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A daughter discovers her father's secret past
Sam Jennings was a lucky man, and he knew it. As he stood at the kitchen window and watched his 17 year old daughter Lisa splashing around in the backyard pool with a group of her girlfriends, he knew that he was indeed a lucky man in more ways than one. Lisa was the only child of he and his wife Miriam, and they had been very careful in how they raised her. They took great pains not to spoil her because she was the only child, but they were also just as careful not to be too strict on her as well. Both he and his wife had a fairly liberal sense of view in most things, child-rearing being one of them, and now it appeared that their efforts had paid off in spades.

While most parents of a 17 year old child, male or female, were looked upon as being “square” and “out of touch” with their kids and the world in general, viewed by their kids as being nothing more than a couple of old folks who did more to inhibit them and keep them from having fun like they wanted to, Lisa thought the exact opposite and had told them so on more than one instance. Lisa had grown up into a responsible, intelligent, and very mature young lady who considered her parents to be two of her best friends. There was absolutely nothing that she felt she couldn’t talk about with her parents, and they had taken great pains to have just that kind of relationship with their only child. This was especially helpful when it came time to explain the “birds and the bees” to Lisa; a conversation that most parents and their children would find uncomfortable to say the least was, in their case, an enjoyable conversation which turned into a “question and answer” period. Lisa had asked some very interesting and very sensible questions, and her parents had not hesitated to answer them. The conversation ended up with Sam and Miriam feeling absolutely confident that their daughter was a level-headed young lady who was not going to give them any cause for concern in the sex department.

This was borne out when Lisa approached them a few months ago and asked to be put on birth control. Rather than flip out that their “little girl” was even considering having sex, they were relieved that she was responsible and mature enough to realize that she needed to take precautions “just in case.” When her father had asked her if she needed some condoms to carry in her purse because the pill wouldn’t prevent her from getting an STD, she pleasantly surprised them by reaching into her purse and pulling out a 3 pack of condoms, smiling at her parents as she did so. All three of them laughed at that, and the next day her mother took her to the doctor to put her on the pill.

In addition to being smart as hell and very mature for her age Lisa had also grown into a beautiful young woman, inheriting her looks from her mother. Lisa stood 5’6” tall and weighed in at 110 pounds, with shoulder-length blonde hair, blue eyes, a cute button nose and lips that were not too full and not too thin, but perfect for her face. Her body was lithe and lean, her stomach flat and taut with a tapered waistline that flared out into perfect hips, continuing down to a pair of long, shapely legs that were topped in the rear by a firm, rounded butt. And it also appeared that Lisa had inherited her mother’s bustline as well – at 17 years of age she was wearing a 35D bra, and there was no doubt that her breasts were far from finished growing. When her mother was her age she was wearing the same size bra, and by the time she was 20 years old she was up to a 36DDD.

Lisa was the spitting image of her mother at that age, and as Sam watched his daughter frolicking in the pool in her bikini, her full breasts bouncing in her bikini top, he felt a sexual attraction to her that any man would have towards a beautiful young woman such as herself, and he told himself again that he had to put that attraction behind him and concentrate on the fact that she was his daughter.

But deep in the recesses of his mind he knew this was getting harder and harder to do the older and more beautiful his daughter got, and the raging erection he now had was proof of that. He looked down at the hard tube of his cock pressing against the leg of his pants and wondered what Lisa’s reaction would be if she saw that. He turned away from the window and went into his den, wondering again if he’d be able to hold out until she finished growing up and moved out.

Lisa saw her dad looking out the kitchen window as she and her friends were playing in the pool, and before she could wave to him she saw him turn and walk away. She was lucky to have him as a dad and her mom as a mom, and she knew it. She had a very open, honest relationship with her parents that all of her friends envied; she could talk to them about anything and everything and considered them two of her closest friends while her teenaged friends all considered their parents the enemy. Her parents treated her like a young adult instead of a child, and she appreciated this more than they knew.

