After clearin’ it with the folks and eatin’ our dinner, we jumped in my car and headed into town. I was wearin’ a clean pair of shorts and a button shirt and Peggy Sue was wearing a nice summer skirt and matchin’ blouse. On the way there, Peggy Sue asked, “Can we go to the drive-in? There’s a show playin’ there that I want to see.”

“The drive-in? With my cousin?” I thought. But I got a woody just thinkin’ about it so I said, “Yeah, I guess so. “What is this cousin of mine up to anyway? Whatever it is, I think I like it,” I thought to myself.

We drove to our stall, kind of in the back of the spaces and I turned off the motor to my ’57 Chevy. It wasn’t a show car or anything like that, it wasn’t even a Bel Air. It was a plain ol’ Chevy with a wide bench seat. I asked her what she wanted from the concession stand and upon my return I found her sitting in the middle, right next to me. I handed her a soda and sat there behind the wheel and felt the warmth from her body as she was rubbin’ right against me.

We watched the pre-movie junk as the sun set and when it got dark enough so that you couldn’t see much outside, the main feature started. After only a couple minutes into the movie, Peggy Sue sighed and announced, “Oh, I’ve seen this before.”

I turned to her and asked, “You’ve seen it before? Now is a heck of a time to realize that!”

“Randy Joe, I saw you lookin’ at me all the time since I’ve been here. Do you like lookin’ at me?” she suddenly asked.

“That’s a heck of a question Peggy Sue,” I said in reply, not knowin’ what else to say.

“Well, did you like what you saw?” she asked again.

“Peggy Sue, I know I shouldn’t have been lookin’ at you like that, but gosh, I’m a guy and it was right there to see, so I looked, that’s all,” I confessed.

“And what about this afternoon down at the river?” she asked.

“I just, ah, got carried away,” I added sheepishly.

She hesitated for a minute and then asked, “Randy Joe, do you like me? Like a girl friend not like a cousin.”

“Now what kind of question is that?” I thought to myself. But I answered by sayin’ “But you are my cousin, Peggy Sue, so it doesn’t matter if I like you or not. Facts are facts and no amount of wishing can make a difference.”

She smiled and said, “Then you do like me.”

I started to protest her conclusion when she suggested, “We could always pretend to be girl friend and boy friend just out on a date at the drive-in. What do you want me to call you? How about Mark or Bob? No I’ve got it, your name is Chuck and I’ll be Wendy.”

She grabbed my arm and pulled it over her shoulder and let my hand droop down the front a little. Then she turned her face towards me, raisin’ her chin and started kissin’ me right on the lips. I pulled away just a little in shock at first but as she continued to press forward, she separated her lips just enough to give me a warm, moist, sensual kiss.

All of a sudden, I found myself kissin’ her back. We broke apart and looked at each other. She said to me in a low voice, “Chuck, I love the way you kiss me. Can we try it again?”

“My gosh, is this happenin’ to me?” I thought. “What am I goin’ to do? What the hell,” I said to myself and then to Peggy Sue, “Wendy, you can kiss me anytime you want to, but let’s get a little more comfortable first.”

I turned her to face me as I guided her down into my arms with her back towards the steerin’ wheel. She turned into my arms and slipped off her sandals, droppin’ them on the floor. Then she drew up her knees until they made contact with my hip.

“I love you, Wendy,” I said, playin’ my part.

“I love you too Chuck,” she said.

I moved my hand up to caress her cheek and slowly lowered my head and kissed her once again. I separated my lips a little and then opened my mouth to give her a passionate kiss. As I kissed her, my arm went around to her back as I held her closely in an embrace. I started rubbin’ on her back and as I rubbed, her blouse started creepin’ up her back. Pretty soon, I was feelin’ nothin’ but the bare skin on her back so I just pushed it on up until it was restin’ right on her bra strap.

I played with the strap, puttin’ my finger under it a couple of times and drawin’ it away and snappin’ it back and she didn’t seem to notice. But when I moved my hand around very slowly to her tummy and started to move it up a little, she tensed up and looked into my eyes with a questionin’ look. I looked deep into those eyes and noticed that she was bitin’ on her lower lip a little as if wonderin’ what to do or to say. After a few seconds, she closed her eyes and fell back into my other arm, givin’ me permission to continue.

I removed the hand from under her blouse and ran it up slowly on the outside. When I reached the top button, I undid it and worked my way down. Finally when I had all the buttons undone, I opened up the blouse and looked down to see her bra covered breasts. I almost died right then and there at the sight and she didn’t even try to cover up.

