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A close shave
As soon as the man with the dog had gone, we were out of there faster than Justin Beiber cumming ( No even quicker than 30 seconds ).My heart was racing I was scared that the man might have worked out what we had been doing and call the Police, but I could not believe how lucky I had been, not only had I got to suck on Stevie’s cock and take his cum, but he had actually started sucking mine, this was a dream cum true, Stevie was a stunning looking guy, the type that most of the girls I knew would gladly drop their knickers for, He had everything, good looks, good clothes, a great smile, and personality, and I had just sucked his dick and he had sucked mine.

We decided that it would probably be best if we headed back to our own homes and call it a day, just incase the man had seen anything and had called the police, as soon as I got into the house, I went straight to my room and battered out one of the most intense wanks that I have ever had, I switched on the PC and logged into my MSN account, Stevie as already on, so we set our status to away.

Me – Glad to see you got home alright.

Stevie – Me too, but I don’t think he saw anything but his dog might have, ha ha

Me- yea the dog probably wanted our bones. I have still got mine, thanks for to you.

Stevie – Me too, that was amazing, have you done that before?

Me – Not really, messed about a little with my mate a few times when I was younger, but we never went that far, but I have wanted to do it for ages.

Stevie – yea me too, I sort of sucked off my cousin a while back, I liked it, I think I might be Bi, You?

Me – Yea defo, sex is sex at the end of the day.

Stevie – yea it beats having a wank any day, oh bye the way sorry for cuming in your mouth, I just lost control.

Me – Not a problem, I liked that too.

Stevie – what did it taste like?

Me – I don’t know how to explain it, sort of like medicine I suppose, a weird taste, but good at the same time.

Stevie- I will tell you a secret if you promise never to tell anyone.

Me – Ok I promise

Stevie –I have tasted my own a few times after a wank.

Me – So have I lots of times, but yours tasted better, proably because it was straight from your cock and not off my hand.
Stevie – I wish that fucking dog had not disturbed us so I could have tasted yours.

Me – Yea me too, would you do it again sometime?

Stevie – Yea defo, but we would have to be careful, Fuck getting caught sucking another guys dick, how embarrassing would that be, fuck I would die.

Me – yea I know, but I want to do it again badly,

Stevie – yea me too.

Me - I wish we had somewhere safe to do it.

Stevie – I might have an Idea if you are up for it, I am baby sitting my little niece tonight at my sister’s house, she is only 3 and goes to sleep early, I could ask my sister if it would be ok if you came with me, the only thing is she stays in the west end and wont be home until after 2am we would have to stay overnight.

Me – Yea sounds great to me.

Stevie – give me a minute, I will phone her, but it should be ok.

Me – cool

Stevie – We have a date, she said it would be cool.

Me – brilliant, I hope she does not have a dog?

Stevie –No she is the dog, she will be out man hunting trying to get her hole.

Me – Would you like get naked and kiss and stuff?

Stevie – Yea probably if you wanted too, but I don’t want to do bum stuff.

Me – Me neither, but I would love to get naked with you and kiss all over your body, Fuck I cant believe I am typing this, I have a raging boner.

Stevie – Your not the only one, make sure your MSN is not set to record our message history, My fucking brother would kill me if he read this.

Me- Don’t worry I am not stupid, What time are you going to your sister’s?

Stevie – About 8pm.

Me – Where will I meet you?

Stevie – The same bus stop we met at today, we can get a bus from there straight to hers, say 7.30, is that ok

Me – yea that’s cool, fuck I have such a hardon just thinking about it.
Stevie – Don’t wank it off, I want your balls full and emptied in my mouth tonight.

Me – Don’t worry I always have plenty in stock.

Stevie – Yum, Teddy I know this might sound weird but will you wear your football kit under a trackie, like today without boxers on that was such a turn on.

Me- yea sure, I love the feeling of just the nylon shorts rubbing off my cock.

Stevie – yea me too, I wish I had not worn boxers today, But I was scared that I would hit a boner and you would notice it,

Me – Did you know we would do that stuff then?

Stevie – Well I was hoping we would, I just got this feeling that you were into me.

Me – Fuck I was, that’s why I marked you like I did during the game, as soon as I saw you I hit a boner.

Stevie – I sort of thought you might be, And then when you sent that friend request on facebook, I was turned on to fuck.

Me - I cant explain it ,as soon as I saw you, I just wanted to get to know you, I suppose I fancied you to be honest.

Stevie – I know it’s just my good looks, it happens all the time, Yea I wish, ha ha.

Me – No it was your swinging cock I noticed first, ha ha

Stevie – Sorry Teddy got to go brother coming in, 7.30 bus stop x.

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2011-11-27 18:57:32
Great story got me hot

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Great story. Keep it going.

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2011-11-26 05:22:09
This story just like real for me, I wanked off twice thankyou

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Hurry up with part 4

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Nice story your pretty good :-)

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