She was especially fond of her father, as most young girls are growing up. She had gone through the “crush” stage with him as all pre-pubescent girls do, but now that she was 17 she could look at him as a man as well as her father, and she liked what she saw. She thought her dad was incredibly attractive and sexy as hell; he took care of himself, working out on a regular schedule, and nearly all of her girlfriends had commented that they’d fuck him in a minute if given the chance. The first time one of her friends told her this it surprised her because she’d never really looked at her father in that way. But once she did she surprised herself by deciding that she’d also fuck him in a minute – if he wasn’t her father, that is. And maybe in spite of it, as well; every time she thought about it, she felt her pussy getting wet. This both excited and confused her, so she tried not to think about her father like that; sometimes she was successful, and sometimes not.

Today was one of those days were she wasn’t successful, feeling the familiar sensations of her pussy juices beginning to flow, so she turned and dove under the water to both cool off her libido and take her mind off of her father.

The next morning Sam had some errands to run around town, so he was up and out of the house early. It was the middle of the summer and the kids were out of school, so he let Lisa enjoy her summer vacation and sleep in. The night before she had asked him if she could borrow his binoculars for a trip to the lake she was taking with her friends this weekend, so before he left the house he left her a note telling her that they were in a box in the top of the closet in his home office. Sam was a private consultant who worked out of his home, and he’d taken one of the extra rooms in their spacious house and converted it into his office. His wife was a private nurse, also known as an “in-home caregiver,” and her job kept her out of the house for at least eight to ten hours a day, five and six days a week. The hours were long and the hours apart even longer, but the pay was excellent and they always made up for the time apart when she wasn’t working. Today was one of those days when his wife was going to be gone for ten hours, so he was in no rush to get home after running his errands. After putting on his usual casual summer attire of loose-fitting shorts, a polo shirt worn outside of the shorts and a pair of sandals, he left the house to go run his errands.

Lisa got up about an hour after her father had left, stretching her arms above her head and yawning as she woke up. She tossed the covers aside and got up, then walked naked across the room to the window that overlooked the driveway. Both cars were gone, so she knew she had the house to herself. She walked out of her room and down the hall to the bathroom, not bothering to cover up because she knew she was alone. She took a quick shower and did her hair, simply drying it and tying it in a ponytail, before going back to her room and getting dressed. She slipped into a pair of pink thong panties and a white lacy bra which did a pretty good job of holding in her big tits despite being so delicate. Then she put on a pair of khaki safari shorts and a white “middie” t-shirt that stopped about two inches above her belly button, showing off the diamond stud piercing that hung there. To finish her outfit she put on a pair of lightweight nylon hiking boots that were stylish and looked good on her without being clunky. Then she went downstairs to get something to eat.

She saw the note from her father on the table, and after she finished breakfast she went into his home office to get the binoculars. She opened the door to the closet and saw several boxes up on the shelf, all of which were out of her reach, so she returned to the kitchen to get the two-step stool. She came back and put the stool in place, climbed up on it, and reached for the top box. The box was heavier than she thought, and as she pulled it from the shelf she lost her grip on it and the box fell to the floor, the contents spilling out.

“Damn!” she cursed out loud as the contents of the box scattered on the carpet. “Just what I need! I hope I didn’t break anything,” she said to herself, getting down from the stool and kneeling down to start cleaning up the mess.

The first thing she saw was the binoculars in their hard case, so she picked them up and set them off to the side. Then she started to pick up the rest of the items which turned out to be old video cassette tapes, most of which were in hard plastic cases but some of which were in their original packaging, complete with pictures of the movie and actors on the tape. She picked up the ones in the black plastic cases first and put them in the box, then picked up a couple of the others to put them in the box as well. She instinctively turned one of them over to look at the front to see what the movie was, and she smiled as she saw that it was a pornographic movie.

“So my dad watches porn, huh? Cool!” she said out loud to herself, putting the tape in the box and picking up the next one. She turned that one over also, chuckling as she did so, but then she froze and her mouth fell open when she saw the picture of the male actor on the cover.

“Oh, my God!” she whispered, her eyes wide with shock and amazement. “No way…no fuckin’ way!” she said to herself as she looked at the picture again. Then she picked up the one she had put in the box, saw that the actor on that one was the same, and picked up two more from the floor. All of them were movies of the same actor, an actor who called himself “Johnny Rod” and who apparently was famous for the size of his cock, advertised on the box as being eleven – eleven! - inches long “and as thick as a woman’s wrist!” Even though the picture was of a much younger man, she recognized him right away.

