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Becky helps Lisa, then Lisa helps back.
IHNC 7.5 – Cats out of Bags and against Doors

(These events are from the viewpoint of Becky Whitman, the student/pregnant adulteress of Edward Font)

Yesterday Lisa told me about her near-rape by Mr. Pressman. That asshole was going down. I hadn’t known Lisa very well until I though she wanted to hit on Mr. Font, but actually did want SAT help, and with us studying together I got to know her, and she’s sweet and nice. I couldn’t let her become scared of this jerk.

“So all we got to do is get proof,” I remembered saying. Grinned again I thought to myself as I walked down the hall during lunch break, ’This was going to be fun.’

“How are we going to do that?” Lisa had asked at the time.

“Simple. A few pictures of me naked and holding his cock should be enough to get him fired,” I’d responded calmly.

“Oh,” Lisa gasped. “What do you want me to do?”

“Does your cell phone take pictures?” I asked her. She nodded. “OK. Tomorrow at lunch, go to Mr. Pressman’s office, but stay out of sight, give me ten minutes alone with him then try and open the door as quietly as you can, and start taking pictures. Oh, also make sure your flash is off.”

Now I got to the door just in time to stop Mr. Pressman from leaving for lunch, “Excuse me, Mr. Pressman,” I batted my baby blue eyes with as sexy a look as I thought I could reasonably get away with in school. “I need some advice.”

Mr. Pressman was as dense as a box of rocks though, “I’m sorry… er… Rebecca?”

I nodded and smiled, “Please, all my personal friends call be Becky.” I placed on hand on his arm and squeezed gently.

“Well, I was just leaving for lunch, so if you’ll excuse me.” He tried to leave, but I pulled on his arm a little harder.

“Please Mr. Pressman, it will only take a few minutes, it is personal <and private>.” I whispered the last part. That seemed to get his attention so he agreed to return to his office and we each took our places on opposite sides of his desk.

“Very well Becky,” he smiled, “What can I do for you?”

I looked at the clock quickly. Two minutes after, I was going to have to work quickly. “Well… as you know I’m planning on going to college.”

“Yes… I remember speaking before with you. A cheerleading scholarship or student loans are all available for you, so you shouldn’t have any trouble.” He now sounded annoyed that he was missing lunch for what he’d already gone over with her before. Obviously I didn’t fall into his “needy” category.

“Yes, well… there’s a problem now,” I tried to sound embarrassed, “You see… I’m pregnant.” His eyes light up with interest. “I don’t want to tell my mother or she’ll kill me. I need to get an abortion or I’ll never go to college, but I need to know how to get one without telling mom.” I hopped this would be a desperate enough plan for him to try his seduction on me, but I decided to really make my point. “Mr. Pressman, I’m begging you. I’d do anything to go to college!”

“Anything?” he asked coyly.

I stood up, moved to his door, and pulled down the shade. Then, with him still behind his desk I turned and slowly unbuttoned my blouse until it hung free, exposing my sexiest lacy pink bra that I had on as tight as I could make it, shoving my breasts up until they were almost spilling out of it. I took a deep breath and stuck them out as I traced my fingers over them and made my way back to my seat and reclined as best I could in the hard wooden chair.

He got the hint and stood quickly, coming around to the front of the desk and instantly lacked his sweaty palms onto my breasts, roaming and squeezing. I didn’t plan on getting turned on, and I wasn’t really. He was rough and didn’t care about me, just wanted to molest my body, but even feeling his made me remember the feel of Edward touching me. I’d not felt in several weeks now and I was really beginning to miss it. While he was distracted with my breasts I glanced at the clock again, five after. Lisa should be here in five minutes so I kept things moving.

I reached back and unclasped my bra, letting his greedy and greasy hands tear it off me. Then he lowered his mouth to my tits. I was half disgusted and half aroused as he slobbered all over my tits. He literally coated them with his saliva and several times bit my nipples too hard. It hurt, but I just kept, moaning quietly as he had his way with them. After a minute I whispered quietly, “I want to suck your cock.”

