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it all started when mom invited my friends and his cousin over to play a game of cards
It all started when i was talking to my 2 friend at home about having a card game and when mom heard about it she started telling us about how during her time she used to win a lot of money when she played, mom then invited my friends over to come at night to play cards and told him to bring anyone he wants.

I was quite excited to play cards, my 2 friends came with another friend of theirs, ive never met this guy but he was huge size like almost 2 times my size and he came in the house, mom then came out of her room wearing a t shirt and skirt. I was about to join them play when mom said i cant play until i work and start having my own money, but she said i will be serving drinks for them and can watch them,

The first few games mom started winning and she was drinking more but after a while mom started losing her money and then mom lost all her money, mom was kinda drunk and she was getting moody from losing her money. The cousin then told mom since she has no money, she can play one more time if she wins she wins back all her money but if she loses she has to take out all her cloths and she has to continue playing until he says enough and the game will only stop if mom wins or he says enough, i was like wtf and he told me its a game and thats how games are.

Mom was kinda drunk and then said fine she will play the game, she kept saying she is going to win all her money back. My heart was beating fast and i was kinda scared, i got shocked when mom lost the game and the cousin them told mom take it all off now, mom did not do anything and asked him if she can try 1 more time. But the cousin then moved to mom pulled mom up and took off all of moms cloths, mom did not resist him and even my 2 friends were looking at moms body .

Mom then sat on the chair all nude now, she tried to cover her boobs with her hands but the cousin pushed moms hands away for my 2 friends to see mom. They then continued playing the game.

Again when they played mom lose the game, and this time the cousin pulled mom up and made mom stand facing the wall with her hands up on the wall and he spread moms legs open and used his hands to spank moms ass and while spanking moms ass he will ask mom to shout " I am a cheap whore ". He spanked moms ass around 15 times, I felt so humiliated when he did that, and my 2 friends were laughing there seeing mom scream when he spanks moms ass. But some how it felt as if mom was enjoying it.

He then pulled mom and made her to sit again but mom said she did not want to play anymore but the cousin went to mom held moms neck and in angry tone told mom she knows the rules of the game and she has to obey it. Mom had no choice and continued playing cards with him.

It wasn't a shock but mom lost again and she was also kinda very drunk, this time the cousin got up he pulled mom by her hair and took mom into the toilet. He was in the toilet with mom for a good 10 minutes, I could hear slap sounds and the cousin calling mom names

When they came out moms face was all sweaty and I could see like cum in moms face. Moms back had prints of the cousins hand print, I think he must have been hitting moms back and ass .

He then asked mom which one is my room and he took mom and my 2 friends into my room, they were in my room for like 30 minutes, i tried peeping into my room using the side of my door which had a hole and i saw mom making out with my friend while the cousin was spanking moms ass. I did not dare to see anymore and 30 minutes later when they came out mom had cum on her face and she was sweating all over her naked body and my 2 friends were smiling .

The cousin and his 2 friends left home and mom entered her room for a shower


2018-05-08 19:11:52
you should continue have a part two make mom sit on the cousins lap or collar her and have her kneel besides him

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2016-04-23 08:47:50
hottest tging ive read in a while

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2013-03-15 05:38:26
It's a waste!!!! It seems u know nothing!!!!

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2013-02-28 00:01:24
Some other author should write this from the cousins point of view.

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2013-02-05 21:25:42
Ya, write it from the cousins point of view.

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