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It's every mans dream
Babies Anonymous
Gail Holmes
Nemasis Enforcer

“You have to be joking, whoever heard of such an idea. Baby clinics, I mean to select the father or mother of you’re baby. Chris this is unreal!” Judy exclaimed.

“There is many a girl or fella for that matter, they don’t want to get married, they don’t want a relationship, they just want a baby. So what’s wrong with that?”

“So you recon you can build a database, of fathers and mothers, they’ll get their child, only knowing as to the mother or fathers, upbringing and education and as you say their health!”

“I know it can be done!”

“But to have sex with a person, not even seeing them, knowing they have the best up bringing, education, and health do you think that is enough?”

“I should say so!” Chris smiled.

“But what about looks I mean they could be quite ugly?”

“That doesn’t always come through with an offspring!” Chris stated.

“When in hell’s name have got this idea from anyway?” Judy was dumbfounded by his idea, they’d been going out together for seven months now. She knew he’d wanted to start his own business but this idea. Didn’t make sense.

“How many girls in your office would take up the idea! There’s many a girl that would be up for it out there, so many girls now a days are in one parent situation and they wouldn’t have it any other way! The thought of being able to have your child without any friction from a dominating partner?” Chris implied with a grin, placing the paperwork down on the table.

“I’m not to sure of this are you not just trying to get a free leg over?” Judy stated. “I mean I take it that you’d be in the running?”

“I’m not thinking of myself, it’s a business!”

“So your telling me that you’d not have your name down for it?” Judy implied picking up the paperwork that he’d laid onto the table.

“Tell you what, take the idea to work with you next week, we’ll give it a week, see as to what some of your office mates think of the idea?” Chris stated taking the papers from her hand.

“Ok, but I’ll bet I get a negative response!”

Judy knew that his idea was suspicious, and intended to wear him down, over the next week she took him to bed more times than she could remember. Not a word of his idea surfaced, she did wonder if the extra sex had frozen his interest, in fact by the end of the week she was more shattered than she’d like to admit.

“I think I should rename you!” Chris implied when the met up for there usual Saturday drink. “Hope you sorted out our problem, and had a word with you’re girlfriends?”

“How say you, rename me?” Judy questioned.
“Well, unless my memory deceives me, you’ve got to have had at least six miles of cock within this last week?”

“I think that’s a little OTT if you don’t mind me saying so! It’s not that long?”

“Ok!” Chris didn’t want to continue with the subject as his mates were within earshot. “How did your survey go then?”

“To be quite honest, you’re right about a third of them agreed, the idea appealed to them. Needless to say, they’d like to look at your database, to see as to how it could help them!”

Chris was quite taken aback, he never comprehended the odds would have been so great! “Really, I thought it would work, however I never realised the odds would be so great. Well are you with me?”

“Are you sure you’re not into this for your own personal gain, and I mean sexual gain?”

“I can understand you not wanting to carry another guy’s child, but the outcome for a guy, that’s not quite the same is it, a quick roll in the hay so to speak and it’s all over, but the girl she’s to carry the child for nine months!”

“So I’m right then, your name and credentials will go into the database?”

“Well the way I see it, she’ll not know as to who’s fucking her, all she’s interested in is results!”

“Maybe so but you’ll know of the girl! What happens if she doesn’t become pregnant on the first sitting for the choice of a work!” Judy was quite upset by his idea of taking part in the deal.

“Well she’ll have to come back for more, however all reputable studs would have to undertake a sperm count, those not up to the mark will fall to the wayside. So providing the girl is fertile we should be on a winner?”

“I can understand as to where you’re coming from. However, I don’t think much to the idea that my fiancé is screwing girls at will, I would like to think my first child is also you’re fist!” Judy’s tone had firmness to it.

“Have you realised as to the profit margin here, I mean the guy’s pay us for the service, as do the girls, we’d be quid’s in. Should the girl not become pregnant on the first session then she pays half for the next, and the same for any additional servicing, The guy’s however, they’ll pay the going rate of full price still paid top price, how can we lose? Think of it this way how many male virgins are out the just hoping for the chance to have there first lay!”

“Yes you do have point, nevertheless, how are you going to promote this service?” Judy appeared to see the financial gain.

