these pills are going to change you
Warning for the reader: THISSSS ISSSSS NOTTTT REALLLL. DONT DO THIS. ILLEGAL, BAD, BAD BAD...don't buy these pills...DONT let younger people use them. don't you dare do it. If these sort of stories, involving people under 18, offend you, do not read it. Read something else.

(sorry i took so long to write this one. these are harder to write than i thought. I like the comments and suggestions as I am completely open to ideas of how this story can go in future chapters. This is my 3rd story ever, so if there are a few grammatical errors, please try to bare with me. enjoy)

Recap: George (husband) buys sex pills that when given to someone, they instantly become so overcome with "horniness" that they can't control themselves. George has 4 bio-logical daughters, Stef (22), Emily (19), Rachel (16), and Gillian (15). He is re-married to Helen (who is 43) and she has two kids of her own as well, Anthony (23) and Abby (9). George's kids don't live with him, but they stop by all the time since they live in the same town as him. On the night when George bought the pills, he was supposed to have a weekend alone with his wife, but was interrupted by his daughter Gillian who was sick. While Gillian was bed-ridden, and George asleep, Helen unknownigly gave Gillian one of the pills. After take the pill, Gillian was so horny that she fucked her confused, but completely willing step-mother. The second night, George and Helen had a romantic dinner, and George put the pills in both of their drinks (Helen didn't know he did that). They end up fucking, but in the middle of their fucking Rachel walked in. Rachel was initially disgusted, but her father and step-mom were so horny that they couldn't stop fucking right in front of her. Rachel's emotions become confused, as it goes from disgusted to turned on. She ends up fingering herself right in front of them, as they fuck. After she cums, she's so embarassed that she runs upstairs.

*you don't remember anything the night after you take a pill.

Part 3


After I see Rachel walk by my room I realize that my wife and I weren’t alone in the house, so I thought it would be best if I wasn’t just laying in my bed naked with my wife. Plus I notice that the clock read 11am so I’m sure my daughter must’ve been up for a while now. It’s very strange that I don’t remember her coming in last night, but then again I don’t really anything at all. I look over to my right and see Helen lying on her stomach naked, still sleeping. I smirk to myself as I put two and two together and come to realization that those pills I put in our drinks must have worked. “Crazy”, I whisper to myself out loud. The funny thing is that even though I don’t remember much of anything from last night, I do feel really refreshed and happy. I start to nudge Helen to see if she wakes up, but she still seems to be out cold, so I decide to get some clothes on and make breakfast. Also I should go say hello to Rachel.

I head downstairs to the kitchen in my robe and begin right away to spruce up some eggs for the wife and daughter. A few minutes into my cooking Rachel comes in the house from the backyard and I turn around, “Hey Rachy girl, what’s my little superstar up to?” Rachel has this really odd expression on her face; it’s sort of a look of confusion and embarrassment. “Umm nothing”, she whispers back softly as she slowly starts to head for the stairs, “Rachy you want some breakfast? I’m making eggs, toast, and bacon?” she stops her steps and looks back, “no I’m not hungry”. George kind of just shrugs, “well all right sport, you don’t know what you’re missing. Funny I didn’t even hear you come in last night; I thought you were supposed to be at your moms?” Rachel answers even more confusingly, “what?” and now quickly scurries up the steps. It must be that part of the month or something I think at first, but then I start to think about the pills and how I don’t remember anything from last night, and how there’s a possibility that Rachel might have seen what me and Helen were doing. Oh boy! She’s probably so embarrassed and grossed out! But I don’t even know if that’s true. (Phone rings)

“Hey…… What? really?....Why can’t you do it?’re killing me here Dianne….how long is it?....Jesus Christ, all right I’ll be there soon…..bye”. My ex-wife had just called and said that she had to go visit her sister in the hospital and that she needed me to drive Gillian to her dance recital all the way up in Scranton, which was like 2 hours away. It’s a brutal chore, but at least I’ll get to see my baby dance. It’s not all that bad, plus I just gave Helen a good fucking so she should be happier. Just as these thoughts cross my mind I see that Helen has finally woken up as she enters the kitchen wearing a comfortable looking white robe. “Sleep well hun?, “mmm yeah I actually feel wonderful” Helen responds as she stretches her arms and takes a seat at the table where I have all ready laid out a plate of eggs and a cup of coffee for her. As she takes a sip of the coffee and looks over at me, “Thanks for making breakfast George,” “no problem dear, last night was so wonderful I wanted to make it up to you” I say as I rub her neck, “mmm you know the funny thing is I don’t remember a damn thing from last night”. Helen finishes her coffee and states the same, “did you drug me or something because I don’t fucking remember a thing either.”

This is when I start to think if I should tell her about the pills I bought. On one side it’s kind of fun knowing that I have these magical pills that I can use on her anytime I want, but then again I don’t know if this is something I should keep from my wife. This has slap in the face written all over it. Finally I respond to her skeptical question, “well….actually. The thing is….” Helen has this dubious, confused expression on her face, but then I just get this sudden change of heart mid-sentence, “haha no I’m just fucking with you baby. Maybe we drank too much or something, I don’t know.” Helen rolls her eyes, “but listen Dianne just called me and said that Betty (Diane’s sister) is in the hospital. So she has to go check up on her, which means I gotta take Gillian to her dance recital all the way in Scranton. So you have the house to yourself for the day” there are a few loud steps/thuds up stairs, “eh, well you and Rachel I guess.” Helen seems un-enthused, but she feels really comfortable and happy at the moment so she really doesn’t give a fuck. “Okay baby that’s fine. I’ll probably just spend the day cleaning up the house, maybe a nap. Whatever. Have fun with Gillian. Father daughter bonding moment!” she says with a sarcastic yet giddy tone.

