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Meeting my Dad and Learning his life style
Heaven’s Valley

A Home Coming Story

I couldn’t believe what was happening to me. Here I was sitting in the back seat of this wonderful luxury stretch limo…naked. My eyes were closed and my head was thrown back. Sitting between my legs was my new Mother that I had just met a few hours ago. She was also naked She had one hand wrapped around my rock hard cock as she slowly jacked it up and down. Oh fuck the feelings were better than anything I had ever felt in my entire life. “Johnny, he’s beautiful, just like you said he was.”, she remarked to my Dad who was sprawled out on one of the couches.

The situation got even better as I felt her warm breath close to my cock. Then I was engulfed by an even better sensation as Mom slid my cock into her mouth. She wrapped her lips around the head of my cock and continued to stroke the shaft. Oh my God, I thought I might pass out. I think my toes started to curl. I beat my fists on the car seat and thrust my pelvis to drive my cock even deeper into her mouth. I was a 15 year old virgin. No one had ever done anything like this to me before. My total sexual experience had been solo masturbation. As Mom increased her pace, all the muscles in my body tightened. I opened my eyes to watch this blond goddess suck and stroke my cock. I could see my Dad smiling as he stroked his own naked cock.

Mom kept moaning and every once in a while she would temporarily allow my cock to slip out of her mouth. “Give it to me, Jack! I want to feel your load in my mouth.

“Oh my God! Don’t stop! Oh fuck, please don’t stop sucking my cock!. I’m cummmmiiiiiiinnnnnggggg!" Suddenly I felt this wonderful release as I shot jet after jet of my load into her mouth. The feeling was so overwhelming, I think I passed out.

Perhaps I should back up a bit and explain how I happened to be in this car getting this wonderful blow job.

My birth mother raised me by herself. She never told me anything about my father. She absolutely refused to allow any discussion that involved him. She really didn’t have any friends. The only other person we ever saw was her sister. Mom really was a broken woman, always ready to tell you what was wrong with any situation. I grew up with no confidence and zero people skills. I became an introvert. The one bright spot in my life was that I discovered the pleasures of working out at a local gym. I had been fat. And even though I slimmed down and my body proportioned nicely, when I was not at the gym, I was totally unhappy with my life.

The year I started High School, mom was killed in an automobile crash. It was a hectic few days as my aunt made the final arrangements. The day of the funeral, my aunt introduced me to a person I had never seen before. He told me that he was my Father. I was speechless. But, at the same time, I had an immediate attraction to this stranger. He was tall and tanned with a gorgeous head of white hair. He had a smooth way about himself and he quickly put me more at ease than I had ever been in my entire life. He told me that he would be in town for a few days and really wanted to get to know me.

The next few days were the first happy times I could ever remember. We went out to eat a lot. We went to baseball games. We were together almost all the time. Money didn’t seem to be a problem, in fact Dad was just the opposite of mom. Nothing was a problem. He told me that mom had left him because she didn’t think the life style he lived was appropriate for raising children. It turned out that Dad lived in a nudist colony a little north of Phoenix, Arizona. He and his brother owned several thousand acres there and they had about 30 full time residents. He described the complex as a place built on mutual respect. It sounded as though life was relaxed there. Sort of the opposite of the way I grew up. He invited me to come home with him and live there. It was the first big decision of my life. I agreed to join him.

In no time we had sold my mother’s house and were winging our way west to my new home. Dad told me that at the Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport, we would be greeted by his wife and the three of us would drive to Heaven’s Valley, which is what they called the complex. Eventually, the plane landed. It taxied up to the jet way and we deplaned.

As I followed Dad off the plane, this beautiful woman ran up to him, wrapped her arms around his neck and pressed her body to his. My cock started to get hard just watching. She was about 5’10” tall. She had a magnificent tan. She was wearing a pair of shorts that showed of a beautiful set of tanned legs, and a halter top that just barely contained her breasts. I could see her nipples poking through the almost transparent fabric. Eventually they unwound from each other and Dad introduced me to my new Mom. She gave me the same bear hug treatment. As I felt her pointy nipples press against my chest, my cock sprang a pretty firm erection. Mom, that’s what she wanted me to call her, giggled a little bit, ground her crotch against mine and whispered in my ear, “I see you’re glad to be here!” I think I must have turned several shades of red. Mom stepped away a little and told me not to be embarrassed, that my reaction was normal and completely acceptable in my new environment.

