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I listened to the shower for the longest time, then she finished and I heard her moving around in the bathroom (she had left the door open) and then the hair drier came on and when she finally finished drying her hair, I heard her moving beside our bed.

her fingers wrapped around my cock and stroked it, just enough to keep it fully erect as she kissed me passionately, somehow different, more lustful than usual, but I only chalked it up to excitement over the circumstances as they were. and with the knowledge that she would be gone for three or four hours after she finishes using me, at least that was my thought at the time.

After a while, she climbed on the bed again, straddling my face and making me lick and suck her to another orgasm, her juices, those that I didn't swallow, ran down my chin and neck, saturating the sheets beneath as she rode my face, grinding her smooth wet pussy on my nose, lips and tongue.

Not too long after her pussy flushed on my face she climbed off and i heard her rustling with items I had laid out on the night stand, and then I felt her long red hair dangling on my face, her long fiery red hair, was what had originally drawn me to her, so many years ago, middle school. Noone was more surprised than I when she agreed to start dating me. We were inseparable from then on, spending most of our time away from school and/or our parents and siblings together, talking, walking and not long after we started dating, sucking and fucking. We were both our firsts, although she had admitted to some female to female explorations a few years before we dated, and even afterwards, and on occasions still, she has by blessings to continue her bisexual explorations, as long as she tells me about them and doesn't keep them a secret.

anyway.... I was waiting for her lips to touch mine or any part of my face, but she surprised me by now having her/our ball gag in her mouth, strapped to her head, something I wasn't expecting, much like the butt plug she had inserted in herself, usually when i'm bound for her pleasure, she uses them both on me, not herself. She rubbed the ballgag along my face, a muffled "mmmm" escaped her lips as she climbed on the bed, again, lowering her dripping pussy to my face briefly before she started moving down my body, leaving a snail trail across my chest and over my stomach until she was at my lap.

She stroked my cock again, making sure it was completely hard (not that it took much at this point, although I think I was harder than usual, maybe even a little larger than usual, if that's possible) she held it straight up as she positioned it between her legs, allowing just just head to slip through her steamy lips, I felt them gripping my cock, vise like. I tried thrusting up to spear her pussy, but her hand stopped me from moving more than an inch inside her. she moaned into the gag as she moved her hips around, stretching her pussy, finally, suddenly dropping all her weight as she moved her hand, impaling herself on my nearly nine inch cock (maybe a little over nine this afternoon)

I heard her scream, even with the gag in place and wondered if maybe she had gone down in the wrong angle and hit her cervix or womb with my cock. for the longest time, I thrilled in the pulsing, hot, gripping pussy as she sat them motionless, only a muffled "mmmmm" escaping the gag until she started moving, slowly, raising and dropping a few inches at a time but quickly gaining length and speed, until she was literally fucking the shit out of me, with me now trying to thrust up and meet her downward movements, the sound of us slapping together on every beat.

She finally came again, her juices literally splattering my lap as the squirted around my cock and balls, causing me to yell "I'M GOING TO CUM, DON'T STOP, I'M SO CLOSE, SO CLOSE" to my aggravation, she quickly yanked her pussy off me and climbed back up to the head of the bed, again riding my face before climbing off the bed and leaving me throbbing and pulsing, waiting for release.... both my body and my cum.

I heard the shower come on again, no doubt rinsing her pussy and legs before getting dressed for her sister's party. When I heard again beside the bed, I yelled "COME ON YOU BITCH, MAKE ME CUM OR AT LEAST RELEASE MY HANDS SO i CAN FINISH MYSELF OFF"

Instead, I felt her squeeze my jaws, making me open my mouth and she stuffed what i realized was her panties in my mouth, I woundered briefly it was the black ones that she was planning to wear to the party, then she stuck the ball gag in my mouth and fastened it around my head while I tried to complain with a full mouth.

I could feel that she was now dressed and knew i was going to be stuck here while she went to the party, and it was confirmed as i heard her walking from the bedroom and to the front door, as moments later, I heard her car horn on her Tracker beep as she drove away.

I felt like my balls were going to explode, as I imagined her walking out the front door wearing that short skirt, with her wet, bare pussy exposed to the wind as she climbed in the tracker and drove to pick up her little sister

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