“My father was a porn star!” she exclaimed, looking down at the picture of the man smiling at the camera, his erect cock standing out in front of him like a flagpole. “And look at the size of his cock! Oh, my God, he’s hung like a horse!” The humor of it all found her then and she laughed out loud, looking down again at the picture of her father on the box. Her gaze settled on his erection, and she stopped laughing as she felt her pussy begin to get wet. She stared at the picture for a few seconds more, then jumped to her feet and went over to the DVD/VCR combo beneath the TV set.

“I just gotta see this!” she said, bending over and reaching for the power switches on the TV and VCR. She turned both of them on, then slipped the tape out of the sleeve and shoved it into the slot on the VCR. The picture flickered as the “autoplay” function engaged, and she stepped back to sit on the couch as the movie began to play. She grabbed the remote and fast-forwarded through all of the conversation and plot bullshit that she didn’t have the least interest in seeing, slowing the movie down to the normal playing speed once the sex scenes started. She sat there, wide eyed and her mouth hanging open, as she watched her father and his huge cock on the screen in front of her. He was standing naked in front of an equally naked redheaded woman with huge tits who was kneeling in front of him, gamely trying to get his entire cock into her mouth. She got about half of it in her mouth, working on it with both hands and eventually bringing him to orgasm by jerking him off. Lisa gasped out loud when she saw the cum shot; her father came so hard and so much that it looked like the redhead was holding on to the business end of a fire hose, and by the time he finished cumming the woman was drenched in his cum.

Lisa realized that her nipples were so hard they ached, that she was panting for breath, and that her pussy was soaked. But she couldn’t take her eyes off of the movie, and she continued watching it until the end, fast-forwarding through the dialogue and watching just the sex scenes. When she got to the end of the movie she stood up to retrieve the cassette from the machine and discovered that her knees were actually weak, and that her hand was shaking when she reached for the cassette. She turned off the TV and VCR, quickly finished picking up the rest of the tapes from the floor and putting them back in the box, then put the box back on the shelf and ran up to her room, tossing the binoculars on the kitchen counter as she went by. Once in her room she fell onto her back on her bed, slid her hands down into her panties to her pussy, and began rubbing her pussy and clit. She came almost immediately, harder than she’d ever cum before, crying out and her body shaking as her orgasm crashed through her body. She continued rubbing her clit and was rewarded with a second orgasm that was nearly as powerful as the first, and when it was over she lay on the bed for several minutes, panting and gasping for breath. Then she began to smile to herself, looking up at the ceiling as a silly grin crossed her face.

“My father was a porn star!” she said to the ceiling, laughing again. She got up and slipped out of her shorts, sliding them over her shoes, and then slid the soaked thong panties down her legs. She tossed them into the hamper in the corner and slipped her shorts back on, not bothering with panties this time. She chuckled to herself as she left her room, going downstairs to wait for her father to come home.

It was around noon when Sam got home, having finished all of his errands faster than he thought. He walked in the back door to the house and through the kitchen, seeing the binoculars on the counter.

“Lisa!” he called, dropping his keys on the counter. “Lisa, are you here?”

“I’m in the living room, Daddy!” she answered, and he walked through the house and into the living room. She was sitting on the couch, one leg tucked beneath her, and he couldn’t help but notice how stunningly sexy she looked in those shorts and the middie top she was wearing. He felt his cock twitch in response to what he was seeing, but he tried to ignore it. He had always loved women with very big breasts, and his daughter with her big breasts – and getting bigger every year - was a constant reminder of this. He walked over to the couch and bent down to kiss her on the forehead; she smiled at him and held her face up so he could reach.

“I see you found the binoculars,” he said, sitting in a chair facing the couch.

“Oh, yeah, I found them, all right,” she replied, giving him a funny smile. He raised an eyebrow in response.

“What’s so funny?” he asked.

“Oh, nothing, Daddy, nothing at all,” she replied, trying to keep a straight face. She paused for a moment before saying, “Daddy, can I ask you a question?”

