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Susie is walking home from her fifth day at school. Its been a harrowing week for Susie she has been humiliated so badly during this her first week living with her Aunt. Susie’s predicament started when the 23 year old was caught siphoning funds from her husbands business.

As it was her husband who caught her she was given no choice but to comply with his twisted form of punishment or face embezzlement charges and face possibly five years behind bars.

Her husband’s aunt Antonia with whom she had been sent to live by her husband set the punishment, which Susie had endured for the past week. With little to no choice she had endured the worst week of her life in the hands of this cruel and vindictive 27 year old.

Susie was under strict instructions to go along with whatever her Aunt decided was best for her. Knowing she had little choice Susie had been forced to endure being dressed as a young schoolgirl and made to attend a small country school where her aunt was a friend with the principal. It turned out that the principal Miss Stevens was equally cruel and vindictive and had made Susie’s first week one of the most humiliating and painful experiences of her life. Constantly embarrassed and ridiculed in front of the other students

Susie had been in tears more times in the past week than she had in her entire life before the week had started. To add insult to her already sad state of affairs uncle John was a lecherous pervert who had made the whole experience so much more degrading for Susie’s new home life that as she walked home from school she dearly wished to be somewhere else. All this time

Susie was unaware of her surroundings lost in her thoughts she never saw the dark blue van crawling along the kerb just ahead of her. It rolled to a stop just ten feet ahead as Susie obliviously walked only a few feet from the roadside. The sudden noise of the vans sliding door startled Susie. Susie was about to scream as the large hooded man gripped her arm pulling her swiftly off her feet into the rear of the van.
His large hand clamped over her mouth muffling the scream before it could start moments later the chloroform took effect and Susie passed into unconsciousness.

When Susie awoke her body felt like lead and she ached badly especially her arms. The awful after taste of the chloroform still dulling her sense of smell and taste. She tried to figure out what was happening as her dulled mind and aching body slowly started to regain some of its feelings.

She blinked twice and panicked forcing her eyes open she could see nothing at all. Panic and fear gripped her body and Susie lost control of her bladder. The tight school knickers she had been forced to wear soaked quickly through and she felt the warm trickle of liquid flow along her inner thighs dripping from along her open legs onto the floor below as a torrent of warm pee erupted from her. The sensations all heightened by her lack of sight told her why she felt so awful.

She was suspended upright by her wrists which had become numb from the restriction of the leather cuffs. Her legs she realized were not straight but bent at the knees and her feet were touching the cold floor. She tried to ease her weight from her arms by standing but her feet were also restrained around the ankles from the feelings she could guess that she was bent legged with her feet secured about three feet apart.

Susie eased her legs straight flattening her feet to the floor and felt the restraints on her wrists ease allowing her to bend her elbows slightly. The light came on and Susie moaned loudly as it hurt her eyes and she realized she was not blind but had been in pitch dark this whole time. As she slowly adjusted to the bright light she looked around.

The walls were plain brick and looked to be very damp she concentrated all her senses and over the fresh smell of her own expelled bladder she could smell musty dampness as if she were in some kind of basement. A loud clank from behind her told her the room she was in was not very large maybe eight or so feet square and she was secured in the center of the room with the door behind her. Her voice finally came back to her “who’s there?” she tried hard to turn her head around but could not quite see directly behind her. The large steel door behind her groaned loudly as it swung open and a fresh blast of cold air hit the wet areas on her legs sending a chill across her body.

Her legs already shaking from being forced to stand in such an awful position gave way and her wrists took up the slack causing her to groan as her arms protested at the weight. Footsteps behind her made her move quickly “who’s there please help me!” her voice high and uncertain and her head straining to see behind her. Her aching arms and neck made it quite impossible to turn far enough to see but a huge shadow now loomed towards her left shoulder. “Who’s there?” Susie repeated feeling less than certain she might get a response. “Shut up slut” came the gravelly response and the harshness alone made

Susie quiver and expel another small amount of warm liquid into her already soaked panties as she whimpered softly. “wh..wh..What do you want with me”? Susie literally jumped as the massive hand slapped her inner thigh “shut the fuck up slut” Susie squealed with the pain and her legs buckled completely causing her arms to hurt even more as the force of the blow pulled against her restrained wrists.

Just out of her sight Susie could now smell the most disgusting aroma of alcohol and bad body odour and her stomach heaved. Susie was about to wretch and empty the contents of her stomach on the floor when a large hand ripped her head back sharply by her hair. Knowing that with her head back throwing up would drown her Susie gulped down some air and held it hoping she could maintain the urge to puke.

The gravelly voice spoke again “Listen to me and listen carefully Susie Robson. You are now mine to do with as I wish for as long as I wish do you understand me gurly?” Susie unable to speak and with her whole body and her neck in pain could just manage to nod slightly in an affirmative manner. Her hair finally released Susie fell forward against her chest and gulped in quick breaths of air using all her self-control she held back the urge to puke down her school blouse.

Susie had realized her grim situation and knew that she was in no position to do anything about it for now, so she resigned herself to whatever was coming knowing full well that from this point on things were only going to get worse. The huge hand behind her slid up her wet knickers under her skirt causing her to flinch as he pinched her ass cheek brutally causing her to scream out. A low laugh from behind her told her whoever he was he was enjoying her suffering and then she whimpered as she heard a zipper.

Susie’s mind raced "what is he going to do to me” at that moment she felt something warm flow onto her back through the blouse. The flow of hot urine sprayed up her back soaking her blouse and running down her skirt soaking its way through until it poured into her ass cheeks through her cold wet knickers. The flow continued until it was pouring out of the bottom of her knickers and down her legs into her socks and a continuous stream of the hot smelly urine dripped from her legs crotch and the back of her school skirt.

Totally humiliated Susie hung from the restraints her head hung low as the warm flow stopped, her thoughts of earlier and how bad her situation was came back and for a moment she wished she was back at auntie and uncles house. The man had left and although it had felt like hours ago Susie had no idea of the time she had hung in the restraints lifting her weight on her legs at intervals to allow her wrists to get some blood flow back.

