This is my first story on this side so comment are welcome

this is my first story on this site, so commet are welcomed...............................................................................................
mum had brought us a maid. The girl was called kate, she was tall, fair, she was pretty and had a rounded face and from what my mum latter told me, she was 21 years old. Mum had brought the girl not because i could not do much of the house work, but because i was now in a boarding school, so the girl was to help he with the house work when am gone. At that time, i was 16 years old and was still a virgin.
Mum was a chorester and her choir had her practises every tuesdays, thursdays and saturday, so kate and i were always left alone in the house till about 9' o clock. In which she would come back.i had been nursing this sexual feelings about kate and sometime, i would fantaise me fucking her. I never knew she had the same feelings for me, sometimes, i would see her wear a short mini skirt which was short egough to reveal her culvy hips and her shaved puccy which could made any guy go crazy. Truely to say, she was beautiful and some how seducive too. She latter got me to do what i had been nursing my mind for so long. It was one night i lost my virginity, one nite she introduced me into a dirty sexual life.
It happen that mum had gone to their normal choir practise, so kate and i were left alone. After having our dinner, i decided to lie down on the floor. After sometime, kate came and led down opposite where i was lying down making sure that her legs touch mine.she was wearing a shot skirt which she made sure was shot enough to expose her pussy for me."hmmmm, what a perfect way to seduce a guy if u my say. Eventually, Noting happened for the next 30 minutes for we were discussing about some, latter, i heard kate's leg touching my dick. Immediately, i started breeding hard. She start using her legs to caresed my dick which was now hard as stone. Before i could know what was happing, kate's hand found my dick, she gave me a up and down stroke and all i could do was moan. She would sometime look at me and face and let out an evill looking smile and i would shyly smile back. I never knew what made me to smille back, the only thing i knew was that, i was in somewhere which was greater and enjoyful more than heaven (if there was any).
Before i could know what was happing, i was about to cum. When she noticed that i was saking, she gave more of the strokes now using i mouth, i immediately a loard moan and exploded with my cum flowing into her mouth. '' wow, taste great she said as she licked my dick clean off my dick. She was enjoying it for i could smell her puccy. ''john, she called, did you enjoy that, she asked me, i couldn't reply because i was shy and tongue tie at what happen, all i could do was to nodded my head in accepters. "since you enjoyed it, would you me a favour by removing my cloths and sucking my nipples? She did not have to repeat those words two times for i quick reached for the buttons oe her blouse. I slowly unbutton her blouse. What i say next was her small rounded braise which made me go crazy. I quickly undo her braisia and grap her braise giving her a hot suck. I squised her nipples into my mouth making her give a loard moan, i really gave her a good job for she climax with her juice spraying on the rug. I then put my hands in her pant pulling it down slowly, i started using my fingers to do the job of fucking her puccy. Then, i started licking my way down to her pussy where i was greeting with a great wetness. I gave her a great suck they. She was still moaning. When i heard her moans growing loarder, i knew was going to climax but i never stoped, i continued licking her guts till she exploaded with such force that her cum went straiht to my mouth and i swallowed it." john pls can you fuck me" she was now pleading with me to fuck her. I replied boldly, for i had gain my boldness back. "baby, am gonno give you a hard fuck."do it pls pls" she pleaded with me. She immediately grap hole of my dick, which was even harder than before, leading it way into her puccy, i slowly push my dick into her and started tossing my self up and down. We soon developed a setain rethym with her alway moaning, i then noticed that i was going to cum. Not knowing wheather to cum inside her, i shouted "am am cum...." o baby, cum inside she replied, at the end, we ended climaxing together with my juice mixing with hers. Immediately, she took my dick out and gave me a hot suck, licking the juice clean off my dick. We letter led down there motionless, when i looked at the clock, it was about 8:45 pm. Mum will be coming back soon. So we quickly stood up and got ourselves clean up off the mess but not before she had warn me not to tell mum. I simly knew i was not going to tell mum. Our sexual relatioship increased for we had sex almost each time mum had left. Good to say, she really taught me how to fuck.

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Your one dumb cunt... haha

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If you didn't learn to fuck no better than you write a story then you haven't learned much

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Learn how to spell some words

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Any wat the story was very hot

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Bad grammer and spelling

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