So we finish up breakfast and Helen goes upstairs to change, and I follow suit but before I do I go to the kitchen cabinet where I had put the pills and take out the bottle. Knowing that the instructions are printed on the label, I decide that it would be safer if I just remove the label so no one misuses them. I put the bottle back in the cabinet where the other emergency cough drops, advils, and other medicines are, thinking that my family would be smart enough to not take anything from an unlabeled bottle.

After I head upstairs to get changed I walk across Rachel’s room and pop my head in to let her know that I was going to be gone for the day with Gillian, plus I’d throw an invite at her too. She’s on the phone, but I still mention, “Hey Rachy I’m taking Gillian to her dance recital, you wanna come? I’ll be gone most of the day,” Rachel responds with a straight “no” and shakes her head as she goes back to her conversation on the phone, “All right I’ll be back at around 8:00. Helen will be here all day; you can have friends over if you want.” I think Rachel hears what I said but just chooses to keep talking on the phone instead. Teenagers, sigh. I yell a good-bye to Helen and head out the door.


“Oh my god Derek it was so fucking weird………….. I know, ew right…… my step-mom is such a tramp fucking my dad like that in the den right in front of me….. I DID leave, ew you kidding…….right, like I’d fucking watch you’re such a perv Derek….. Yeah my dad just said he’s leaving for the day…..yeah come over soon…… Helen won’t give a shit, she doesn’t like me anyway so I don’t care….. Okay come soon.” I had just gotten off the phone with my new boyfriend Derek after telling him what the hell I saw last night. When I got caught in the storm last night and came to my dad’s house, the last thing I expected to see was dad’s cock being sucked by my bitch of a step-mom, and to top it off, see them fucking right in front of me. If it pisses me off so much why did I finger myself in front of them? I don’t know, who cares, and that’s not important. Oh! And the fact that Helen said that she fucked Gillian, that’s disgusting. It’s probably not even true, as she was probably just trying to be sexy or something…which is even worse. Thank god Dad’s leaving for the day, I don’t know if I can look at him for a while…I’m sure he’s just as embarrassed as me. He did a really good job of not bringing it up yet. Me and my dad have always been close, and I really do care for him. I know we’re all his girls, but I’ve always been his little happy blonde princess, I know it. Anyways, Derek is going to be here in an hour I have to get ready.

Derek and I have been dating for about a month now, which is basically the average length me and my boyfriends spend together, but so far so good. Like me he’s 16, and since I’m a cheerleader you can only guess what my boyfriend is. He’s a tall, handsome, gelled blacked hair, totally hot stud of a football player (all my boyfriends are the same). But regardless of what people say or think, I am NOT a slut. I haven’t even passed the feeling up stage of hooking up. I AM a tease though, on purpose and by accident. I AM willing to lose my virginity don’t get me wrong, as I am a pretty horny girl, but I am trying to be somewhat of a good girl and save it for someone that matters. It’s actually why my relationships don’t last all that long, the boy wants me to suck his dick, I say no, he starts to be an asshole about it, and then I dump him. It’s my body and I know it’s hot, so I’ll decide when I wanna let someone have it.

I’m not sure what me and Derek are going to do for the day, I know we’ll make out for a bit, and I’ll probably let him finger me, maybe I’ll give him a hand job, we’ll see. Either way I always want to make sure I look hot. So I stripped out of the shorts and t-shirt that I slept in the night before and gave myself a good stare in the mirror. Great body. Firm stomach, perky tits, cute little ass…”I’m so hot” I say out loud. I decide that I’m going to put on a cute pink bra with matching boy shorts underneath a white button up and jeans. I notice Helen walking by when I call out, “Hey Derek’s going to be over in about an hour so try not to bother us okay? Great.” I knew my tone was nasty but I didn’t really care after the stunt she and my dad pulled the night before. “Excuse me young lady, first off I don’t think your dad would want you to have a boy over while he’s gone, secondly how about a little please, this is MY house after all”, I just ignore her, “look I’ll let you have your friend over because I’m a nice person, but next time you ask me, OKAY,” she says as she leaves the vicinity of my room. I don’t even answer her.

An hour or so goes by and finally Derek texts me to let me know that he’s at my front door. I scurry down the steps excitedly, regain my composure and open the door, “Finally!” I yell as I jump up into his arms and give him a huge kiss on the lips. The kiss quickly goes from cute and romantic to intense as we start to make out right at my door. I feel his hand going down towards my ass and I feel him give it a little squeeze, I decide to let him, “a little frisky I see”, “well I haven’t seen you in like 12 hours I missed you baby”. It was young love what can I say. Finally I grab him by the arm and take him up to my room, as we head upstairs Helen walks into the living room, “and where do you think you two are going?” as she strolls across towards the bottom of the steps wearing just a low cut blue blouse and tight jeans. “To my room Helen, okay thanks, bye” I say quickly as I begin to drag Derek again, “I don’t think so young lady. It’s one thing to let you have a boy over without your dad here, but I’m not that much of a dumbass to let you two just sit in your room by yourselves. You are to remain in the living room, den, or back yard, that’s it. No discussion.” “You gotta be fucking kiddin me,” I say back, “I am not fucking kidding with you or else next time you won’t be allowed to have a boy here at all.” I was really taken back that she used such strong language back at me, but I give a little pissy pout and decide to go with her rules. It’s better than nothing. “Fine!”