“Sure, Lisa, you can ask me anything; you know that,” he replied, crossing his legs to try and hide his growing erection. The air in the living room must have been cooler than he thought, because his daughter’s nipples were hard and poking at her shirt all the way through her bra. And from what Sam could see, her nipples were just as big as the rest of her breasts. He began to wish he had worn undershorts today; he was afraid his growing cock would start to poke out of the leg of his shorts at this rate.

“What did you do before you became a consultant?” she asked, propping her head on her hand as she rested her arm on the back of the couch.

“I went to college, sweetie; you know that,” he replied, wondering what had prompted this conversation and where it was going.

“Yeah, I know, but what did you do when you weren’t in class?” she asked, smiling coyly at him. “What did you do for work, I mean? Grandpa and grandma didn’t pay for you to go to college, I know that, so you had to do something for money, right?”

“Right,” he said, a bit uneasily.

“So what did you do for work?” she asked.

“Odd jobs here and there,” he said, making things up on the fly now. “Bussed a few tables, pumped gas a summer or two, things like that.” He felt awful at having to lie to his daughter, but there was no way he could tell her the truth. She was smiling at him as he replied, nodding her head slowly.

“Right, right, bussed a few tables, pumped some gas,” she said, her smile getting bigger as she continued, “made a few porn movies…” She was positively grinning by this time.

“Excuse me?” he said, feeling himself go pale.

“Made a few porn movies, I said,” she repeated. Then she dropped her hand down to her lap and leaned forward, looking intently at him and smiling. “It’s okay, Dad, I know all about it! I found your stash of porn movies today while I was looking for the binoculars, and I’m okay with it! I mean, really, how cool is it to be able to say that my father, my very own daddy, is the famous ‘Johnny Rod!’”

“I don’t know as I’d exactly use the word ‘famous’ to describe me,” he said, still flustered and surprised that she’d discovered his secret past. “I mean, yeah, I made a few movies, around a dozen or so, but I’d hardly say I was famous.”

“Are you kidding?” she said, sitting back and smiling bigger at him. “I looked it up on the internet, and you’re one of the most popular and famous male porn stars out there, right up there with John Holmes and Ron Jeremy!”

“No, those guys are the big time, the really big time,” he said, smiling for the first time. “There’s no way you could compare me to them.”

“From what I saw, I say you could,” she said, sitting back and smiling at him, crossing her arms under her big breasts. Her nipples were harder than ever, poking out against her shirt.

“You watched one of them?” he asked nervously.

“Yes, I did, and I’d like to watch the others, too,” she replied, her gaze flitting down to his crotch for a brief moment. “If it’s okay with you, that is,” she said. He paused to think for a moment before replying.

“Well, now that you’ve seen one of them and you’re okay with my having made them, I guess it’s okay, but on one condition,” he said.

“Sure, Daddy, what’s that?” she said.

“You can never tell your mother that you know about my being a porn star,” he said, a serious look on his face.

“Doesn’t she know?” Lisa asked.

“Sure she does,” he replied, not willing to tell her just how her mother knew – not yet, anyway. “I’m just not sure she’s ready for you to know about it yet.”

“Okay, that’s fair,” Lisa replied, sitting back and nodding her head. “It’ll be our little secret!”

“Thank you, Lisa,” he said, smiling at her.

“And you made more than a dozen movies, by the way,” she said, glancing down at his crotch again, trying to see around his crossed legs. “More like twenty five, actually – at least, that’s what the internet said!”

“That many?” he said, trying hard not to stare at the two hard nipples poking against her shirt. “I really didn’t keep track.”

“Can I ask you another question, Daddy?” she said, biting her bottom lip. She could feel her pussy beginning to get wet at the thought of the real question she was leading up to, and at what she hoped the answer would be.

“Sure, sweetie, you can ask me anything, you know that,” he said again. She leaned forward, clasping her hands down in front of her, making her big breasts hang down and bulging between her upper arms.

“Is your cock really eleven inches long and as thick as a woman’s wrist, or was that just porn movie hype?” she asked, her eyes glowing brightly.

“You saw the movie, you tell me,” he replied, grinning back at her. He was finished being embarrassed by all this, and now he was getting comfortable with it all.