Her body ached her arms wrists and shoulders ached so badly she felt as if they would never recover. Standing on her outstretched feet was also painful and she could only manage it for short periods as they began to shake from the stress of being at an extreme angle. Her lower body was slowly losing its heat as the damp cold cell along with her damp clothing had cooled her down till she had begun to lose sensations in her ass and thighs.

A few times she had hung lulled into a sleep but the foul odour in the enclosed space had made her wretch and that now joined the awful smell making any sort of comfort impossible. Susie heard the door clank and squeak open but was just to pained and tired to even raise her head. She felt the hand on her ankle and miraculously her foot was free to move, then a moment later the other was freed.

Susie tried hard to stand but her legs had numbed and they shook so violently she collapsed against her wrist restraints. He released her wrists and she collapsed onto the vomit and piss soaked floor unable to even hold her head up she lay face down in the filthy smelly floor. Seconds later she was being hauled up with incredible strength and was bodily thrown over the man’s shoulder as he walked from the cell and down a narrow passageway to another room.

The door was opened and Susie felt the warmth hit her it was easily 30 degrees in here and the room was filled with steam. Susie screamed as she was tossed backward off the man’s shoulder and fell her arms and legs flailing in the air until she hit the water. She came up gasping it was hot, not to hot to be unbearable but shockingly hot to her cold numb body. When she surfaced her senses were screaming at her. Her lungs ached as did most of her body and the heat was making parts of her body prickle with pins and needles.

Susie scrambled to her feet her body finally able to support itself aided by the waters buoyancy. She was standing in what looked like a large hot tub but it was up to her chest as she stood there and looked up at her captor. His masked face looking down at her he spoke “Clean yourself up and do a good job or I’ll do it myself with the fire hose Slut.” With the last words ringing in her ears he turned and closed the door.

Susie stood for a second and looked down at herself her clothing was soaked and stuck to her skin everything she wore was a size to small and the hot water was not helping as the material shrunk her chest threatened to push through the flimsy blouse which was half un-tucked from her tiny school skirt. Her long hair was matted and hung limply across her shoulders, her school tie had somehow ended up lose and facing behind her. And her knee high socks had fallen to her ankles. She had not seen her shoes since being dragged into the van.

Susie found the edge of the pool she was standing in and looked around there was soap on the far side closest to the door she waded across and picked it up. If he wanted clean she realized she should probably not disappoint him. When she had looked up at him when he spoke before leaving she had realized one thing he was four times her size and his physical strength at being able to lift her off the floor so easily meant he was in charge and it was unlikely she could stop him doing anything he wished to her.

Susie scrubbed her body clean and all the clothing she had on without removing it with the exception of her socks which she wrung out and put on the floor near the side of the pool Susie lathered up the soap and then her hair the warm water easing her aching body slowly she regained all her movement and the aches seemed to slowly fade. Susie dunked her head and rinsed her hair and slowly climbed up the side of the pool and sat on the floor near the edge. Out of the water she started to cool off but the heat and humidity in the room made it bearable.

It was well over an hour before he returned and Susie was huddled in a ball leaning against the wall when he opened the door. Susie sat upright immediately “stand up and follow me” he commanded and turned to face down the corridor outside. Susie stood reluctant to disobey but scared to move towards the bulking figure near the door “move slut or I’ll drag you where I want you by the hair” he commanded. Susie did not hesitate again “y..y..e..s Sir “ she stammered stepping into the hallway his outstretched finger pointed to a locked door straight ahead of her.

Susie moved quickly down the hallway to the door stopping in front of it “open it and get inside slut” he commanded, Susie slid back the bolt and pulled the heavy door open. The hand between her shoulder blades shoved her inside and the door slammed behind her and she heard the bolt slide back into place. The room was cool but reasonably lit and Susie looked around there was a table with a chair and what looked like a bowl of bread and soup on her left near the wall.

The room was fairly large and the single light bulb showed two steel framed beds down the far end to the right. Susie could just make out what looked like a person laying on one of the beds. “Hello’ she said softly taking a step towards the table. The tiny voice from the far bed replied. “Hi I’m Jasmin the food on the table is for you but eat it quickly as he will return soon and take it from you.’ “I’m Susie can I ask how long have you been here?” Susie sat and ate quickly while Jasmin spoke “I’m not sure as there are no clocks but I think it’s been three or four months. He grabbed me on my way home from school in March, have you been here long do you know what month it is?”

Susie looked down the room as a tiny young Asian girl in a shabby school uniform walked towards her. The brown eyes and face looked weary and troubled but very young possibly 12 or 13. “Its October Jasmin I’m sorry but you have been here 7 months” Susie could see the disbelief in the young girls eyes “I’m so sorry Jasmin what has he done to you.” The young girls face screwed up and she began to sob.

Susie felt for her and finishing what she had in her mouth she stood and hugged the young girl. “Its ok Jasmin I don’t need to know” the girl stood limp and lifeless in Susie’s arms for a few minutes and Susie cradled the girls head onto her chest as she sobbed. The young girl looked up into Susie’s eyes and they understood each other without a word being exchanged. Susie took the young girl and sat her in the chair at the table “quickly help me finish this before he comes back” she nodded towards the bowl of soup and the bread.

They sat silently for a few minutes finishing the cool soup and bread in silence. Susie stood up the moment the door bolt started to move and Jasmin stood behind her as the door opened. He stepped into the room looked around and stared at the Two girls “come over here you two and make it quick” Susie scared as she was stepped forward until she stood in front of the masked man, Jasmin a little more cautious stepped up beside her new friend. “Good little sluts now get on your knees”

Susie took Jasmin’s hand and they both knelt in front of the huge man. His body odour was offensive even at three feet but Susie held herself in check putting on brave face for the young girl beside her. He fumbled at his zipper and Susie knew what was going to happen as the huge man in front of them pulled out a huge monster cock which Susie realized was the biggest she had ever seen and no doubt would get bigger if he had in mind what she thought he had. “Now take it in turns and suck my cock sluts or I’ll whip the skin of your backs” he commanded.