We walk back down the stairs and decide to go to the den instead. Before we hit the den Helen interrupts again, “by the way I’m Rachel’s step-mom Helen, you can call me Helen, it’s okay” as she reaches for Derek’s hand, “oh hey umm Rachel’s mom, I mean Helen, nice to meet you” Derek responds and then shakes her hand. She’s such a suck up I hate it. It didn’t help that Derek was starring right at the low cut cleavage Helen was sporting. The thing that bothers me the most about her is the fact that she IS still in such good shape, so she flaunts it all the time. For a woman her age, she should not have her tits out like that, and jeans that tight either, it’s obnoxious. Finally Helen lets us leave and we reach the den.

We sit on the sofa that I saw my parents fucking the night before, which kind of sent a bit of a shiver down my spine. It’s weird that I pretty much blocked out the fact that I did watch the whole thing, and I did finger my pussy in front of my dad, and I did see his cock basically right in front of my face. The only thing I kept thinking about was how it was all Helen’s fault. “Ugh you don’t have to be nice to her Derek; I told you what she did last night that bitch.” “She seemed pretty nice to me Rach, but yeah that’s fucked up. I’d probably throw up for weeks if I saw my dad and mom fucking in the living room or whatever. Did you scream and run away or what?” Derek asked. “Ugh I don’t even really remember, I just stood there for a while in shock and was just so pissed at her I mean she has some nerve!” Derek responds, “you just stood there for a while? Why? How long is a while?” I don’t care for Derek’s responses, it’s as if he’s not listening, “a while! I don’t know who cares. Like a few minutes. And then she makes some comment like ‘I fucked Gillian last night’, and I was like ew.” Derek had this really weird look on his face as if now he’s having a hard time believing all this happened, “no way, you probably miss-heard. How long did you watch Rach?” I don’t want to admit what I really did, “like A minute, and then I ran to my room. But forget about it, it’s over who cares”, I want to stop the conversation so I start to put my hand on his thighs. Derek’s face goes from confusion to happy so fast, it was hilarious. I can see he was concentrating on my hand slowly stroking his thigh, inching closer to his crotch as I started to bite my bottom lip.

We move closer to each other and finally just lock our lips together as we start to make out. We’re both kind of just on our sides as our tongues rub together and hands explore each other’s bodies slowly. His hand is rested on my waste as it trickles up and down my thigh, as mine does the same on his back. We push our bodies up against each other as our kiss gets even hotter and more passionate. Our tongues are fighting within our mouths wildly, as now our hips are starting to grind up on each other, and my panting starts to pick up softly. We do this for about 5 minutes or so when I feel his hand start to feel up my shirt onto my flat stomach as he starts to rub my tummy softly. Beginning to feel more confident, he then starts to unbutton my shirt one by one. As more of me is getting revealed he stops to kiss so he can look at his prize. Once he makes the final button he looks at me, and I give him the nod that it’s okay plus as I lay on my back I start to push myself against his cock through his jeans and feel how hard his dick is. My shirt is finally ripped open and he can see my cute pink bra concealing my adorable b, close to c sized boobies. He sort of licks his lips a little as he dives in and starts to kiss my neck so softly. His kisses feel so hot to me as I start to pant heavier, and feel my pussy start to inch a little. His hands have begun to caress my tits through my bra, which gets me even hotter. He’s a little aggressive at first but he eventually slows down.

My hand is still rubbing his dick through his jeans but I decide to stop teasing him as I unzip his jeans and open his fly. I reach into his boxers and feel his smooth dick being so fucking stiff, and I can tell that he’s leaked a little cum too as it’s a little wet all ready. I manage to pull it out and slowly start to jerk it off for him. Derek is now beginning to pant heavy, especially as I began to rub his juicy teenage cock for him. He was basically on top of me so it was a little awkward to jack him off this way, but I don’t think he minded because I now started to feel his hand slip down my waist, and began to unbutton my jeans as well. My sighs turned into light little groans as I felt his hand push through the waistband of my panties and felt his finger touch right on top of my clit. “Ooooooh, mmmm, I like that Derek,” as his hand started to move around in circles in my panties right on top of my little clit. We began to kiss again as we both had each other’s sex organs in our hands, massaging both of them at the same time. The room was so heated, and our little moans got heavier and heavier, as his clit rubbing got me wetter and wetter. I lifted my butt off the sofa a bit so I could push my jeans and panties down a bit so now my young smooth teen pussy was out for them to play with. He pushed my thighs apart and now managed to get a finger into me, it was so tight, “uhhh, gentle Derek, gentle” he listened as eased up on his fingering job. All this time I was still milking this boy’s cock and it was just so damn beautiful. We’ve done this once or twice, but usually it was at a party or someplace dark, I never got to really see and feel how nice his dick was. Just a little bit of pubes, but a firm 7inch or so dick in my right 16yo hand.

