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Fiction of course and may write more chapters if readers enjoy this one.
Living in the tiny apartment was fine for a divorced man. A small single bed, computer, television in the main room, a small kitchen and even smaller bathroom with a stand alone shower. What more could I ask for?
From time to time my thirteen year old daughter would come stay the night with me. She would always bring a friend or two along for company and I would give them the extra pillows and blankets that I kept in the small closet by the front door. They would curl up on the floor by my bed, for there was no other place to put them and I would play games on the computer late into the night. They would talk and giggle, not paying any attention to me as I would keep to my self and the computer. Eventually they would fall asleep. Not an exciting evening for any of us but no one seemed to mind. They were content to have each other's company and I was content to watch them sleep.
Many times I would lay on the bed and look at their young innocent faces. Then my eyes would wander, checking out the rise and fall of their still developing teen tits as they slept. I would take in the roundness of their pretty little asses and picture them rolling over and exposing their young pussies with a crop of new fine pubic hair. I would always end up grabbing my throbbing 8" cock and slowly milk it as I pictured what their naked young bodies looked like laying there on the floor beside me.
Then one very warm summer evening it happened. Mel, my daughter, short for Melissa, and two friends knocked on the door. Wearing only my boxers and a T-shirt I unlocked the door and slowly swung it open. I quickly took in the scene. Standing there before me was three beautiful teenage godesses. Mel, having just cut her light brown hair to shoulder length and wearing a tight shirt that revealed her tight mid section. Her nicely developing tits were very perky, they looked like a nice handfull and i could see the nipples straining against the material. She had on a very short pair of jean shorts that revealed her long tanned legs.
"Hi daddy! Can we stay the night?" she asked, knowing that there was no way I would ever say no to her and her lovely friends. "Meet my new friends Jamie and Mika."
I had never met either of these two young girls and slowly allowed my eyes to take in each one at a time. As I looked at Jamie, I noticed that she made no eye contact, for her eyes were lowered and checking out the slightly hardened bulge in my boxers. She had long flowing blond hair and was wearing a bikini swim suit top. Her tits were quite volumptous for her age and my cock jumped a notch as I fed on the flesh that the top did not quite cover. The swimsuit top barely covered her erect nipples! She was taller than Mel by about six inches and her long shapely legs quickly caught my eye. I followed them up until they disappeared under a short jean skirt. Then, my attention went to Mika. Mika was a very pretty asian girl, not quite as tall as Jamie but slightly taller than Mel. Mika was thin but put together well. Her dark brown hair flowed around her face and her mouth was so inviting. She had pouty lips that made me instantly want to rub my dick across them. Damn! My cock grew another notch! Mika was wearing a short flowered sundress and beautiful brown legs extending from underneath.
I glanced back at Jamie and she raised her eyes to meet mine. A seductive smile came across her face to let me know that she was aware of the growing bulge in the front of my boxers.
"Sure, come on in Mel. You know you can sleep over anytime you like." I said as I turned and sat in the computer chair. I began surfing the web just to get my mind off the beauties that sat behind me on the edge of the bed not more than a few feet away. I was hoping that my cock would relax enough that I could swivel around and chat with the girls without being too noticeably erect. I found a random website that seemed boring enough and concentrated on the uninteresting material the site offered. When I swung my chair around, Mika looked my way while Mel and Jamie continued to chit chat about the things young girls talk about. Mel was sitting on the left and Mika to the right of Jamie. They didn't seem to notice or care that Mika was no longer part of their conversation. Mika, looked deeply into my eyes but did not say a word. Then she slowly lowered her eyes to my boxers, where the fly had opened just a bit and I am sure she was taking in a good look at my package. My cock jumped a bit, straining against the material and Mika licked her lips not bothering to look up. Her sundress was way up her legs and as she lifted her eyes from my bulging boxers, she slowly spread her legs and lifted one to put it over the other. It was so slow and intentional that my dick leaped and I had to adjust it so it would not pop out of the gap in the front. My stare followed the long dark legs right to the dark fuzzy V as she crossed her legs. She was not wearing any panties and I got a nice glimps of her hot pink pussy. It was shiney and wet. I could barely contain myself.