“Well we advertise in something like the mother and baby network, there has to me loads of outlet for this!” Chris implied.

“Well that’s ok with the girls or women, but how about the guy’s, I mean they’ll like to know as to whom their fucking, a guy has to be worked up from what I hear, and if the girl or woman is not fanciful to them, they’ll not even raise a stand?”

Now that is a good point, it’s making out that the girl that they are fucking, or should I say the girl that they think their fucking will not always be factual, I mean they’ll be shown pictures, just to boost the sexual senses, the picture they’ll see doesn’t have to be the girl in question. I’m sure we can pick up photographs of half decent females! And considering all this will be taken place in the dark, protecting each from any form of identify, no one will be any the wiser. ”

“Christ you’ve it worked out into every detail haven’t you. So in actual fact you’re about to open a knocking shop. But the guy’s are firing live rounds. into live targets.

“Exactly, the girls will have to have their dates worked out; that would be you’re job!” Chris turned to Judy with a smile.

“And what of the sperm count, who’ll be responsible for that part of the operation?

“Well it’s only chemistry isn’t it, you only need the correct equipment?”

“Chris where would we find such a place I mean it would have to look more than respectable, and the cleanliness well where would we find premises like that around here?”

“It doesn’t have to be around here, I know I can get the backing, my bank manager thinks it’s a fantastic idea!” Chris smiled.

“Old Alan Keep! He’s bound to be up for it; he’s the biggest womaniser in the area, using his position to its full advantage, and I dare say he get special concessions. I know of quite a few girls and women whom he’s seduced. Nearly broke up an engaged couple once if I remember right”

“Maybe so, but he’d be the only one!”

“I’m not so sure of that knowing some of your mates; it’s a meal ticket to prostitution. If they got wind of it, of which knowing you, they already have! What would you say if I told you I wanted a child and you’re sperm count wasn’t up for it?” Judy saw the change on his face. “There you go! You’d not consider it, don’t fancy the idea of a guy fucking me from behind a curtain do you?”

“You’re being crude now, it won’t be as bad as that, we have to show a bit of decorum, everything will be the same as in the bedroom, they’ll be able to feel and touch, foreplay will be the same.”

“Ok…where do we go from here then! It sounds as if you’d already put the feelers out?”

“So you’re with me then! I mean it’s a real winner, look at the girls or even couples for that matter who can’t have children and have to take to adoption, then they don’t always get what they wanted!” Chris surmised.

“In this situation do you think that the husband or partner would agree to their female going into this procedure?”

Chris smiled at this remark. “Do you really think the guy would want to know as to who fucked his wife, neighbours would consider the child as theirs, who’d know any difference? You don’t think we’d let a Pakistani fuck a white women do you?” Chris laughed.

“Ok, I’ll go for it with you, now I suppose you’ll want me to put money up for my part of the bargain?”

“It will have to be done right, setting it up as a Limited Company of course!” Chris stated.

Chris didn’t realise as to what complications he’d set for himself. His idea was to get as many lays as he could; with Judy in the company he’d have to watch his back. Ok, he’d got guy’s lined up for the commitment, a database had already been established, but his idea was to step in should the girl be attractable to him. If pregnancy transpired then all would be well. The trouble was at this present time was that there were no guy’s readily available for a girl to carry a child for him, it was all one sided, luckily Judy didn’t know of this downfall.

The company was set up, and lists of girl’s were ready, they’d come into the office, which at this time Judy was the receptionist, going through the databases with the female clients, as to their choice of father for their child. The girls were amazed to find that there were over forty guys ready to serve them. The girls were an array of beauties, but some however were quite ugly, needless to say most of these were still virgins. This had to be noted on the breakdown so as the guy knew he’d to take things steady to start with.

The room to be used was to be in total darkness, to enter the room two doors where used to make a light trap; such as is used in a photographic darkroom, the bed being in the middle of the room. The girl wouldn’t have as to a clue as to whom the guy was or as to his looks, all she knew was that his credentials were as she’d requested.

The first customer was Debbie Keys; she was just turning 20 years old and was a real beauty. It had been her dream to have a family with her boyfriend but tests had revealed a low sperm count and the chances of them having kids of their own was minimal, that’s when she had seen the advert.