To Susie’s surprise Jasmin edged forward and gripped hold of his cock her tiny hand unable to close around his shaft she tongue flicked across the purple bulbous head and she stretched her mouth as her tiny lips slid across only half of the huge head. Susie edged in and ran her tongue along his thick shaft almost retching at the foul odour coming from his groin.

Susie controlled the urge to gag and continued to lick up and down the area of his shaft she could reach without pushing Jasmin’s head away. His hand slapped the back of Jasmin’s head and the remainder of his bulbous cock head disappeared into Jasmin’s mouth as she gagged and tried to back away he held her head in place. Susie gasped as the cock in front of her swelled to almost twice its size stretching the little girl’s mouth to its absolute limits. Susie realized that the girl was now breathing through her nose and was unable to remove the giant cock head from her mouth as the head was so swollen in her mouth her lips were stuck at the narrow join where the head meets the shaft.

Susie received a slap on the head “keep licking slut or I’ll shove this thing down her throat so far it will punch through her spine’ Susie looked at the young girls horror filled eyes and continued her tongue lashing of the giant cock shaft. He began to buck his hips slightly and then bellowed as his giant cock exploded in the tiny girls throat. Jasmin’s face contorted as jet after jet of hot cum filled her throat blocking her airway with the hot sticky liquid.

She choked and gagged still unable to dislodge the giant cock head until finally she gagged so hard the thick liquid came flying from her tiny nostrils. The cock continued to pump into her throat and she gagged and choked until it deflated and she could remove her mouth from around the head. Jasmin gulped in air and her face contorted as she tried in desperation to breath. “You slut help her and lick all that cum off her face now” Susie did not like the idea of licking this horrible man’s cum from the young girls’ face especially as most of it had ended up there through the little girls’ nose. Jasmin had regained her breath and now tilted her head back as Susie approached.

Susie began to slowly lick the young girls’ face clean when he spoke again. “Don’t swallow it you filthy slut, I have plans for it and you.” Susie groaned to herself and continued to suck and lick the young girls’ face until she had a mouth full of the slimy smelly cum and Jasmin’s face was clean and moist from Susie’s saliva. “Get over here and clean the last of it off my cock you little cum whore.” Susie complied and slowly licked and sucked the nearly flaccid cock removing the last remnants of his cum and Jasmin’s spittle from it when he grabbed her hair and forced his huge cock into her mouth and down her throat. Even in its near flaccid state it was huge and Susie gagged and choked as it hit the back of her throat blocking her airway.

Susie squirmed in his vice like grip but he held her and kept pushing until his now swelling cock began to push further down her throat. Jasmin was right beside her and leaned in close whispering “Do not fight him he will hurt you very badly just open your throat and breath through your nose or you will pass out Susie.” Jasmin’s pleading eyes told Susie she knew from experience so she did as she was instructed and although it didn’t help with the huge bulging cock head down her throat it did allow her to breath. She looked up and the man groaned her eyes pleading as he began to slowly pull his cock back from her throat only to ram it deep as he spurted a load down Susie’s throat.

Susie gagged hard and choked as the sticky smelly cum slid down her airway almost instantly she retched and hot sticky cum and bile from her throat rocketed up her throat, unable to exit her mouth it flew in hot streams from her nostrils. Burning her throat and nostrils on its way up. Susie fought hard to unblock her throat but he was so strong holding her in place as he filled her throat time and time again finally he released her and she fell back to the floor gagging hard and sucking in large gulps of air. Laughing he turned and left the room, locking the door.

Jasmin helped Susie up and onto one of the beds sitting beside her she leaned over Susie wiping her face and moving her hair back. “You were lucky today he is normally so much worse than that.” Susie’s eyes widened “Worse than that, how could it be worse than that.”

Jasmin frowned at Susie and slowly deliberately undid her blouse buttons. Opening her blouse Susie gasped at what she saw, the young girls’ skin was covered in what looked like burn marks from cigarette butts and deep welts from some kind of lash or whip, Jasmin turned and pulled her blouse up at the back revealing twice as many again on her back.

Jasmin turned back her eyes sad “they go further down as well, but never where it can be seen.” Her eyes welled up with tears as she spoke. Susie sat up and took Jasmin’s hand. “Well now, at least I am here to take some of the load from you”

Susie awoke sometime later to find Jasmin asleep in her arms her head tucked into Susie’s chest and her arm across Her body, it was the closest Susie had been to another human being and not felt uncomfortable or threatened for a long time and she stared at the face of this little girl who had endured such horrors for so long and wondered if she herself would be able to cope.

When Susie finally looked up he was standing there watching them maybe five feet from the end of the bed. Susie froze unsure of what was going to happen next, to her surprise he turned and left the room. Susie gently woke Jasmin up ‘He was here watching us, what does it mean? Has he done this before?” Susie asked the frightened girl, watching her face and eyes she knew it wasn’t good news. “He stares at me when I’m asleep and thinks of new ways to torture me, he always returns with some horrifying new way to torture me and he’ll be back soon.

Susie looked at the horrified girls face and knew she was scared beyond anything Susie could imagine. Susie thought about her short time here and what she had endured but knew the little girl next to her had endured far worse for so much longer it was amazing she was still alive. The door clanked and slid open and both girls held each other tightly sitting on the bed. The man walked to the bed where they sat and laughed, “So you two sluts are getting all cozy together, that’s nice” his raspy grating voice had sarcasm dripping from it. “You” He pointed at Susie “lay down on the bed you fucking slut, Spread those legs wide and put your arms up through the frame now or I’ll rip you’re new friends arms off!”

Susie let Jasmin go and did as instructed, Jasmin sat frozen in place as the huge man stepped forward he gripped her by the hair and physically lifted her from the bed causing her to scream tossing her onto the other bed he spun round to Susie who was scared to death as he leaned over her gripping her wrist. She felt the cold steel to late as her wrists were cuffed through the bed frame above her head, Susie coiled into a ball protecting herself but he gripped her leg and wrenched it down the bed as yet another cuff wrapped around her sock clad ankle and snapped her to the bed frame. Within seconds she was spread eagle on her back with her hands above her head and both ankles fastened to the beds outer rail forcing her legs apart.

