This is my second story. This will likely be part one of a short series. If you liked it leave a comment or if you have any critisism please any feedback is appreciated.
John had never really felt comfortable socializing with his classmates and preferred to spend his time reading or messing around on a computer. He had tried befriending the people in his classes but when he found they never had interest in the things he liked he decided he didn't need friends. John was a loner at school, he didn't mind because that left him with more time for his hobbies. He spent his lunchtime in the library reading and when he got home he'd do his homework and spend his night on his computer.

John stayed with this schedule until the summer when his Dad made him get a job. He was going into his senior year in high school, had good grades and knew a lot about computers so it wasn't very hard for him to find a part time job selling computers at the local computer store. John's first day of work was a Monday he met the person that he would be working with, her name was Lisa. She was 21 and going to the community college in town.

On the first day she was showing him around the store and showing him how the cash register worked. There was an almost constant flow of costumers once the store opened. Most of them seemed like regulars as they were very comfortable talking to Lisa and knew where everything was. Around Noon there was a break in the flow of costumers and an awkward silence fell over the store as John and Lisa were alone for the first time since the orientation that morning.

"Do you, uh, like movies?", John awkwardly said tapping his hand against a shelf of video games.

Lisa smiled at John as he was obviously uncomfortable, "Yeah, I like most kinds of movies. My favourites are the Sci-fi movies."

"Are you going to see that new alien movie with Daniel Craig and Harrison Ford?"

"Yeah I was planing on seeing it this weekend. Have you seen it yet?"

"No I haven't, I've been pretty busy the past few weeks", John lied hoping she wouldn't ask about it.

"This will be my first weekend off in a while. I've been working extra hours to help pay for school."

"Are you going with your boyfriend?", John asked hoping she didn't have a boyfriend.

"I don't have a boyfriend", John struggled not to smile, excited about his opportunity, "I'm going with my older sister, she's visiting from New York."

"What does she do in-", John was cut off as a customer came in. He seemed like he was new to the store, Lisa gave John a shove as he went to help his first customer. John diagnosed his problem and sent him on his way with what he needed. The guy gave John $5 for his help and left the store.

"Good job noob", Lisa said smirking as John walked back to the video games.

“I hope everyone who comes in here have problems that easy to fix”, John said happy with how things were going for him.

There was an awkward moment after the comments when no one spoke, Lisa broke the silence,”So what are you doing this weekend?”

“Actually I don't have anything planned I was going to sit at home and read this weekend.”

“Why don't you come to the movies with my sister and me?”

John was surprised at the invitation and it took him a few seconds to respond, “I wouldn't mind seeing the movie and it could be nice to get to know my new co-worker”

“I”'ll pick you up tomorrow around seven and we'll go to the theatre.”

“Hand me your phone and I'll put my number and address in it.” Lisa handed him her phone and he typed in his information. The store was closing early that day and they didn't work again until Thursday so they each went home.

The next night Lisa stopped by John's house and picked him up. He expected to see Lisa's sister in the car but it was just Lisa. “Where's your sister?” John asked sitting down in the passenger seat.

“She decided she would rather sleep than go see a movie” Lisa said rolling her eyes.

They got to the theatre and got some seats near the back of the nearly empty theatre. They shared a bag of popcorn John had bought. Part way through the movie Lisa got startled and held onto John's arm she didn't let go for the remainder of the movie. After the movie Lisa and John talked while walking to Lisa's car. Lisa spoke first “So do you want to come to my apartment and have some drinks?”

John wasn't sure if he should go as he had never had alcohol before, “Yeah, that sounds fun”, John said before he thought to much. Then Lisa locked her arm around his and she led him back to her car.

Lisa didn't live very far from the theatre so it didn't take long for them to get to her place. When they got inside Lisa walked over to the fridge and took out two beers and gave one to John. They both sat down on opposite ends of her couch. John wasn't sure how he'd react to the beer so he sipped it. Lisa drank four beers while John sipped down two. John didn't know how drunk felt but he didn't think he was there.

“I think I might be getting drunk”, Lisa said less clearly than she regularly spoke.

“I think I am too”, John said slurring a little too much for someone who had just finished sipping his second beer.

“Have you ever had beer before?” Lisa asked with one eyebrow raised.

“I've had sips of my dad's, but I've never had my own”

“What else have you never done?”, Lisa asked with a mischievous smile.

