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She could be a real cow at times, my sister Lilian.
But when she was a bridesmaid at our cousin Carol‘s wedding, I had to admit, though only to myself, that she looked absolutely fantastic. After the ceremony, the two bridesmaids and the bride lined up for a photo and honestly you couldn‘t tell that Lil was seventeen. With her hair done up, and the make-up, and the dress with the low cut square neckline that showed the tops of her breasts swelling up with a cleavage, she looked just as old as Carol, though she was in her twenties. I guessed, though, that the cow was wearing a wonderbra. Her titties were never that big.

At the reception afterwards, she danced with one of the groom‘s friends. One of those old-fashioned dances where the man holds your hand up and puts the other hand round your back. He was a hunk. Dark blond hair, a knockout smile, just a little taller than Lil, so she could look into his eyes without straining her neck. And she did. Look into his eyes. I knew that look on her face. The cow was out to get him.

She always got the best of everything, Lilian.
When I was twelve and she was fourteen, Dad cleared all the rubbish out of the little room at the top of the house and that became my bedroom. It had a sloping ceiling and there was just enough room for a wardrobe, a chest of drawers and a narrow bed. Lilian got the big room that we used to share all to herself.

She got that hunk at the wedding.
It turned out that his name was Ray, he was twenty and in the army, stationed in the barracks on the edge of town, just a couple of miles from where we lived. They started going out together. He could usually get a Saturday or a Sunday free, and would come round to take Lil out. Sometimes he wore his army greens – the shirt with the sleeves neatly rolled up to reveal sinewy arms, the trousers tucked into shiny black boots, tight across the top, showing up his tight firm buttocks. Of course, I flirted like mad with him, but I was barely fifteen and he had eyes only for Lil. After they left, I went up to my room and locked the door.

I stood in front of the full-length mirror on the door of the wardrobe, slipped a hand up my sweater and fondled one breast through my bra. At fifteen, my breasts were full and round and the nipples were sensitive. I would take off my sweater and admire the swollen nipples clearly outlined, pressing through the thin fabric of my bra. I would slip a hand down and round my breast, making the cup fold down and my tit bounce out. I would watch myself in the mirror as I tweaked and rubbed the hard, pink nipple. Then I undid the bra clasp and leaned forward to let the bra straps slip off my shoulders. I loved the way my tits swayed and quivered as the bra slid off. I squeezed my tits together and up, creating a deep dark cleavage and worked my thumbs over the nipples, imagining that my hands were Ray’s hands, and teasing myself, because all the time my pussy was tingling, starting to leak drops of juice. I undid the button and zip of my jeans and plunged my hand down the front of my panties, cupping my aching pussy with three fingers, pressing my middle finger between my pussy lips, deep into the flesh, but not penetrating my hole. I dragged the finger up the length of my slit, wetting it with my juice and brushing my tingling clit with the tip of the finger, making me shiver. I held my finger under my nose and breathed in deeply, savouring my own aroma. I pursed my lips and slid the finger slowly into my mouth, sucking on it gently, wriggling my tongue around it. This is how I would suck Ray’s dick, I fantasised. I put my hand down to my pussy again and eased one finger, then two into my vagina, stretching the virgin hole with painful pleasure, pushing as deep as I dared. I pushed in and pulled out again and again, gathering speed. I rubbed and circled my swollen clit with my thumb. My legs felt weak and I fell back on my bed, rhythmically plunging my fingers in and out of my slippery wet cunt. This is how Ray’s beautiful hard dick would fuck my pussy. I rubbed my tingling clit mercilessly until it screamed that it could take no more, and exploded in a huge multi-coloured firework of orgasm.

Lil had been out with Ray all Sunday afternoon. She came home about dinner time, Ray had had to go back to the barracks. She had a sort of dreamy look, and a smirk on her face that you just wanted throw something at. I was a virgin, but rapidly developing into a woman, and I knew.
“Did Ray fuck you?” I asked, with a hint of venom.
“Don’t be vulgar,” she replied. “None of your snotty little business.”
But I knew. The way she said it, I knew. and I knew that it had been good. I almost burst into tears with jealousy. The cow always got the best of everything.

My dad liked Ray, and he soon became like one of the family. One Saturday, Ray took Lil out as usual, but for some reason, they came back early. They couldn’t get into the disco or something. Dad offered Ray a beer and the two started talking what men talk about – sport and cars and I don’t know all what. One beer led to another. Lilian, the cow, went into a sulk and flounced off to bed. The men kept yakking and swigging beer. I sat and pretended to watch TV but I kept sneaking looks at Ray. My pussy started to demand attention and my nipples started to swell and tingle. He paid no attention whatever. I couldn’t take it any more. As casually as I could, I stood up, said my goodnights and went to bed, where I masturbated like crazy until I fell asleep in ecstatic exhaustion.