“Well, it looked real enough, but with movies and special effects and all, you never really know,” she said, smiling at him. She was really getting wet now; the big question was next, and she’d led her father right into her trap.

“Oh, it was real, all right,” he said, smiling back at her. “No special effects involved there!”

“Can I see it?” she asked softly, her eyes eager and shining with anticipation.

“What?” Sam asked, surprised and excited at the same time. His cock had been semi-hard this whole time, and now he felt it grow another inch immediately at her question.

“Can I see it?” she repeated, leaning forward more. “Please, Daddy? I’ve never seen a cock that big before!”

Her question took him completely by surprise, and he was momentarily caught between two very strong and very conflicting emotions. One was his common sense telling him not to do it, that she was his daughter and it was absolutely wrong for him to show his cock to her, and the other was his sexual attraction and desire for her which demanded that he do as she asked, hoping that it would lead to something else. He was caught smack in the middle of both, a mental tug of war going on inside his head.

And then she did something that instantly made the decision for him. She slipped off of the couch and sat on her haunches on the floor in front of him, her big breasts with their rock-hard nipples bobbing slightly inside her bra as she moved, then she looked deep into his eyes with her own as she placed her warm, soft hand on his bare knee, and her touch was like an electric shock traveling up his leg right to his cock.

“Please, Daddy?” she asked again, softly, her eyes full of desire. “Please let me see it! I won’t tell anyone, I promise!” she said, rubbing his knee with her hand. He felt his cock shoot up another inch at her touch. His cock was hard enough now that it was starting to get uncomfortable, being pointed down his leg the way it was, and it was only going to get worse as it got to its full state of hardness.

“All right,” he said softly, and her face lit up with a smile at his words. “But you can’t tell anybody, Lisa. Not your mother, not your best friend, not anybody, okay?”

“Okay, Daddy, I promise!” she said, smiling up at him. “It’ll be our secret!”

“Okay, then,” he said, uncrossing his legs, his heart pounding in his chest. She leaned back as he uncrossed his legs and looked down at his crotch in anticipation. Her eyes got wide and her eyebrows went up as she saw the outline of his semi-hard cock against his shorts, running down his right leg.

“Oh, wow, is that it?” she exclaimed, her hand coming up to her mouth in surprise, her smiling getting bigger. “It’s huge!”

“You haven’t seen anything yet, sweetie,” he said, leaning back in the chair and lifting his shirttail up so he could unfasten his shorts. “I’m not even fully erect yet!”

“Wait a minute, Daddy,” she said, putting her hand on his to stop him from opening his shorts. “Not yet, hang on just a minute,” she said, her eyes glued to the long, thick bulge in his shorts. She slid her hand down from his hand to his leg, running it down to his cock and rubbing her hand along the shaft. She watched in amazement as the bulge got even bigger, longer and thicker, growing right before her eyes. She heard her father gasp as she lightly gripped his cock with her hand through his shorts, squeezing it gently with first one and then both, her mouth falling open as it continued to grow beneath her touch. Sam could feel his heart pounding in his chest at his daughter’s touch.

“I need to stand up, sweetie,” he said quietly, and she looked up at him, her hands still on his cock. “It’s getting kinda uncomfortable down there, being pointed the wrong way and all.” He put his hands on the arm of the chair and stood up, and she leaned back to give him room to move. The thick, hard shaft of his cock pressed firmly and insistently at the leg of his shorts as he stood up, tenting out the material and straining for release. She could see the outline of the bulbous head clearly through the light cotton of the khaki shorts, and she felt her pussy getting wetter by the second. She sat back on her haunches, never taking her eyes off of the imprint of his cock, as he unfastened the waistband of his short and pulled down the zipper. He paused before letting his shorts fall to the floor, looking down at his daughter.

“Ready?” he asked, teasing her. She looked up at and nodded, then looked back down to his cock in eager anticipation. “Okay, sweetie, here it is!” he said, releasing his shorts and letting them fall. They fell part of the way down his hips but were kept from falling all the way down by his cock pushing against the leg; without thinking and without hesitation Lisa reached up, grabbed the bottom edges of the legs of his shorts, and tugged them down to let them fall to the floor. His nearly fully erect cock sprang up like a jack-in-the-box, and Lisa gasped as she saw it bobbing in front of her face.