No sooner than her legs closed she joined the conversation with the other girls and then leaned into Jamie and whispered something. Jamie immediately glanced at my crotch and Mika kept the conversation going with Mel. By now my cock was very interested and I had adjusted it so that it ran along side of my leg. I am sure it looked like a huge cucumber attached to my leg and the head now peeked out the leg of my boxers. Jamie could not take her eyes from it and squirmed a bit where she sat. Leaning back on the bed, she put her hands behind her and thrust her large tits towards me. Again my huge 8 inches bobbed to get free and she did not try to hide the fact she was staring at it. Jamie prentended to be stretching her legs out, strightened them and then opened them wide. I had a very good view directly up her short jean skirt. She was wearing a small pink thong that didn't even cover her swollen pussy lips. I was so excited that I could have just about shot a huge load right then and there. The small talk stopped and I quickly spun around to avoid Mel from seeing how excited her father had become. Taking in the boring website once more.
"Daddy? Are you ok? Why did you turn around? You can talk to us too." She was so innocent that I wondered how she ever got involved with these cock tease friends of hers.
"I am ok honey, I just remembered I have some work to do on the computer." I said as I felt my throbbing member starting to go soft. They went back to their girl talk and I occasionally would swing around and get another round of cocktease. This went on for most of the evening and my balls were starting to ache. These little teenagers had the hot lava in my sac churning and they knew it! When I could no longer stand it I asked them to make their beds on the floor so I could lay down and sleep. I had no intention of sleepin but was hoping that they would take the hint and fall asleep soon so I could jack off my fucking hardon and relieve the pressure built up by these horny teens. However, it did not seem to be likely. They continued to chat and giggle. I thought they were never gonna go to sleep! The only thing I knew to do was to pretend that I was sleeping and maybe they would follow suit so that I could take care of business.
"I think your Father is sleeping." Mika said to Mel.
Mel reached up and lightly shook me, "Daddy are you awake?" she softly said. I mumbled something that could not have been understood and convinced them that I was sleeping. Now maybe they will do the same but again it did not happen.
Squinting just enough that it appeared as I was sleeping and yet allowing me to see the girls, I lay there quietly.
"Damn, this top is so confining!" Jamie said. "Mind if I take it off? Your dad is sleeping." She pulled the strings behing her neck before anyone could object and a very sweet set of teenage tits swung free. I couldn't believe it!
"Well, if you are going to sleep nude I am too!" Nika said as she stood and took of her sundress in one swift motion. "Come on Mel, get your clothes off. We may as well be comfortable."
Jamie stood and removed the tiny thong while Mel shyly undressed. Mell had her back to me and took off her top, then her jean shorts and panties came down together revealing a nice well rounded ass. I seen her young pussy as she bent over to gather her clothes and put them in a little pile nearby. My cock jumped! I have not seen Mel naked since she was a baby and must admit she turned out to be very desirable.
They sat in a small circle crosslegged completely naked and began talking again. This time it was not just teenage chit chat.
Mika said, "Mel, did you see what a huge dick your father has?"
"I did" said Jamie, "and I was teasing him all damn night with my hot little cunt. I spread my legs and thrusts my tits at him, everytime I would give him a show his big fucking cock would grow! It actually grew so big the head came right out of his shorts! Damn I would like to wrap my hands around that monster!"
"Just your hands?" Mika said teasingly. "I would wrap my lips around it! I also was giving him quite a show. He must be hornier than hell!"
"I noticed what was going on" Mel said. "I did't want Daddy to know though. I also caught a glimpse of his huge cock. I can't believe that it made me horny. My pussy is sopping wet and tingling thinking about it. He is so much larger than any of the teenage boys I have seen."
I couldn't believe what I was hearing! My dick had grown to full size listening to them. Damn, it seem like I was gonna burst! I pretended to stir and turned on my back and continued to pretend I was sleeping.
"Look! He must still be horny even though he is asleep!" Jamie said. "His big dong is standing straight up and it found it's way out of the boxers!"
Sneaking a peek through squinted eyes I notice all three girls were admiring what I had to offer. It was now my turn to tease them and I contracted the muscles in my ass and made my large member bob at them. They all just sat there for a long silent period admiring my long fat chunk of meat.
