Blonde Boys Bash series will be revisited. I promise. Also, dont start panicking about the title. Part I has not been created yet, but will be as a prequel, as a well as a sequel described at the end of the story. If reviews are alright. Please read tags carefully. It is not my fault if you dont like my story if youre the dumbshit that didnt read the tags. Enjoy.
Under normal circumstances, the day spent between three former freshmen in high school would have been uneventful as always. However, the day of Ryan, Caden, and Taylor was far from ordinary.

Despite this, the day did start off ordinary. It was about a week into the summer break. The three boys were eager to spend as much as time as possible to do the funnest things they knew. This was not one of those days.

The previous day, Ryan, Taylor, and Caden had spent the day at the mall, then came for a sleepover at Ryan's place. Most of their time was spent at Ryan's due to the fact that his parents were in Las Vegas for a month, celebrating their second honeymoon, and he had neither brothers nor sisters. The three teenagers were dismayed to find that a freak thunderstorm had taken over the normally blue sky, forcing them to stay indoors for the time being.

Finding nothing else to do, the boys camped out on the couch in front of a tv. Ryan slouched on one side of a couch, and like many times that preceeded this one, without a shirt on. Being an amateur MMA fighter, he was certainly built like on. He was of average height, with broad shoulders and solid arms thick with muscles. His legs were similarily built, solid and powerful. Hair covered his legs, as well as a lighter amount on his arms and under his armpits. His chest, rock hard and solid with an impressive set of abs and pecs, however remained devoid of hair. The hair on his head was black and buzzed short, coming to a widow's peak.

Taylor sat on the other side of the relatively. He wasn't slouching nearly as much as Ryan was, but was still relaxed. Taylor was dressed in a pair of tan baggy cargo pants with a hooped belt and a black t-shirt that was slightly too small. He was a few inches shorter than Ryan and was much less solid. He also had a slight amount of blonde hair on his modestly sized arms. A mop of blonde hair adorned the top of his head, and Nike glasses, with a flat top and a rounded bottom without the frame, framed his face and went over his comedic life filled laughing blue eyes.

On the chair next to the other two boys sat Caden. Caden was set apart from his two friends in several ways. First of all, Caden came from a Greek background, making his skin darker than that of his friends. He was shorter than Ryan and taller than Taylor. Caden was dressed in jeans, t-shirt and a hoodie, and was also the only boy wearing socks. He had dark brown hair that was of medium length and spiked up. Caden had the a very young boyish face, with a slim frame.

It was at this point that Ryan started talking.

"Alright well I'm bored as shit," said Ryan, shattering the stillness or his basement living room. "There's not even anything good on TV."

Taylor snorted. "Ryan, what exactly would you consider 'good?' I mean besides MMA and football. That is all you ever watch."

Caden laughed. "He's got you there," he said with a snicker.

"MMA's fucking awesome Taylor, what the hell are you talking about?" Ryan retorted.

Taylor laughed once more. "Oh come on dude, you barely ever win whenever you have matches. You've tapped out more times than I can count."

Ryan looked pissed at this remark. "You have no idea how much that shit hurts. You feel like somebody is ripping off your limbs, or twisting your bones until they snap. I got caught in an armbar that almost broke my elbow in two. If I hadn't tapped out, I wouldn't be able to use my arm anymore."

Taylor couldn't resist. "What do you use your arm for anyways? Anally pleasuring yourself?"

Ryan looked even more pissed as he said, "Shut the hell up, if anyone 'anally pleasures themselves' it would be Caden."

"Oh come on! I didn't even say anything," Caden shot out.

"Hey, you were the one that found those three guys fucking eachother in the locker room, not me," said Ryan with a smile.

Taylor laughed at this. "Aww, poor Caden, he wanted to join in!"

Caden was now starting to look pissed. "I told you guys: I walked in looking for my book, say them, turned around and walked out. That's it."

"Ok seriously Ryan, put a shirt on!" said Taylor suddenly.

"What, don't you like my sexy abs?" asked Ryan mockingly, flexing his arms.

Taylor felt a stirring in his pants at this. He ignored it, hoping that his baggy pants were enough to hide his growing erection.

Ryan went on. "These guns can knock anyone out, make anyone tap out!" He laughed at this.

"Oh come on, even I could make you tap out!" Taylor shot back. "So could Caden, considering he had three guys fuck him in the ass, he can take the pain!" Taylor winked at Caden.

Ryan laughed coldly at this. "Wanna bet?"

Taylor scoffed at his friend "Hells yeah!"

Ryan thought for a second, then said, "Alright a bet it is. We'll have a match right now. If you can go 10 minutes without tapping out, or you make my tap out, you win. If you do tap out, I win."

"Deal," Taylor responded, and the two shook hands. "Wait, what are we betting on?"

"You got any money?" Ryan responded, and both boys took out their wallets.

