When the only neighbor you have is a punk chiock...shit gets fun
AUTHORS NOTE* Last night I made SOLD part 2. wasnt even CLOSE to what i usually write. But some guy made a comment "Hey Buddy, your run of good luck ended when you killed off your last story! Your last two chapters of this series SUCK, poor writing, grammar and get a fucking proof reader!" Now that sort of pissed me off I mean a little bit of a wake up call. But a few things...1 Its not a run of Good luck....Its a fuckin talent asshole. and 2 my last two chapters suck? 16 got my first sex story published...the fuck you done lately? and 3rd...I love proving people wrong so...


"Quincy sucks...No mall...No movie music store....and no other punks. We have Goths and Emos, Scenes and hell even a Hipster or two...But no punks." I sat in my apartment on my couch watching tv. Remote in one hand cigarret in the other. Taking a long drag I thought to myself "What the fuck am I doing? Wasting time...But then again thats all there really was to do in this lifeless town." I looked around my apartment, prett simple. Living room kichen one bedroom one bath. The difference is, is I was the only one who lived in the apartment building. Not just this apartment but the fucking apartment building. Second floor is my floor and thats all. I love it I truely do. I mean no one else lives here so I can be as loud as want. Bliaring loud music during the day and watching horror movies on my flat screen during the night and the fact that I have HD surround sound...made it that much sweeter.

Dont get me wrong im not some rich little preppy fuck. Im just lucky. Emancipated from my parents but they still furnished my apartment Im in single living so social survices pay's for my rent and bills. All I have to pay for is food and other accessories like TV and internet. I have one tv one laptop and a play station 3. Thats enough to keep me alive. School? Fuck school I dropped out and I work for a moving company. The old guy who owns the business feels sorry for me and thinks im "troubled youth" So he pays me good. atleast 1300 a paycheck maybe more if I do extra work. but its all good I work like three days a week so I spend the rest of my time walking around Quincy or just lounging around my apartment. I checked the clock 2:15 PM. Almost time for highschool to get out. I walked out of the living room into my bedroom. Laptop and King sized bed with an AC. Summer or winter I still want my AC on.

Dark red wall paper surrounds my room and I love it that way. Dark all the time. I opened the closet door and grabbed my black and blue tripp pants and my Company moving button up shirt. Black with blue buttons and my nickname stitched in on the side of it. "Maniac" When people see it they get a strange look on there face but they dont question it. Shit they must think I got the nickname for some bad reason. I through on my clothes and topped it off with my black army boots. I looked at myself in my mirror and gave myself a once over. Long dirty blond hair. Light blond on top dirty blond in the middle dark purple on the end. I liked being the town freak. A libret piercing snake bites my ears pierces 8 times with skulls. one piercing on each eye brow and two in my tongue. Im a punk im 17 and ive been a member of The Fiend Club since 1994 the year I was born and if you dont know what the Fiend Club is...than Fuck you. I looked at my eyes dark blue. I always wanted Piercing Light blue eyes but hey thats what colored contacts are for right? I popped them in and grabbed my Android cell phone which doubled as a MP3 and headed out of the door into the parking lot.

I walked into the parking lot and looked at my car...I was not proud of it. A rusted Pento which had, had to have been on its last leg since 1999. It was my dads before he "moved up in the world" Whatever I mean even the areas that werent rusted still had a dirty piss yellow look. I went into the front seat hooking my phone up to the radio and played The Devils Rain. The new Misfits CD. I backd out of the parking lot and took off for Quincy High School.

I arrived just as the students where getting let out. A sea of preps and populars talking about the new rap stars and there petty problems was enough to make me puke up my liver. haha that probably would be a good Idea. I mean im not Skinny im athletic built but you can still see my ribs. Just to Annoy the preps and to also give them a taste of GOOD music I switched the to my playlist and turned on The Game by Disturbed but fast forwarded it to the middle of the song where its intence metal and just cranked the volume. I kept getting weird and disgusted looks from the people passing by but I did get a few nods of approval from the other fellow rejects and burnouts of the school.

I heard the passenger door of my car slam as the volume of my music was turned down. "Okay im here can we go?" I turned my head to see this pale little 14 year old freshman enter my car. She was wearing denim short shorts and a black tanktop that covered her I want to say B cup tits. She got comfertable and placed her knees under her chin a put her converse covered shoes on my dash board. I looked over at Julia whos short black curly hair kept getting in her face. She brushed it off and looked at me with her green piercing eyes. "Well?....Can we go?" She asked. "Oh ya totally." I said with a chuckle as I pulled away from the school banged a u-turn and started making my way home. "So how was school?" I asked. "Okay I guess, Ya know Class's...Homework...Lunch. The usual. How was spending the day home?" She asked. "Okay I guess, Ya know...Sleeping in late....Jerking Off...Lunch. The usual." I replied with a smile. "I think its a little messed up that my mom pays you to watch me until she gets home." Julia said creating a new topic. "Well the last time she left you home alone you almost burned down the house. And besides you know you like spending time at my house. Shit look what I turned you into." I turned to her smiling. "Ya well we always have fun when we hang out." Julia replied leaning against me.