“Oh, my God!” she exclaimed, her hand flying to her mouth again. “Daddy, it’s huge!”

“Told you,” he said, looking down at his daughter; he was actually enjoying showing his big cock to someone new after all these years, and the effect it had on Lisa made him feel good and excited him anew. He felt his cock growing quickly to its full length and girth as she looked at it. “Eleven inches long and as thick as your wrist, just like the advertisement said!”

Lisa was stunned speechless as she watched her father’s huge cock grow and expand right before her eyes, the shaft getting longer and thicker with each passing second. It throbbed as it grew, the head rising up and pointing at the ceiling as it stood up straighter and straighter until it was standing up proudly from his body at nearly a 45 degree angle. Her eyes grew wide as she looked at the mammoth cock in front of her face, the huge, bulbous head bobbing as it throbbed with the blood coursing through it. The veins were big, standing out clearly against the hard shaft, and she let her eyes travel down the length of his shaft to his balls. They were smooth-shaven, as was the base of his cock, and they were big as well, bigger than any she’d ever seen before. They hung heavily beneath his cock, stretching the skin of his sack as they hung, heavy and full, and she instantly remembered the cum shot scene where she had seen her father literally drench the woman with his cum. Seeing the size and heft of his balls, she now understood how that was possible.

She also knew what she wanted – what she needed – to do next, and she felt her pussy flood with anticipation. She stood up on her knees, bringing his cock level with her face, and looked up at her father for a moment.

“It’s beautiful, Daddy,” she said softly, “the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen!” Then she looked back down at his long, thick, veiny cock in front of her, and without hesitation brought her hands up and wrapped her fingers around his shaft, gripping it like a baseball bat with one hand right below the head and the other below that. His cock was so thick that her fingers couldn’t reach all the way around it, and the feeling of having his throbbing cock in her hands was wonderful. She felt it all the way down to her soaking wet pussy. She gripped his cock firmly and heard him gasp, then slowly pumped her hands up and down the thick, hard shaft. A huge drop of precum instantly appeared at the tip, getting bigger as she pumped his shaft, until it was so big that it dripped from the tip of his cock. Without hesitation and without thinking Lisa immediately ducked her head down and caught the big drop of precum on her tongue, swallowing it as she maintained her grip on his cock.

“Mmmm!” she said without thinking, then looked quickly up at her father. The look in his eyes was a combination of surprise and desire, with desire quickly winning out. She smiled innocently at him, and to her delight and surprise he smiled back. She looked back down at his cock in her hands and pumped it again, and after two strokes another big drop of precum appeared at the tip. She looked up at her father who looked back at her, then nodded his head. She smiled quickly at him and then turned back to his cock, pumping it again to make the drop of precum bigger. When it was just about ready to slide off the head of his cock she opened her mouth and stuck out her tongue, licking up the drop of precum with the flat of her tongue. He moaned as her soft, wet tongue briefly caressed the tip of his cock, watching as she swallowed that drop as well. She pumped his cock again, producing more precum, and she licked it all up as fast as he could produce it. After several minutes of this she looked up at him, smiling.

“Wow, Daddy, you make a lot of precum!” she said, licking her lips. “I’ve never seen this much come out of a man before!”

“You saw the video, right?” he asked, and she nodded up at him as she slowly pumped his cock, gripping it tightly in her hands. “Then think of that as a preview of things to come, sweetie,” he warned.

“I know, that’s what I’m counting on,” she said, smiling at him and then looking back at his cock.

She continued pumping his cock, gripping it firmly in her warm, soft hands, mesmerized at the sight of this monster cock literally drooling precum right in front of her face. She’d seen pictures and movies of cocks this big before but this was the first time she’d ever seen one up close, let alone have the chance to wrap her hands around it. And to think that her father was walking around the house with this thing tucked away inside his pants the whole time! Her mother was a lucky woman, she thought to herself as another huge drop of precum drooled out of the tip of her father’s cock.

