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Cassie learns
Incest, sleeping, young, first time

Well my name is Cassie and this is about my first time, it’s been a long time since then but I still remember it vividly and quite fondly as well too!
My mother and dad had divorced, dad was gone and we lost the house, well apartment really. Mom had moved in with her brother Uncle Mark. I guess now in retrospect I should have seen the things that were wrong back then but at the age that I was and the sheltered upbringing that I had, well I guess I just hadn’t figured things out yet.
Anyway, we had moved in to Uncle Marks and Mom and I fell immediately into our normal routine. Mom got up for work in the morning, sent me to dad’s, well now I guess Uncle Marks room and wake him up. In retrospect now I realize how rude that was. There really never was a reason to wake Uncle Mark or even Dad at that time of the morning. Because all either of them did was wake up. I ate, got dressed and left for school shortly after mom left for work without the help of either of them. Maybe I needed that when I was younger but not later on when this all happened. Well anyway back to my story.
Right off, first thing at Uncle Marks, that is when I started learning to think more for myself. I went into his room like mom had said and woke him up. He paused I think for a moment lying there in bed. But with me standing there insisting that he get up, thinking that this was my job, to get him up. He got up, HE WAS NAKED. Oh my god, I had never seen a mans thing before and here it was, and it was HARD. It was hard, it was hairy, I could see his ball sack. I mean I could see every thing. This was my first cock that I had ever laid eyes on and it was obviously hard. My Uncle Mark saw me staring at it and he just commented. “That’s normal for a man, or even for a boy for that matter, when we wake up its part of how our bodies wake up. It’s not anything that you did, its just that that’s the way it normally is in the morning”
My god, he was so casual about it all, just like it was no big deal. He got up and walked off into his bathroom. I just stood there with my mouth hanging open and never said another word. That was day one, and no I never said a thing to my mom. Some things you just know that you need to keep to yourself.
Day two, again mom sent me into wake up Uncle Mark. I went a whole lot more willingly now this time. I mean after all, why not? I might get to see a naked man again and no one else in the world will be the wiser about it. It was just like the day before. My god this was fantastic!
Uncle Mark took the covers off, his cock was standing up hard as ever, he even looked like he kinda grinned a little when he saw me obviously gaping at it. He said nothing this morning but got up and walked into his bathroom.
Day three, I was already looking forward to this. Mom was in the smaller bathroom doing her hair, she does this every morning. Only now I was thinking about it, how long she takes to do her hair. How long will I have with my naked Uncle Mark? Will I be able to start a conversation with him? Will he stand there and let me look at his hard and hairy cock? As soon as mom started on her hair I asked her if I should go wake up Uncle Mark. Mom looked at me approvingly and said “why yes you should young lady” as if I were growing up or something. Well maybe I was, just not in the way that she wanted to think about.
I entered Uncle Marks room, this time I realized for the first time, that he was really asleep. I mean it was obvious that he was really out of it. I talked to him and almost thought that I might have to touch him to wake him up but then he woke up. Now I realize what he was doing but back then I had no idea. Uncle Mark just kinda laid in bed and talked for a minute, then I noticed the tent growing where his cock was. When I started to stare at where he was tenting the bed covers he smiled and sat up. Then he pulled off the covers and again I was looking at a grown mans hard and hairy cock. I guess that up till that point I hadn’t really been aware that every time I saw his cock my mouth actually hung open! Well I know that it was this time because this time Uncle Mark said Cassie if you keep standing there with your mouth open like that while staring at my cock I might just shove it in your mouth to let you find out what that feels like. All I did was glance up at his face once and then right back to his cock. He walked past me towards the bathroom. To this day I do not know why I followed him, but this time I did. I just walked right behind him. He stopped and turned around, his hard cock was pointing out it almost hit me in my face because I was so close behind him. I stopped too, my mouth still open. All he said was “well ok” and then he grabbed his cock with one hand, pointed it right at my mouth and shoved it at me. My instincts took over and I shut my mouth. So instead of going in my mouth I actually felt his cock press up against my closed lips. But my god!! I actually felt a mans cock head! And it touched my lips! Oh my god this was so completely awesome that I could not describe it. Since I closed my mouth Uncle Mark said “oh changed your mind did you?” and then walked into the bathroom.
Again, I have no idea what drove my feet, for the first time I followed Uncle Mark into the bathroom. He obviously heard me open the door behind him and again stopped and turned around. And again my mouth was hanging open. All he said was “oh really?” and again took his cock in hand and pointed it at my gaping mouth. Again he shoved, and again I closed my mouth. Only this time he kind of grunted “you’re really gonna have to learn” and with that he put one hand behind my head and now I felt him actually shoving his cock at my lips while his other hand held my head. Being the age I was I knew what he wanted and felt obligated to let him do what he wanted so I opened my mouth. He thrust his cock in to the back of my mouth and held it there for a second. Then he said “this is what guys are going to want to do” and started thrusting it in and out of my mouth. He only did it for a few seconds and then pulled it out.
Uncle Mark told me that if I stood there and watched him in the shower that he would show me what would happen if I let a guy do that in my mouth, or anywhere else for that matter.
I was absolutely entranced, I did not think of another thing, I stayed planted to that spot. I watched Uncle Mark get in the shower, he stood sideways at first with the water running while it got hot. I could see his cock standing out even through the mottled glass. One of those shower doors that has the wavy kind of glass in it. You can see outlines but nothing really clear. But while the water warmed up I realized that my Uncle Mark was now stroking his cock! I was mesmerized! He stood sideways and slowly stroked his cock. Then steam started to show in the shower. He adjusted the water and stood with the water at his back. He moved very close to the shower door and I could make out that his hand was now working his cock faster. The head of his cock got so close to the mottled glass that I could make out his pee hole. Even though there was water droplets all over the door from the shower I could still make out his pee hole! Then he seemed to stiffen, his shoulders even moved and all the sudden a gush of white sperm spouted out and onto the glass. Because the glass was wet the glob immediately started to slither down the glass but just as immediately another glob of sperm replaced it, and again one more. I could see Uncle Marks sperm sliding down the glass door. I realized now that he was making some grunting noises, he was still thrusting his cock forward, his shoulders were still kinda twitching so I was guessing that some more might still be coming out but it wasn’t hitting the glass anymore. He kept that up and then finally started to relax.
At that time I also realized that I heard foot steps! My god, my mom was coming. I ran out of the bathroom only to encounter my mom walking into Uncle Marks bedroom. I was totally busted! All I could do was cry. I never admitted to a thing, I just couldn’t bring my self to admit to what I had seen, or done, or what Uncle Mark had done. I felt so certain at the time that it was all 100% my fault that I just couldn’t say anything.

