Alright y'all, here's the third installment, today's story takes on a more soap opera like role so hope you enjoy it. Today is also my anniversary with my beloved sophia, Claire's character is completely based on her and I can't tell you how lucky I am to have her. I did a proof read but I'm positive I missed a lot seeing as how I'm treaty to pass out from exhaustion so do please excuse the grammar if your a grammar nazi haha. I couldn't live without you sophie, happy anniversary. Comments welcome wether good or bad. :)
Claire wrapped herself in a robe as she walked down the dark hallway. She had forced seth to stay in the bedroom before she went to the door.
She peeked through the curtains, was that jenny?
She rushed around the recliner and opened the door. A bruised and beaten jenny sat on her porch, her eye swollen and black, she had dried blood on her upper lip from a bloody nose. Aside from the bruising flesh of her cheeks she was covered in dirt.
Claire helped her up and inside, letting her fall onto the couch.
She turned on the light of the dining room and grabbed a pen and pad of paper before starting a pot of coffee.
She sat across from her freind, crosslegged on the floor.
"gerry lost his temper... It was my fault. He wanted a blowjob but i said i was busy.... He said id do what he wanted...."
Claires face drooped. This wasnt the first time "gerry" had beaten her. Gerry was your typical wife beater, nothing but slime and scum but had jenny  wrapped so completely around his finger she would run back to him everytime.
Claires pen whispered to the paper in the dark.
(you can stay here. Ill run you a bath. Im sorry jenny i have to call the cops this cant go on anymore.)
"NO! He'll go to jail! He doesnt deserve that! He loves me, its ok!"
Jennys face contorted between denial, despair, and acceptance.
Claires pencil drew gracefully on the paper.
(jenny he doesnt love you,.)
Her friend broke down into a hailstorm of tears, muttering things claire couldnt, and Jenny  herself probably couldn't  understand. 
Claire jumped as the sound of pounding rung through the house.

Seth waited in the dark confines of the bedroom. Unknowing what was transpiring as he heard the door open and close, he heard the sound of crying and got up quickly, dressing himself.
He was just about to leave the room when he heard someone pounding on the door, followed by the angry shouts of a man. He marched down the hallway, jaw set. Claire was sitting on the floor and some girl was on the couch in front of her, bruised and beaten, both with looks of fear on their faces.
Claire got up, and rushed to the door cutting seth off. 
(its ok. Just wait.)
Seth stood, eyeing the girl, claire, and  listening to the rampant shoutings of the man outside. Against his better judgement he relented.
"fine. But im not leaving."
He stood his ground just a few feet behind her as she opened the door.
Beyond the frame stood a man in his late thirties. He looked greasey, his short cropped brown hair was messy, he was small, much smaller than seth. He stood maybe five foot six, his tank top was covered in oil and his tattered jeans were the same.
He was the type of man seth despised the most. A coward without honor or pride, someone who prayed on the weak.
"where the fuck is jenny. Tell her to get her ass out here before i beat her ass again. Fuckin cunt." the man spit.
Seths blood began to boil. Real big and bad aren't you? He half smiles half bared his teeth at the thought.
Claire shook her head and started to close the door. The man kicked the door open, leaving a sizable dent in the wood, he pushed his way through claire, sending her to the floor. Despite the sudden movement all seth saw was Claire's head hit the armour on her way down. He dove down, caressing her in his arms. Time seemed to slow, his thoughts sped up. He saw claire, the girl. The man. Claire. Her name echoed in his mind, time distorted in his eyes as he layed her down. The man had already pulled the girl through the door and was halfway down the pathway. Claire. Seths anger overtook him, the fire coursing through his human veins turned into blazing firestorm of hell. Claire would be safe for the moment. He jumped over her body, and was through the door and on the man in seconds.
He shouted something he didnt understand and the man turned to face him letting go of the girl. He wasnt fast enough as seth plowed through him with his body, sending the man into the side of his truck. The mans reaction times were slow, by the time he had come to stand right again, seth had grabbed the man by side of his head and smashed it through the window of the truck. The man collapsed and he could hear the girls crys far in the distant as he relentlessly pounded the mans face. He finished and stood. Cuts on his hands from the glass. The man lay there motionless.
Time returned to him, and as it did so did the sounds of growing crowd. The girls crys didnt sound so far off now. The man returned to conciousness and moved his arm, his hand opened and closed. Seth answered him with a swift kick to his ribs. There was an audible crunch as his steel toed boot connected.
"how does it feel? How does it feel to have someone stronger than you beat you? How does it feel to be humiliated in front of everyone!" he realized he was shouting. His anger again a molten stream of hate rolling through his veins. He breathed in deep and walked into the house, leaving the man and the crowd behind. 