Instead of licking this one up she used the palm of her hand to spread it around the head of his cock, causing her father to moan softly with the sensations this caused. She pumped continually with one hand, coaxing the precum from him while spreading it around the head of his cock with the other. She was amazed at the amount of precum that he was producing, and of just how slippery it was. She knew from her own past experience that precum was slippery and she knew why, but her father’s seemed to be more slippery than others. It only took a minute for her to cover the entire bulbous head of his cock, leaving it glistening and slick, and then she started to spread the slippery stuff down his shaft as well. In a matter of minutes she had spread his slippery fluid down and around the entire length of his cock, enabling her to slide her hands easily up and down his now-slick shaft. She gripped his cock firmly with both hands, sliding them up and down his huge, thick shaft, spreading the precum over his shaft as it appeared. Then she slid one hand down to his big, heavy, smooth-shaven balls, gripping them in one hand while she continued to pump his cock with the other. She massaged, squeezed, and tugged on his balls, and she felt him jerk his hips and heard him moan again in response. She looked up to see that her father was standing there with his eyes closed, his mouth slightly open, as she pulled and tugged on his cock and balls.

“Do you like that, Daddy?” she asked in a low, husky voice that he’d never heard come from her before. He opened his eyes and looked down at her as she pulled on his cock and balls, his shaft glistening in her hand. “Do you like when I massage and tug on your big, heavy balls like that?”

“Yes, sweetie, I do,” he replied in a low voice.

“And how about when I tug and pull on your cock, Daddy? Do you like that?” she asked in the same voice, her eyes hooded now and full of desire for him as she continued to pump his cock, now using both hands and gripping him firmly.

“Yes, I do,” he replied, feeling a familiar sensation deep in his balls. “I like it very much, Lisa, and if you keep that up you’re going to make me cum!”

“That’s what I want, Daddy, I want you to cum!” she said, her eyes shining. She gripped his cock harder with both hands and increased the pressure and tempo of her strokes on his mammoth cock. “I want you to cum for me, let me feel your big, thick cock pumping in my hands as you shoot your cum all over me! I want you to come all over me, Daddy, I want you to cum all over my face! Please, Daddy, cum on me, shoot your cum all over my face!” she pleaded, stroking him harder and faster, the precum literally pouring out of his cock now.

“Are you sure, baby?” he asked, slightly breathless as he felt his orgasm building quickly.

“Yes, Daddy, I’m sure! Please, Daddy, cum for me! Cum all over my face!” she pleaded, her eyes bright with desire as she gripped his shaft harder, pulling and tugging on his long, thick cock, urging him to explode. He was breathing hard now, and he felt his balls contracting in preparation to release their heavy load. She looked at his cock as she pumped it harder, feeling it widen even more in her hands, and she pulled it down and pointed it at her face for when he came.

“Okay, baby, here it comes!” he said, and then he gritted his teeth and groaned as his orgasm hit.

His cock exploded right in her face, a long, thick, heavy stream of cum blasting out of the end of his cock and hitting her square between the eyes. She yelped in happy surprise as the blast of cum splattered all over her face, but she held on to his cock and continued pumping it as one long stream after another came shooting out of his shaft, and she could feel his cock throbbing and pumping in her hands. The second blast hit her right on the end of her nose, splattering all over her cheeks and sliding around the sides of her face to her ears, with the third blast shooting directly into her mouth which was hanging open by pure chance. She gagged and choked as the heavy stream of cum filled her mouth and ran down her throat, automatically swallowing it to clear her throat, but she still held on to his cock as he continued to cum. She pointed his cock down a little bit so that the rest of his cum landed on her neck and chest, and she continued stroking his cock as it pumped again and again, covering her neck and upper chest with long, heavy ropes of cum. Four, five, six, seven times his cock pumped in her hands, each spurt lasting for nearly a full second in duration, pumping out more cum than she thought humanly possible. She was beginning to think that he’d never stop cumming!

But he did, the pulsing and throbbing of his cock slowing, the flood of cum erupting from his cock easing off to a mere trickle, and she held his cock up to look at it again as the last of his cum slipped out of the tip of his cock and slid down the underside of the head. She licked up this last drop and swallowed it, then pumped his cock slowly to get the last of it out of his shaft. When she was sure she had it all and that there was no more coming out, she released his now-softening cock and sat back on her haunches, his cum literally dripping off of her nose and chin to land on her chest with the rest of it that coated her neck and upper chest. She was absolutely soaked in his cum – it was in her hair, all over her face, dripping from her eyebrows, she even had cum in her ears! She wiped the cum out of her eyes with the back of her hand and then started to laugh, looking up at her father who was breathing hard, trying to catch his breath from one of the most intense orgasms he’d had in a very long time.

