AUTHORS NOTE* I decided that Im focusing on three series. Only A Gothic Sisters Love. My New Punk Neighbor. And a new series that I was thinking about Psycho's Love. But Psychos love is going to be a little different. Its going to have rape and murder. Its going to be exactly like the title says. its going to be a Psycho doing anything he can to make the so called "Girl Of His Dreams" love him. Lol and another thing if you dont like me stories dont read em If you see KingOfRejects at the end of story than dont read it lol. I understand if you post a story on XNXX your open to comments good and bad. So I'll get comments and messages saying "All Hail King Of Rejects." And I'll get comments and messages saying "Your an Idiot Suck a dick and stop writing." It's all fun to me. So Anyway

I woke up with a bit of a hangover nothing too serious. But I was alone naked in my bed. At first I was wondering why my room was trashed. It all came back to me. I couldn't help but laugh as I got up and went to my dresser drawer to grab a pair of boxers to find that everything was missing. Confused I went to my closet to grab a pair of pants and a shirt and nothing was there. No pants or shirts or shoes. I ran to dresser Drawer and opened up ever drawer and nothing was there. I walked down stairs to see Liz at the kitchen table eating bacon and eggs. "He's awake. Hows the hangover?" She asked smiling. "Nothing I can't handle." I chuckled. "Where are my clothes?" I asked a plate and some bacon. "Fire pit in the backyard." Liz said like it was nothing. "WHAT!?" I yelled running to the backyard to see a large fire in the pit in our backyard. "The hell Liz?" I asked walking back into the kitchen. "Those where all my clothes. I have nothing....Nothing to wear at all." I said getting pretty pissed. "Relax, shit. Listen Drake let me borrow a pair of his clothes. You and I are ditching school today to get you new clothes and to help you set up your room a little." She said smiling. "Im not ditching....Im Suspeneded." I said as the phone rang. I walked up to the cordless phone and answered it. "Hello?" I asked into the phone. "Hello this is Principal Johnson I was wondering if I could talk to the mother or father of Mark Styles. "There outta town Mr.Johnson its just my sister and I." I informed him over the phone. "Oh Well Uh Mark we want you to come in for a meeting. You are a star pupile. In the top 5 in your grade. We think we can over look this nasty situation if you want to come back to school? Or you can keep your 10 day suspention?" He stated over the phone. I looked at Liz who was staring at me wondering what our principal wanted. "He wants to know if I want to come back to school today." I told Liz. "Fuck him." Liz said in disgust taking a bite of her food. "Well?" Mr.Johnson asked. I cleared my throat and answered him. "Mr.Johnson....Fuck the school and Fuck you I'll see you after 10 days." I said hanging up the phone. I just stared at the phone wide eyed. "I can't believe I just said that." I said to myself. "There you go little bro. Come on get dressed. His clothes are on my bed." Liz said putting her dishes in the sink. She was already dressed Dark purple tripp pants and a black BFMV t-shirt which was stretched.....and I mean stretched across her tits. I walked up and gave her a quick hug pressing her tits into my chest. I broke the hug and grabbed one of her tits real quick. "No Bra?" I asked. "Not today." She said with a smile as I walked out of the kitchen and up stairs into her room.

I looked at the outfit on her bed. Black and dark green Tripp pants with chains and zippers everywhere Black skull boxers black socks a Misfits "Fiend Club" T-shirt and a skull belt. Im not going to lie I sorta liked the outfit. I quickly put the outfit a little baggy on me and I put on some beat up DC sneakers I found near her door. I walked down stairs back into the kitchen. "Ok, Ready." I announced. We walked out the door hand and hand waiting. "Ok lets go." I said. "Wait...Where waiting for Taylor. She's giving us a ride." Liz said. 30 seconds passed when I heard the sound of pounding metal music and a minute after Taylor's car pulled up. I got in the back seat and Taylor got out giving Liz a hug. Taylor looked at me and smiled. "So how was your sister?" She asked chuckling. My eyes grew wide. "You told her?" I said to Liz. "Ya, She doesnt care." Liz said getting in the fron seat on the drivers side. I got in the back seat and so did taylor. Taylor looked a bit different than Liz. With black yoga pants with skulls on them and a white Twisted Sister shirt. She sat next to me. "How long is the ride to the mall?" I asked. "About 30 minutes from here. My friend works at Fools Mansion in the mall and agreed to hook us up with some clothes for half price." Liz said laughing. I sat back and relaxed enjoying the music. I noticed Taylor brushing up on me her tits pushing my shoulder. They where like Big C's perky. "Hey so Liz...I have a question?" Taylor said. "Shoot." Liz said looking at the road. "How "Big" Is your little brother?" She asked snapping me out of my relaxing. "Ha ha ha you slut wanna find out?" Liz asked. "Can I?" Taylor asked. "Have fun." Liz said turning her attention back the road.

Taylor looked at me, her purple hair getting in her face. Before I could say anything she leaned forward shoving her tongue into my mouth crushing her tits into my chest. I snaked my hands around grabbing her thick ass in those yoga pants making her moan in my mouth. Taylor snaked her hand down grabbing my crotch through these tripp pants. Taylor broke the kiss and smiled at me. "Let's lose these shall we?" She asked. Taylor tugged down my tripp pants and grasped the tent in these boxers. I coldnt help but throw my head back and moan. "hmmm does it feel good?" Taylor asked. I nodded as she took my dick out of the pocket in the boxers and stroked it. "Hmmmm he's big." She said as she bent her head down and let a rocket of hot breath on the head of my dick. It made me Buck up a little causing the head of my dick to make contact with her lips leaving a stain of pre cum on her purple lip stick. "Ha Ha eager much? I like a boy who doesnt waste any time." Taylor said as she opened her mouth and welcomed my dick into her hot warm mouth. Her head sank all the way down to my pubes. Her tongue circled around my member licking the underside of my cock drawing a moan out of my mouth. I heard the car park and Liz announced. "Where here...Mark who sucks cock better Taylor or Me?" She asked. "I...I-I dunno." was all I could say. Taylor let my cock slide out of her mouth stroking it. "Thank God for tinted windows." Taylor said as Liz climbed in the back seat dipping her head low. "We cant have him walking around the mall with a hard on. Lets help him out." Liz said licking my ball's taking one into her mouth as Taylor went back to sucking my cock. One tongue on my dick another on my balls felt amazing such a great sensation. I pushed Liz's head down so she could take more of my ball sack in her mouth and pushed Taylors head down on my dick making her deep thraot it. My ball's tightened and I started to buck up and down. I couldn't hold it anymore as I moaned one final time and strted to cum in Taylors throat. "Don't swallow yet." Liz instructed as She grabbed Taylors face and french kissed tasting my cum and swallowing it all. Liz broke the kiss and smiled. "Shall we go shopping?" She asked.
Liz, Taylor, and I hopped out the car smiling and heading towards the mall.


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