"Nah man, I'm flat broke," Taylor said after inspecting his wallet.

"Yeah, me too... So what do we bet on then?"

"Winner fucks the loser," Caden said quietly. Both boys looked at him with surprise.

"Alright, I'm in," said Ryan with some thought.

Taylor was surprised by Ryan's quickness, but was confident in his bet. "Yeah, me too. Caden, you referee."

The two boys got to their feet. Caden signaled for their match to begin.

From the time the match started, Taylor knew this was a bad idea.

Ryan quickly tossed Taylor to the ground, then started stomping on right leg. Ryan picked Taylor back up, then slammed him hard onto his back once more. He pinned Taylor's shoulders underneath his knees, then, pushed his arms down onto the floor. Ryan then began to rub his crotch in Taylor's face, pushing his glasses up slightly. Taylor turned his head sideways.

Ryan laughed. "You like that bitch? You want my cock in your mouth don't you?" Ryan laughed again as Taylor struggled even more. "You wanna tap out don't you? C'mon just tap out and you can have my bigass cock in your ass."

Taylor finally managed to get his arms free, then shoved Ryan off of his chest. He knew he needed this match to end. Taylor really had no wish to fuck his friend, and he knew he had no chance of making Ryan tap out, so he instead vowed to attempt to avoid Ryan for the remainder for the ten minutes, then call off the bet when he won.

Taylor turned around, and Ryan kicked him in the side of the skull. Taylor dropped instantly, and everything went fuzzy. He could hear a high pitched ringing in his ears. This made him unaware as Ryan grabbed Taylor's leg, and twisted the ankle.

Taylor became aware of a sharp pain in his ankle, but was helpless and inactive as Ryan's rolled him over onto his stomach, then twisted the ankle even more. Taylor regained his senses, and became brutally aware of the tremendous pain that was in his ankle, as Ryan increased the pressure while at the same time moving Taylor's own foot closer to his own head, causing pain in the back. Taylor yelled out as his pain increased, but he was well aware of what would happen if he did tap out to end the pain: that he would experience even more pain and have his innocence and masculinity stripped of him simulataneously.

Caden got right in Taylor's face and started taunting him. Taylor closed his eyes to avoid seeing his jeering face, but could not block out his voice.

"You gonna tap out? Huh? You know you wanna. You want Ryan's huge cock in your ass don't you?" Caden spanked Taylor's tight ass with this. "Damn dude," he said, as he began massaging and squeezing the ass, "you'll get fucked real nice. You ready to get raped up the ass, Taylor? You wanna get ripped in half? You wanna scream as he rams into you?"

Taylor opened his eyes for a brief moment, noticing a growing bulge in Caden's jeans. Ryan began shaking the leg, sending waves of pain through Taylor's leg and back with every move.

Taylor knew he had about 3 minutes left. He made up his mind: he would beg Ryan to call off the bet.

Taylor tapped out, hitting the floor a half dozen times. Caden got back into his face. "Do you tap out?"

Taylor yelled back at him. "Yes! I tap out! For the love of god, let me go Ryan!"

Ryan looked like he might let Taylor go, but Caden shook his head, then gave him a smile. "Do you give up? Do you quit?"

Taylor yelled back once more "Yes! I give up! I quit! I quit! Let me go!"

Caden laughed. "Is Ryan better than you? Huh, is he?"

Taylor was writhing in pain. "Yes, he's better than me! Yes!"

Caden went on. "Last one... Do you want to get fucked in the ass?"

Taylor froze, then breathed deeply. "Just let me the fuck go!"

Ryan chimed in this time. "Not until you say it," then twisted Taylor's ankle even more.

Taylor gave in. "Yes!"

Caden relented. "Say it. Say the words."

Taylor seemed to be struggling, but instead said, "Yes, I want to get fucked in the ass!"

Ryan dropped Taylor's leg onto the floor, and Taylor immeadiately clutched it and began massaging it, not noticing as Ryan stuck his hand into his shorts.

After a bit, Taylor said, "Ryan, seriously, you won. I tapped out. But you're not actually gonna fuck me."

Ryan surprised Taylor by saying. "Oh hells yeah I am bitch."

Taylor looked up, only for Ryan to pull down his shorts, revealing very baggy boxers that showed no bulge. Taylor shook his head and tried to stand up, only for Caden to grab his arms from behind. Taylor struggled, but Ryan walked over to Taylor and pulled his tight black shirt over his head.

Taylor's chest was revealed to Ryan. He had the chest of someone was fit, but not muscular or skinny. He had a slight girth to his stomach and pecs that were apparent, but not well defined. He had light blonde hair under his armpits, as well as a blonde treasure trail.

Taylor shook his head more. "Please Ryan, don't do this. I'm your friend. Please don't do this. You've had your fun. You've won. Please, Ryan."