Everything was going great until the weirdest thing happened. I could feel that I was on the verge of an orgasm, when Derek started to re-adjust himself. He tried to kneel up or something so he can finger me harder when he lost his grip on the sofa and fell on the ground and hit his head, “ahhh fuck” is all I heard as I saw the clumsy, hilarious sight in front of me. “Pshh haha Derek, what the fuck I was about to cum”, “ahh shit Rach, I slipped. Fuck me, my head is killing me”. It was frustrating that I was about to cum, but come on, how often are you getting fingered when your boyfriend slips and hits his head. “Well get back up here and finish the job baby” I say to him as I’m still leaning against my back in my pink bra and my jeans and panties pushed down to my knees. To tease him some more I even take one of my fingers and start to rub it against one of my nipples through my bra, and after a few seconds even take one of my nipples out. “Fuck my head really hurts” as he’s not amused by my antics apparently. I get over it and say, “Ugh okay look, just go in the kitchen and get some ice, take some Tylenol and get back here. We have plenty of time” I say as I push my panties and jeans back up. “I’m really sorry Rach. I feel so embarrassed. I’ll be right back, you say it’s in the kitchen?” as he puts his cock back in his pants, but leaves his shirt off, “Yeah it’s in the kitchen cabinet, but hurry up baby.”

I felt so proud being an actual parent by not letting that brat Rachel and her boyfriend go to her room on their own. She always dresses so slutty, but acts so sweet around George, it’s ridiculous. As I’ve said time and time again, I really don’t like any of George’s daughter’s. They’re bratty, ungrateful little twats who need to be yelled at more often by George, or at least spanked from time to time. Of course the exception is Gillian, who gets points for making me cum two nights ago, but other than her the rest need to just leave her and her husband alone. After getting Rachel and the boyfriend to stay on the first floor of the house, the rest of the day’s plan was to clean the kitchen and then just lounge until dinner time. My Abby was going to be home from her grandmother’s house sometime tonight, and my Anthony had a few weeks off from the marines so he told me that he’d pop over sometime within the week too. So I knew that my time was precious and wanted to at least get the kitchen spotless while I had time.

It was about fifteen minutes into my cleaning, at this time I was kind of just dusting, I heard footsteps behind me and looked back to see Rachel’s boyfriend stumbling in holding his head. “Ohhh shit,” Derek says walking towards the freezer, “oh wow hey Mrs., ms. umm Helen, I didn’t see you there…I hit my head and it hurts pretty badly so I was just going to grab some ice or something.” Well this was certainly a sight to see; my step-daughters jock boyfriend walking in holding his head and asking for ice with his shirt off! I honestly didn’t know how to react. I didn’t notice before but as he’s now standing here in front of me, I do indeed see me a pretty beautiful sexy guy here. He’s 16 but definitely taller than me at what appears to be 5’11. I see typical gelled black hair, handsome green eyes, and a strong but definitely boyish face, all to go with an incredibly firm tight body. His arms are lean, his chest firm, and stomach full of abs. I’ve never cheated on George before, other than teasing the guys at work, and I’ve never really had a desire to get with a young male before, and I don’t know, but I certainly couldn’t help myself to check this young stud out. Finally these thoughts race in and out of my mind and my adult responsibility takes over, “ohhh Derek, yeah don’t worry, I was just dusting and trying to do a little cleaning. There should be an ice pack or bag of frozen peas in the freezer help yourself,” “thanks Helen,” Derek answers as he heads toward the freezer.

As he grabs a bag of frozen peas, the obvious questions finally come out of my mouth, “How’d you hit your head Derek, and let me ask why your shirts off too?” “Oh umm, ummm, we were umm, working out. Rachel and I work out together sometimes and I just kind of slipped and hit my head….and it was hot, so that’s why my shirts off” I had to give him credit for coming up with such a retarded lie, “oh I see, how unfortunate” as I give a little smirk. He puts the bag on his head and begins to walk out of the kitchen when I chime in, “let me give you something for your headache Derek, I don’t want you to be complaining all day.” I go to the medicine drawer in the kitchen and without really looking, I find a bottle of pills that look like advil capsules. I take one out for Derek, but then I decide to take another out as I noticed my head was a little heavy as well, “I can get one for myself too since my head’s beginning to ache a bit, so good idea Derek.” I grab two glasses, fill them with water, and give the pill and water to Derek. “Thanks, uhmm, Helen,” he says and quickly takes the pill and downs the water before I had a chance to take mine. “Slow down their tiger, don’t choke” I say to him as I start to back away to take my pill and get back to cleaning. Right as I turn I accidently drop the pill on the floor near the sink, “ugh shit, I’m so damn clumsy”. I bend over to try and see where it fell but am having a hard time spotting it. I get on my hands and knees to see where it rolled, and have my ass slightly lifted in the air. It’s right at that moment that I hear a heavy dose of hard breathing coming from the teenage boy behind me.

I look over my shoulder and see Derek’s chest lifting up and down and get a weird feeling when I see that his eyes are starring directly at my ass. If that wasn’t weird enough, I also notice that his right hand is starting to rub right against what appears to be a pretty massive bulge in his jeans. “Derek what are you doing?” as I get up from my position with the pill I had been looking for in hand. “Shit, I’m sorry Helen, I didn’t mean to stare like that, it’s just that your ass looked really really good while you were bent over like that. Rachel never told me her step-mother’s ass was so hot,” my jaw dropped as this young boy was so brash with his comments. I was also taken back when his hand was still massaging his bulge, and even more so now that his stare has changed location to my revealing cleavage. “Umm you’re really sweet Derek but I don’t think you can talk to me like that, I’m Rachel’s step mother remember,” “Yeah I know” he simply says as his breathing is becoming heavier and his rubbing hasn’t stopped. Don’t get me wrong, having this young stud compliment me like that did make me feel good, and seeing his hard body heave like that was getting me a little wet. But I can’t do something like this again. Gillian was one thing, because I just really needed it bad, but I can’t fuck Rachel’s boyfriend. First off she’d rip me apart if she found out, secondly she’d tell George which would end the marriage, and three he’s underage, it’s not a good idea.