The next morning, I slipped on my clothes and went downstairs to the kitchen to get breakfast. I was the first up and the only person moving in the house. As I opened the curtains in the living room, I noticed that Ray was stretched out on the sofa, covered with a blanket, snoring softly. The morning sun showed up his tousled hair and the morning stubble on his cheeks and chin.

He stirred and groaned, throwing off the blanket. He swung his legs off the sofa and perched on the edge, his feet on the floor, knees wide apart, elbows on knees, his hands clutching his bowed head. He groaned some more through his hangover. He was wearing only boxers, with a fly opening down the front. His cock flopped out. He was too dazed to notice.

It was the first real man’s cock I had seen. I stared. I couldn’t help myself. It was the most beautiful thing I had ever seen. As I looked, It started to grow longer and swell. It hung down straight and heavy and thick. A vein snaked down the length of it and across the rounded bulge at the end. The pink tip, with its little slit, peeped through the foreskin. I suddenly had this blinding vision of it hard and thrusting into me where my fingers had been last night. I had an urge to reach out and seize it, feel its firm warmth clutched in the palm of my hand. I had a feeling of intense jealousy that it had been inside that cold cow of a sister.

Ray squinted up at me, saw me staring, quickly looked down and, embarrassed, tucked the beautiful thing out of sight inside his shorts. I went into the kitchen, made breakfast, the rest of the family joined us, we ate and Ray left.

That too short glimpse wasn’t enough. I decided that I had to have it.

Not long after, I found a boyfriend of my own. He was all right, I suppose, but a bit of a wimp. He was in my class at school and was called Gavin. After a couple of dates I let him French kiss me. On the next date I told him he could feel my titties if I could play with his dick. It was thin and spongy, but after a few strokes of my inexpert fist, it became remarkably hard. After another couple of dates, I let him slip his hand up my skirt and under my panties. He stuck a finger inside me while I wanked him. We were almost sixteen and I thought I knew the facts of life, but I wasn’t prepared for the sudden squirt of thick white liquid that erupted from the end of his cock and dribbled down over my fingers. I pulled my hand away in surprise. The liquid was hot and formed a string between my fingers and his cock as I pulled away. It slithered slowly down my hand and gave off a tangy, slightly ammonia smell that made my head spin a little. I decided that I liked the smell and the sliding sensation of cum on my fingers.

This developed into a routine on our following dates, I wanked him till he came, he stuck one or two fingers inside my quim and wiggled them around. And then I plucked up enough courage to try what I knew a couple of other girls had tried. I licked the end of his cock. It didn’t taste at all bad. I licked some more and then sucked the whole end of his cock into my mouth. Poor Gavin almost fainted. He forgot to wiggle his fingers inside me and they slid out as I practised on him what I had practised so many times on my own girl-juice flavoured finger.

I should have known what to expect, but it was still a shock as his cock spurted into my mouth. His cock wasn’t very far in my mouth, and most of the hot juice slid down my tongue. I sucked it up and let it dribble out of my mouth down the length of his rapidly shrinking dick. My tongue burned with the sharp taste.

I wouldn’t let him go all the way, even though he pleaded with me. I was fed up of his fumbling. I don’t think he knew that I had a clit and if he did, he never knew how to find it. His dick was short and thin. I had another vision.

The opportunity presented itself a couple of months later.

Ray had been ordered off somewhere with no notice, no chance to let Lil know. He was gone for about three weeks, no chance to phone. When he did phone, Lilian, the mad cow, called him a lot of names and slammed the phone down.

That Saturday, mum, dad and Lil went off to town shopping. I, good little schoolgirl, stayed at home to catch up on homework.

The doorbell rang. It was Ray. He had managed to slip away for a couple of hours, he explained, and had come to make up with Lil. He didn’t look too pleased when I told him she was out. I invited him in, sat him on the sofa and offered him a beer or something. He asked for a coffee. As I was making it in the kitchen, it suddenly struck me that I was alone in the house with the man of my erotic dreams. My nipples swelled at the thought and as I glanced down, I could see them making two sharp little mounds on the front of my sweatshirt. Ray couldn’t see me from where he sat and we kept up a stream of cheerful small talk through the open door. I pulled my sweatshirt up and pulled the cups of my bra down, letting my breasts fall out. I fondled and squeezed them, all the while chatting loudly with Ray. I faced the open door. The thought of showing my body while Ray was just a few feet away made my pussy turn liquid. I popped open the top button of my shorts, pulled down the zip. I straddled my legs apart, thrust my hips forward, pushed my hand down the front of my panties and dragged a finger along the length of my lubricated slit. The finger came out moist, sticky and redolent. I couldn’t keep up the conversation. “Coffee’s almost ready,” my voice trembled.