My hand found her left globe with a gentle caress and she sighed a little with contentment. As I progressed with my hand, I inserted my middle finger under her left cup and brushed along the fleshy part of her breast. This caused a major sigh, almost a moan of expectation as she cuddled a bit under my touch. I pressed my finger down further into her bra cup and almost touched her firm little nipple and then withdrew my hand and placed it on her back once again.

This time I went to work on the hooks that held the thing together and after a couple of tries I was successful and it sprang apart, leavin’ her chest free from restraint. She gasped just a little but made no other sounds of disapproval. I moved my hand back around to her tummy as I looked down into her eyes, hopin’ for a sign of encouragement. Her eyes were closed at first but she opened them just for a minute and I saw her lip under her teeth again, but didn’t see anything that would cause me to thing that she didn’t welcome my actions.

I very slowly moved my hand upward towards her breasts, makin’ sure that I didn’t rush anythin’. She was holdin’ her breath and tightin’ up, strainin’ her chest a little until I reached my goal and then she released her air in a rather loud moan that told me that she liked the feelin’. My hand was caressin’ her left breast and I was playin’ with her nipple when she muttered out loud, “Oh Randy Joe, I’ve never had anyone’s hand except mind touch me there.”

“Randy Joe?” I said. “Don’t you mean Chuck?”

“I don’t care who is touching me, I just want him to keep it up. God if feels so great!” she confessed.

With this encouragement given, I proceeded to fondle, rub and massage her breasts for the longest time, takin’ my time and givin’ each one my fullest attention. I focused on her nipples because they were so hard they were shoutin’ for attention. The only thing I didn’t do, and I wanted to desperately, was to take them into my mouth a suck them each into submission.

I was pinchin’ each one and rollin’ it between my thumb and fore finger and she was gettin’ so turned on that she was breathin’ very heavily out her open mouth. I decided to move my hand downward and see if there was goin’ to be any objection. I kissed her passionately durin’ this switch of my hand and if she noticed, she didn’t seem to mind because she was kissin’ me back as she touched her tongue against mine.

I placed my right hand down on her leg and ran it upward very slowly, just barely touchin’ her skin. My hand was on the back of her leg and when I reached her panty line, she pressed her kiss into me with the fever of a mad woman.

I continued to kiss her that way until I felt the cotton material of her panties. Feelin’ my touch on of the bare skin on her upper leg caused her to moan just a little through the kiss. I found the elastic of her leg openin’ and traced and retraced along the line that it made runnin’ it down between her legs and back up to her hip. Every time I reached the area between her legs, I felt her tighten up and make a little pleasurable sound through her kiss.

She suddenly stopped the kiss by movin’ her head a little to the side and said in a small voice, “Chuck?”

I answered, “Yes.”

“Will you be gentle with me? This is my first time,” she responded sheepishly.

“Of course I will. You can stop me anytime you want to,” I added reassuringly.

My finger found the elastic around her leg at her hip and inserted itself under the fabric a little and slowly found its way down over her cheek and down to the back of her crotch. She moaned through our kiss again as she added pressure with her lips. I lightly brushed her labia lips with the tip of my middle finger as it passed over her sensitive area. I could feel the tickle of the fine pubic hairs as it slid by. The sensation caused her to tightened up her muscles down there and jerk away from the contact.

But in a second, she spread her left leg out wide and raised her knee straight up in the air, invitin’ a full pussy grope. I was forced to withdraw my finger from its current position and moved it upward to her abdomen. Then, ever so slowly and ever so gently, I started to caress downward over her panties onto her crotch. She let out a loud moan as I cupped her entire pussy area, slidin’ my middle finger through her slit.

Her breathin’ became ragged through her mouth as she continued to kiss me. Tiny moans escaped from her lips as she wiggled her hips in anticipation of further contact. And it was to come, but not until she was ready. She had invited this thing but now I was in control and I planned to use all of my experience to bring her over the top.

She arched her back a little, tryin’ to press into my hand. I kept up the pressure as I probed through the panty material to find her openin’ Her juices were startin’ to flow and my fingers were getting’ a little wet with her moisture. As I continued to press my hand upon her pussy, her lips separated and I was able to slide my finger and her panties up to her clitoris and when I made contact, she erupted into a giant orgasm. She pulled away and clamped her legs down around my hand as she moaned and voiced her pleasure. But in the end, I didn’t explore as much as I had planned.

I waited as she came down from her experience. My hand was still resting on her crotch but I wasn’t movin’ it at all. She closed her eyes and snuggled up in my arms as she slowly started breathin’ normally. She rested and I waited.

In about a half hour, my hand was startin’ to ache a little from the inactivity so I felt that I had to move it so when I did, she woke up with a jerk. She opened her eyes and stretched out. The smile that came over her face made me want to kiss her all the more. It was a satisfied smile, one of total contentment that I knew that I had to see again.