Ryan smiled and massaged his dick even more underneath his boxers. "Alright Taylor, a deal's a deal... but this isn't part of the deal."

Ryan pulled down his boxers, revealing the monster underneath.

Taylor felt fear grip the pit of his stomach as he saw what was before him. Ryan was a full 9 inches, hung like a wildebeast and thick. Black pubic hair ran free over his area, dick, and massive balls.

Ryan moved forward, and gripped the back of Taylor's head. "Open your mouth, bitch."

Taylor shook his head, and Ryan gripped him by the hair and slapped him in the face, dazed, Taylor almost fell over, but Caden's grip held him in place. Ryan kept his hold on Taylor's hair and poked his cockhead into Taylor's lips. Using his arm strength, he manages to force his way through Taylor's tightly closed mouth.

Taylor felt the cock go inside his mouth, and he struggled to keep tears from his eyes. He was sucking a cock. The cock head pushed in, and inch by inch, Ryan forced his tool farther into Taylor's mouth.

His mouth was being filled to the brim; he could feel his jaw popping as it went as far as it could go in order to accommodate Ryan's dick.

Taylor could taste it, despite his tounge being trapped on the bottom of his mouth.

The massive cock hit the back of Taylor's throat, and he fought off the urge to gag.

"Relax," said Ryan, in an almost threatening voice. "Breathe through your nose."

This proved to be difficult, but Taylor fought off panic and allowed his throat to relax. Ryan's hot meat stick slid into Taylor's throat.

"How bout you cough for me?" said Ryan in a teasing voice. Taylor looked up quizzically, but complied, and coughed, causing the cock to be vibrated.

Ryan let out a moan, and Taylor could feel pre cum seeping out as Caden's held his arms back. He could feel Caden's rock hard dick pressing against his back.

Caden released Taylor's hands and wrapped them around his waist and started to undo his belt. The belt came undone and was pulled off of his pants.

Ryan took his cock out of his friend's mouth and shoved Taylor to the floor, then pulled off his pants, revealing a pair of rather tight black boxer shorts, outlining his slightly erect package.

"Awww, Tay Tay likes sucking cock!" Caden taunted.

Caden climbed on top of Taylor and tweaked his erect pink nipples. Taylor arched his back and moaned as his dick grew inside his boxers. Caden bent down and bit one of his nipples, causing Taylor to yell out. He began to grind his ass against Taylor's ever-growing cock.

Ryan got behind Caden and pulled his shirt over his head. Caden had a lean chest, with defined pecs and a washboard stomach, all very tanned. He was completely smooth.

Ryan placed his hands over Caden's chest. Caden leaned his head back and Ryan pulled him in for a passionate kiss.

Taylor had a look of sheer rage on his face. "You bastards! You planned this!"

Ryan and Caden broke their kiss and gazed at Taylor. Caden slapped Taylor across the face and pulled him to his feet.

"C'mon, let's see what the bitch has packing in his pants," Ryan taunted. Taylor's immeadiate response was grasp his boxers around the waistband. Ryan shoved Taylor to the floor, then rolled him over.

Ryan pulled Taylor's boxers shorts down, revealing a round, tight ass. He grabbed it with both hands, squeezing and toying with it, then seperated it, showing off a pink, unused asshole, clear of any hairs.

"Oh yeah, this is gonna be real nice," Ryan said, impressed, as his nine inch cock got even harder.

Ryan leaned over and stuck his tongue deep within the depths of Taylor's asshole.

Taylor could feel the warm, wet, penetration, and vowed not to make a sound, either out of pleasure or pain. But, within seconds, Taylor fought the urge to moan as Ryan's expert tongue probed the inside of his hole, making him tingle, and crave more. Taylor could feel the deep craving for Ryan's tongue to go deeper, and he lost his concentration for a mere second, causing him to moan for the shortest of times.

The moan was not unnoticed.

"Aww, the little fag likes a tongue in his ass," Caden taunted, and Ryan smiled.

"So, the little bitch boy doesnt wanna moan? Alright, we can make that happen," Caden continued, before unbuttoning his jeans.

Caden dropped his jeans around his ankles, showing off bright blue briefs with a sizable bulge in them. He shoved his underwear covered crotch into Taylor's face.

"Cmon, kiss my dick Tay Tay," Caden taunted and laughed.

Fully aware of the hands on his ass and how dangerous Ryan was, Taylor complied, kissing his crotch, feeling the hot throbbing meat underneath the rather thin cloth.

Caden pulled down his boxers, revealing his dick. He was perfectly smooth and shaven, with a 6 inch uncurved cut dick that was also tan.

Even Taylor had to admit that Caden's cock looked delicious.