He knelt by claire, she was awake but incoherent.
None of this would have happened if he wouldnt have let her answer the door! It was his fault claire was hurt, he heard the man, knew he was angry. Knew what could happen should the man really lose it. He should have stopped her should have acted! It was his fault. His.

Claires short span of memory didnt include much. She remembered closing the door. The sensation of falling and then nothing. She awoke to the screams of jenny, yelling at someone to stop, that he was going to kill him. She faded again and awoke to seth holding her, his eyes blurred with tears. The sounds of sirens in the distance. "claire, stay with me honey, stay awake ok. I love you claire just stay awake ok? Their almost here." Seth's eyes watched her. She could see his hurt, his worry and sorrow. She willed herself a small smile and he held her even tighter. Her head felt like a grenade had exploded on the inside.

The paramedics and officers arrived. Both gerry and claire were rushed to the hospital as the police arrested seth. Gerry's ribs were cracked they told him, He had multiple lacerations on his face and torso. His left eye needed surgery and his jaw had been broken in multiple places. The man, was apparently to scared to press charges in fear jenny would bring to light his relentless crimes against her and his family. His beatings, stealing, and blackmail were apparently to much for him to pay the price for. 
The officers had told seth,
"your one, goddamned lucky sonuva bitch you know that? That piece of shits not pressing charges and no one but that girl saw what REALLY happened, and she wont talk." he took a seconds pause as he uncuffed seth. "its not the first time we've been called out for his sorry ass, he's nothing but scum if ya ask me. He beats her but shes either to scared or to whipped to report it, hes been caught blackmailing teens into less than desirable acts. He's even beaten and stolen from his own family, pawning their goods for money.... People like him deserve to be locked up." the cop laughed "but he's still on the street, great fuckin use of the tax payers money right?"
Seth forced a small laugh, his mind only heard half of what he was being told, he was focused on claire.
"alright buddy your free to go," the cop leaned in and whispered "next time break his legs." with a pat on the back the cop left.

Seth was in his car and speeding toward the hospital the second the cop was gone, the cabin of his camero was silent, the audible rumble of the engine was all that filled the black silence. the sun had started to rise and cast a golden glow across the side streets. The car turned left and right, braked and sped up, pushing the boundaries of how much he could break the speed limit before someone pulled him over.
The black reflective paint made the car look like a beetle, winding its way through the growing buildings and maze like streets of the city.

This was Claire's third visit in one week. The ambulance arrived and the doctors wheeled her off. After examination and x-rays they concluded she was stable, had a concussion and a slight intracranial hemorrhage. They ran a series of tests, scans and other what nots she didn't  understand. She really didn't care, all she could see is the bill.

Seth arrived, explained he was her boyfriend And the doctor explained her less than desirable condition. "have you heard of a brain hemorrhage?"
The doctor was mid fifties, tall and lean.
"yeah I've heard of it, bleeding in the brain right?"
Seth's gut dropped. He hoped he was wrong.

"Yes, thats exactly what it is but it differs on each case and the severity of the bleeding. When blood from trauma irritates brain tissues, it causes swelling. This is known as cerebral edema." he emphasized the words cerebral edema. "The pooled blood collects into a mass called a hematoma. These conditions increase pressure on nearby brain tissue, and that reduces vital blood flow and kills brain cells.
Bleeding can occur inside the brain, between the brain and the membranes that cover it, between the layers of the brain's covering or between the skull and the covering of the brain."
Seth's hope was fading away. He wasn't a genius or a doctor but he knew they sounded bad, probably fatal.
As though the doctor could see his concern he continued.
"claire will be fine, its very slight and can be treated with medicine. Surgery wont be necessary and she'll be out in a few days."
"can i see her? Is she awake?"
The doctor pointed down the hallway to the room in the corner.
"215. Shes conscious but she may not be coherent." the doctor was pulled away by a nurse leaving seth to himself.