“Well, hi there Miss Sleepy Head,” I jokingly told her.

She gave me a bigger smile as she hugged my neck and gave me a warm, appreciative kiss.

“Wow, I guess you enjoyed that,” I said.

“Oh yeah,” she said slowly. Then she got very serious and added, “Randy Joe? That was wonderful! I mean, I never knew it could be that good. You just knew where to touch me and how to…ah…you know…”

“Wendy, or Peggy Sue or whoever you are, I enjoyed it more that you did,” I told her.

“It’s Peggy from now on. No more Peggy Sue. That reminds me that you’re a relative. I don’t want to think about you as my cousin because…I love you Randy. I always have and I always will,” she said as a tear rolled down her cheek.

I wiped it off with my finger as I took what she said into my brain and realized that I had feelings for her too. Was it love? I don’t know but I did know that I wanted her to stay right where she was for a long, long time.

I said finally, “Peggy, I can’t say that I love you because I don’t know if I do or not. But, I can say that I want you to be here, that I have these feelings for you that I can’t explain and that I like you more like a girl friend than a cousin,” I tried to explain. “Maybe that is love, I don’t know, but I just wanted to let you know that.”

She grabbed me by the neck and drew me into a warm passionate kiss. I dropped my hand back down into her crotch area and she opened up to it like she wanted it more than anything. I pulled her body up to my face and I managed to get her left breast into my mouth. I sucked on it as she groaned and made funny noises and all the while my hand and finger were explorin’ her crotch from her vagina upward. My finger started to enter her openin’ through her panties as she strained her hips upward and opened her legs even wider, beggin’ me to push it in further. I was tyin’ but her panties were interferin’.

So I raised my hand upward to the waist band of her panties and as smoothly and as quickly as I could, ran my hand down the inside of them and placed it right on her bare crotch. I could feel her soft, warm and wet pubic hair coverin’ her two little lips but when I slid my finger in between them, she made that strangest sound that I have ever heard.

It wasn’t a moan or a sigh. It was more of a contented growl. As I reached down to her openin’, I heard it again, so I inserted my finger up her vagina into her wetness that was comin’ from that very spot. She raised her hips and closed her eyes as she strained to receive the intrusion. Then I withdrew it and reinserted it again, pushin’ it as far into the interior as it was possible to reach. She was goin’ wild with pleasure and I was frantically explorin’ this little beauty.

I changed my assault from her vagina up to her pleasure button and when I touched it, she let out a loud cry of approval. I had to shush her when I my finger found her spot. I was afraid that anyone within two cars could have heard her response. She raised her hips off of the seat and called out with, “Oh my God. Oh my God!”

She started to hump my hand as I switched my thumb to her clitoris while my middle finger was pressin’ inside of her pussy. I was explorin’, tryin’ to find her G-spot, but she was writhin’ around so much I was havin’ trouble.

Now she moved her left hand down to find my erection and started pumpin’ along its shaft with vigor. That is somethin’ that I didn’t need right then but it felt so good that I didn’t stop her for a second. Now it had turned into a race to see which one could bring the other off first and although I had a head start, I knew that I didn’t have much time left.

Her eyes were closed, her mouth was open and she was breathin’ very hard as my finger was goin’ in and out of her openin’ as fast as I could move it. She was raisin’ her chin and tightenin’ up her muscles as she quit breathin’. I knew the feelin’ was eminent for both of us and as I started to shoot into my pants, she arched her back and clinched her teeth and growled her release. Her hips went wild with pumpin’ action as she grabbed my pulsatin’ cock with her fist and squeezed the very life out of it. My thumb pressed down on her button and would not let it go as my finger found her special spot inside her vagina.

She stayed in that state of tension for the longest time, beggin’ me not to stop and then, very slowly, she released herself down as she moved her hips in a slow, unhurried motion, drawin’ out the pleasure of her orgasm. Then she went limp in my arms, not movin’ but breathin’ deeply as she drifted off to sleep.

I closed my eyes and rested for a moment also but recovered before Peggy Sue. As I looked down on her, sleepin’ in my arms, I suddenly though about what I had just done. I had molested an underage girl. I had just brought off my first cousin and I allowed her to bring me off. My God, how much worst could it get? “A whole lot worse, Randy ol’ boy and you had better not do anything like this ever again.”

But it felt so right, how can it be so wrong. My God, it wasn’t as if a forced her or anythin’. She wanted it didn’t she? She suggested it with this “Pretend we’re on a date” routine and just look at this beauty. My gosh, she is a looker. Just look at those breasts, they are on the small side but she is only 14 years old. Oh my God, she is only 14 years old! But look at her pussy where my hand will not move from her openin’. My God she is perfect. Her tummy is so tight and firm and I bet if I saw her cunt, I would never want to look away. What am I goin’ to do?”