I pulled down my sweatshirt, hiding my tits, but leaving them hanging over my bra. I carried the coffee into the living room and put the two mugs on the coffee table in front of Ray. As he leaned forward to pick up his coffee, I thrust my cunt-scented finger under his nose.

He stopped in mid-movement, his eyes opened wide, he tried to say something, but no words came out. I pushed him back into the couch and straddled him, my knees on the cushions on the sofa, my crotch tight against his groin.

“No. Stop. What are you doing? We mustn’t,” he tried to protest and struggled a little. I shut him up by driving my tongue into his open mouth. He was a fit, strong young man. He could easily have pushed me off him. He didn’t. His tongue started to dance with mine. I seized the wrist that was still poised to pick up his coffee cup and guided it under my shirt and up to my breast. There was no resistance. His hard rough hand fondled and squeezed my breast, the thumb massaging my painfully swollen nipple.

Still kissing him deeply, I worked a free hand between our bodies, found and undid the button and zip of his trousers. My hand infiltrated the warm recess and my searching fingers touched a hot hardness pressed against his belly. I wormed my fingers between his cock and the downy belly hair, wrapped my thumb around and grasped firmly. My fist could barely encompass the girth. I could feel the blood pulsing in it as I wrestled to release this warm living thing from its confinement. With one last jerk, it sprang free and stood proudly in the open. I broke the kiss and looked down. The way my groin was pressed close to his, it looked as if this magnificent cock was part of my body, was growing out of me. My pussy wept hot tears of joy, my clit throbbed. It was not my cock, but it soon would be.

As I looked, a pearl-coloured droplet oozed out of the slit at the top. I dabbed my thumb to it and slowly circled the tip of my thumb around and across and into the slit. More moisture formed. My thumb slipped and slithered without friction all over the exposed and swollen head, my fingers clasped around the shaft just behind the ridge. Ray wasn’t moving. He lay back, his body limp, his eyes closed. He looked like he was asleep and having the sweetest dream. Low, soft groans came from him. But the cock was far from asleep. It pulsed and twitched in my hand. The clear liquid smeared over the head began to work into a fine, creamy lather. A strong, rich smell rose into my nostrils and filled my whole head with an aroma that made my senses swim.

The pulsing and swelling of the cock became more urgent. I had learned what that meant. I was determined to make this beautiful wild animal do my bidding.

I stopped grasping and rubbing, just supporting it on my fingertips as I slid down off the sofa onto my knees on the floor. With one hand, I shucked off shorts and panties. The panties stuck to my drenched pussy lips and I had to peel them away. Once I had kicked them off my feet, I turned my attention to Ray’s trousers and boxers. Although still apparently out of this world, he lifted his buttocks just enough for me to pull the pants down and free the entrapped balls. I pushed up his shirt and the cock slapped lightly against the bared belly.

For the first time I could see the entirety of my rigid, fully-engorged phallus. It was magnificent. The two little eggs, clearly outlined in their loose, fuzzy sac nestled between the tops of the muscled thighs covered with soft blond hairs. The veined shaft, thick as three of my fingers rose like a swan’s neck from a thick dark blond nest. The foreskin like a thick red rubber band wound around under the ridge at the base of the head. The head itself like an onion dome surmounting a spire, purple and streaked with the white ointment that I had made with my thumb, rested lightly on the rim of the navel.

I pointed my tongue and drove it between the balls, pushing then apart. With infinite slowness, I dragged the tip of my tongue along the little seam that ran up the scrotum and up the underside of the yielding hard cock. My tongue seemed to run a long, long way. When my tongue reached the tip, I pursed my lips and eased the hot, slippery head into my mouth. My taste buds exploded. Sweet, sour, creamy, musty, everything at once. It filled my mouth like a ripe plum. I pressed it against the roof of my mouth with my tongue. I shifted it against one cheek, then the other. My tongue hardly had room to move, it was so big. I couldn’t take much of the shaft in with it. My mouth flooded with saliva which I found difficult to swallow. It leaked out of the imperfect seal of my lips, dribbled down the shaft and formed a string between the cock and thick pubic hair.

One hand slowly stroking the length of the shaft, while I sucked and slurped on the head. My other hand found its way between the top of my thighs and through the petals of my flower now blossoming out of my pussy lips. My probing middle finger fell easily into the
dripping, slippery cavity, followed by my ring finger. My pussy had been well trained to take two fingers, but now I inserted my index finger alongside the other two. I was gentle with myself, patiently stretching my virgin hole for what I knew I must do next. My juices streamed down my fingers in joyful anticipation.