He quickly stood up, dropped his pants to his ankles along with his tight white underwear. His six inch manhood poked out before me and it took all my will not to laugh at it. It was tiny by comparison to Edward’s manhood. It wasn’t really that much smaller, but it was quite noticeable. I quickly got to my knees and began rubbing it with one hand and rubbing his sweaty ass with my other. He was moaning like a pig in a style and I tried to make sure he didn’t cum. That’s the last thing I’d want is to go back into class with his stink on me or staining my clothes.

Luckily that is when the door slowly inched open. I had tried to keep his back to it, but it was really more to the side as there was only so much room in the small office. I spotted Lisa and saw her quickly snapping pictures. He had his eyes screwed closed and was just enjoying me fondling him. Then I quickly stood up and rebuttoned my blouse. “Got them?” Lisa nodded, “Good.”

He saw Lisa and quickly hid behind his desk trying to pull up his pants, stammering and muttering profanities the whole time. “Mr. Pullman, this is how it’s going to be. You are going to quit today. Then you are going to leave this state. If you don’t or try to threaten either one of us, these pictures are going to the police, the TV news, and anyone else we can think of and you are going to be the new girl on the block for some big guy in jail.” Then we just left. We didn’t wait to see his reaction, or talk, just left.

We went to the girl’s room, where I had to clean his saliva off my breasts and fix my clothes. While I did that in front of the mirror, Lisa just kept thanking me and saw super psyched at how well the plan had worked. Then she asked me a funny question, “What did it feel like?”

“What?” I asked.

“His… you know…” she shyly avoided the word.

“Oh, well, Ed’s is better and quite a bit bigger, but it felt about the same otherwise.” I said without thinking. ‘Oh SHIT! Maybe she didn’t hear that?’ Lisa’s hand flew up to her mouth and I knew she’d immediately connected the dots. “Lisa! Oh my god, you cannot tell anybody!”

Lisa just stared at me, “You… and <Mr. Font>?” she whispered the last bit in amazement and surprise.

“Look, it’s not like Mr. Pressman,” I tried to explain, “I love him.” She just stared at me for a moment, than down to my belly, and I smiled. “Yes. It’s his.”

“Does he know?”

“My mother told him last night. Said he took it rather well, and he’s agreed to keep it a secret.” I rubbed my still flat belly reflexively.

“Your MOM knows?!?” Lisa asked shocked even further.

“Yea. She actually helped me. She didn’t want me to get pregnant of course, but she thinks I just have a crush on Ed and convinced him to be my first.” I explained.

Lisa and I talked it out and she tried to take it all in, since it was a pretty convoluted story. We were still talking when the bell rang and lunch was over. We went back to our classes and didn’t meet again until Math period with Ed seeing me for the first time since he found out about our tiny miracle I was now carrying in my womb. He smiled thinking about it and I got dizzy. I wanted to run over to him, have him take me in his arms and kiss him passionately, but I knew that would lead to disaster for both of us and reluctantly smiled back and took my seat in class.

Class proceeded normally and I concentrated on learning since I really did want to do well, now not just for my mom, or to impress Ed, but for my future child I would have to care for. Again I couldn't keep the smile from my lips as I tried to concentrate on class and not just Ed's cute khaki-clad butt.

I’d found I’d fallen a little bit behind on my studies while I had been focused on my seduction and trying to get pregnant, but I was sure I’d be fine for the upcoming SATs next month. I concentrated on the lesson and only let my thoughts wander again after the bell had rung for the end of class.

On the bus ride home Lisa and I talked in hushed tones so no one would hear us, but by this point it was all girlish giggles about what “it” was like. She confessed she’d never even KISSED a boy, but was very curious. I described what it was like and how it felt to kiss my lover. When we got to my home and found a note from my mom saying she was with Rachel as Ed’s house, we ran up to my room and she demanded all the details now that we were alone until Ed got here. It was fun to actually have someone to unload on about all that had happened these last few months; about my churning heart, and unfailing love for Ed.