“What’s so funny, baby?” he asked, dropping down on one knee in front of her and reaching out to her. “Are you okay?”

“Yes, Daddy, I’m fine,” she said, wiping the cum from her cheeks and then looking down at her chest to see the huge amount of cum that was there. “I thought for a minute there that you were gonna drown me in cum!”

“Well, I did warn you, and you did see the movie,” he said, smiling at her and seeing the humor in it. “I’d say you got what you asked for!”

“And then some!” she said, licking her lips. He felt his cock twitch as her pink, soft, wet tongue snaked out and licked the cum from her lips, which she then swallowed.

“Sorry about that shot in the mouth,” he said.

“Don’t be, I liked it!” she said, wiping her hands on the bottom part of her shirt that was dry. “It just took me by surprise, that’s all. I like the taste of your cum, Daddy. Besides, next time I make you cum I want you to cum in my mouth so I can swallow it all!” she said, smiling demurely at him.

“Next time?” he asked, raising his eyebrows.

“You didn’t think this was going to be the only time, did you, Daddy?” she asked, reaching out and lightly running her hand along the side of his face. “I want to make you cum again, Daddy, as many times as you’ll let me, and next time I want you to cum in my mouth. I want to see how much of your big cock I can get in my mouth before you cum, and I want to swallow as much of your cum as I can! Okay, Daddy?” she asked, smiling at him.

“There’s only been one woman who’s ever been able to do that, sweetie,” he said, smiling back at her, “although many have tried.”

“I can do it, Daddy, I know I can! Just give me the chance, please, Daddy?” she begged, bouncing on her haunches like the little girl she used to be many years ago, her eyes shining bright.

“Okay, sweetie, sure,” he said, and she smiled with glee. “Right now I think you’d better go get cleaned up and put on a clean shirt,” he said, standing up and holding his hand out to help her up. She stood up and looked down at her cum-covered shirt, the nipples on her breasts still hard. “Throw that one in the wash and we’ll wash it before your mom comes home.”

“We’re gonna need to wash my shorts, too,” she said, and he looked down past her bare stomach to her shorts. There was a large wet spot in the crotch where the shorts had gotten soaked from her pussy juices, and he noticed the aroma of her musk in the air for the first time.

“Yeah, I guess so,” he said as she turned and walked away, heading for her room. He watched her firm, rounded ass swaying as she walked away, then bent down to pick up his own shorts. He slipped them back on, then walked into the kitchen and made himself a stiff drink. A minute later he heard the shower upstairs running, and for the next ten minutes or so he just stood there, sipping his drink and listening to the shower running as she washed his cum from her body.

And thinking of “next time.”

As soon as Lisa got into her room and closed the door, she went into the bathroom and closed that door too, then turned on the shower. She fell back against the bathroom door and slid her hand down into her shorts to her still-soaking wet pussy, immediately going for her clit. She was so hot and wet from giving her father a hand job and having him shoot his cum all over her that she came almost as soon as she touched her clit. She came hard, the intense waves of pleasure crashing through her body as she leaned against the door, her father’s cum still in her hair, on her face and covering her shirt, and she closed her eyes to remember the sights and feelings of his cum blasting out of his huge, thick cock and covering her face and upper body. When she finished cumming she was gasping for breath and her knees were weak. She paused for a few moments to compose herself, then stripped off her cum-covered shirt and pussy soaked shorts, tossing them on the floor of the bathroom. She’d take them downstairs with the rest of her dirty clothes and wash them after she got out of the shower; she stripped off her bra, setting her big breasts free and sighing with the relief that always came when she took off her bra. She massaged her big mounds for a moment and then stepped into the shower to wash, all the while having visions of her hands wrapped around her father’s huge cock, pumping it as it throbbed in her fingers, spewing out its load and covering her with his cum flashing through her mind.

And thinking of “next time.”

More to come… .

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