Susie whimpered as he turned to Jasmin who was cowering against the wall. “Get over here now you whore.” Jasmin reluctant to move but scared of the consequences of disobeying edged towards the bed side and slowly stood taking the two steps needed to get to his side. His hand hit her across her face leaving a handprint and knocking the young girl to the floor. Jasmin cried out in pain and began to sob and he lifted her to her feet by the hair as she screamed in pain. “Next time you will move quickly when I tell you won’t you, you fucking little slut.” “Yes sir I will” she replied meekly.

Susie knew she had been programmed to respond quickly as the punishment would just get worse if she did not. “Now take off those knickers you filthy whore and climb up on her face.” Jasmin did as she was asked and as she climbed over Susie’s face she looked at Susie with apologetic eyes, Susie nodded hoping Jasmin would know that Susie understood she had no choice. “Now I want to see you lick that juicy sluts cunt till she is dripping all over your face you filthy whore and do not stop till I fucking say so otherwise your gonna pay dearly, do you understand me slut?”

Susie quickly replied “Yes sir” He pressed the young Jasmin’s shoulders down till she was impaled onto Susie’s face and Susie complied slowly licking at the young girls pussy. Susie had noticed that Jasmin’s pussy was covered in small round burns just as her back and chest was and she shivered at the thought of this sadistic man doing such things to this young and once innocent girl. Jasmin’s head and shoulders were now forced down between Susie’s legs allowing Susie to see over the young girls buttocks.

Someone was pulling Susie’s knickers to one side and she felt something cold and hard push against her pussy lips. “Spit on her cunt you fucking whore” Susie actually heard and felt the young girls spittle as it dribbled down her pussy. The hard object was pushed deeper aided by the young girls spit opening her pussy and then it stopped. Susie her mouth buried in the little girls pussy could do nothing but moan at the hard intruders uncomfortable entrance. It was then that she felt it expand getting bigger inside her realizing it was some sort of tool she moaned at the continued intrusion.

Her muffled moans and continued ministrations with her tongue on the young Jasmin’s pussy were slowly having an effect on her as she started to leak juices from her pussy which in turn made Susie’s face very wet. “Suck that clit you whore.” He instructed Jasmin slapping her head down onto Susie’s pussy. Jasmin complied straight away her tiny wet tongue sliding fiercely over the tiny nub of Susie’s clit. Susie moaned and continued her assault on Jasmin’s now dripping pussy slurping at her wet hole.

The young girl never having had any kind of oral stimulation was groaning loudly and bucking her hips onto Susie’s open mouth. Susie knew that Jasmin was about to explode into orgasm and probably for the first time ever from oral stimulation. Susie decided to make it good for the young girl considering the situation and what she had endured already she should at least enjoy this moment.

Now Susie was no expert in eating another woman but she knew what she liked and did just that sliding her tongue in lightning fast soft strokes across the young girls clit. Susie put added pressure onto her tongue strokes and without warning Jasmin bucked violently as the first massive orgasm ripped through her young body. Jasmin arched her back and moaned loudly as the massive orgasm rippled through her entire body she screamed out “Holy shit” and flopped back down onto Susie’s pussy taking the feelings from her own wet pussy and transferring them to Susie by licking and sucking hard at Susie’s now swollen clit.

Susie had not realized how much licking this sweet young pussy had made her horny even with the large foreign object in her pussy Susie realized she was getting very wet and needed the release to let go of her frustrations. Despite the situation and knowing the man was there watching she kept the pressure on Jasmin’s young clit and the young girl ripped through another orgasm and then another her body tensing and releasing in spasm’s. At that moment Susie’s own orgasm finally caught up with her and she moaned loudly straight into Jasmin’s young pussy setting the teenager off yet again.

Jasmin went limp and then she was gone as he pulled her down the bed moving over Susie he was furiously rubbing his now hard cock over Susie’s face “Open your mouth cum slut and don’t you dare swallow or lose a drop of this till I say understood? Susie still breathless nodded in agreement and opened her mouth wide looking straight up at him, He moaned as he pointed his huge cock down at her and pressed the tip to her lips and then bellowed as he shot a massive load of cum into Susie’s waiting mouth.

Susie held it all not daring to swallow as he finished and wiped his slowly deflating cock across her cheek. Susie noted that his smell was still as foul as yesterday and his sticky hot cum tasted foul. He leant across and her restraints were released. “Sit up and close that mouth but don’t swallow, and you” He indicated Jasmin “come here and give your girl friend a nice big kiss. Susie knew where this was headed as Jasmin leaned in, her head tilted back for the kiss. Susie had not kissed a girl before and especially not with a mouthful of some guys cum but what choice did she have. Jasmin opened her lips slowly as Susie’s lips touched hers allowing Susie to open her mouth and let the huge load of hot sticky cum slide from her mouth and down into Jasmin’s. Susie kept the kiss up as Jasmin accepted every last drop of cum from her mouth.

Jasmin held it waiting for some instruction as to what to do with it. The kiss broke away and he smiled. “Good little cum sluts now you need to help her wash that down so sit over her face and piss in her mouth, And you, you little cum whore had better drink it all. Susie baulked at this and was about to protest when he gripped her by the hair “Do as I say or that little toy I have in your cunt will have to be heated up till the metal glows hot”

Susie shuddered at the thought of something glowing hot inside her knowing it would be agonizing pain. She lifted herself up aiming her pussy over Jasmin’s tilted head, she realized she had not peed in a while and her bladder was full once she started she was going to have a tough time slowing or stopping the flow. She preyed Jasmin could handle it, looking down into the young girls’ eyes she could see apprehension on Jasmin’s face. Finally positioned she let her bladder loose and the flow started straight into Jasmin’s open mouth. Jasmin held for a second then began swallowing in huge gulps as her mouth continued to fill. Susie used every ounce of energy and muscle control to slow the flow just enough that Jasmin had time to swallow.