We collected our luggage and Mom led us to her car. It was a large Mercedes stretch limo. After we stowed the luggage, the driver held the door as the three of us climbed in the back of the car. Mom and I sat across the back while Dad sat along the side. Mom wrapped her arms around my shoulders and caressed my chest. I was immediately hard again. She told me that she was glad that I had come to Arizona with them. Then she slid one hand down to my cock and said she could see that I was glad too. I was so embarrassed. No one had ever done that to me before.
Mom asked me if Dad had explained their lifestyle to me. I responded that I knew they lived in a nudist complex. Mom mentioned something about that being a part of their life style. Then she suggested that we “Get with the program.” With that she untied her halter-top and slipped out of her short shorts and her little lace thong. She seemed to be totally comfortable with her body. She said it was my turn and when I didn’t move she reached for my short and began unbuttoning it. She ran her hands across my chest. My cock was straining against my slacks. They became her next target. She opened my belt and the top of my slacks and in one tug pulled them and my underwear off. She slid between my legs and began to gently stroke my very hard cock. I saw Dad removing his clothes and soon we were all three naked. It’s a good thing that all the windows were discretely tinted so people walking by couldn’t see what was going on.

Mom sucked and stroked my cock until I shot a bigload. I think I passed out, it felt so good. As I slowly rejoined the land of the living, I could hear my Dad laughing. “I guess you like your new lifestyle.” Dad went on to explain that there iving arrangements were based on mutual respect. No one was ever forced into any activity that they were not comfortable with. He also said that it was important to give as much pleasure as you got.

Mom has slipped to the opposite end of the seat. She had one foot on the floor and the other on the seat. She was slowly sliding a finger in and out of her pussy. “Do you know what that means, Jack? It means it’s your turn now. Or maybe I should say it’s my turn!”

I didn’t know what to do. I guess I had this “deer in the headlights look”, so mom just gently pulled me close to her body. “Kiss me!”, she commanded. I reached over and gave her a peck on the cheek. “Not like that! Like this!” She wrapped her arms around my neck. And planted her lips on mine. I felt her mouth open. “Just do what I do, Jack” So I opened my mouth and when I felt her tongue, I followed suit. She began caressing my back and shoulders. I did the same thing. “Now kiss my breasts like that” I moved me mouth across her neck, over her chest and found a nipple. I surrounded it with my mouth and sucked it while I licked it. I think she liked it because she began to softly moan.

Mom took one of my hands and pulled it towards her pussy. She pressed one of my fingers into her slit. I was surprised to find that it was very wet and slippery. She started to move it in and out. Then she told me, “Rub it right here!” She directed my finger to a piece of flesh that was sticking out at the top of her pussy. As I touched it, she almost jumped. “Oh that’s good, son!” In the meantime, I had moved my mouth to her other tit. I found that I loved giving her all this pleasure. My cock was getting hard again. Mom took one of her hands and began to slowly and gently stroke it. I was in heaven, making love to my new Mom. She was enjoying it too.

Mom took her other hand and began to press my head south. “Lick my pussy, just like that.” I was beginning to get the hang of this now. By now, her slit was actually dripping wet. I slid my tongue from top to bottom, pressing it as far inside as I could. When I got to the top, I wrapped my lips around what I later learned was her clit. Mom really began to squirm. She started stroking my cock faster and faster.

“Just keep doing that son, and don’t you dare stop. I’m almost there. You are going to make Mother cum. Oh fuck yes, I’m going to cum. With that Mom moved her head down to the seat and slid my cock in her mouth. I increased the pace of my sucking and licking. I really wanted to give my new Mom the same level of pleasure that she had given me. I felt her body tense. She lifted her legs and wrapped them around my head. She pulled my mouth hard against her pussy. I kept licking. Mom began to moan loudly. “Oh yes, Oh fuck yesssssssssssssssssss, I’m cumming, don’t stop. I’m cccuuuuuuuuuuuuuuummmmmmmmmmmmmiiiiiiiiiinnnnnnnnnnnnnggggggggggggggg.”

Mom pulled my cock back into her mouth and began to stroke the shaft furiously a she wrapped her tongue around the head. All this stimulation pushed me over the edge. My body tensed and I could feel the cum shooting into Mom’s mouth. “Oh fuck, Mom. I’m ccccccuuuuuuummmmmming with you.” I wrapped my arms around her butt and held on as wave after wave of intense pleasure swept oven my entire being. I truly was in Heaven.