The hand stroking the trembling shaft felt again the tensing and pulsing seeming to come from deep inside. I pulled my straining mouth off the swollen head with a wet shlup sound.
I laid my head against the firm, twitching belly. Taking a tuft of moist pubic hair between my teeth. I cradled what was now my pulsating member against my cheek, feeling the hot throbbing all up the side of my face, the smooth wet head burning my ear until the throbbing subsided slowly and my cock was a stiff rod of velvet covered steel warming my cheek.

All the time, my fingers were pressing in and out of my stretching cunt, all three sliding in more easily with each lunge.

I could wait no longer. I got up off the floor and once more straddled Ray on the sofa, my groin grinding against the base of the straining cock. He still did not move to help me, but I needed no help. I seized the thick shaft and raised myself. Looking down between my tits, I guided the purple head until it disappeared under my fuzz-covered mound and I offered it to my now gaping, eager hole. Lowering myself a fraction, I felt the head slipping in with a delicious stretching feeling. My vagina tightened in reflex, but the head was half-way in and I willed my pussy to relax as I lowered myself another fraction. In a sudden rush, my pussy swallowed the whole head. I stopped momentarily to savour this wonderful new feeling of fullness, and lowered myself again.

A hot searing pain as if I had been stabbed with a red-hot knife ripped through my abdomen. I screamed and almost pulled off. But I couldn’t let this marvellous thing go. I bit my bottom lip and panted short, rapid breaths until the pain died away like ripples on a pond. I realised I had finally and irrevocably entered womanhood.

Gingerly I lowered myself further. Then raised. Then lowered. And raised and lowered faster and faster until I was riding this magnificent wild animal inside me. There was no pain now, only pleasure. The most intense pleasure I had ever felt. A pleasure that flooded my whole body, my whole being. The cock was all mine now. I owned it. I controlled it. I squeezed it and caressed it and rode it with the muscles of my cunt. Electricity surged through my body, radiating from deep inside my cunt out to my clit, my arsehole, my navel, my nipples.

Ray finally came to life. He bucked under my wild riding. His hands grasped my hips and ran up my sides and grasped my tits, squeezing them in a vice-like grip. My nipples screamed, my clit screamed, every nerve-ending in my body was screaming as if the skin had been ripped away. My body exploded in a thousand fragments, my soul floated through space. And still my cunt grasped tightly on to the thick shaft buried inside me. My cunt felt the throbbing and pulsing of the cock as it thrust ever deeper into me and pumped stream after stream of hot cum into the deepest part of me. It flooded me, it splashed against the mouth of my womb, it slithered down the walls of my sheath. It trickled out of the hole of my pussy and bathed my lips, my clit, my legs. Still my cunt wouldn’t let go of its precious cargo of cock. It squeezed and sucked of its own accord. The cock jerked and shot another jet of cum into me. My pussy kept riding it. But I had finally tamed it. The life and the spirit had gone out of it. I stopped riding and just sat, feeling the rigidity of the proud cock fade inside me.

At last I lifted myself and the cock flopped wetly out of my stretched pussy and collapsed sideways across the top of Ray’s thigh. My pussy gushed cum, mine and his, tinged with my virgin blood. The sticky mixture rolled slowly down the inside of my thigh. Ray was again as limp and lifeless as the cock.

Unsteadily, I stood up and staggered into the kitchen where I tore sheet after sheet of kitchen towel off the roll and wiped my legs and pussy clean. My pussy was throbbing and aching, my thigh muscles were stiff and sore. When I returned to the living room, I noticed I had left a trail of drops across the carpet.

Ray had pulled his pants up, tucked his shirt in and was standing looking embarrassed.

“I…I’d better be going”, he stammered.

He looked so sweet, like a shy little boy. I smiled warmly, stood on tiptoe and whispered in his ear, “You were never here today.”

“Yes”, he nodded.

“It was wonderful”, I breathed in his ear.
“So were you”, he whispered back, sincerely.

We kissed tenderly, he turned and left.

By the time mum, dad and Lil came home, I had showered, changed and cleaned up the living room. I blamed the rapidly drying spots on the carpet and sofa on spilled coffee.

“Has Ray phoned?” asked Lil hopefully.

“No”, I replied truthfully, with a satisfied smirk on my face.

Eventually, of course, they married.
I was the bridesmaid. In the pictures, I look gorgeous, older than my seventeen and a half years. In one of the pictures, there’s a sour look on my face, as if I was thinking that that cow Lilian always gets the best of everything, But I say that’s just the way the light was shining. My cleavage is a deep Y in the low neckline of my dress. And I wasn’t wearing a wonderbra.


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One of the best! You did amazing! WOW! I can'teven get word to describe this!


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i cudn believe a guy can write so so well from a girl' point of view...perfect!!! luvd it...ur amazing....10/10!!!!! no doubts on that.........


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Very Good 10/10


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excellent details and deions. it shows true passion.


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did he fuck u again???

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