Well Uncle Mark finally came out of the bathroom, dressed. He must have heard my mom scrrreaching at me, which is what she was doing. I am guessing from what he heard from my mom he might have realized that my mom actually knew nothing. So he sorta helped me out. With me standing right there like I wasn’t even in the room Uncle Mark said “I gather that Cassie was in the bathroom?” my mom immediately screamed YES. Uncle Mark continued, “well I can guess from when I first heard you start screaming, she must have just about followed me into the bathroom. I never saw or heard her because I had just woken up. I guess I kind of have a routine now and I walked into the shower and was facing the wall. I never even turned around until I heard your voice 20 octives higher than it should be inside my house. So I have to guess that Cassie peeked on me in the shower. Since I never saw her that means she only saw my butt. She is your, (emphasis on your) daughter. So I will let you handle it, but in case you haven’t noticed yet. I am a guy. As a guy, we really don’t care about these sort of things. I’m not inviting her into the bathroom but at her age I think that if she peeked, that this is probably normal. So I am not going to worry about it, that is your job.”

Well that seemed to do it for mom at the moment, she snarled at me, “I don’t have time for this, I have to get to work, I will deal with you later” and stormed out of the house

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2016-03-05 11:16:48
Yummy start. My Great Grand Niece Carissa has the ability to "light my fires"; really freaked me out because although I love incest stories I'd never considered it in real life. Now; due to her, I know that IF the chance ever arises again I will pursue. She does things to me that no one else ever has; and yet nothing ever really happened. We just talked about what was happening
Ben Bitten

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2011-11-26 09:46:18
I'll give you positive rating, but only because the story has promise. You need to space out your paragraphs, will make for easier reading. There are some punctuation issues and some grammar and sentence structure issues. But, as I said, the story has promise - we'll see how Chapter 2 turns out.

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2011-11-26 07:54:29
needs easier to read spacing .this story is'nt formated for online reading. try a repost. then i'll vote yea or naye.

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2011-11-25 22:30:26

;; JJ

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