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Goyle Play with Ginny
Ginny Weasly was in the griffondor's room doing her roomwork when she felt the need to take a shit.

Leaving her work on the table,she got up and went to the room's girl washroom when Hermione entered from behind the portrait bringing, at the same time, a strong foul smell which filled the place. Everyone looked at Her, who already had cross the room to enter the washroom, pushing Ginny aside.

Ginny follow her in the restricted area. She was bend over a toilet bowl vomiting a lot.

-Hermione? Are you ok? It's not just your breath now that's smelling bad it's you! She tell her trying to sound friendly as possible. Do you think your cursed?

-I don't know? Was all she could say before resuming puking.Ginny watched her with some pity and compassion.

- if you need something, i need to take a shit so I'll be there not far.she said knowing well that she can do nothing
She was about to tell her friend to go see Pomfrey, when suddenly Hermione turned around to look at her. She had desire in her eyes and puke on the side of her mouth.

-Please you need to shit in my mouth!

-What?asked Ginny in disgust.

- Yes! Ginny you need to take a dump in my mouth! I beg you please do it, shouted out loud Hermione Granger.

Ginny ran fast out of the house 's room to flee her friends who was almost trying to force her to empty her bowel down her throat... She was now crying and was still in need to take her shit... She made her way to the second floor. Has she turned the last corner before reaching the washroom, she heard it...

Ginny Weasley's name, came out from no where... Like if the walls had whisper to her... But the effect where instantaneous... Her mind started to send her image of her sucking a big cock she couldn't see to whom it was...
The fantasy was so real...

The pressure in her anus became more intense urging her to defecate... And it made her return to earth... Suddenly, right when she was to enter the abandoned washroom, she heard it again.

This time the world change around her. Ginny's mind send her clear image the huge cock she was dreaming of.
She was sucking it like there was no tomorrow... She wanted it so much she wasn't able to detach her eyes from it... Even to look who's cock it was...

Ginny had stop in the middle of the Old piss smelling room. She was standing still, eyes closed living the most intense fantasy in her head.
She was still in need of anal release but was to fixated on the imaginary cock in her mouth...

Ginny Weasley made a extreme effort of concentration to stop ravishing the no existent cock in her mouth. It was so hard now that her mind had send her influx that made her smell and taste the cock she was sucking...
The only thing she achieve by this effort was to look who was the owner of the member she desired that much...
The person she saw made her wanna cry, but she shown him by deepthroating more of his cock...
Why would she sucked Gregory Goyle who was the guy she despise the most at school... Even more than Malfoy.
Not able to answer the question she continued sucking.

Goyle was looking at Ginny with mad eyes... She was sucking an invisible cock in the middle of the second floor washroom. Standing on her knees on the dirty floor, eyes closed but mouth opened, she was lost in her own mind.
The young man knew why... She had not seen him under the invisibility cloth. Therefore, she couldn't really make out who she was to suck... But she had not heard her name 3 times yet.

Gregory got out from under the cape.
He undressed himself totally still watching Ginny suck an invisible reflection of his cock.

He walked in front of her and grad is already hard massif dick and used it to slap Ginny multiple time on the face with it.

Ginny open her eyes, the feeling of the slapping her face getting her out of her day dream.

She was face to face with a huge cock
And her mouth start to salivate while look at it. She looked up and saw the most ugly face she known... The one of Gregory Goyle...

Insideb her mind, Ginny Weasley was fighting a demon in rage. He body wanted nothing more than to suck her enemy's cock down her throat but her conscious mind was disgusted until the boy called her full name one last time.

The girl impale the cock down her throat in least then 3 seconds.
She had to open her mouth to it maximum to be able to take the monstrous member. But when he was finally down he throat, all her body seem to relax completely and she looked at Goyle pleading eyes and said something...

- blehse fki froth was all Goyle heard while looking and feeling Ginny treatment to his penis. He was amaze at how easily he had made Ginny want to service him.

- what are trying to say little bitch? He ask her.

-Please fuck my face the harder you can! Begged Ginny Weasley with need in her eyes, just before swallowing the big boy's dick in front of her.

Goyle used Ginny's face as is personal fuck doll for 3 long minutes, never Giving the girl time to breath...
He wasn't to concern because he could read great pleasure on her face...

He withdrew, not wanting to cum to soon and the redhead choke only several second before asking for a more brutal treatment.

Gregory Goyle took old of Ginny's hair... Gathering all of her red beautiful crown on top oh her head and grab them all together like an handle. He dragged her roughly around the flood to one of the wall around.
He put her back against the cold stone.

Before Ginny could ask again for more brutal face fuck, he force his member inside her waiting mouth, put his hand on the wall and start to fuck her face once more.

Now, the cute girl's head wasn't going to pull back. She was stuck between rocks and hard dick... The boy's cock was banging her face without any mercy, the back of her head hit the wall all the time.

Soon, Ginny was in need of oxygen.
But all she could do was asking for more brutal fuck while still having Goyle's member shove down her wind pipe. The lack of air also made The Weasley girl to loose the control of her bowel.

Ginny filled her little white cotton panty she wore under her school skirt.
But her tormentor didn't saw nothing of it... He was still abusing her face.
When Goyle finally let air enter her throat, she did not had a lot of time to recover before her body was hit by a insane orgasm as cum started to erupt on her waiting face.

Goyle hold Ginny Weasley by hair air while painting her... He saw her body shake in pleasure as the cum land on her face. Gregory empty is ball on her.
He looked at the young stained girl and saw she had drifted into unconsciousness...

Goyle, who was still holding the slut by the hair at the top of her head, lifted her up so he could see her face at his eyes level. Ginny Weasley hanged unconscious, floating a few inches from the ground, held by one of the strong boy's hand.

Goyle had decide to keep a souvenir from the bitch he just used...
He lifted her skirt with his free hand and grab the waist band of her panty.
He tore then releasing a pile of shit that felt to the ground.

The boy was sad that her underwear were soil with her shit, not wanting them anymore, so he decide to make her pay for not leaving him a gift for the face fuck he just grant her.

He rolled the shit smeared panty and put them in her mouth and then proceed to lay her on other ground making great care that her face was resting on her own shit.

Before he leave the washroom, Gregory Goyle looked at the sight a last time.

Ginny Weasley looked like she was sleeping in her own shit. Her face was resting in a puddle of feces.
She was there on her stomach, a big log of brown poo as a pillow. Another directly in front of her face was touching her nose and lips and stop just in front of her eyes.

Goyle laughed while exiting the room.

- i wonder if she will be able to wash this of tomorrow morning... Malfoy said she can't wash the cum herself...maybe it will stop her for the shit to, toughed The slytherin boy while returning to his House room.


2012-10-17 17:50:06
haha she was stuck between a rock and a hard dick epic bro

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