Claire was conscious, well as conscious as someone can be when their hopped up on several diffrent meds. Her few clear thoughts were sparse and far from the concerns of reality. The one thing she could manage to keep a steady hold on was seth.  Was he ok? Did he get arrested. She wished she could curl up in his arms. She felt safe there, that even though the worlds bleakness and despite the worlds condition things would be alright. Were they really even together though? She dosed off after the next set of medicine hit, her mind wavered somewhere in the between but she could hear everything.

Seth entered the room. A pang of regret slashed across his chest. There lay claire, her foot was up, now removed from the boot. She seemed to be asleep, "claire?" he whispered. No movement. He figured they put her out to save her from pain if she had any. He wheeled the grey hospital recliner by her bedside. Her already small form looked ever more fragile in the bed, her arms connected to the machines.
"claire, im so sorry. This is all my fault. If i hadnt let you, if i would have," his voice broke as his eyes began to blur. He had always had a weak spot. And always protected it with the greatest of care. And yet somehow this tiny girl had broken through everything, as though his mental defenses were nothing more than paper mâché. His tears rolled down his cheek, he held back. Fighting back the impending breakdown at the sight of his love laying in the hospital bed. "ive known you less than a week. I dont know whats going on, what happened. I feel like ive known you my entire life... Ive never met someone like you... I feel like I can really be me around you, your bring hope and reassurance to a world that's become so corrupt.... A light in the dark."
 his head was hung, his hands on the edge of her bed, gripping the sheets. He felt something warm roll down his cheek. He didn't cry? He never cried, not since his grandmother had died. How did this one women change everything?
He began his slow loss of control. Fighting his loosing battle when something brushed his hand, it was fleeting, and he failed to notice the gesture of kindness and reassurance given to him by his partner. His teeth gritted and he froze as her small cold hand covered his. He looked up, her eyes glossy, and faded a bit meeting his. The knowing, the hurt, the hope and reassurance in her eyes, something let him know it was ok, and he let himself go.

She could hear seth, the distress in his voice. The all to tall tale quaver of someone mourning. She could make out what he said, but it took her a few seconds to register what he said. Her energy albeit evaporated, she moved her hand on pure will, cupping his in hers. The gesture seemed so futile yet when she saw his eyes she knew it had spoken volumes. He let go of the tears he had been fighting.

Seth refused to leave her alone, and the hospital had, under the right agreements let him stay. He had gotten the call to return to work monday but had taken the day off. Claire was to be released monday and she'd need help around the house.  After the necessary paperwork, discharge papers, lessons on her meds and all the other little nuances they throw in before they discharge patients.
They were finally headed home.

As seth pulled up to the house, he noticed jenny waiting
By the porch.
Jenny was your average Woman, not tall but not short, average build, and didn't  stick out like some others of her age group did. She wasn't ugly by any means, she was just simple. 
As Claire began to exit the car, Jenny made her way down the cracked cement, she stopped, hugged her friend and rounded the car to Seth. She stopped in front of him, looking him up and down. Sizing him.
"um, hello?" he extended his hand.
She took it timidly and shook it.
"thank you, for what you did. I was half scared to death you were gonna kill him but," she paused before looking him dead in the eye.
"that bastard sack of sorry shit deserved everything you did."
She leaned on her toes and gave him a hug. "we'll I suppose you two'll want your privacy so I'll take my leave." she waved to Claire before turning and walking to her car.
Seth helped Claire inside, making sure she was ok to walk, her meds made her woozy but she refused to let him carry her.