"See if he is sound asleep" Mika instructed Mel. Mel turned around and shook me again. I moaned but didn't say a word. Throught the tiny opening of my squinting eyes, I admired Mels teenage tits swaying near my face. I wanted to raise my head and take in one of her hard pink nipples and suck it but knew I better not.
"My turn!" Nika said. "I will find out if he is find out if he is sleeping." Nika approached the small bed and wrapped her tiny hand around my swollen cock. She stroked it a couple times and I couldn't help but to moan in pleasure.
"Oh Kathrine" I moaned, making up a name to help convince them I was sleeping.
"He is having a sex dream!" Nika said as she continued to slow stroke my hard cock up and down.
Precum has already found it's way to the tip of my dick and Nika leaned over and licked it up with her tongue. I couldn't believe what was happening! She turned to Mel and they embraced while Nika shared my precum. I could see their tongues working together sharing the taste of my hot clear precum!
"Damn I am soooo horny" Jamie said as she stood to join them. Jamie grabbed a handful of teenage ass with each hand and got her tongue in on the cum swapping. "We need some more" she said with a horny seductive voice.
Jamie climbed on the bed to the left of me while Nika parted my legs and lay between them. Nika took out my balls and started licking my balls while Jamie slowly worked my swollen cock in her hand. She would start at the base where Nika now was licking my balls and slowly work up the long hard shaft, milking the wetness that my excitement was providing. Soon the head of my dick was glistening with a huge amount of the clear liquid and Jamie pointed it at Mel who was standing next to the bed shoving three fingers in and out of her wet teenage pussy.
Mel leaned over and took the whole head of my cock in her mouth even though it barely fit. Damn it felt good! She sucked and then lapped at the tip until it she had all the hot juice in her mouth and then again the three of them met over my hardon and shared the taste of my fluids.
As they twirled their tongues together, Nika played with and rubbed Jamie's large teen tits while Mel inserted her three pussy soaked fingers into Nikas hot juicy hole. Nika began to rotate her hips and moaning loudly. The more she moved the more she got fucked with Mels fingers. Mika let out a large squeal and began jerking uncontrollably on Mels fingers. I could not stand it any longer and as soon as her orgasm subsided I raised my head.
"Hey, did you forget about me already?" Not one of them was suprised that I was awake and they continued kissing and rubbing on each other.
"We have not forgot about you Daddy" Mel said in a husky seductive voice. "However, it is showtime for you! Take off your clothes and go to your chair now so that we can have the bed."
Not wanting them to get upset and stop, I did as I was told. Standing up, I dropped my boxers to the floor and my large member popped straight out at them. As I peeled of my T-shirt, they sat on the edge of the bed and Mel again took my dick in her mouth. Oh shit it felt so good, all moist and hot. She slowly forced more of it in her mouth until it hit the back of her throat. Ever so slowly she backed off and worked her tongue on the underside while sliding it out of her mouth. Then again she was working down the length of the shaft with her lips, my cock sliding deeper. This time she did not stop when i bottomed out at her throat. Mel grabbed the cheeks of my ass and forced my cock deeper and into her throat. She did not stop until every inch was in her mouth and throat! Damn it felt good. After slowly taking every thing I had deep into her throat, she pointed the large purple head at Mika. The entire length of my dick was gleeming wet from Mel's saliva, lubricated and ready for Mika's sweet pouty mouth. Much to my suprise, Mika did not waste any time showing Mel that she could also handle a large cock in her throat. Without hesitation Mika slammed her face on my slippery organ and it easly went in until my balls slapped her chin. Just as quickly, she pulled off of it and and again slammed her face right back at me. Jamie grabbed Nika's hair by the back of her head and started face fucking my cock with Mika's head. With each thrust of my hips to welcome her wet pretty mouth I was closer and closer to shooting my hot juice in this young asians throat! I was so ready to give her a load of my hot come and she and Jamie must have sensed it and stopped. I did not want to stop so I reach to feel the soft melons jutting out towards me from Jamies chest and she grabbed my hand.
"Oh no! Maybe later but for now you must watch only! The only participation you are to do is what we tell you to do!"
I couldn't believe it! Damn! Were they gonna tease me all night?
Mel dropped to her knees before me and started licking and sucking my balls, stirring up the hot liquid inside almost before the urge to cum had subsided. Jamie took my slippery cock in her soft hand and stroked it from the base to the head. The two of them continued this for what seemed like forever. I would get so close and they would back off and tell me that I was not to cum until later.