Knowing what was coming next, Taylor opened his mouth, after which Caden instantly rammed his dick into the open tunnel. After the large overpowering musky taste of Ryan's cock, the smaller, thinner, cleaner dick came as a welcome relief. Taylor could taste the salty meat in his mouth, and found himself enjoying the taste compared to the monster that was just in his mouth.

"I think this bitch is ready," Ryan said.

The heart of Taylor quickly dropped into his stomach as he knew what was coming next. Tears sprung into his eyes as he spit out Caden's dick and twisted around at Ryan.

"Please," Taylor said weakly. "Please, dont do this. Im so sorry. Please..."

Watching his annoying friend beg for mercy turned Ryan on, causing precum to flow from his throbbing cock, fully lubricating it.

Ryan pulled Taylor by his hips up to his feet, then bent him over. He grabbed a firm hold of his rock hard cock and pressed the purple flared head into Taylor lubricated but very tight asshole.

Taylor could feel the large head pushing into him, and his muscles clenched tightly, as the pain of being pentrated overcame his iron will of staying silent.

"Fuck," Taylor half-moaned, half-whispered.

The shaft pressed farther inside Taylor, a full 3 inches, one third in.

Taylor felt like he was already being pried apart, yet couldnt help as be felt the hot rod pierce him deeply. Taylor's moans had reached a new decibel as he got louder the deeper Ryan traveled inside of him.

Taylor quickly realized that his ass was not accustomed to a cock of such girth as Ryan once he was six inches in. The cock stretched Taylor's rectum to the very limit; any thicker and it would have begun to rip. As he pushed farther in, Taylor could feel the hot rod inside of him edge closer and closer to his prostate. His own dick was limp and soft, with blonde pubic hairs around his cock and balls.

Ryan was 7 and a half inches in when he pressed against Taylor's prostate, causing him to scream out.

"FUCK!!!" Taylor yelled out, as his cock was instantly hardened. His now throbbing 7 inch cut cock hung down and his balls were hanging low and loose.

Ryan pushed the final inch and a half inside of his friend. With his rock hard cock not bending, Taylor's prostate was further compressed inside of him. Ryan held his dick inside Taylor for a moment, and moaned loudly, a low guttaral moan that resonated throughout the room and caused Ryan to shudder with pleasure. Ryan pulled out and quickly rammed it back in. Taylor screamed out and Ryan grunted. Ryan pulled out almost all of the way, leaving his head inside, then rammed it inside. Ryan picked up speed.

"Arch your back more, bitch," Ryan demanded, grabbing Taylor by his hair and yanking him back. Ryan thrusted his huge tool back inside Taylor, causing him to scream out once more. Ryan pulled out faster, and didnt pause, instead slamming himself inside of his friend once more. The balls of both Taylor and Ryan expanded, as Taylor's seven inch blond haired cock was erected to full length.

Caden put his smooth tan cock back inside Taylor's mouth and began fucking his face. Ryan pounded Taylor's ass at an increasing speed.

"Fuck yeah, Taylor! Your ass is so fucking good! Take my cock! Take it bitch, take it!" Ryan yelled at Taylor.

Taylor was moaning at record volumes. Caden also grabbed a handful of hair.

Taylor knew he was being made a fag. He had a dick in his mouth and his ass, and once more, he was fully hard. He felt like he could cum at any moment.

Sweat glistened on the chest of Ryan as fucked even harder, shoving as deep as he could within the also soaking with sweat Taylor. The sweat on his dick and dribbling Taylor's ass crack made it much easier for Ryan to pump in and out.

The virgin Taylor was ready to cum. His cock tightened and he came without touching himself all over Ryan's carpet.

When Taylor came, it caused his asshole to tighten even more. Ryan could not take it anymore, he unleashed load after load of his hot cum into Taylor's formerly virgin ass.

Caden clenched Taylor's hair even more, hurting his neck as Caden came into Taylor's mouth. He could taste the saltiness, the bitterness, the warmth of Caden's hot cum in his mouth. Taylor found himself unable to breathe and swallowed several loads before Caden's limp cock pulled out. The rest dribbled at the edge of Taylor's lips.

Ryan pulled out as well, and Taylor fell on top of his own cum on the floor. Cum leaked out of Taylor's thoroughly worn ass. Taylor felt so violated and so ashamed, and began to cry. Ryan and Caden began to laugh as they dressed themselves. Caden knelt down next to Taylor's face.

"Dont worry, Taylor, its ok," Caden said, caressing his face. "He did the same thing to me. He fucked me. He raped me. But I got over it." Caden leaned in closer. "And you can join in on the next one."

Despite his mood, Taylor's cock began to grow, as the doorbell rang.

Ryan answered the door, revealing his 14 year old soaking neighbor Henry. He was short, slightly over 5 feet, with long wavy brown hair and a boyish adorable face, and was built wiry, with a round ass that stuck out.

Ryan smiled warmly. "Come on in!"

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