“Derek stop touching yourself! “ I say in a pretty stern voice. He still just had this lustful look in his eye; it was so intense like he was never going to stop. He just kept looking directly down my blouse at my tits. “Derek can you hear me?” I say again, in a more nagging voice. Just as I finish my request he does stop for a split second, but then I see that he’s now starting to unbutton his fly, and with one quick motion he pulls down his pants and boxers to his knees just to have his hard young cock spring out in front of him. He lets a moment go by to just let his cock stay there in front of him, as if to give me a chance to get a good stare at it, which it did. I didn’t even know what to say this point, my jaw had completely dropped. Rachel’s boyfriend was now naked from the knees up, and the extra kicker was how beautiful he actually looked. I’m not saying he was sporting some monster cock or anything, but it was right on par with George’s 7 incher. And it was real smooth looking too, with just a touch of pubic hair around the base of it. This quick look only lasted a moment, because shortly after just letting it stand there, his right hand has managed its way right to bottom of his teenage cock and immediately starts to stroke it. “Mmmm that feels so much better,” Derek says as his strong right hand works its way up and down his circumcised cock, now currently dripping little droplets of pre-cum only making his dick extra wet.

“Derek put your DICK away right this minute,” I say as I now try to put a hand over my eyes as if not to look, and I also try to hush my voice a little so Rachel doesn’t come in and see what’s happening. “I can’t Helen, looking at you is just making me so fucking horny. It’s so hard and big, I just needed to touch it,” says Derek as his jerking motion continues at a steady pace. My head is swirling with thoughts, mostly confusion and anger because this boy continues to ignore my commands. With all these things happening I feel my head actually start to pound and hurt, “Derek I’m just going to leave then” I say as I take the pill in my hand and toss it into my mouth, followed by the glass of water, “and you can do what you want, but I can’t be here watching this.” I put the glass down, the bottle back in the cabinet, and began to continue my plan of leaving, but for some reason my actions didn’t correspond with the thoughts I JUST had a second ago.

“Okay Derek I’m out of here.” Instead of moving my feet, I just put a hand on the counter and I stare directly at Derek’s dick. It really is nice to look at. His abs kind of tightens a bit every once in a while as he jerks off, which obviously turns me on a whole lot. He’s just so youthful and delicious looking. I’m much more of aware of the feeling between my legs now, but I’m also becoming aware that I still haven’t moved like I said I was going to. “Enough Derek, I can’t be here anymore. I can’t just stand here and stare at your huge teenage cock. It’s not allowed, and I don’t care if it looks amazing, and I don’t care if I wanna put it in my mouth, I need to get out of this kitchen right now,” my candid words shocked the hell out of me, but it didn’t seem to faze Derek at all as he just kept massaging that cock of his. My other hand, the one not leaning on the counter, began to run up the side of my body and went slightly up my shirt as I started to touch my waist sensually. I also began to bite my lips softly, plus my legs started to quiver and rub against one another as my pussy began to moisten just a bit more.

My hand was about to make its way up my shirt to my tits, but I finally noticed my feet moving, “I am not going to watch my step-daughters beautiful boyfriend jack off in front of me, what kind of step-mom would I be, I’m done,” I said triumphantly as if I felt like I conquered my improper feelings. But although my words sounded responsible, my body had different intentions as my feet ended up taking me right in front of Derek instead of out of the kitchen. “Stop touching your cock at once young man,” I say as now my body is moves again, but this time it only just sinks, as all of a sudden I found myself on my knees with my face only inches away from this boy’s dick. He did finally stop touching his cock and how it just hung in front of me.

“I’m not going to do this Derek,” are my final words as I open my mouth and lean forward without hesitation and take his cock inside my mouth. “Mmmmm” escapes from my mouth, as my lips begin to work on this boys throbbing cock. I initially only use my lips to work the tip of his dick, but after a bit my mouth takes more and more down my throat. With more than half of his dick in my mouth I finally pull back but then push back in, and I do this over and over again, as my head bobs faster and faster and faster on his cock. “Oh my god fuckkk,” I hear above me as Derek’s hand start to touch the back of my head to guide it. I get a good rhythm going until he forces my mouth deeper down his dick until I feel it touching the back of my throat, making me gag just a bit. Eventually I relax my throat and now begin my deep throat onslaught of this kid. I release off his dick and look up at him, “do you like this sweetie? Do you like my mouth on your dick? I bet I’m doing a better job than Rachel” as I let my tongue out and begin to rub it alongside the tip of his dick as my other hand grabs the base to jerk it off at the same time. “Actually Rachel never does this for me, she only occasionally jerks me off, but that’s it. It fucking sucks, she’s such a tease. I’ve had sex before, but Rachel won’t even put my dick in her mouth.”