Finally she was spent and Jasmin had gulped the final mouthful of hot piss down her throat. “Now its time to swap places you cum hungry whores.” Susie moaned quietly and sitting back resting on her arms she opened her mouth as Jasmin positioned herself above her mouth. She felt him remove the tool from her pussy but could not see as Jasmin was blocking her view that was when Jasmin let her bladder empty and Susie swallowed gulping down the foul hot liquid from the young girl.

Jasmin had less control over her bladder and the hot liquid filled Susie’s mouth quickly, causing Susie to gulp hard to try to compensate for the massive flow. Susie tried as hard as she could to keep up but it overflowed onto her face and began to run down her neck and cheeks onto her clothing. Jasmin’s flow ended abruptly and she moved from Susie’s face. “You stupid slut you spilt it all over yourself” he bellowed. He leaned forward grabbing Susie pulling her onto her back he climbed between her legs pushing her down his cock positioned above her pussy he shoved it hard into her.

Susie screamed as his huge member penetrated her pussy. “My god it hurts, its so big it’s going to tear me apart,” she thought. He pressed it home inch by inch and Susie screamed from the pain as finally he pressed his cock head against her womb entrance. Susie almost passed out her mind scorched and numb as the pain became so intense, finally he withdrew only to ram back into her.

Susie realized that she was wet from her orgasm at the ministrations of young Jasmin’s tongue and still it felt as though he would tear her apart, She mentally noted to thank Jasmin later as she would no doubt have been ripped apart had not this young girl done such a good job before. Biting her lip Susie kept quiet as this huge man plunged in and out of her violated pussy. It took a while but eventually the pain subsided and her pussy walls started to lubricate from the constant friction of this huge cock slipping back and forth inside her pussy making it a little more bearable by the minute. “You get over here and lick this bitch,” He commanded and Jasmin did as she was asked her head going down to Susie’s pussy.

She timed her movements to coincide with his thrusts licking Susie’s clit whenever her pulled back and moving her head when he thrust. Susie was now getting wetter by the minute when he pulled out completely and thrust into Jasmin’s surprised mouth. Jasmin gagged violently, and his cock head jammed in her mouth. Not content to leave it there he thrust a few times down her throat as she coughed and gagged the ripped her off it by her hair, causing her to scream.

Almost without blinking he thrust back into Susie, who cried out at the massive readjustment of her insides, five seconds later and buried deep in Susie’s pussy he let fly with a massive blast of cum. Susie felt it splash her womb walls as yet another blast spurted inside her. He pulled his cock clear and shoved it into Jasmin’s mouth as the third spurt released hitting her cheek as he found his way past her lips. Pulling her head all the way down his shaft his next spurt hit the back of her throat. She gagged violently and hot cum spurted from her nose as he fired two more squirts into her throat, which was distended around his cock head.

Finally releasing her he pulled his cock out and shoved it into Susie’s pussy slipping all the way up inside her she almost came from the massive cock slipping into her so easily due to the huge amount of cum and pussy juice in her it slid in easily this time but then he held it there unmoving. She felt it slowly subside inside her and even so it still filled her more than any thing had in her life before. She lay there panting, waiting as Jasmin recovered and looked up for instructions as to her mouthful of cum. “Kiss her and give it to her the rest is deep in her cunt already, and this slut is going to get filled up.” Susie looked at Jasmin as she headed towards her mouth realizing she had pissed in this young girls mouth just fifteen minutes ago.

Susie waited for the kiss and opened her mouth tasting the warm cum and her own piss she took it all and continued to kiss Jasmin for a few seconds when she felt something warm spray her insides. He had started to piss while his cock was inside her she felt the hot stream of piss hitting her womb and as the pressure built filling her insides up so it pushed his cock out until he aimed it up at the two kissing girls. “Keep kissing and don’t stop you fucking slutty cum whores” he grated. Hot pee poured from Suzie’s pussy as more pee splashed across Susie’s body soaking her clothing and splashing her face the stream finally aimed straight at the two girls locked lips,

Susie shut her eyes as the hot piss ran all over her face and splashed everywhere. She held the kiss with Jasmin there lips locked hoping it would stop them having to taste the foul liquid. The flow subsided and he climbed up walking away and closing the door. Susie broke the kiss and spat the cum from her mouth. Jasmin sat up looking at Susie. “Wow, Susie he put his whole thing inside you. I never thought it would fit down there its so big.” Jasmin’s eyes were wide with astonishment as she wiped her face.

Susie Shrugged “Its not like he gave me a choice Jasmin. I didn’t think it would fit either hasn’t he tried that on you?” Jasmin shrugged “He tried once a long time ago but it wouldn’t fit. He pushed so hard I think the tip got half way in and I passed out from the pain. He never tried again.” “What was that thing he put in me first I never really got to see it.” Susie asked.

Jasmin shrugged “Its some weird contraption with shiny metal arms they are rounded at the end and it opens when you turn the screw at the end spreading apart. He has used it on me a few times, I think its to make you get bigger inside, probably so he can push his big thing inside. Susie had seen something like this before during a pap smear at her doctor, he had one made of clear plastic it helped him to insert a smear tab up to her cervix to check for cancer. Susie now realized his threat to heat it up would have hurt her more than she could imagine. The girls sat quietly cleaning up their faces when the door opened again.

He stood at the door “Get out here now you two.” His command was abrupt in the gravelly voice, and they both got up quickly moving towards the door Susie went out first followed by Jasmin. “In there and strip now sluts,” he commanded pointing at the door down the hall, Susie knew it housed the big hot tub. Jasmin was unsure but Susie led the way and took the young girl by the hand.