“Yea, but what about… his penis?” Lisa asked more daringly.

“Oh it’s nice and big and hard. And when it slides inside me I die and go to heaven.” We both giggled and I couldn’t help regret I’d been jealous of Lisa trying to “my” man, no matter he was still married to someone else. He was going to be my baby’s daddy and that was good enough for me. We talked more about what sex was like when the bell rang and I flung myself down the stairs and opened the door for my lover. All the talk of sex now had gotten me really hot and bothered, and with him now standing right there I just couldn’t NOT kiss him.

He was happy and surprised, but hurriedly forced me away with a look of shock and anger in his eyes. “<Not in public!>” he tersely whispered. He then cleared his throat and asked louder, “Where is Lisa?”

“I’m here,” she answered from the top of the stairs.

Ed turned white and started to stammer, “Oh, um, ah...”

“It’s OK,” she answered, slowing walking down the stairs. “I figured it out on my own today. Becky, can I watch some TV downstairs for a while?”

“Sure!” I led her past Ed, who just stood there stunned, and as we reached the living room I gave her the remote and whispered to her, “<Thank you.>” She just smiled and flicked on the TV and turned the volume up fairly loud as I left.

Ed was sweating bullets in the hall as I led him upstairs to my bedroom. I was so giddy after not being able to show my love for several weeks to finally have him to myself again. When we got to my room I closed my door, leaned against it, and pulled my lover into a passionate kiss. He was nervous, but soon accepted me again and I almost cried as his tongue tickled my lips again. Our bodies churned as our love reignited and our souls longed to merge once more.

His hand touched my hip and I raised my leg to wrap it around his hip. His hand then moved up and down my thigh and up under my skirt to squeeze my ass. I deftly began unbuttoning his shirt as he now rubbed by clothed body all over; touching my breasts and arms and back over and under my clothes. I stopped messing with his shirt after a few buttons and unbuttoned his pants and pulled them open. His giant penis-shaped bulge of underwear was now thrusting against my extremely wet panty-clad pussy and the sensations were driving me mad.

I pulled and yanked at his underwear until finally his penis was poking through the hole in the front. It was a fairly dark, since we’d never stopped to turn on the lights, but I knew its color and shape well. “Please,” I almost begged, “I need it now.”

He grunted like a wild animal and pulled away only enough to reach for my soaked panties and pull them aside. Then, in one smooth motion he filled me completely. Sure I was incredibly wet, but it still hurt to be forced open so quickly, but I loved it. There is nothing quite like being “taken” by my lover. To know that you are all he wants and he cannot wait a moment longer. My sight flickered as I came a little just from his entrance, coating his invading cock with my love juice.

I’d been standing on my tip-toes to be at the right position for him and I lost my balance as my one leg I was standing on when weak in the knee, but he grabbed my other leg and now held my up, pinned to the back of my door and proceeded to hammer into my quivering love-hole with wanton abandon. I was in euphoria as I got the hardest fucking of my life. Ed was slamming his hips into me hard; spearing me so deep I knew I’d be sore for days. I realized I was screaming and didn’t care if anyone heard me. I was shaking as orgasm after orgasm ripped through my body.

It was almost too much, and then I felt it. His cock grew an extra little bit and his breathing changed. I wrapped my legs around him and held him tight like a vice as his scalding semen burst out of him and shot into me. I knew I already carried his child and it wouldn’t do anything more, but the feeling of being filled with his essence shook me to one final orgasm. Pulse after pulse continued to flow into my hungry womb and it felt divine. Eventually it slowed, and while he still held me I could feel the little pulses continue, trying feebly to contribute every ounce of sperm he had to what he’s already given me. I felt him start to shrink, and heard his heavy breathing with his head on my shoulder as he lowered my back to my weak feet.

We both collapsed to our knees, right there in front of my door. His jism, quickly turning cold, now streamed from my open vagina onto the carpet. Last month I would have struggled to keep it inside, but now, already knowing I’d succeeded in conceiving his child, I let it flow and just held my lover in my arms.

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