I’m shocked to hear this as I now become determined to show him what a real woman can do, “well I’m sorry that my step daughter is such a tease, I’ll take care of you don’t worry” as I lift my blouse over my head to let him stare at my beautiful tits enclosed in a lacey black bra. He starts to jerk off again as he looks down my cleavage, but gets even more excited as I take my bra off to reveal my perfect tits for him. “Holy shit Helen, your tits are fucking hot” he says as I get off from my knees and begin to play with my hard pink nipples for him. “Mmm you like them? Better than Rachel’s?” I say as I lean forward into his hands, which were waiting to feel the softness of my c sized titties. “Rachels are pretty nice, but these are just too ridiculous,” as he leans in and gives me a hot wet kiss. He was a good two, three inches taller than me so I still had to reach up to his feels lips and tongue against mine. His hands were still caressing my tits as my hand went back to grab his cock, and we just continued to make out for what felt like a good two minutes or so when I just couldn’t hold back any longer. I pull back from our kiss and grab onto his cock and I start to unbutton my own jeans and look right into this eyes, “okay Derek, let’s stop fooling around here. I’m going to take my pants off, and I’m going to bend over this counter, and you’re going to stick your hot teen cock in my pussy, you got it?” I let go of my tight grasp on his cock and I push my jeans and panties down to my knees and I do what I told him I was going to do. I put my hands on the counter and stick my hot 43 year old ass in the air.

It wasn’t long until I felt his young hands on my ass, spreading it slightly, and then the tip of his cock rubbing against the entrance of my pussy. At this point I had totally lost all ability to reason or control the situation, as I instantly hump back and get his entire cock buried inside me. “Ahhh fuck Helen, ahhh fuck,” Derek starts to yell as he feels my wetness engulfing his cock. I feel his hands on my hips now as his cock begins to pump into my pussy slow at first, but getting more and more rhythm as times goes on. It feels so fucking good, “Hmm that’s it Derek, fuck me, FUCK mee FUCK MEE, yaa it’s so fucking hard, it’s so fucking hard. Yessss, you like fucking your girlfriends step-mommy huh, yeah, you like it right?” “MMM fuck I love it, uughh yeah mmm” Derek grunts as his pounding gets harder. I feel a quick orgasm coming over me when I suddenly hear the loudest thing I’ve ever heard in my life….


“Where the fuck is he?”

It had been almost 5 minutes since he went to get an ice pack or something. I had been lying here with my shirt un-buttoned, pink bra, jeans on, just kinda touching my stomach, and it started to dawn on me that he’s really been gone for a while. I even gave it another minute! “Derek! Where the fuck are you?” I yell out towards the direction of the kitchen, but I don’t get an immediate response, “Hey shithead boyfriend, what the hell are you doing?” I yell again, but again no response. “Ugh”. Finally I decide to go see where the hell he is, so I stand up from the sofa and button my shirt back up.

As I walk towards the kitchen I can now hear voices and am able to make out, “fuck I love it” a groan followed by a “yeah mmm”. It’s clearly Derek’s voice but what the fuck?

When I get around the corner to the doorway of the kitchen my eyes nearly fall out of my head as I see my boyfriend’s naked back, followed by his naked ass, followed by the fact that I see it moving back and forth, then coming to the realization that this was all because he FUCKING my step-mother doggy style in the kitchen! “WHATTTT THE FUCKKK IS THIS!!!” I yell as loud as I’ve ever yelled in my life. The previous night I caught my dad and stepmom having sex in the den, and now today I catch my boyfriend fucking my stepmom in the kitchen, I’m not going to just sit back and let this shit happen again. “Derek, I can’t believe you, you’re disgusting” I say as I walk closer to the couple, “and Helen you slut, get out of my fucking life” I continue to say as I am now a few feet away from them. Again like last night, even though they see me and know how mad I am they still haven’t stopped fucking. Where I was standing now I could clearly see that Derek had actually began to hump harder against Helen’s ass, and he looked over at me, “what’s wrong Rachel, I was getting some ice when your mother just looked so fucking hot I needed to fuck her” he says as he looks back down at his actions.

He’s such a fucking piece of shit, I can’t believe he would say something like that to me. At this angle I could see Helen’s tits up against the counter and her face with this look of pure ecstasy, also ignoring the fact that I was there. She was able to manage a few words, “mmm shut the fuck up Rachel, don’t stop baby, don’t stop fucking my twat”. “What the fuck did you just say to me?” I yell almost as loud as I did before. “Derek told me how much of a tease you are, so I felt bad for him and decided to give him what you didn’t” she leaned up and arched her back so Derek could grab her tits and kiss her neck at the same time. My step-moms body is unbelievable for her age, her tits are basically still perky, and her stomach so flat. I was so taken back from what Helen said, but I wasn’t going to let her speak to me that way as I walked closer, “you guys are going to fucking stop this right now.”

At that moment I literally grab Derek around the stomach and try to physically make him stop. “Stop it, stop, stop fucking her this minute Derek” but Derek was just too strong for me as he kept fucking harder, but I still tried to pull him off, “we’re done Derek, get off her now”. Then Derek finally started to look at me, but instead of stopping he reaches up towards my shirt and rips off the buttons and pulls my shirt slightly off my shoulders to leave me standing there exposed in my pink bra. “Ew Derek what the hell” as my hands get off him and try to cover myself up. I was going to just give up and run out but then Derek grabs me by the wait and holds me tight against him while he’s still maintaining his steady pace of fucking my stepmom. “Derek get off me” as I try to wiggle out of his clutch but he keeps me close to him. I should start to mention that during my fit I would be lying if I didn’t say that I was getting a little turned on by all this. Derek’s a tremendous looking guy, and seeing him fuck my decently hot step-mom in her pussy from behind was pretty amazing to see. But I just hate her, she’s ruining my life.