Debbie had liked the idea right off, knowing that Dean, her boyfriend would be non-the wiser and just assume that the miracle they had been praying for had happened, it was the perfect solution.

“Right Miss Keys if you would like to go through the door here we will send in your preference right away, he appears to have all the qualifications you required ” Judy said with a smile to Debbie, who quickly went through the door to her left and into the dark room.

Fumbling she made her way to the bed and undressed, laying naked on it she awaited the prospective father to her child. Her wait was not long. The second door opened and a man walked in. He was dressed in just a robe as instructed by Judy and Chris, and slowly walked over to the bed to join Debbie.

Debbie had selected a man called Alan Keep; in the notes on the database it had said he was a bank manager, which was the kind of man Debbie wanted to father her child. Intelligent.

Alan had been shown a picture of Debbie and there was no way he was going to turn her down. She was a little less than six feet tall, with long blond curly hair, bright big blue eyes and a wonderful pair of breasts at least a C cup and maybe a little bigger. Her legs were long and slim as was her waist, in short a real beautiful young woman.

Alan Keep was the man that Judy and Chris had spoken of earlier, the bank manager who had put up the money for them to start the clinic in the first place, well known for his womanising ways but Debbie was one of the best he could have ever have hoped for and being in his 50’s she was about 30 years his junior.

Chris flicked on his monitor as he sat in his office. He had installed an Infer Red camera in the room so he could watch the procedures that went on while he waited for his chance to perform.

In the room Alan and Debbie were on the bed together, Debbie laid back in the pitch-blackness as Alan climbed on and lay beside her. She had no idea what he looked like, but that’s not what she had come for, Debbie was here to get pregnant, not have an affair.

Chris watched on as the pair began kissing, Debbie’s hand on the back of Alan’s head as their lips met. Chris couldn’t really see too much detail, the camera was in a corner while the bed was in the centre, but that was plenty close enough for him to see the act’s going on.

As Chris watched on he saw Alan’s hand take hold of Debbie’s right breast cupping it and giving little squeezes as the kiss went on. Quickly Chris’ cock grew hard as he saw Debbie’s legs open wider and Alan crawl between them, his cock hard and sticking straight out at her ready pussy.

In the room, Debbie and Alan were both moaning as she reached down and took hold, after a short time of feeling for his cock, then guiding the head of it to her engorged lips.

“Ohhh” she moaned out as the thick cock began to slide into her pussy, the inner walls being pushed open by the invading member as Alan thrust his hips forwards holding Debbie by her waist.
Chris was watching intently as he saw Debbie arch her back when the cock in her pussy was fully embedded, he could see the look of desire on her face too. Alan’s cock was big compared to her boyfriends and although she had, had bigger when she was a little younger this was still a shock to feel it again after over a year of only having her boyfriend.

Alan began to pull his hard cock back out of Debbie, leaving only the head inside her before with a quick thrust of his hips forced all his hard meat back into her tight gripping pussy.

Debbie moaned loudly as she felt herself getting filled by Alan’s cock again, her muscles were gripping him tightly and Alan couldn’t remember the last time he had someone with such a tight grip.

Chris un-zipped his jeans as he watched the screen, Debbie was thrashing her head from side to side as Alan’s cock pounded into her, he may have been a lot older then her normal lovers but Debbie didn’t know from the way he was fucking her, it didn’t give age’s in the profile so as far as she knew from the speed and intensity he was fucking her with he could be no older then early 30’s.

Alan was really enjoying Debbie’s moans and cry’s of pleasure as he pounded her with his cock, the thick head hitting her deep with every forward thrust he made, as Debbie moved her legs to grip him around the waist, pulling him into her more.

Chris gripped his cock and began stroking it as he watched the coupling on the screen, Debbie’s legs gripping Alan’s waist as he thrust his hips, Chris knowing that his cock was buried deep in Debbie and wishing it was he that she had chosen.

In the pitch-black room the aroma of sex was filling every inch as Debbie moaned and screamed with pleasure, she felt so full as the man she hoped would give her a baby, the bank manager; Alan Keep fucked her hard and deep, she didn’t know what he looked like all she knew was his cock was big and she liked what he was doing.

