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this is my first post so I hope it turns out ok.If it is no good please leave comments and suggestions about how to do better.

This story happened last winter when my family and I went on holidays to Mexico.There were 7 of us including myself,my mom,my sister and her husband and 3 kids To save money it was decided that my sister Sam and her husband would have their youngest child,2 yr old Kelly in with them while my mom would share a room with my 13 year old niece Iris and I would share a room with my 12 year old niece Ava.When we got to the resort where we were going to spend 2 weeks,we got settled in our rooms and then went down to the beach for some fun and sun.When ewe got to the beach I went into the water and my nieces followed me while the others decided to just lounge on chairs.We splashed around and had fun for an hour until I said that I am tired and I am going to relax for a while.They followed after me and when I saw their bathing suits I couldn't believe my eyes.Iris was wearing a blue 1 piece suit which clung to her body like a second skin.I could see her hipples clearly through her top and she had a pretty good camel toe going.Iris was wearing a skimpy white 2 piece suit which did not leave too much to the imagination.I started to get a hard on looking at my sexy nieces.I never thought of them in a sexual way before but now I could clearly see they were growing up fast.I dropped back in the water for a few minutes to let my erection subside and then made my way out to where everyone was sitting.After a few minutes to catch my breath Eva asked me to put lotion on her back as she didn't want to burn.I said sure,come over here.She laid down on a beach towel and I got the bottle of lotion out and squirted some on her back.She screeched out "that is cold Uncle".I chuckled and said "don't be a baby it will warm up quickly."I started spreading lotion on her back and shoulders and she said"that feels good now".I rubbed her legs and said I guess that is it ,you are all done.She replied"I need you to do my front too'I burn easy."She turned over on her back and what a sight that greeted me.Her nipples were pointed up through her bathing suit and I could see a bit of pubic hair sticking out from her bottoms.I gulped and started putting lotion all aroud her chest area and began to rub it in.By now my dick was straining my bathing suit and it was all I could do not to cum right there.I finally finished her rub and said that should do you for a while.After that we just sat for a while talking and laughing and just enjoying ourselves.Later on at supper time I told my family I wasn't hungry and I was just going back to my room and relax.My 12 year old niece Ava said she wasn't hungry either and asked if I wanted company.I said sure ,maybe we could play a game or something.We went back to the room and put our beach stuff away.I told her that I needed a shower and I would be 10 minutes or so.Once in the bathroom I took off my suit and reached down to fondle my cock,remebering this afternoons activities.I got in the shower and turned the water on feeling the warm water gently relax me.After I washed my hair I started soaping my body up.All of a sudden I felt a hand on my back and when I turned around there was Ava naked as a jaybird.My cock instantly hardened while I asked her"Ava what are you doing in here?'She replied"I figured after thios afternoon I wanted some fun and by the looks of things I can see you do too",pointing to my cock.I told her"we should not do this you are only 12 for christ sake".She replied "I know but I want to learn about sex and I love you so much and I know you wouldn't hurt me."With that she got into the shower with me and started grabbing my cock which by this time was harder than ever before.I told her "oh hod that feels good.Move your fist up and down.She started slowly jacking me off with her small hands which turned me on so much.after a few minutes I told her to stop or I would cum.She asked me what I meant by cum.I told her white stuff would come out and spray all over.She sais"goodie,I want to see that.So she kept jerking me and sure enough I spurted a couple loads of cum all over.Some got on her little tits and a bit even hit her in her face.I sighed and said "that was awesome.I want to show you something I know you will like."I moved between her legs and started licking her near hairless pussy.It was so beautiful with just a bit of blonde hair.I ate her out for what seemed like hours until she started to shake.She said"what happened,that was amazing."I told her that was an orgasm and she replied oh wow .I was still hard at that point so I asked if I could try something.She asked if it would hurt and I said a bit but only briefly and thaen it woud feel fantastic.I got between her legs and aimed my cock at her tight cunt.I pushed and bit by bit I got deeper inside until I was all the way in.I fucked her for 15 minutes and then I had the biggest cum in my life.I pulled out of her and I saw my cum running out her pussy and down her leg.I told her we should clean ourselves up before the others got back.This nexw 2 weeks were going to be great.

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