Then unexpectedly my step-mom stands back up towards Derek and kisses him, inches from my face. “Umm what do you think you’re doing Helen” but instead of her giving me some sort of response she just grabs me from the back of my head and presses her luscious lips against mine! I’m extremely tense at this point as I’m not reciprocating at all and eventually break off from the kiss, “oh my god you just kissed me. That’s so disgusting,” but at this point I still can’t break away from Derek’s grasp, “Derek let go of me”, as I try to push away. Still no luck and now Helen lets out a loud moan, “uhhhh im cumming Derek, ummmm im cummming” as the wave of her orgasm takes over her body she now takes one of her hands and begins to squeeze one of my bra-covered tits. I’m about to object but again Helen leans up and presses her lips against mine again, with me still not reciprocating and instead I’m having my stepmoms tongue basically lick all over my face instead. At this point my body doesn’t know what to do, as I’m basically being molested by my step-mom and being held against my will by my boyfriend, Derek speaks, “fuckkk Rachel your mom is so fucking hot, you never do shit with me you fucking tease.” I’m completely insulted by his comment. My mind and body couldn’t take it anymore. My step-mom had been caressing my tit for a few seconds now, and her tongue has found its way against my neck, and I decided that I couldn’t let my step-mom beat me.

“Oh yeah you think SHE’S so fucking hot?”I finally open my mouth and stick my tongue up against my moms and finally kiss her back. It’s extremely rough too, as my tongue now begins to lick all over her mouth and I shove it against her tongue, all I heard from her was a faint laugh and a “mmm baby”. Derek gave a big grunt as he saw the view directly in front of him. I broke the kiss for a second staring directly into Helen’s eye and unclasped my bra to let my extremely perky 16-year old tits fall for everyone to see. I immediately go back to Helens lips as we kiss hard once again, and now her bare hands are pressed against my bare titties. She’s squeezing them so softly, spending extra time pinching my small pink nipples with small areolas, making them extra hard. I then break off from her lips and then lean to my left where I start to kiss Derek the same way on his lips, extra passionately. The kiss enables him to loosen his grip and he now pulls his dick out of Helen’s pussy and now faces me directly to kiss me.

As we kiss Helen has now turned her body towards me as well and I feel her hot breath up against one of my tits as she now begins to suck on it. “I’m going to show you that I’m the fucking hottest thing in this house, not this cow”, as my hand traces down his abs and finds its way right to his dripping wet cock. I can feel Helen’s pussy juice on it as I start to jerk it really fast. This is a combination of me being determined and me now finally beginning to get extremely horny. My step-mom had managed to kiss down my smooth stomach and had taken my jeans and pink panties completely off. I was now completely naked with my step-moms lips back to sucking on my titties, one of her hands caressing my smooth ass, and my hands squeezing my boyfriends cock. Derek is in pure bliss but my step-mom puts her face near my ear and whispers, “why don’t you do a little more than just jerk him off?” I was intimidated but I was going to do what it takes. I kissed down Derek’s abs and finally got to my knees. I looked at his face and he looked so excited, “suck my hard cock Rachel” he said as he gripped his cock and placed it in front of my lips.

I open my teen mouth and let his plump dick slide into my mouth. I’ve seen enough porn to figure out what to do as I instantly begin to suck his cock hard. His groans tell me I’m doing just fine, but it’s so disgusting though, I can taste my mom’s pussy all over his cock, but oddly enough I don’t mind it the pungent taste. I pull out and take my tongue and lick from the bottom of his shaft back to the tip and jerk it off as I begin to suck again. Helen now kneels next to me and she caresses my chest again, but she also takes Derek’s cock out of my mouth and now she begins to give him head. She has a lot more experience as her bobs are longer and wetter and puts more in her mouth. Determined again I take his cock back in my hand and I suck faster and I gag a bit as I try and take more into my mouth. After my release Helen finally just grabs it and begins to lick along the side of it and she also pulls my head forward so both our tongues can attack this poor boys beautiful cock. My young tongue concentrates specifically on the head of his hard-on while my step-mom presses her lips against the base of it. I could only imagine the thoughts flowing through Derek’s head as step-mom and daughter lick the shit of his cock. “Rachel why don’t you suck on your step-moms big tit for me,” Helen says to me. My hormones have definitely kicked it up a notch as I was actually beginning to enjoy all of this. Her tits are so beautiful as I just dive in and nurse one her beautiful nipples.

Helen stopped sucking on Derek’s cock and began to stand up and picked me up with her, with my mouth still sucking on her large melons. We walk towards the counter and Helen jumps up and sits on it, “okay you little brat it’s time that you finally stop being such a tease” as all of a sudden I feel Derek’s hands on my bubble ass and his dick pushing against my pussy. “I’m ready Derek, see what it’s like to fuck my tight little pussy instead” and without hesitation in one intense hump, he fills me up with his cock, “ahhhhhhhhhh” I scream as he takes my virginity. It surprisingly doesn’t hurt as bad as I expected, as I broke my hymen horseback riding a few years back, but I still feel so full and yet so good at the same time. I look up to see my step-mom smirking at me as she plays with her nipples, “fuck her Derek, yeah fuck her virgin pussy, that’s it, fuck her” she says. My own pussy is dripping all over his cock as he slides it in and out faster and faster, ‘mmmm uhhhhhhhhhh uhhhhhhhhh yessssssss uhhhh that’s it, this is so hot, hmmmm fuckkk” I yell out. My moans are quickly stifled though as my step mom spreads her legs on the counter and shoves my face into her pussy, “you’re going to eat my pussy right now or I’m going to tell your daddy how much of a slut you are” Helen commands.