“I don't really want to talk about that.”

“What if I do this”, Lisa said as she clumsily lifted her shirt over her head exposing her bra. Lisa was beautiful, she was 5'9” tall, had medium length blonde hair, and a wonderful pair of C cup breasts. “Will you tell me now?”, Lisa asked the completely unfocused John.

“Well let me just say that these are my first real life boobs”, John said awkwardly staring at Lisa's chest.

“They are honoured to be your first”, she said as she leaned in and kissed him on the lips. They kissed for a few minutes, then Lisa reached behind her back and released the clasps on the back of her bra. She slid the bra off and John stared in awe of the magnificent orbs displayed before him. Lisa slipped John's shirt off over his head with him only briefly losing sight of Lisa's boobs.

John was so transfixed on Lisa's tits he didn't notice her hand slide behind his head and quickly pulled his head between them. John was shocked at first but he quickly began to enjoy himself. He sucked on her nipples and rubbed her boobs on his face. Her nipples got hard and John lightly bit one of them which was followed my a soft moan of pleasure from Lisa.

Lisa reached down and began unbuttoning John's pants, she slid his pants and underwear off and looked down at his now exposed penis. John had some pride in his cock he had seen some in videos on the internet and his was bigger than some of the ones he saw. He had never measured it but assumed it must have been seven or eight inches long. Lisa seemed pleased by the sight of John's dick and quickly got down on her knees in front of his quickly hardening cock.

She grabbed his dick and began sucking, John gasped when Lisa began sucking on his cock. He had never had another person touch his junk before and he almost came right there. Lisa was amazing at sucking dick, she got John to cum in just a few minutes she kept sucking as he came until he started to shrink back down. That's when Lisa got up and dragged John to her bedroom down the hall, her amazing ass showing from beneath the raised back of Lisa's skirt.

When they got to Lisa's bedroom she pulled down her skirt and panties in one go and laid down on her bed. She spread her legs wide and motioned for John to join her. He climbed onto the bed and began kissing her passionately they made out for so long that they needed to stop in order to breath. Lisa pushed on the top of John's head and she lead his face down to her now soaking pussy.

John only had what he had seen in porn to go on and started to lick and suck on Lisa's clit. She began to tremble as he licked and sucked keeping a pattern going he stuck his tongue as far as possible in to her pussy and that is when she came, she had a firm grip on the back of John's head as she bucked her hips against his face and moaned load enough John thought the neighbours were going to pounding on the wall.

When Lisa's orgasm subsided she released John's head from her grip. He moved back up to her face and they made out once again, now completely sweaty they were beginning to smell. Lisa got off the bed and brought John to the bathroom, she filled her big bathtub with a hot bubble bath and climbed in. John followed once she had sat down he tried to be careful not to hit her with his now rock hard cock. Lisa got a glimpse as he sat down in the tub she covered herself in the warm bubbles and shifted over to John, he was taking her lead and covered himself in the bubbles which had the added effect of making him slippery. Lisa moved to John's lap and sat down guiding his stiff cock into her warm pussy.

John didn't think it could get better than the blow job he had gotten earlier but this was by far better. Lisa's pussy was tighter than John had imagined. Once Lisa settled on John's cock she began to slowly grind and bounce on it. John decided to try some of what he had seen in porn and began thrusting up each time she went down. They both sped up sending a loud squishing and splashing sound through the whole apartment. Lisa was the first to orgasm she began letting out small screeches with each thrust until she reached her orgasm. Her pussy clenched around John's cock and her legs froze with only his thrusts involved Lisa continued letting out little screeches along with a continuous moan.

John couldn't hold on much longer with Lisa's clenched pussy. He kept thrusting and she kept moaning, soon John felt the unmistakeable clenching in his scrotum. John came hard, as Lisa felt the warm cum fill her pussy he moaned and writhed on John's cock. He didn't want to stop, but he couldn't help but slow down as he came. After a few thrusts he stopped, they remained together for a few minutes until they could compose themselves a little. By the time Lisa got off John's cock he had gone completely limp.

John stood up and got out of the tub. He got a towel off the rack and began drying himself off. Lisa soon followed suit and dried off with her own towel. They both stood there for a moment, completely nude, eyeing each other. Lisa and John hugged tightly and kissed passionately they both walked back over to the bed and fell asleep under the covers with Lisa in John's arms.

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