Chris observed Debbie wrap her arms around Alan’s neck and pulling him down to kiss him, his lips pressing hard into her own as her hips ground into his cock, the heat in her pussy growing as was the wetness as she felt herself get closer to orgasm. Alan felt the same way; he had been fucking this gorgeous creature for well over thirty minutes now and with as much stamina as he had the sheer tightness and wetness she had was driving him closer to finishing, just as was the thought that he was going to impregnate this girl.

“Oh I’m gonna cum!” Debbie moaned as she broke the kiss with her mystery lover and pressed her crotch into him, pulling his cock deeper into her.

“Me too” Alan said just after her and then the feeling of her orgasm did it.

Debbie had began to cum as soon as she heard his words, her pussy muscles tightened and a flood of juice shot from Alan’s cock, her legs gripping him tightly and pulling his cock into her as deep as it would go.

Alan felt his balls tighten and a load of cum shoot up his shaft and out into Debbie’s body, splashing over insides right against her cervix, spraying her with a mighty load of thick creamy cum, this way of fucking really appealed to him, he had seen the picture of the girl, but she didn’t know him from Adam, and the cost a mere pittance. He could pass her in the street, and she’d not recognise him. He was up for more of this.

Debbie could feel every little drop as he filled her full of the potent mixture, so full in-fact that she felt it wash back and begin to dribble out as Alan’s cock began to shrink back to its flaccid state.

Chris turned off his screen as the pair lay back and relaxed. Phoning to Judy that they were done and she should get Debbie and Alan out without seeing each other, he knew that the rule was that the girl laid on her tummy for at least fifteen minutes after the guy had blown his load, thus making sure that his seed had a chance to impregnate her. Chris placed his cock back in his jeans and zipped them back up, thinking that the next hot girl that was on the books was gonna be his.

“Not a bad for our first customer, it worked well!” Chris smiled as he looked at Judy who smiled back at her partner, as she walked into the office.

“I’m wondering if we shouldn’t put the prices up, I mean if she’d have gone elsewhere it could have amounted to thousands, and all she’s paying is £200, and the guy pays 25 quid. But we’ll have to see.” she smiled before kissing Chris.

The days went on and soon turned into weeks and months, lots of girls had come through the office doors and had their appointments filled, mostly it was less attractive girl’s many of them virgin’s who were coming in, more for a way to experience sex then to get pregnant.

“Hello and what’s your name please?” Judy asked a stunning brunette as she arrived for her appointment.

“My name is Mrs. Brown, Mrs. Emily Brown, I have an appointment for today” she said a little self consciously, a light blush in her cheeks as she gave her details, confirming this was her most fertile day and that she understood what would entail from the procedure.

“Right, well everything seems to be in order Mrs. Brown, if you would like to take off your clothes and get to the bed in the middle of the room your partner will join you shortly” Judy informed the obviously nervous woman, she nodded and entered the door, removing her clothes.

Chris had seen her arrive and knew this was one of his chances to get a great lay, over the last few months he had, had a few women, only the best looking of them, never the less attractive girls.

There was something about this one though; she was 5 feet 9 he thought, about 120lbs with a firm body from what he saw on the screen and a nice pair of breasts, about a 34b cup. It was her face that did it though; she was beautiful, her lips looked soft and inviting, as did her long hair, just the sort that you love to run your fingers through.

“Hey there, Martin isn’t it?” Christ stopped the young man that was about to enter the room to impregnate the wonderful looking girl inside.

“Yes it is” the young man said with a smile. Chris could see that he wasn’t the best looking guy in the world; he was one of the virgin males before he had paid Chris for the right to go on his list.

“Well Martin, there has been a change of plan, Emily has changed her request of man, I’m sorry but it happens sometimes mate” Chris was lying, Emily had not changed her mind at all, all that had changed is that Chris had seen the best looking girl of his life and wasn’t going to pass this opportunity up.

“Ohh really?” Martin said a little disappointed by the last minuet change of heart by Emily, he had seen her picture on the database and was so happy to get chosen.

“I'm sorry Martin, if you’d like to go back, I have to tell the new choice to get ready” Chris said trying to sound sympathetic.