Just then she came back to this world as she stretched out her legs, dislodgin’ my finger from her vagina with a whimper and a smile. She looked up with those dog eyes of hers and smiled me a big thank you. Then she tenderly kissed me on the lips as she cuddled into my arms.

“Randy, that was perfect,” she said as her voice started to crack. “I had always wished that my first time would be like that and you made it happen. I love you Randy. I always have and I always will.”

“Peggy?” I started but her finger came up to my lips as she said, “Don’t spoil it by saying that it was wrong. I don’t think it was wrong, I loved it so please just let it be for now.”

I smiled a weak little smile and kept my mouth shut, for now anyway. But I vowed to never let this thing happen again.

She sat up and refastened her bra and smooth out her skirt. Then she reached across me, kissed me on the lips and sat back on the seat just as the credits started to run indicatin’ that the movie was ending and it was time to go.

As the lights came up in the drive-in, we both kind of looked at each other neither of us knowin’ what to say. So I turned on the Chevy and headed for home but in no real hurry. I was thinkin’ about the evenin’ and the more I thought about it, the more in love I felt. What’s happenin’ to my thinkin’ abilities anyway? I can’t be in love with my cousin, my 14 year old cousin! But here she is, sittin’ right beside me and I’ve got these feelin’s for her that I can’t explain. My God, what am I goin’ to do?

I stole a glance at her and I thought that she was cryin’. She was wipin’ away a tear as she sat there in silence. I had to do or say somethin’. I pulled the car over onto the side of the road and coasted to a stop.

“Peggy Sue?” I started.

She interrupted in a soft voice, “Peggy. I want you to call me Peggy.”

“Okay, Peggy, I just wanted to tell you somethin’ before we get home. Tonight was, ah, well, ah it was wonderful. It was somethin’ that I will never forget,” I explained. “I think that I’m fallin’ for you in the biggest way and I don’t know what to do. I’m just confused by every thing that happened tonight I guess, but, ah…” I stammered and before I knew it I asked, “Tomorrow night is the Harvest Festival Dance and I just wondered if you would like to go to it with me?”

The look on her face told volumes as she grinned this big grin and threw herself around my neck. “Yes!” she answered instantly. “Yes, of course yes I would like to. Oh thank you Randy, I will never forget this! I love you so much!”

“I love you too Peggy and tomorrow night I’m goin’ to show you just how much. The folks go over to the Martin’s to play cards every Harvest Festival and don’t get home until late. So if you are willin’, we can spend the entire evenin’ together. But there’s one thing that I have to ask you and don’t take offense okay?”

“Sure what?” she asked enthusiastically.

“Do I need to get any protection?” I asked sheepishly.

“Protection? Against what?” she asked in total innocence.

“Against pregnancy,” I insisted.

“Oh that. OH, you mean that spending to night together,” she said hesitantly.

“Oh no,” I thought. “Gosh, I assumed that she wanted to do it. What have I done?”

She thought for a moment and then said, “Randy, I’ve never done anything like that, ever, other than tonight that is. I mean, I did kiss my boyfriend last spring after I got my braces out but I told you that didn’t I. Well, I haven’t let anyone even touch me or anything and I don’t know…I’m babbling aren’t I.”

She thought for another moment and then said, “No.”

I thought “Oh no. I’ve really stepped in it this time.”

“No you don’t need to get any protection. I’m on the pill,” she said with confidence.

I was shocked. “What did she say, she’s on the pill? How can that be?”

The question must have been plastered all over my face because she looked at me, smiled and said, “Birth Control pills have other uses than preventing pregnancies. It also stabilizes your menstrual cycle and makes it easier for some girls, like me. What did you think, that I was a loose girl or something,” she said, tickling me in my ribs playfully.

“No,” I instinctively said. Then it hit me what she really said, that she was “On the pill” and that she didn’t need any protection against pregnancy. She was sayin’ that we were goin’ to do it, that she wanted to do it with me!

She smiled as I recognized what she had just said. “I want to give myself to someone that loves and respects me, even if they don’t know it yet and I know you will be gentle and kind to me when we do it,” she said. “And, I love you Randy. I love you more than anything in the whole world and I want you to take my virginity.”

All I could do was bend over and kiss her warmly and tenderly. As we kissed, I felt a new feelin’ for this girl, one that was growing and buildin’ deep within my soul. It was a feelin’ that I never wanted to end and knew, for now anyway, that it wouldn’t any time soon.

To be continued in Part III

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