While Mel and Jamie continued to tease my aching dick, Nika got up from the bed and rummaged through the small purse she had brought with her. I barely felt her take my hands behind my back and cuff my wrists together.
"What are you girls up to?" I said in the most authorative voice I could muster. I wanted the use of my hands to explore and touch the young love nest of teens that surrounded me.
"Why Daddy, haven't you realized yet that we get really excited teasing you? If you have use of your hands, you will want to use them to touch our young hot bodies. We can not allow you to have any control of who gets to cum and when. We want to be in control, but don't worry Daddy, your big raging hardon will get to shoot it's steamy load soon enough." Mel looked at the other to girls and they all gave each other a knowing smile.
Nika rolled the computer chair over to the bedside and the other two pushed me into it.
"Shit!" I thought. "I won't even be able to touch them or myself!"
"Now just sit here and enjoy the show" Nika said as she stroked my cock making sure it was still rock hard.
Then Mel lay on the bed and spread her legs wide. Mika got between her legs and startled licking her swollen pussy lips. Mel let out a moan and then a little squeal when Mika found her love button and swirled her tongue around it. Jamie climbed up to Mels face and lowered herself so that Mel could do her as well. As soon as Mels tongue began to swirl and lick her hot young pussy, Jamie took her large teen tits in her hands and started moving her hips in rhythm with Mel's tongue. She was rolling and pinching her nipples, head tilted back and wiggling her ass on Mel's face. Nika inserted three fingers in Mels pussy and began to fuck her slowly. Mel's hips begin to raise with each push of Nika's hand. Nika slid the fourth finger in and Mel moaned loudly into Jamies hot dripping slit.
My balls ached for release as I watched the show these three young beauties performed for me.
Then Mika inserted her thumb and her hand was inside Mel clear up to the knuckles. Mel bucked her hips wanting all that Mika could give her and moaning loudly as she lapped at Jamie's juices.
"You want it all Daddy's little slut?" Mika asked as she thrust her hand in and out of Mels dripping hole.
"Yes! Yes damn it! Give me all of it you fucking hot bitch! Fuck Daddy's girl hard! Right in front of him!" she screamed from inbetween Jamies legs.
With that Mika pressed hard into her hot wet box and the knuckles slid in. Her entire hand was in Mel's hot hole! Mel screamed in pain and pleasure as Nika fist fucked her and she buried her face even deeper into Jamies pussy. Mika took her free hand and began to furiously rub her own clit.
Mel was bucking like crazy screaming "Watch me cum Daddy, watch me cum!" My balls were beginning to churn. I could feel the hot jism boiling and wanting release. Jamie was now rubbing her own clit with one hand and painfully squeezing the nipple of one of her large tits with the other. Her head was back and eyes were glassy. Nika was humping her own hand that was rubbing her pussy while pulling her other hand almost out of Mel then ramming it back in.
Mel continued screaming. "Ahhhhhhh.... I am cumming! Daddy, I am cumming.... Oh fuck me you bitch... Fuck meeeee! Oh Daddy watch me cummmmm!"
Mika and Jamie both frantically rubbed their hot pussies and also began to orgasm. Listening to it all and watching, I could no longer take it! I have never came without some kind of stimulation, but I felt the hot juice churning and finding it's way up my long hard cock! Just as the girls were all peaking and screaming with their orgasms, my cock began to jerk and shot a huge wad into the air and it landed on Mel's belly forming a large pool of thick white cum. As I stood, another and another shot out. I am not sure how many streams flew into the air and landed on the young babes before me. l have never had such an orgasm in my life.
The three girls all collapsed on the small bed and I also collasped back into the chair. My cock still jerking as it began to shrivel to normal size.


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eally cute 19/m/wash st. ,green eyes 6ft 195lbs long n really thick , i posted a couple storys lol (not very good) love talkin bout taboo wit hot gurls txt 360 689 4926 females only plz

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Oh my. I still love this one... had it bookmarked for awhile

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Oh my. I still love this one... had it bookmarked for awhile

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wheres the younger son or brother, and a mom too ?

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Great story made me cum really hard keep up the good work. If i have a daughter i cant wait for her to have a sleep over as well.

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