Watching as Martin walked away dejected, Chris waited till he got out of sight before stripping off and entering the pitch-black room. Just the mere thought of having such a beautiful girl had his cock hard as he walked over to the bed to join Emily. She was laid back on the bed, naked and waiting for her man to come and fill her with what she hoped would be a fertile load.

Chris slowly slipped his legs onto the bed climbing on next to Emily; she jumped a little as she felt the bed lurch from the added weight.

“Hi Martin” Emily said nervously, she remembered his name from the database and was always taught to use peoples names on all occasions, even in circumstances like this.

“Hello Emily” Chris said, he couldn’t blow his cover by letting her know he was actually Chris and not as she thought Martin.

“Well I guess we both know what were here for” she said a little squeakily, more from nerves then anything.

“Yes we do, so shall we start?” Chris said, he was eager to get on with this; Emily was so beautiful his cock couldn’t wait any longer to get inside of her.

“Yes, maybe we should” Emily said, she was amazed by this mans confidence, in-fact it was a little bit of a turn on to her, Emily had always liked men who take control during sex.

Chris began kissing her lips, his hands holding her firm breasts as his tongue ran over Emily’s soft mouth. She soon felt his legs touch her thighs as he moved his body closer in to her own, his hard cock just brushing against her leg.

Emily jumped a little as she felt the head of the hard meat against her skin, Chris moaned as he moved closer, his hands all over her breasts in the dark. The kiss became more passionate as Emily began to enjoy the hands on her nipples, Chris’ fingers holding then tightly as he gave each a little squeeze and pull making Emily moan with pleasure. Chris had guessed that she would like to have her nipples played with; Judy was just the same.

Slowly both became more confident with each other, Emily opening her thighs wider to allow Chris better access to her pussy. He didn’t waste it; slowly Chris worked his right hand down her thin waist and lightly rubbed over her warm mound. Emily arched her back as she felt the hand move over her clit, it had become very erect as she and Chris had kissed. Chris felt the juice in her pussy as he slowly worked a finger inside her body, moving it unhurriedly in and out of her, each stroke he made sending a shiver through Emily’s body.

“Ohhh Martin!” Emily moaned as she felt a second finger was added opening her up a little more.

“Shhh” Chris signalled for her to be quiet “Just lay back and enjoy”

Emily obeyed his request, laying her head back on the pillows as the fingers in her pussy worked more hastily, Chris curling the ends of his fingers to find her sensitive area’s, Emily moan out loudly as she built closer to orgasm.

“Ohh Martin please fuck me, fill me with your cum, make me pregnant” Emily begged as she felt her body pulse with the pleasure of the fingers in her sensitive pussy, her own hands were rubbing and pulling her nipples.

Chris couldn’t wait any longer to get his cock into this beauty, he had played with her for long enough now was the time to have what he had lusted after since making the initial idea of the baby clinic, a very hot girl.

Slowly he moved between Emily’s open legs and guided his cock to the entrance of her pussy, rubbing the head up and down her lips, her juice coating his hard meat, she moaned out grabbing his neck with her arm’s and pulling him into her. Chris felt his body get pulled against Emily’s breasts and his hips instinctively went forwards impaling the sexy girl beneath him with his cock. Chris could smell the aroma of her body all around him as they began to fuck against each other, his cock hammering into her tight pussy, Emily digging her fingers into his back as she felt him fill her pussy, on the deepest thrusts the head actually getting buried against the back of her cervix.

“Ohhh” Emily cried out as she felt him press deep into her, a massive orgasm shooting all through her body as his pubic bone hit her clit on that particular thrust.

Chris couldn’t believe how tight this girl was, the cock she normally got must have been small, because the grip she had on him was almost enough to hurt. He felt the juice shoot all over his cock as Emily came hard, her fingers digging into his skin and her nails getting dragged down his shoulders as she screamed with pleasure.

The sheer feeling of Emily’s tight gripping pussy muscles would have had a lot cumming themselves, Chris was himself having a hard enough time not shooting into her, any other girl and he would have, in-fact he often did, but Emily was special, and Chris wanted to feel her for as long as possible.

Emily clenched her arse cheeks as she felt her pussy tighten around the thick cock inside her, Chris felt it too, and this time it was just too much to hold on, the feeling of her tightness was just too much pushing him over the edge.