He marched behind them and when they were inside he stood at the door. “Get naked and get cleaned up I’ll be back in half an hour and you had better be ready you whores, or there will be fucking trouble understand?” Both girls nodded in unison as they started removing their clothes. The door closed and they heard the heavy bolt slide into place. Susie didn’t bother removing her remaining clothes as soon as the door shut she jumped into the water. Jasmin laughed and jumped in half dressed.
Both girls proceeded to strip all thoughts of modesty gone after what they had already been through and seen. The girls wrung out there clothes and cleaned them throwing them aside to dry. Jasmin sat on the side of the tub and lathered her young body with the soap they had found and Susie waited watching. Jasmin winced as soap touched some of the fresher burns on her skin. Susie took a good look at the young naked girl and sat up beside her, almost her whole back and front was covered in the tiny red burns including, Susie noted from her close encounter with Jasmin’s pussy, her thighs and even her inner pussy lips showed traces of this horrific torture.

Jasmin smiled and Susie realized she had been staring, “I’m sorry Jasmin I just cannot believe how much you have been through,” Jasmin smiled back, “Its ok I sort of got used to being alone and forgot you have not seen this side of him yet, can you clean my back and I’ll do yours for you Susie.” Susie smiled, “Yes of course, turn round.”

Jasmin did as asked and Susie lathered her back and rubbed gently hoping she would not aggravate the burns. Jasmin sighed and looked back at Susie, “can I tell you something Susie,” Her eyes averted for a moment, “Sure Jasmin anything.” “Well when you put your tongue…. You know….. Down there.” Jasmin was flushed and looked away her head down. Susie smiled knowing the little girl even after all they had seen and done together was embarrassed, “Well.” Jasmin continued, “it made me feel…. I .. Well…”

Susie slid her hands round the front of Jasmin’s body and up to her pert little breast’s swirling her fingers across Jasmin’s nipples the soap making the process slippery and easy. “Like this.” Susie asked as Jasmin’s head rolled back onto Susie’s shoulder and a low moan escaped her throat. Jasmin’s breathing was becoming rapid and she squirmed slightly at Susie’s expert touch. “” Jasmin managed to utter through the panting, “and more ss…ooo much more.”

Susie slowly let the young girl back down sliding her hands to her waist she pushed her into the water. Jasmin came up and stared at Susie her face was flushed, “Why did you do that” Jasmin actually looked hurt as if Susie had deliberately pushed her away from the intimate moment they shared. Susie smiled, “we don’t have time, not now, but maybe we could help each other later when he is not coming back, Jasmin giggled, “your so cool Susie, and right, turn round and I’ll do your back before he comes back. Susie turned and Jasmin lathered her back then without warning she slid her hands around Susie and pulled her backwards into the water.

The two girls went to the bottom and Jasmin pushed up sending them both to the surface. Susie twisted around and dunked Jasmin under for her little trick, Moments later both girls were play fighting and splashing when the door bolt slid back. They both bolted for the sides and were out dripping wet standing upright when the door opened. “Get out here now.” His voice barked, booming in the small room, Jasmin jumped and reached for her wet clothing. “Leave it,” he snapped at her and she froze, looking up at Susie in fear. “I said leave it, now both of you move it.”

He sounded angry so both girls meekly covered up with there arms and walked into the hallway, Jasmin turned towards the room she had known as home and he slapped her hard, she bounced off the wall going down and Susie leapt to her aid catching the girl before she hit the floor. “There was no need for that,” She cried out and all too soon realized her mistake when he hit her backhand across her jaw. Her head slammed into the wall and Susie’s legs buckled, for a second she actually saw stars and then it went black.

Susie awoke some time later bound and tied a thick rope was around her upper body it appeared to extend tightly around her torso from her underarms down to the bottom of her rib cage the only part of her showing was her tit’s which appeared to be bound around like they were being displayed. Her hands and elbows were tied behind her back and she was tied onto what could only be described as a saw horse except this one was V shaped, and the V although slightly rounded was pointing up into her ass and pussy. Both her legs were tied to the angled front legs of the horse.

Susie tried to shift her weight slightly and found it excruciating as the V shaped bar was holding her body weight through her ass and pussy pressing deeply into both. She managed to use her hands gripping the bar from behind and lift her body weight on her arms and her bound legs pushing upwards to relieve the pressure on her now sore pussy.

“Susie are you ok.” She heard the young voice of a very scared Jasmin behind her, “I’m OK Jasmin,” she lied, hoping the young girl was in a better predicament than her own. “Where are we Jasmin, I have not seen this room before.” “Its his torture chamber, if we do something he doesn’t like this is where we end up.” Jasmin was sobbing and Susie tried to turn to look over her shoulder hoping for a glimpse of the young girl, “Owwwww.” The movement of her head to her left had caused a sharp pain in her neck and jaw.

“Susie please be careful your head hit the wall pretty hard and you have been out for a while, I’m so glad your awake I thought he had killed you like that other girl.” Susie stopped and asked, “What did you just say Jasmin?” “I’m sorry I should have told you, I was afraid it would scare you to much, there was another girl here for a few weeks, we met and for a couple of days she was fine. Then he took us to the poolroom and made us suck his thing.

She screamed and cried and he hit her so hard I thought she would die but he picked her up and held her head on his thing. He kept on shoving it into her mouth for what seemed like ages but after five minutes she went limp. He didn’t stop till he filled her mouth with his smelly white goo and then he dropped her onto the floor on her back. I was so scared but he told me to leave her there and come and clean his thing with my tongue. I did but she had passed out and drowned on his white goo in her throat, she went blue and I cried for a week thinking it might be me next.”

Jasmin sobbed loudly, Susie was sure she could hear her body convulsing with the poor girls’ sobbing. “Jasmin listen to me, I won’t let him kill you I promise.” Susie’s head was now throbbing from the smack on her face and where she hit the wall, her arms and legs had begun to shake from holding her weight off the crossbar, finally she lowered herself gingerly down onto the bar to rest her arms and legs the V edge dug into her cervix and pressed into her ass crack but it was most painful where it dug into her clit pressing it into her cervix.