She was hot for a 14 year old. I mean I'd be lying if I said she never gave me a hard on. But If I ever remembered one thing that my history teacher told me it was "Fourteen gets you twenty." So I always kept at bay. That doesnt mean I didnt get to her in other ways. I got her to smoke weed which made her speak her mind and relaxed her from her very tence home life. There have been times when Julia has even stayed the night. Her mother doesnt mind she doesnt think I would do anything to her daughter.

I pulled into the parking lot and into my parking space. I shut off the piece of shit car and I got out. Julia followed putting her backpack over her shoulders. She followed me up the stairs into my house. I shut the door and she dropped her bag on the floor and jumped over the armrest onto my sofa. "Got any beer?" She asked flipping through the channels on my tv. laughing I walked to the Kitchen and grabbed two beers from the fridge. "Funny, I dont remember getting you into drinking." I said tossing her a beer. "You didnt I found that out myself." she said cracking a beer and smiling. I cracked my beer and sat next to her. She drank her beer I chugged mine. Julia put her's on the table and cuddled up next to me burying her small perky tits into my arm. Her hand was on my leg as we watched some dumb movie on SyFy. "Can I put a movie on?" She asked. "Go for it." I said as she got up and walked to the tv. I adjusted my hard on but it didnt help as she bent down to look at my movie collection. I saw her nice pert ass not big ut it was so damn cute I wanted to reach out and touch it but I controlled myself. She put on Friday The 13th and pressed play. I figured she walked back to the couch but she walked to my room and disappeared for a few seconds when she came back she had my Blunt of Blue dream lit and in her mouth. "Can you ask?" I asked. "No." She said blowing smoke in the air as she walked back and we shared the blunt. It was packed enough to get us both fucked up and flying within around 20 minutes. The blunt was gone and we where both smiles and laughter. We kept laughing and I felt like I was floating. "Can I ask you a question?" Julia asked. "Go for it." I said. "Do you think Im attractive?" She asked. "Ya I think your cute." I said. Julia stood up and got in my face. "No Cute is what you say to a 4 year old who asks that question. I mean am I attractive as In Hot...Sexy..." She said. "Y-Ya I guess you are." I said sinking into my sofa. "Than why havent you done anything about it yet?" Julia said like it was nothing at all. "Whoa....Uh.....I guess cause your 14 and im 17." "Shawn...I wont tell anyone if you dont." Julia said with a smile as she sat on my lap and kissed me on the cheek. "You sure?" I asked. She responded by kissing me on the mouth snaking her tongue into my mouth. We made out passionatly. I grabbed the back og my head and I loved every minute of it. I picked up Julia and she wrapped her legs around my waist as I led her into my room and laid her down on the bed.

I closed the door and crawled on the bed kissing Julia all over her neck making her moan and gasp lightly. I pulled her Black tank top over her head and saw her cute little blak lacy bra. She unhooked and threw it across the room. I unbuttoned her short shorts and pulled them off of her. There lied my 14 year old julia in nothing but a black thong. I pulled them off of her to see a black landing strip above her pussy. I couldnt help myself. I got between her legs and got my face close to her cunt. "Im a virgin so just a warning." She said. I replied by licking from the bottom of the slit to the top of the slit slowly drawing a long moan from Julia. I Spread her pussy lips apart to see her small little clit. I smiled as I immediatly attatched my mouth to her clit sucking and licking it making Julia moan and groan like crazy.

"T-This Is Amazing." Julia stated. I smiled thinking about how better its going to be. I sucked my finger for a second before re-attatching myself to her clit and without warning I started to slide my finger inside her tight hot moist pussy. "OH MY GOD!" She said in surprise. I kept finger fucking her and sucking her clit I guess it was too much to bare.