Thrusting into Emily hard with one big moan, Chris let loose a torrent of built up cum, his seed shooting up along his shaft and out into Emily’s cervix, the thick creamy liquid splashing all over her inner walls as his potent seed made its way to her egg’s, secretly he wished that she wouldn’t get pregnant, that way, she’d come back for a second helping without having to wait for her period to go away!

“You know Chris you were right, this business idea was the best thing you ever came up with,” Judy said as she and Chris laid on the bed in the dark room, his cock inside her pussy.

“I thought you’d see it my way in the end” He said his cock now shrinking inside her tight pussy. He lasted for nearly and hour and a quarter with her, still she always was a brilliant fuck. He just had to make sure she never found the switch for the lighting in the room, which was his turn on in it’s self.

Looking back she wondered as to how he managed to go without sex, he’d always been like a bear with a sore head when she had her periods, normally it was blowjobs or hand jobs just to tide him over, but now he seemed to have calmed down, she didn’t know how he managed it with all these girls getting fucked everyday. Knowing as to how potent he was she did think of trying him out, just stop taking her pill for a couple of months, then he could ride her whenever the fancy took him, she enjoyed being fucked after all, and all these girls getting fucked was a turn on for her as well as Chris.

“We’d better get sorted out, we have another customer in ½ an hour!” Judy informed him.

“I didn’t know that, when did she book in then?”

“You’ll more than likely know her, her name is June Whitbread, well that’s the name I know her by, and of coarse she’s married now. I’m sure you know of her?”

Chris couldn’t believe his own hearing, God, she was God’s answer to the perfect woman, he knew from school days, nobody could get near her for the chance of a fuck.

“Name doesn’t ring a bell!” He lied.

“Is there any chance that you could take over the office, I am so behind with my work it’s easier if I take it home top do?”

“Skiving again, I don’t know. Yes but only this once, I myself have things to do!”

“You’re a brick!” Judy swung her legs off the bed kissing him she stood and got dressed.

Chris was behind the desk checking out the records as Judy left the office, he’d not seen anything written down about this June Whitbread; if she did turn up there was nobody booked in to fuck her. He was still with head in paperwork as she came into the office.

“Chris! I haven’t seen you for years; I didn’t know that you had anything to do with this?”

She’d startled Chris; he’d never heard her come in, and looking up from the paperwork he was amazed as to the sight before him. She looked as good as ever. Her hair was still at waist length, a pair of boobs that any man would lust after; with a figure like that of a wine glass.

“Hi June, yes Judy and I started it together, knowing the need for childless parents. It’s good that we can help you. However, you’re the father of your baby has just rang in, he’ll be about ten minutes late! Nevertheless, if you’d like to follow me I’ll take you through to our impregnation room, he shouldn’t be long you can be getting ready!”

Chris quickly made his way back to the office with the secret viewing point, he’d just hoped that he’d had in him, he’d not many moments ago blew a full load up Judy, to miss a fuck with June it would be sacrilege. He’d not even known she was married, he just hoped that he’d not get her pregnant on this event, so she’d come back for more.

He was mesmerised, as he watched her getting undressed, no bra or panties, Christ would you look at that dominative cluster of hair around that pussy, his hand went down to his cock, it was thickening at the sight. God, he thought, what would his mates think if they knew he was going to fuck, the girl of all girls.

She reached into her bag taking out some deodorant and spraying it over her. Chris knew he’d have to shower afterwards, or Judy would pick up the scent off him.

The office was locked and the light in the room off as he walked in, he knew he couldn’t let her sense that his cock was hard when he’d climbed onto the bed beside her, although her hand went straight to his cock as she became aware of his body next to her. Little did she realise that, she’d one of her ardent admirers lying next to her.
Chris caressed her breasts in his strong hand as she massaged his cock with gentle movements. The feeling of his cock took June into a daydream, assessing as to the baby that she may perhaps get from this enormous monster, ideally she’d wanted a girl. Chris had moved his hand down between her legs she opened them graciously, running his fingers over the top of the down, adding a light pressure, he’d not wanted to dip at this time, he’ wanted to taste her first. He did wonder as to whom she’d married, Christ wondered as to what would her husband think if he’d have known that she was going to be fucked by Chris Howland, through just lust.