Susie moaned loudly as the pain became unbearable, gritting her teeth she relaxed and tried to lean back taking the pressure off that most sensitive area. The bar slowly slid up her ass separating her cheeks until she found a position that was bearable. Looking around Susie noted that she could not see to the far end of the room as it was only lit from some point behind her, her shadow was cast directly in front of her and the room seemed long, as she could not make out the far wall. Another moan from behind her reminded her Jasmin was there somewhere. “How are you doing Jasmin, can you see me from where you are. Are you tied up to?” Jasmin moaned again “I’m tied to some sort of chair and I can only see the wall here, you’re behind me somewhere but I can’t see you.

There is a machine here which is attached to my private place.” Susie could almost feel Jasmin blush at the mention of her private place, “why are you moaning Jasmin” “Its hard to describe but there are wires attached to my privates and I think there is something coming along the wires its making my muscles contract and I can feel it tingle, each time it gets stronger, its making that nice feeling like you did to me with your tongue Susie. I don’t understand every time I came in here before I ended up in so much pain this is almost nice.”

Susie shuddered as she realized that Jasmin was getting tiny electric shocks which were building up in intensity, “I’m so sorry Jasmin but its not going to be that much fun soon, the things attached are sending electricity through you and as they get stronger you will be electrocuted, I only hope you pass out and he doesn’t turn them up to much.” Jasmin moaned again “Oh that was nice, I’m so scared Susie, if I’m electrocuted won’t I die.” Susie could hear the fear in the young girls voice despite the pleasant sensations she was experiencing at the moment. “I don’t know it depends on how much electricity the wires send you, honestly Jasmin I can’t be sure but I know its going up and its going to get very painful, I’m sorry Jasmin.”

Another moan from Jasmin this time longer and louder, “Ohhhh God Susie that was sooo strong I think I wet myself.” Susie considered their predicament for a moment, she lifted her weight on her arms and legs as her body was numbing from the bars pressure. “I’ll beg him to stop what he’s doing to you when he comes back I’ll promise to do everything he says if he will just let you off that horrible machine.” Susie spoke slowly and deliberately trying to remain in some sort of control, the story of the young girls’ death had brought home her true predicament both of them could die here and no one would ever know.

She had no idea if they would ever see daylight again or if anyone would ever even find there bodies if they should die in this hellhole. Susie resolved she should do everything in her power to protect the young innocent Jasmin as much as possible, the only way it seemed was to comply with anything he asked and hope that by some miracle they could eventually escape or someone would find them. Susie was sure that no one would be searching for Jasmin after this long she would be listed as missing and presumed dead.

Susie’s only hope was if her Aunt informed her husband she had disappeared and the police were looking for her as he promised if she ran away he would report the whole incident to the police, maybe they would find a witness that saw her being abducted. Susie’s arms were shaking and her legs had turned to jelly, she tried to lower her weight gently but her legs buckled and she dropped onto the bar, her weight smashed down hard and her tender clit was flattened between the bar and her cervix. Susie screamed out in agony and then passed out with the sound of Jasmin’s ecstatic moaning behind her.

Susie awoke to find herself strapped on what appeared to be a large shiny metal table. Her entire body was cold from the contact with the metal surface. Unsure of where she was Susie called out “Jasmin can you hear me, are you in here.” “ Susie I’m” The young girls voice was broken with sobs, “I’m still on the ele..ctr….ic m..m.machine, ARRGGHHH………” Susie winced as she heard the young girls agonizing scream, then silence. “Are you ok Jasmin are you still there?” There was no reply and no sound coming from her direction, not even sobbing.

“Jasmin,” Susie shouted out her name fearing the young girl had passed out or worse still, the shocks to her system had become so violent she had died. “Jasmin please answer me,” Susie was herself now nearly in tears, “please,” she cried. A small sob came from Jasmin, “I’m ok Susie but its getting worse, I don’t think I’ll be able to last much longer.” Susie physically sighed as the young girl spoke her fears allayed momentarily. “Try not to worry Jasmin I’m sure your no good to him dead, he will make it stop soon.” Susie lied, hoping to give the young girl some sort of hope. “I hope so.” Jasmin replied.

A door opened somewhere to Susie’s right and footsteps crossed the room. His gravelly voice echoed in the long room, “so slut you will do anything I ask of you to help your little Asian slut out, is this true what I have heard?” Susie realized he had heard what she had said before, he was either listening to everything or had some sort of recording device maybe even cameras watching them. “Yes its true sir, I will do anything you ask just let her go, please.”

Susie almost choked on the words realizing her doom was sealed if she complied, as he would never let her leave this place. “Ok slut then you can have her punishment as well.” Susie groaned, Jasmin screamed again and then there was silence. Moments later Jasmin was standing next to Susie tears in her eyes her naked body shaking, “thank you,” was all she could say as she was whisked away by a huge hand. Susie lay there freezing cold her body numb she was bound spread eagle on the cold metal surface looking at the ceiling its one warm spot the light down near her feet. Something touched her foot,

Susie squealed as its warm furry body slid slowly along her leg, it moved in small quick motions and followed the curve of her leg until it reached her inner thigh. Susie cried out again realizing it was probably a rat, its nose in the air it sniffed as it moved and the smell of this creature was familiar, not exactly like its females in the nest but something told it the creature was female. It moved again wondering why the creature was not moving it was warm and not dead. These creatures usually ran either away or towards it, yet this one had not moved, it sniffed the air again as the creature squealed it shrank down.

Its instinct was to run but the smell she pervaded drove it forward. It was close the smell now almost overpowering, the combination of excrement and urine not able to mask the females sex scent the rat nosed forward a little more. Susie screamed as the rat moved up her inner thigh towards her exposed pussy, she hated rats and mice and this one was getting far to close, her body frozen in fear and the extremely cold table top not helping she could do nothing as her bound legs were stretched out tightly and numbed from the cold.

The rat found the source of the divine smell and its snout touched Susie’s exposed pussy lips. Susie screamed and screamed closing her eyes as her fear got the better of her, she lost control of her bladder and the rat, surprised as it was took offence to the hot stream of liquid that hit its head and bit Susie, its razor sharp incisors piercing her soft vulva.