"I want you inside me...NOW" She said almost a demand. I withdrew my tongue and got up and unzipped my pants and took off my shirt. My 7 inch dick sprang out and Julia immediatly got off the bed and on her knees taking the head of my dick into her hot small mouth. She could only get like 4 inches in so I grabbed the back of her head and started to face fuck the 14 year old Emo girl for about 10 seconds. I let my cock fall out of her mouth and smacked her with it. A spit bubble came out of her mouth and onto her chest. "I want you in me Condom or no Condom. Just go easy im a virgin." She said as She got back up on the bed. I got up and in between Julia's legs I rubbed the head of my dick up and down her wet moist slit a few times before slowly popping my head in. Julia Bit her finger to stiffle a shreik but nodded to continue with eyues clenched closed. I kept feeding her my dick until I felt something like a wall. "This is going to hurt for a few seconds. But just relax." I said Julia nodded as I counted to three and pushed forward popping her hymen. She screamed a little and I stopped letting her get used to it. I slowly pushed forward until our hips met. I bent down and kissed her on the lips. "I'll go'll enjoy this." I said I started to pump back and fourth slow at first. I closed my eyes and focused on her tight how pussy. It gripped my cock tightly and it felt like she was trying to milk it. Her moans and groans of discomfert turned into Moans and crys of pleasure. "G-Go faster." She gasped as I started to pump a little bit faster.Julia wrapped her legs around my waist pulling me deeper into her. I grabbed her hips pumping harder and harder faster and faster little by little until I was puming like crasy into her pussy. Her B cup tits whe slightly bounching up and down and Julia loved it. her cries and moans where just encouraging me to go harder. "I-IM gunna....IM GUNNA CUM!!!!" She screamed as she started to convulse and her pussy gripped my dick like it didnt want me to go. I kept pumping through the tightness. I felt my balls boil up and I wasnt going to last long. "I-Im gunna cum soon." I said between gasps and deep breaths. "In my mouth....Cum in my mouth." She begged. I pumped a few more times before I pulled out and shoved the head of my dick into her mouth and jerked it as wave after wave of cum flew into her 14 year old mouth. Her throat expanded and contrasted as she swallowed my seed. After I was done cumming I pulled out of her mouth and lied down next to her. "That was INCREDIBLE!!! Can we do it again soon?" She asked. "Anytime you want but I need some rest and you need to get going." I said smiling. "ya your right my mom is probably home." Julia said. She grabbed her shorts and tank top but tossed me her thong. "Incase your rub one off tonight." She said before blowing me a kiss and letting herself out of my house.


I was in my kitchen nuking a pizza when there was a knock on the door. I figured it was Julias mom coming to pay me the 20 bucks she usually pays me whenever I watch her daughter. I opened the door to see a girl with the sides of her head shaved and liberty spikes up top. Black eye liner and purple lip stick. black spikes black and purple skirt and fishnets and combat boots. "Hey." She said snapping the gum in her mouth. "Hi?" I said a litle confused. "Im your new neighber Jade." She said reaching out her hand. I shook it still trying to wrap my head around the situation. "Really? I hadnt known anyone moved in." I told her. "Well I did. All my stuff is upstairs. I just wanted to introduce myself to my new neighbor." She said with a laugh. "Well cool. Uh Come by if you need anything." I told her. "Will do." She said smiling as she walked away. I stared at her ass. Perfect for her figure. Her tits must have been C's and it matched her ass. I didnt need to get hard right now when I was making food so I put it out of my mind and went back to my usual nightly ritual.

1:00 AM

I was playing Mortal Kombat 9. Blood guts and amazing graphics best game on the PS3. I was playing online with the volume on loud when there was a knock on the door. I won the round and went back to the game lobby put down the controller and opened the door. I saw Jade stanidng in front of me in Dark purple velvet pajama bottoms and a red Tank top with a white skull. "Hey It's one in the morning wanna turn the noise down." She said with a serious look. "Oh im so sorry im not use to having people living here so I usually turn the noise up. It wont happen again my bad." I told her apologeticly. She gave me a half smile. "I get it just please turn it down a tad and its all ok." She said smiling as she turned around and walked away.I closed the door and walked away. Not even a minute later another knock on my door. I opened it and SHOCKER it was Jade. "You'll never believe this...I got locked out of my fucking apartment and now I have to wait till six until a lock smitch can come and open it for me. DO you think I can chill here until then?" She asked. "Ya Sure, Crash in my room i'll take the couch." I said welcoming her into my apartment and closing the door. Jade came inside and Sat down. I started playing another round of Mortal Kombat. "Mind If I grab something to drink?" She asked. "Help yourslelf." I replied. She walked past me into the kitchen and opened the fridge walking back with a Budweiser. She crackedt open and chugged it unil it was empty. "Your pretty fast" I said smiling. "Im full blown Irish." She said with a smile. I went into the kitchen and grabbed my twenty four rack of Budweiser and brought it back to the living room. Grabbing two beers I tossed one to her. "I bet I can drink faster than you." I said placing the bet. "Oh Ya....ya think so? your on." She said cracking her beer. I cracked mine. "One...Two...THREE GO" I said as we started too chug the beers as fast as we could. She won by a second. "You win." I said in defeat. "Yes I do. Now take off your shirt." She said grabbing two more beers. "Excuse me?" i asked. "You lose a round you lose an article of clothing." She said. I thought about it and shrugged taking off my shirt and tossing it on the couch.