Moving down the bed, he eased himself between her legs, the aroma of her pussy sent pulsations through his cock. June’s fingers gripped the bedding as he’d started to tongue her, her tiny citreous stood firmly as his tongue toyed with it. She’d not expected this kind of action, thinking she just be fucked and that was it, this was a real turn on for her. He husband had long since done anything like this to her, it was just wam-bang-thank-you-mam from him, however she still enjoyed him even though he’d long since muffed her, but he still liked his blowjobs, when they were necessary. She let out a deep sigh as she sensed Chris’s finger enter her, her hands reaching down cupping his head within them. It had been so long since she’d had this sort of treatment, she considered that the company only engaged professional lovers.

Chris moved up the bed taking his cock into his hand, it had never felt this manly to him, he felt proud of himself. He leaned over her kissing her gently on the lips as he guided his cock forward, June responded to his emotion, cupping his face within her hands aiding him down to her. To her, his cock felt like it was that of an angel from heaven as it entered, he couldn’t have been a more gentle lover if he’d of tried, she sensed the thickness of his shaft, but with the tenderness he was playing on it there was no sense of pain, she could but benefit from his breadth. Nearly immediately she went into orgasm gripping his broad shoulders pulling herself onto him, Chris was thankful that he’d fucked June before hand; at least he’d last longer. June’s pussy gripped his cock firmly, although it was not of her doing. Once fully inside he held, this was not only enjoyable to her, but it gave her a chance to kiss him, as if thanking him for his gentleness. Chris forced the blood flow into his cock as their lips met; June sensed the expansion, pulling him down closer to her, and then kissing him again.

Her body was responding to his gentle thrusts as he fucked her, size did matter, never had she felt so full. She was glad she’d never allowed herself to be fucked by just any cock when she was younger as lots of her friend had done, she was sure that her pussy now, enjoyed cock my due to it’s lack of ill use. She never experienced orgasms like it they seemed to follow one after the other. Thankfully the office was close or her moans would have been heard within the other rooms in the building, and it allowed Chris to give her the fucking that he assumed she needed, regardless of her noise. This was the fuck of his life time, her pussy was as if was brand new, she’d no willingness to squeeze him with her muscles, her pussy was like an envelope from heaven, with no horrible experiences that women have, of working on their own, he was in full supremacy over her, and her pussy responded as it should do, he knew that when he did blow it would be well worth the effort that he was putting into his motions, to think of all the guy’s that over time would have willingly fucked her, but with Chris he’d the chance of impregnating her.

June couldn’t deem that her enjoyment of the session was so enthralling; his staying power was spectacular, at least she’d remember the fucking she’d obtained should her baby materialise, still to her she’d not mind coming back for another meeting, should she not be successful on this occasion.

Chris couldn’t hold back; he knew he was about to cum; he went into turbo, fucking like he’d never fucked before, the noises coming from beneath him we’re deafening, but turned him on more than ever. Pushing his cock deep he started to blow his load. June lifted her hips when she sensed the volume filling her belly. Never ever had she felt more bloated, and the stream was never ending, reaching up to his unseen face she pull him down to her as she wrapped her legs around his waist, assuring she taken delivery of every last drop.

“Thank you, I’ve never enjoyed sex as much; I’m sure that you’re efforts will be successful!” She hung onto him kissing him passionately.

It was just over a month later that June had the phone call; she was as pleased as June herself.

“You look happy!” Chris remarked as he entered the office.

“And so I should be!” she replied. “Remember that June Whitbread, she’s just rang in her doctor has informed her that she’s pregnant!”

Chris was not only delighted, but also felt somewhat depressed; he was hoping she’d be back for another session.

Judy was there at the christening of June’s baby; never had she seen such a beautiful baby, and it was just what June had wanted a baby girl; she commended both Judy and Chris for their help regarding her pregnancy. Telling her that her husband wasn’t aware of her deed as to getting pregnant, as she knew it was he that had the problem, her doctor had informed her that everything was satisfactory with her own organism, she should fall should her male be active in that department. Chris was as pleased as punch when Judy informed him when she returned from the christening.

“It’s a job worth doing when you get feedback like that!” He laughed.

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