Susie panicked and her body convulsed with the extremely sharp pain, which finally galvanized her into movement causing her to buck and scream violently. Finally scared the rat let go with its jaws tasting the hot human blood mixed with the still continuous flow of hot urine which was stinging its eyes, it scampered away disappearing into the far corner of the room and away. Susie felt the rat go and her bladder now empty she collapsed back onto the table her ass cheeks splashing in the cool urine puddle she had left behind.

Susie opened her eyes and realized he was standing there over her. “What the fuck was all that noise about you stupid slut.” Susie tried to control her sobbing and answer but she couldn’t her throat hurt from screaming. His hand slapped her hard across the face, Susie winced and stuttered trying to speak. “Ra..aa..t,” was all she could manage. He grinned down at her, “Is that all I thought you were dieing you stupid bitch.” He reached across and released her arms and legs. “Get down here on all fours slut, your about to get severely punished for making me come back up here to find out what the fucking noise was about.”

Susie climbed off the table slowly her body cold and numb she couldn’t stand without supporting her weight on the table’s edge, Susie lowered herself down and got into a kneeling position. His foot in her back shoved her forward and she managed to get her hands down quickly to avoid face planting into the hard concrete floor. “Now stay there and don’t you dare move slut, you hear me?” Susie held perfectly still looking straight down, her voice still harsh from sobbing and screaming she replied, “yes sir.”

That was when she heard him walking away, his footsteps receded and she thought she heard another noise far off like a door opening. Then the footsteps returning and something else, smaller feet but more of them, lots of them. As the sounds got closer she could hear panting, she recognized the sound, dogs. Susie shuddered realizing her position on all fours made her very vulnerable, she dared not move as the repercussions would be horrible but then so would this if her ears were not mistaken there were at least two dogs coming.

Susie closed her eyes and sobbed silently knowing she was about to be in hell. The first dog came up behind Susie and sniffed at her ass, its cold wet nose touching her asshole it smelt her long and hard its nose picking up her fear and the smell of her naked body the mixture of her scents excited it fear, urine, sweat and her musky female scent. It stuck its nose in further between her legs and licked her from the base of her pussy to her puckered asshole. Susie quivered as the dog’s cold nose touched her ass, holding her breath so she wouldn’t cry out. The warm wet tongue ran the entire length of Susie’s pussy and ass making her shiver,

Susie held her body still and waited for something to happen unsure of what she would have to endure, it didn’t take long to find out as the dog behind her mounted her its claws digging into her back. Suzie’s body shook with fear and she cried out as claws raked her skin. The dogs hind quarters thrust at her and its long exposed shaft bounced against her ass cheeks as it tried vainly to mount her. Suzie winced as the head of its engorged cock slapped close to her puckered asshole and then with an almost insane thrust sank deeply into her exposed pussy.

Suzie cried out in pain as the dog pounded her pussy its long slick shaft boring deeper and deeper into her at a frantic pace. Her attention suddenly came back to the dog directly in front of her its swollen shaft protruded from the sheath under its body glistening wet and small drops of precum dripped from its tip as it came directly at her.

“My dogs look happy to see you slut, open wide!!” Suzie stared in horror as the dog leapt up onto her shoulders its long dripping shaft waving right in her face its thrusts bringing it closer to her. “Good slut, now suck the dog cock like the nasty slut cum whore you are.” Suzie realized in horror her bargain to free the young Jasmin was now going to cost more than she imagined as she clamped her mouth shut just in time to stop a dogs cock from passing between her lips.

His foot hit her in her ribs and she screamed in pain her arms collapsed to the floor as she buckled from the kick. Behind her the dog was still thrusting furiously as he ripped her up by her hair her face coming level again with the bucking hind quarters of the second dog. “Take the dog’s cock in your mouth you fucking slut or the next kick will be to your jaw.”

Suzie gulped knowing she had no choice and opened her mouth as the probing cock moved closer for the second time. It bounced off her cheek and reared back and she held her face steady as its return journey brought it into her lips. The sudden warmth on its cock caused the dog to shuffle in close and thrust quickly as its long wet shaft sank into Susie’s throat causing her to gag.

The 2 dogs both thrust in unison one in her pussy one in her mouth and Susie almost sagged under the weight of both animals her elbows locked hard and her knees slid open just a touch as she braced against the onslaught. The dog in her pussy howled as its knot slammed into Susie buried deep and swollen locking it in place. Susie cried out in agony her throat sore from the pounding dog cock in her mouth its cockhead pressing against the back of her throat. The swollen knot in her pussy stretching her to limits she had not known possible as the streams of hot dog cum poured deep into her womb.

Just as she felt the last blast of dog cum splash her insides the dog in her mouth plunged its knot home past her lips its swollen cock head wedged deep in her throat. Susie realized as her throat constricted fighting the blockage that she was doomed its knot would hold it in her mouth as it filled her airway and she would suffocate as she could not breathe. Blast after blast of hot dog cum poured into her throat filling her airway.

She gulped and swallowed quickly trying to clear her airway but to no avail it filled continuously. With one long stifled moan Susie’s lungs filled as she inhaled warm dog cum into her lungs, her bodies reaction to empty her lungs forced it back up her windpipe in a huge blast that pushed the still flowing cum from the dogs cock back up along with the partial amount from her lungs. The massive outrush exited her body in two massive streams from each nostril. The convulsion was too much and Susie passed out from the searing pain in her chest.

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2013-09-12 15:45:17
would have preferred if you stayed on topic of the aunt, friend and uncle instead of this non sense. You opened your story so well then took a left turn and went of . Get someone to edit these things it will help you out a lot.

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2012-07-24 05:35:18
I've been a vegan since 1995 and it has been 30 years since I became a veetgarian. I've tried all different ways responding to people. Based on my experience, I predict her responses would be more likely to drive people away than open their mind to changing how they eat. No disrespect to anyone.

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2011-12-02 14:46:39
An okay story but fairly typical. Personally, I loved the opening paragraphs and would have preferred a story about her enforced school days, being used and abused by her aunt and uncle, nasty teachers, and fellow students etc.


2011-11-27 17:11:06
A little too morbid... and dark for me to really enjoy it.... I probably would have done it differently myself...

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