I'll spare you the details but after many beers later we're both sitting naked and drunk across from each other. Her dark pink nipples where pierced and her tits wheere big and firm. Her pussy was shaven but had a tattoo of adark purple and black bow above it. Her plump ass definatly got me semi hard. Jade was staring at me in the eyes and laughing drunk. "You look good when im drunk" Said laughing. "You look like I could use another drink." I said cracking up. "Hey fuck you!" Jade said pushing me. I pushed her back she pushed me harder I pushed her harder. She cocker her hand back and pushed her hard and we both fell. She fell ontop of me. Her boobs pressed into my chest and my semi-hard cock slide up and down her slit. I heard a feminan moan escape her lips. she lifted her head and looked at me. Our eyes locked and I pulled her in for a kiss. She moaned into my mouth which made me hard as both of my hands found there way to her creamy white fleshy globes of ass. I grabbed both cheeks and smacked them one at a time which got another moan to escape her lips and enter my mouth. Jade brok the kiss and attatched her lips to my neck as she started to Bite my neck hard and suck on it. The pain and pleasure got me standing at attention. Jade kissed down my neck and chest dragging her pierced tits down to my dick which got me dripping pre cum right off the bat. She kissed all the way down to my pubic reagion.

Jade spit in her hand and gripped my dick jerking it a few times before she once again locked eyes with me and lowering herself down breathing hot air on the head of my hard on before taking the head on ym dick into her warm mouth. SHe closed her eyes bringing her hand off of the base of my dick and started rubbing my balls. She let the head of my dick fall out of her mouth as she took a deep breath taking my dick all the way in her mouth as her nose met my pelvis. Jade deep throated my cock. Her tongue licked the underside of my cock and she was sucking like a vaccume. After a minute of deep throating she let my cock slide out of her mouth and she was gasping for breath as strings of spit still connected my dick to her lips. She dipped her head low taking my whole sack into her mouth and she started to lick and suck my nut sack. It was pur heaven. I brought her back up and started to make out with her. I grabbed her by her waist and brought her tts to my outh takingne into my moutswirling my tongue around it and biting it making Jade moan and moan loud. I twisted her other nipple. Listening to her moan was pure music to my ears.

"P-Please...Please eat me out." She begged. I grabbed her fleshy ass and brough it to my mouth making her sit up so she could ride my face. I attatched myself to her clit humming my favorite song. "Die Monster Die" The vibrations form ym humming was making her go crazy. I started to pet her wet pussy before shoving three ingers into her snatch and started pumping hard finger fucking this punk slut. "Oh My God Baby Thats It!!!" She screamed. I kept at it tasting her juices which I couldnt get enough of. Julia was sweeter but Jade was a very VERY close second. "Fuck Me!!!" She screamed lifitng her pussy from my face. I was about to shove my dick into her cunt until she stopped me. "No...No My Ass...Fuck My Ass!!!" She screamed as she spit on the head of my dick and pressed it between her juicy ass and pressed it against the entrance to her asshole. "Ready?" I asked. "FUCK ME HARD" She demanded as she dropped down and plunged herself on my dick making us both moan. We just sayed like this for a second befoer Jade started to bounce up and down on my dick. She started iff slow but then within minutes she was slamming her juicy ass on my hard rod. Her tits wher bouncing up and down and Jade w screaming wildly. Thank God there where no other tendants in this building. I grabbed her hips and started to jack hammer into her as she put her hands on her head and screamed "IM GUNNA FUCKING CUM!!!!!!!!" She yelled as her asshole tightened up and a wave of clear liquid squirted from her cunt onto my stoamch and even on my face I opened my mouth and got a taste of her cum. Sour apple taste. Ikt hammering feeing ym own orgasm coming. I tried to hold off but I couldnt. Jade say the look on my face and automatically knew what was gunna hpeen. "Cum in my ass. I love the way it feels." just hearing those words caused my orgasm to happen. I dumped every ounce of sperm I had into her nice hot asshole But I didnt pull out. Jde collapsed on me and we both fell asleep on the living room floor. Naked...Sweaty...and Fufilled.


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