I’ve never dreamed of being with a girl before and never even kissed one, but I was so fucking turned on by Helen right now, so I just let my tongue out and flick it right across her clit, “mmmmm mmmmmmmm that’s a good start”. It takes me a bit to get a good rhythm going but eventually my entire mouth engulfs her pussy as I tongue fuck the hell out of her, slipping it in and out of her pussy, sometimes giving her clit a little suck, and then back to my tongue flicking, “ohh myy you’re such a good girl hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhmmmmmmmmm uhhhh yess yes im going to cum im going to cum on your face Rachel,” she then thrusts her pussy into my face with her ass coming off the counter as her juices flow all over my face. This is enough to send me over the edge too, “mmmm im cumming too im cummi too here it comessss here it comessss uhhh” I nearly have a hard time staying up as my orgasm rushes all over his cock, still fucking me doggy style. After regaining my composure I lift off my boyfriends dick and we all change positions. He now lays completely on his back on the floor and Helen lowers her 43 year old pussy onto his cock and begins to fuck the shit out of him, “that’s itt that’s it, mmm feels so fucking good, so fucking good, yeaaah yeahhhhhhhhhhh uhhhhhhhhh.’” Watching those tits bounce up and down gets me so hot, so I just stand right over her and lower my pussy onto her mouth, “mmm Helen can you lick my pussy for me”. Being so dirty is so fun. Feeling her hot breath and warm wet tongue on my clit was the greatest thing I’ve ever felt, my body covered itself in goosebumps, “ohh wow, ohhh wowww, you’re such a good step-mother, so good, mm that’s it that’s itttttttttt.” My 2nd orgasm sends me into another fit as I nearly collapse onto her mouth.

After a solid 30minutes or so, and a few new positions and orgasms later, we finally end kneeling in front of Derek again and give him a few more licks before his orgasm finally comes, “uhh fuck I’m going to cum, I’m going to cum right on your faces” my mouth which had just been on his cock opened up. I look over at Helen and see she’s doing the same as me with a finger on her clit, I speak up, “uhh I’m going to cum too baby, I’m going to cum, cum right nowww uhhhhhhhhhhhh” and then finally all at once we let out one last final orgasm, and my boyfriends unloads such a ton of cum all over my face, tits and my step-mom’s face and tits as well. We can barely catch our breaths and can see that they were both beginning to look extra sleepy, but I grab Helen by her hips and give her a huge wet kiss on her lips, “that was amazing, I’ll never forget it”. Our kiss ends and then we all just lie down on the kitchen floor, heaving heavily. I let them know that I was going to take a shower and give them both a kiss and head upstairs.


I took a deep breath as I awoke from my deep sleep. “Deep sleep….deep sleep? What the hell? Why was I sleeping?” The thoughts were rushing through my head after my initial second of waking up. Everything was hitting me all at once, the fact that I was sleeping, and the fact that I was sleeping on the kitchen floor. Also, if that wasn’t enough, after a few seconds more I realize that I was completely naked too, and after further inspection I had “goo” all over my tits, plus a funny taste in my mouth to go with it. I was actually kind of very scared to tell you the truth. At first I thought I had just fainted, but that definitely does not explain my lack of clothes or the cum on my body (I’m 43, I know what cum looks and tastes like). I didn’t really know what to think. After about five seconds of being worried, my body is suddenly flushed with this overwhelming feeling of bliss. My eyes are still drowsy so I flicker them open a few times so I can figure out the source of this blissful feeling, and it wasn’t very hard to figure out, but very shocking at same time. Looking down, I notice a blonde-haired girl’s head between my legs, and I also notice that this girls tongue has been licking my pussy up and down ever since I woke up. Like a little cat, she’s been lapping my pussy, and it feels absolutely wonderful.

It feels all like a beautiful dream, but never has a dream been this vivid, so it must be real life. I sweep the hair out of the face of this angel and to my surprise I find out that this tongue belongs to no one else but my step-daughter Rachel. “Rachel, ummmm what are you doing” I say in a groggy voice with a hint of alarm and pleasure, “well I got out of the shower and was about to go back to my mom’s house when I saw that you were still sleeping, so I decided to give you one more orgasm before I left” she answered with a smile, and then immediately went back to my wet pussy. I had such a tough time trying to put her words into perspective because it all felt just absolutely wonderful. Her tongue reached my clit and she flicked it faster and faster and faster, and my orgasm was coming so quickly that I didn’t even have TIME to put it all together. Instead I just wrap my legs around her clothed body, and grab her face and just grind it into my pussy as my orgasm arrives,”uhh uhhhh uhhhh uhhhhhhhhhhhhhh im cummmming uhhhhhhhhhhhhh,” my body arches off the floor as my cum floods Rachel’s mouth. I have a hard time catching my breath as Rachel crawls up my body kissing every inch as she reaches my face, “mmm you taste so good. I think I changed my mind about not liking you as my step-mom” she finishes with her lips touching mine. The quick is short but sweet, as she stands up with a quirky smile and runs out of the kitchen, followed by a door slam letting me know that she has left the house.

I finally get a minute to lie there and think. A lot of weird things have been happening in the house over the past few days. I have now just gotten fucked by George’s two youngest step-daughters, and I supposedly I had sex with George, and based on the spots of cum on my body I clearly had sex with another guy and I don’t even know who! I sit up and speak out loud, “what the fuck is going on?”

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