Mom and I lay in each other’s arms, enjoying the afterglow of the fantastic sex we had just enjoyed. Dad was sprawled out on the limo’s side couch. He was still stroking his hard cock. I marveled at how my cock was an exact copy of his. It had the same veins running along its length, and the same large head. It even had the same curve upwards. I couldn’t take my eyes off of it. I was imagining what it would feel like to reach over and stroke it myself. It excited me to think if holding Dad’s cock in my hands while it jumped and shot a big load. I was about to move to Dad’s side when he pushed a button on the console.

“Jim, don’t forget that we need to stop at the City Center to pick Ann up.” He told our driver. I started to gather up my clothes. Dad laughed. He told me that I didn’t need to get dressed. “Ann will be as naked as you are within minutes of getting in the car. A few minutes later Jim smoothly pulled the limo off the main highway and into a large parking lot. He stopped in front of one of the entrances to the center and got out of the car and went to the passenger side rear door.

“Good evening Miss Ann. You are looking mighty fine tonight.” As he said that he opened the door and a younger version of Mom slid in next to me. She had the same short blonde hair as mom and a beautiful golden tan. Her white jeans showed off her toned ass. She was wearing a white men’s dress shirt that was tied under her ample breasts. The shirt did little to hide her erect nipples that were straining against the material.

Ann looked right passed me and directly at her Father’s hard cock. “Oh Daddy, you look like you could use a hand, or something.” With those words, she quickly stripped off her shirt, Jeans, and a tiny white thong. Like her Mother, she had no tan lines. Her pussy was clean shaven except for a small strip of hair above her clit. It was also a very light blonde color.

Ann immediately moved to Dad’s side. She replaced his hand with hers and began stroking his cock in earnest. I could see that Ann had her other hand at her pussy. She was sliding two fingers in and out of her slit while her thumb caressed her clit. Dad reached under Ann's body and took one of her tits in each hand. He had each large nipple between a thumb and fore finger and was squeezing them. “Oh Daddy, you know how sensitive my nipples are. You are making me so hot. I need your hard cock inside me…NOW!!!” With those words she moved her ass in front of Dad’s big hard cock and guided it inside her pussy.

As Ann straddled Dad’s cock, I caught a glimpse of her pussy. She has an extremely large clit. And from the sounds she was making, it must be a very sensitive clit, too. All this commotion woke mom up. She started stroking my now rock hard cock. Oh fuck this was a hot scene. She crawled down on the floor and positioned her ass right in front of me. Looking over her shoulder, she commanded me, “Slide your cock in my pussy Now, Jack. Fuck me. Fuck your Mother. Make me cum.”

I dropped to my knees. This brought my cock right to the entrance to Mom’s pussy. It was so wet and slippery. I leaned forward and it slid right into the warmest, wettest, most pleasurable sensations I had ever felt in my entire life. Mom crawled forward a little. The effect was for most of my cock to slide out of her pussy. I followed her and that effect was to push my cock into her pussy, to the hilt. I felt my balls bounce against Mom's pussy. Mom meanwhile placed her lips over Ann’s pussy and sucked on Ann’s clit. Ann jumped at this contact. Dad drove his cock into Ann even deeper. This movement forced Ann’s clit deeper into Mom’s mouth. In turn my cock was driven even deeper into Mom’s pussy. Ann leaned over Mom’s back and took my face in her hands. She planted a very wet, opened mouth kiss on my lips and shoved her tongue as deep into my mouth as she could. The four of us moved together fucking each other with great gusto. Dad was the first to shoot. His body tensed up and he cried out, “Oh fuck, I’m going to cum!”

By now Ann was moaning uncontrollably. Dad’s cock in her pussy and Mom’s tongue on her clit was driving her to new extremes of pleasure. As she felt Dad’s cock head expand and then begin to shoot, Ann’s Body tensed and she screamed out that she was cumming too. The contractions in Ann’s body, and from Dad’s cock along with the force of my fucking drove Mom over the edge.

“Oh fuck, I’m cumming too. And that was enough to make me cum too. I had never felt anything this good in my entire life. Jet after jet of the biggest load I’ve ever shot blasted against Mom’s cervix.

As I was about to pass out from the pleasure, the last thing I remember was Ann taking my face in her hands once again. She leaned close to me and almost whispered, “Nice to meet you Jack. Welcome to the family!”

After that great sex, we all curled up in each other’s arms. Mom and I were on the back seat and Dad and Ann were on the side couch. I felt so relaxed. I was coming home. Life would be so good.