Claire made her way to the bedroom and layer down, crawling in between the large comforters and sheets. Seth was bringing in her bags and she had the moment to herself, she switched on the tv but her mind was wandering, to many thoughts for her to pay attention to the balding tv newscaster. Maybe Seth really was different? Perhaps he really did want to spend his life with her. She blushed when the thought of kids crossed her mind. Would he even want kids? Maybe she was just getting caught up in a spur of the moment thing, she didn't expect him to stay for to long but she was grateful for his company.
Maybe it was the meds, or maybe the thought of kids had made her tingle grow but she could feel the spark Start to come to life within her loins, she was slightly out of it and It helped add to the experience. 
She let her hand roam her body, the soft silk sheets felt nice against her skin.
Her hand glided over her chest, massaging her breast through the thin fabric of her t-shirt. She sat up, removed her shirt and unfastened her bra. She wished Seth would hurry with the bags.
As she slipped her leggings and panties of she began to gently rub her bare mound, she was already slippery with her juice and it made the sensation much better. She prodded her nub, coaxing it from its little hood. She teased it with her fingers, sending electricity through her frail body. As she continued to rub she played with her nipples, the puffy pink nubs stood at attention.a
As she continued she slipped a finger in her, this was the first time she had felt the warmth of the canal between her legs. She slipped in another finger, enjoying the sensation of the two fingers sliding in and out, going faster with each stroke. It didn't take long for the fire within her to explode into an intense orgasm. Her body convulsed and she could feel her muscles contract around her fingers, her body unknowingly attempting to milk her tiny white fingers.
She laid there spent.

Seth entered the room just as Claire finished pleasuring herself.
She turned and saw him, She smiled, her eyes glinting as she pushed the covers back, revealing her silken skin.
He made his way to the bed and undressed, Laying beside her. They locked lips, twirling their tongues, beginning their slow emergence into one.
As far as sexual activities went claire was a complete and utter sex tard. what little she did know had been explained to her by Jenny.
She broke their kiss, swiveled and swung her leg over Seth's head, her bare succulent mound now almost lip to lip with him. She wrapped her tiny hands around his shaft and began stroking, his rod like hot iron between them. At this Seth buried his nose in, taking in her scent and she felt his manhood twitch as he did so. He began licking her, kissing her opening and re kindling the fire in her gut.
She Licked the tip, swirling her tongue around the rim. She took him in her mouth, sucking gently while using the her tongue to stroke every inch she could.
She took as much as she could and swallowed, letting the contractions of her throat to massage the tip, Seth seemed to like this, he paused his assault on her bus for a split second before continuing.
They continued for a short while like this before Claire swung her hips away from him, dismounting his chest. Jenny had told her of "doggy-style" and how to do it. She figured it was worth a try. She raised her firm rear in the air as she rested on her elbows, waiting for him to mount her. 

As Claire stuck her ass in the air Seth sat up, he was slightly disappointed he couldn't continue tasting her, but all to excited for the new position, doggy had been one of his favorites with his old ex and he had been dying to try it with Claire. He positioned himself behind her, running the head along her slit, he felt her shudder. He pushed in, She was tight, but it felt like a perfect fit. He began with long slow strokes, his hands on her hips.
He began to speed up, her cheeks wiggling ever so slightly with every thrust in, she collapsed, laying with her ass in the air and her Cheat and neck supporting her she reached back and he took her hand, locking his fingers with hers as he continued. He took a dare and have her a firm but gentle slap on the ass. She jumped slightly but wiggled her butt at  him in response. So he slapped it again.
He placed his thumb on her little pucker and massaged it as he continued thrusting, she seemed to like it as she began to meet his thrusts harder, using her hand to push back in timing. 
He could feel himself growing close, and just as he couldn't bare it any longer Claire began to convulse, her tunnel clamped down on him and began to ripple. The over stimulation of his thrusts and her contractions pulled him over the edge, he pushed in as far as he could and let his orgasm take over, his seed spilling from him to her. Claire lay beneath him, just as breathless as he was.

It was still early in the day as the finished. They showered together, again taking the intimate encounter as an opportunity to explore each others bodies. Once toweled off and dry they returned to the bedroom. The sudden noise of Seth's phone caused them both to jump a bit.

"hey man what's up?." the phones display read, Johnny lee.
"hey man, we have a gig tomarrow at the roxy, can you pull roadie man?"
Johnny was a great guy and an even better musician but his sense of timing killed seth. No matter how much you told him to give you warning he was always a last second kind of guy. Seth couldn't help but wonder if he got some kind of rush from it.
"yea, I can work. What time?"
"show starts at seven forty five, their giving us an hour load time so yea man if you can help that's be great."
"sure thing Johnny, ill call you later."
The phone clicked and Seth returned it to the stand where he had put it. 
Claire was writing something, her pencil danced slowly.
(why would you want me?)

Thank you all for the support, and yes even you grammar geeks ;) love you all and thanks for reading. Comments are appreciated.

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