waiting for what seemed like eternity when he heard the door open.

Claire had been digging through her closet for something nice, something worthy of a fancy dinner and movie. Her regular dresses wouldnt do. Her favorite skirt and blouse had been ruined yesterday, which already felt like a distant memory. She finally found what she was looking for, a soft, cotton and fleece full body dress that had a peice cut out along the left shoulder in an intricate design of lace work. It had one of those big bushy turtle neck collars, she had recieved it as a gift from her cousin on her nintenth birthday. She put on a light brown bra that latched in front, and a simple pare of brown panties before slipped the dress on. She balled her hair up, pulling two large strands from the ball to frame the side of her face. She closed the bun with japanese hair sticks. she looked at herself pleased. She put on a faint pink lip gloss, and decided she looked decent enough for her man. Except for the large bulge of the boot she had on. She grabbed a white heel and slipped it on her good foot, the height of the heel balancing her out. She opened the door hoping he'd like what he saw. As she entered the living room he turned to look at her.

He felt his mouth fall open as he stared. He knew he was gawking but he couldnt help it. She was a vision from a dream. Skin golden and smooth, dressed like a god and glowing like one to boot. He looked at himself and felt bad. Compared to her he was completely under dressed. The only thing to suit her look would be a tuxedo of the highest quality. Which he didnt own. She looked at the ground shyly.
He had already discovered her self confidence was low, but it just made her all the more adorable.
He took the chance to speak.
"claire, you look... Amazing. Absolutely beautiful."
His words couldnt describe her.
She looked up, red in the face.
Never before had a woman caused him to feel so much like a young school boy with his first date.

The drive to the diner was quiet. As to be expected though. As they pulled into the lot of "alfredo's" a local high end italian restruant. He got out, helped her inside and soon the two were sitting, laughing and chatting over diner, both in their own minds believing the other to be the art of perfection. Every flaw or chip in the other causing them only to grow in bond. As the night trudged on they sipped wine, spent the time together in the solitude of their own minds.
After diner they rushed to the movies. Seth had picked the resturaunt so he had made claire pick the movie. She had picked some chik flic with a growing reputation to be just another cheesy romance, The girl in the movie had always been the maid who one day would become the princess to be whisked away, and the man had always been the prince, waiting to find the maid. A cliche story of boy meets girl and they forget the world played out before their eyes.
To both their dismay they quickly realized that the story had turned into a tragic mid swing. As the princess was kidnapped by the evil brother the prince was shot through the heart with an arrow. As he fought on, his beloved "sophia" jumped from the walls they held her in, already believing her prince had betrayed her. The prince died cold and alone in the forrest.
By the ending credits claire was snuggled up to his chest. Crying slightly at the ending. Seth quickly wiped his eye, he'd teared up a bit to. He squeezed her frail hand and she looked up, blurry eyed and smiling.

Claire sat motionless on the drive back to her house. Her mind racing, she wanted to see him again. Wanted to be with him. She wanted only to be held in his arms as they laid together. She knew he was driving but tapped furiously on her phone, holding it up for him.
"i think you deleted the message."
He gave her an awry grin watching her from the corner of his eyes.
She looked at her phone and indeed she had, she must have hit the end button and cancelled the writing. Before she had finished re-typing her message he broke the silence. His tone solid yet waivered a bit with concern.
"claire. I have an odd request for you." he stared straight ahead, eyes on the night road.
She tilted her head slightly and nodded.
"aha, would it be ok if i maybe... Well i dont really mean to, but."
She tapped.
(stay the night again.)
The ball in his throat plunged and came back up.
"yea, that."
She took his hand in hers. His large hand dwarfed hers by comparison.
She gave it a gentle squeeze,
Her beaming smile was all he needed to see for an answer and she felt him relax, sinking down abit in his seat.

As they reached her small little house far from the outskirts of the urban maze and not to far beyond the sub-urbs he helped her out. She waited for her crutches sitting side saddle in the seat of the car, he lifted her up. It wasnt that she couldnt walk, he just loved the feel of her in his arms. He carried her to the porch, and while she unlocked the door he ran back to the jet black car to grab her bag and crutches.

She opened the door and using the frame and armour by the door she managed to hobble her way in. She had a low tolerance to pain, and every step felt like a knife pushing its way into her leg.
She heard seth in the door and straightened her posture. She didbt want him to think she was weak did she?
"your in pain, hold on." he placed her bag on the couch and laid her crutches against the wall before scooping her up and carrying her to the bedroom were he set her down on her bed. He left the room leaving her to her thoughts. Jenny!
She had forgotten about her friend, they had had plans the night prior to go to the movies, she had ditched her own friend. But strangely enough she hadnt recieved any angry texts or calls. She entered her facebook app on her phone and clicked the chat. Good she was on.