Soon we arrived at Heaven’s Valley. We went through the elaborate security system and gained access to the compound. We transferred to a double bench golf cart and Dad drove us to his house. As we got off the cart, I noticed a couple on the porch of another building. Of course, they were naked. He was sitting on a rocking chair and she was on her knees with her head between his legs. The way he had his head thrown back, she must have been sucking his cock. I just stood there watching as my cock stiffened. No one else was paying any attention to them. Ann reached around my body and gently caressed my semi hard cock. She whispered in my ear, “I can help you with this, brother. One of our traditions here is that if any one sees someone else that is in need of relief, it’s their responsibility to help take care of the situation.”

Mom and Dad just laughed. “We’ll see you inside a little later.” Ann led me by my now rock hard cock across the road and up on to the porch. “Hi Tom! High Diane! This is my brother Jack. He’s moving in with us. He’s fascinated with watching you guys have fun. Do you mind if we join you?”

Tom and Diane both waved at us to come on up. Diane kept right on sucking. I could see now that they were a little older, perhaps Dad’s age possibly even a little older. Tom was a little over weight and every so often when Diane came up for air, I could see he had a large cock, although only semi hard. Diane was slender with midsized breasts that hung down low on her chest. She obviously enjoyed what she was doing, and so did Tom.

Ann slouched down on a rocker, pulled my body close to her, and swallowed my cock balls deep in one thrust. I could feel her tongue on my shaft as my cock head brushed the back of her throat. She began to slide her mouth up and down my shaft. All the while, she was humming and sucking. The pleasure was intense and exquisite! She had one hand cupping my balls and the other hand on my ass holding my body close to her.

I felt a third hand sliding up the inside of my thigh, searching for my ass hole. It was Diane. She was still sucking Tom’s cock, but was feeling me up. Diane lifted her face off Tom’s cock and asked Ann, “Can I play with your new toy? You know how much I enjoy a young hard cock!”

Ann nodded her ascent and took her mouth off my cock. I could see a combination of Ann’s saliva and my pre-cum dripping off the tip. Diane moved to a chase lounge and lay down on her back. She spread her legs lewdly and opened her arms inviting me to join her. Ann turned me around and shoved me in Diane’s direction. I climbed on to the lounge with my cock aimed right at her hairy pussy. I eased forward and my cock slid easily into her. Again, it was a fantastic feeling. The sensation of sliding my cock in and out of that warm wet pussy was wonderful. Judging by the way Diane was rolling her head from side to side, she was enjoying it too. I immediately began fucking her hard. She wrapped her arms around my shoulders and her legs around my ass. She was moaning, “Oh yes, fuck me. Fuck me hard. Faster, oh please fuck me faster.”

Ann had moved to take care of Tom. She gently wrapped one hand around his semi-hard cock and began slowly to stroke him. The other hand started to caress her own pussy, paying particular attention to her very sensitive clit. Tom saw the look of lust in Ann’s face and that along with the sensations of her stroking his cock was giving him a big hard on.

Ann dropped her head to Tom’s lap and wrapped her lips around the head of his cock. She continued stroking his shaft. Tom began to moan as the pleasure surged through his body. “Oh Ann, you suck my cock so well. Don’t stop, I’m almost there!!! Ann pushed all of his cock into her mouth and started stroking faster.

“Yes. Yes. Yes. Oh fuck yes. I’m cccuuummmiiinnngggg!” Ann felt his cock jump and the first spurt of his load hit the back of her throat. She drove her fingers as deep into her pussy as she could. That did it for her too. She tensed all over and began to climax.

The odor of sex permeated the area. Diane and I both heard Tom and Ann cumming. That did the trick for both of us. Diane held me close and I drove my raging hard as deep into her pussy as I could. I hung on as spurt after spurt of my load poured into her womb, and wave after wave of intense pleasure washed over both of us.

I’m beginning to understand how appropriate the name “Heaven’s Valley” is to this place. I can't wait to see what additional pleasures await me here!

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Great story. Totally unbelievable, but great story.
eg: First year in High School has his 1st ever fuck with his Step-mother he has just met, with father he has also recently met masturbating next to him and then responding immediately with first ever experience of cunnilingus while thinking "I really wanted to give my new Mom the same level of pleasure that she had given me." Bullshit! ... then ends up blowing four times that first day after the plane flight and before the evening meal!
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sweet story

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