An encounter that awakened the dormant slut and whore within me
Im your average mid 30's guy, reasonably good looking and always done well
with the ladies.I've had some fanasticly erotic and also some perverted
times with a select few ladies storeys for another time perhaps.
But this post concerns the awakening of my very submissive bi side quite by
accident late one night and what followed it.

Like most males pre puberty i had the usual childhood moments of homosexual
experimentation so to speak- a couple of friends and i would meet in our hidout
at the bottom of my garden and show ourselves off to each other and wank each
other off.When i was in junior school my best friend lived on the same street
and we spent a lot of time at each others houses.when we were at his house
things progressed a little further as his parents left him alone and always
knocked before entering.We found could be a little more daring and
actually get fully undressed rather than just have our trousers round
our this time we were wanking ,licking,sucking and inspecting each
others cocks doctor like at every opportuntiy and on one occasion we actually
met in the toilets by accident during lesson at school and had some fun
in a cubicle.By the time i got to secondary school he'd moved to another school
and i developed interest in girls and that was the end of my experiments with other guys .

since then over the years i had several 3 sommes with girlfriends of mine and random guys
and male friends or acqaintances and their women but these were in a heterosexual sense
both guys pleasuring the lady but not engaging in any bi or gay activities with each other.

This all changed one weeknight about a year or so ago now.

I had been out visiting a friend at his home in town one night and was driving
home in the dark down a rural road with next to no lighting.The cd i was listening
to ended and i hate driving with no music so looked for the next available
place to pull in, stop and put my light on so i could see and change cd's.
As it turned out there was a well known short track just up the road that left the
main road and led to a little area set back from the main road so i pulled in and stopped.
Turning the engine and lights off i put the interior light on and located a
cd to swap for the one i'd just listened to and put it in and switched the interior
light back off.Sitting there waiting for the music to come on i thought i'd have a cigarette
before i got on my way again so lit up and sat back smoking as i listened to the music
in the total darkness.As i sat there smoking i noticed thru the rear view mirror a car
pull in on the track and stop about roughly 30 feet behind me before turning its
lights off too.I finished my cigarette and threw it out remembering that this track
had a slight rep as somewhere couples were known to go dogging at times although
i'd never seen any thing on the rare occasions i'd been there.
After another few minutes an interior light on the car behind flashed on and off
then there was a pause and then the same again.I had absolutely no idea who was in the
other car and thought perhaps it was a randy couple looking to play.As i contemplated
who the occupants might be i noticed i was becoming aroused and began to rub myself
through my trousers.I decided to flash my light twice too
wait 10 mins and then go if nothing happened thinking if it was a couple the male might
come and invite me to play with his female rather than me barging up and expecting something.
As i flashed my interior light i got the urge to pull my trousers and boxers down
around my ankles out of sight, so did it and sat back gently playing with my
fully exposed cock in the dark and waiting.After a few more minutes i could hear twigs cracking
close by and Suddenly a shape appeared at my window and knocked on it.
By this time my heart was racing with exitement and a little fear and felt
great- my cock was throbbing and rock hard and it made me tingle knowing some stranger
was stood right outside my window watching me as i stroked my smooth cock for anyone to see.
I wound the window down about a 3rd of the way and the figure asked in a male voice
"hi what are you upto ? " . i replied that i was out just hanging about chilling
and getting a little horny.He replied that he could see that and i was definitely
a "horny little slut just showing myself to anyone like that! ". He asked if i liked that sort
of thing and did i like being a dirty slut and be told what to do for people and i
said yes it did turn me on being ordered about but i'd never been told to do by a guy- truth was it was for some reason making me hornier than i'd been in years.
"Good "he said "you can get out the car then and let me play with that nice smooth cock then and take
your boxers and trousers off too while your at it".

I got out and took off my pants and boxers putting them in the car nervously and feeling the tickling sensation as the cool wind caressed my cock,balls ass and thighs,it felt good.
As i leant back against my car his hands were all over me, running up and down my thighs to my
cock and balls and round to my ass grabbing handfulls of it before going back to my thighs
and cock slowly wanking it.By now i was trembling with pleasure and not understanding any of it,
here i was naked from the waist down outdoors and getting very horny while some guy was groping me.
After about 5 mins he said "oh yes i was a slut alright" and told me to turn round and lean against the car
which i did .He continued to grope me from behind and told me to reach behind myself and play with his cock too which i noticed had gradually got closer to the crack of my ass until it was pushed right up against it. i couldn't do it fast enough i was so turned on .As he groped me and i massaged his cock i could
feel it behind me ,it was about the same size as mine and every time he jerked my swollen cock up and down it pushed in to the crack of my ass slightly and began to arouse a lust in me i'd never felt before.
After a few more minutes i noticed i was pushing back in time as his cock pushed fowards.
i couldn't believe what i was doing- leant against the side of my car half naked with some stranger stood behind me wanking me off and rubbing his cock against my ass for anyone to see and watch . i felt such a slut and was breathing heavy as i pushed down against his cock. All of a sudden he spoke and asked if "i'd been fucked before" to which i answered no i was a virgin anally, He said "good as he liked fucking virgins and taking their anal cherry and that now he was going to take mine and give me some cock in my tight slut ass for the first time".

He motioned me to walk from the side to the front of the car and then bent me doggystyle over my car bonnet, he opened and pulled on a durex and aimed his cock at my ass pushing it into the crack until it was
right at my asshole. As soon as i felt it touch my asshole tightened up instinctively and then twitched before
relaxing again as it felt just how surprisingly warm the tip of his cock was.It was a feeling that made me feel
so horny i couldnt believe it and as he continued to push his cock my ass relaxed more and i felt the head of his cock suddenly spread my ass open and slip in.When this happened he held position a moment and then pushed a little harder and his cock slid in all the way to the balls which i felt slap my ass.Once he was all the way in my ass he held it there right up me deep and and said "yeah now your a dirty cockslut alright, how does it feel slut?".

To be honest it felt so dirty ,depraved, perverted, and was turning me on like crazy every time he called me a slut- i'd never felt so horny in my life before and he began to slowly fuck my ass gently and rythmically which felt absolutely amazing.As he fucked my ass i spread myself wider to let him get deeper if he could and soon he was pulling nearly all the way out and then right back in with ease.feeling his cock pumping my tight slut ass was making me harder than i'd felt before and i started to tell him to fuck my ass harder, that his cock felt amazing in me and to fuck me like a real slut as i needed it badly.He seemed to agree too as his movements got faster and more forcefull until he was gripping my hips tightly pulling me onto his cock impaling me, fucking my ass so hard i was surprised that i could take it . After a few more minutes of him reaming my slut ass hard and fast and me pushing back onto his cock i felt him tense and tighten up before thrusting balls deep one last time and then twitching about 5 times as he came and then slowly pulling his cock out from my newly broken in ass.

"Oh Yes your a good obedient slut" he said as he pulled his pants up and looked at me still bent over the
bonnet legs spread wide and ass in the air like a dirty little whore wanting more cocks
"if your ever here again and i see you i'll use you again " he said then walked off back to his car
leaving me half naked, well fucked and feeling like a dirty used whore which just made me more horny it was unreal.

as i dressed back inside the car i knew i needed cock again sometime soon, to feel it again
stretching my tight little ass wide filling it and fucking me using me like a slut.
the feeling of being used by another man and his cock, to be made to do dirty things in public
for all to see and join in if they wanted was intoxicating and as i drove home i knew i had to have more soon!.

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