Claire wilson: jenny im so sorry! I didnt mean to forget about our plans yesterday :( please forgive me.

Jenn!fer Bengal: no wrys, wt hapnd? R u ok?

Claire wilson: yea im fine. Dont worry about it.

Jenn!fer Bengal: i m wryd. Whn evr u sy dnt wry tht mns smthn hapnd.

Jennifers habit of abbriviating every word made the chore of reading her slewn together texts a pain. There where times when claire couldnt understand her at all.

Claire wilson: no im fine i promise :/ but, i did meet someone ^.^

jenn!fer Bengal: OMG! WHO?!!?

Claire wilson: :P you'll just have to meet him. Are you free tomarrow?

Jenn!fer Bengal: of crse lve. Gtg grrys bein a dche agn. Ttyl bffl.

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Claire sighed. She had just signed seth up for a death trip without his consent. Jennifer would be relentless in her questioning and interogating by anymeans necessary. She heard a loud crash, followed by, "FUCK!"
She jumped when she heard him shout, she hobbled to the door. He was getting up off the floor he had his hand across the left side if his face.
"aint that a bitch." he mumbeled to himself. She made her way to him, he had yet to notice her and jumped when she pulled his hand away, he had a nice sized gash right below his eye. From the look of things he had tripped and hit his face onThe corner of the wall.

Seth had been walking back trough the door after locking up his car and making sure they had everything out. When he walked back in he was to distracted to notice the crutch had fallen. He tripped, fell, and connected with the corner of the hallway. 
"FUCK!!!l" he didnt mean to yell, it was just a reaction, beyond his control.
"well aint that a bitch.." he could feel a small amount of blood trickle from his eye. What was he going to do when claire saw it? She had probably heard him trip. He started to get up when his hand was jerked away. There stood claire, concern covered her face as she pulled him into the restroom. She made him sit on the toilet as she rummaged through the medicine cabinet. She found what he was looking for. Rubbing alcohol and gauze. She poured a small amount in a paper cup and dipped the gauze in. Letting it drip for a second before lathering the wound in the burning mixture. He felt the muscles around his eye twitch and the alcohol cleaned the wound. He didnt really see the point. Dirty or not the wound would heal on its own. the long scar across his forearm had been the result of an unfortunate accident with a chainsaw his first week of work. One of the men and had been carelessly swinging the running machine around. Teasing his friends when seth had come around the truck. He knocked over a can of latex paint they used to mark the measures in the logs. The man must have thought he was the boss cause he whipped around, grazing seths arm with the  already dulled blades on the chain. The brake on the husqvarna had been broken when one of the other men had thrown it in anger, so the perpetually spinning blades threatened all that came near. They finally claimed blood that fateful day. He never bother with treatment, he simply wrapped his arm up, went home and passed out. The gash had never been cleaned despite the fact the blade was covered in bar oil, dirt, saw dust and other unfavorable elements. So a small cut under his eye really didnt matter.
But he didnt argue as claire patched him up.
After she had taped his cut with butterfly tape, she led him back to the bedroom where they undressed, and laid together in the darkness. Face to face sharing each others breath, seth kissed her gently. Letting her set the pace for the night. She kissed him back,   Growing deep and passionant with every passing second. They explored each others mouths, fondeled and kissed before he rolled claire on top of him. The sweet smell of her Fruity body spray still lingering along her neck. She leaned on her elbows after he scooted her farther up, indulging himself on her pink puffy nipples. His heart racing as as she gasped every so often.
She sat up, his throbbing manhood now erect, resting lazily in the crack of her tight, small rear.  She lifted herself up, the sheets sliding down her back, outling her body against the moonlight. Her chest rose and feel deeply, her brown eyes guilded over with trust and longing. Fear and reassurance. Any and all human emotion, captured in the twinkling brilliance of her golden eyes.
She sank down on him. Joining them together as one, she layed across his chest, and he wrapped his arms around her as she slid herself back and forth. The warmth of her silken canal felt amazing. She rose, moving her hips to drive him deeper inside her, he rest his hand on her sides. Their gaze locked and as one just as much as they were. Her breathing quicked as she started moving faster, grinding around his lap, playing with diffrent ways to create the sensations she felt. She began bouncing, her eyes fluttering as she did so. Her head dropped as it became more intense and as she reached her climax, her walls rippled, milking him. Attempting to draw in what it could of him. He reached his own climax, filling her with his warm seed. She fell onto him. Both spent.
They had begun falling asleep when the doorbell rang, jarring them from their shared semi concious state. Claire looked at him, then at the clock. 
4:11 a.m.

***** again please comment, sorry if anybody finds it horrible or offensive in anyway :) hope you enjoyed

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