My first story. More to come.
The Pipers are like a second family to me. Sometimes I would come home from college and not tell my parents just so I could stay at their place instead. Who wouldn’t love staying over at the house of a family of 5 girls and two parents that love you like the son they never had? The 4 oldest girls are some of the most gorgeous girls I’ve ever met. The oldest sister is one of my best friends. She’s really like a sister to me. Sure I’ve thought about her sexually but I accepted a long time ago that I was content with the best-friend status I have acquired. The second oldest, Miranda, was my girlfriend back in 10th grade, but it never really went anywhere and we’re still close friends. The fourth girl, Bree, is the cutest one I think. Though she’s only 13, I can tell she will be the most beautiful of all of the girls. Annie, the youngest, is too young for me to even think about. She’s just like my annoying little sister.
During the summer after my freshman year in college, I decided to randomly invite myself over to the Pipers’ as I often did just to hang out. When I walked in the door, The whole family was packed to leave and about to head out the door.
“DANNY!!!” the entire family seemed to erupt. Like I said, they loved me.
“Hey, where are you all going? I didn’t know that you guys were leaving.”
“We’ll be at the beach for the next 2 weeks. Well, all of us except for Bree.” Said Stacey, their mom. “She’s going with her friends to their parent’s lake house. Since you’re here, could I ask a favor of you?”
“Sure, what’s up?”
“Bree’s friends are actually out of town right now, she was just going to wait here until they got home. I wasn’t too happy about it but I was going to let it fly, but since you’re here, you think you could just hang out overnight. I’d feel a lot better about you being here with her.”
“He doesn’t want to do that mom.” Taylor, the oldest, said.
“No, I’m ok with it, I didn’t have any plans anyway. I need to work on a paper for English. (I was taking English 102 online over the summer)
“Thanks so much Dan.” Said Stacey “Anyway, we’re off! See you in 2 weeks!”
“Ok, see you later! Bye guys!”
As the door shut, I turned around to see Bree. Like I said, she is possibly the prettiest one. She’s super skinny, around 5’2” and no more than 95 pounds. She doesn’t really have any boobs at all, maybe A-cups. Either way, I still think she’s really hot for how young she is. Though the Pipers have always been like family to me, I wasn’t surprised I was having dirty thoughts about Bree. I often had day dreams involving at least one of the Piper girls. I must have been staring at her because she got this really weird look on her face and said “WHAT?”
“Sorry, just staring off into space. Got any plans for today? Or just stuck here?”
“UGH! Just stuck here. Do you have anything interesting to do? I’m already bored.”
Though my mind shot back into a fantasy involving her, I kept myself from saying what I wanted. “Nah, I’m just as bored as you. Why do you think I came over?”
“fine, wanna just watch a movie?”
“sure, on one condition. Let’s watch a scary one.”
Not only had I not seem a good scary movie in a while, I also knew that Bree was scared to death of scary movies and watching one could only lead to one result, her wanting to be all up on me for protection.
“FINE! But you’re gonna have to save me from it”
“Perfect!” I thought.
“I’ve got the perfect movie! 28 weeks later! The first one was good, this one is supposed to be better!”
After the very first scene of the movie, Bree had already joined me on the couch, sitting right on my lap and forcing me to hug her around the waste. I was fine throughout most of the movie but one of the last scenes she was moving around so much, her little ass was grinding against my dick so much, I felt a boner coming on. The movie ended and I guess as she was getting up she felt my dick because I could tell she hesitated, got up, and with an awkward look on her face, ran up to her room without saying anything. By this point, I was ready to try something on her, so I made a plan.
Right before coming home from school, my friend Pat got busted for possession, but before the cops came and searched his house, my cousin, his roommate, got his stash and brought it to me. They just said to keep it. They were freaked out from getting caught. Luckily I had kept the stash in my car. I went and got the nearly ounce of weed from my car and brought it back in the house, and decided to make up some brownies. Girls love brownies right? Luckily Bree didn’t come downstairs the whole time I was making them. But as soon as they finished she came down. She must’ve smelled them.
“Hey Dan, I’m hungry, can we get some pizza?”
“Sure, but I made brownies if you want them to hold you over until the pizza gets here.”
“Thank god! Brownies!!” This was going to turn out better than I had expected it. Within 5 minutes, she had downed almost a half of the brownie pan. And now just to wait.
After I called for pizza we went into the living room again to watch TV when I noticed that she was getting high. REALLY high.
“You feeling alright Bree?”
“I feel SOOOOOOO loopy!! Haha!” She was moving a lot, running around, squirming in general, but then she came over to me and sat on my lap again, and said “HUG ME!!!”
As I was hugging her, and thinking about how I could get her to do something with me, I felt the boner coming on again. Again, while squirming around she must’ve felt it, because she stopped, got off my lap and looked at me.
I decided acting innocent was over. “My dick, duh! Haven’t you ever seen one?”
“NO! I’m only 13! I’ve seen pictures of them but not up close.”
“Do you want to see mine?”
She froze, and said, “NO! That’s gross. I feel really weird.”
Damnit, she wasn’t high enough. But I was so horny! Luckily, the pizza guy came and knocked on the door. After getting the pizza from him Bree jumped up from the couch again, and tried to grab the pizza from me. I prevented her and said “I don’t know if you should eat while not feeling well, I’m going to get you some Tylenol.”
“ok! Do it fast I want to eat!”
I went into her mom’s room and found her mom’s sleeping pills, thank god for insomnia! Luckily they were about the size of Tylenol. I took it back to Bree, made her take it, and let her eat the pizza, which she chased with more of my special brownies. After she was done, we once again sat down, her on my lap, to watch some TV. After a bit she started moving her butt around on my dick. She did this nonstop for about 10 minutes and then turned around and stradled me. I was surprised too!
As she starts making out with me she dry humps my dick which is only getting harder. After a bit I decided to take her shirt off, exposing her training bra. With one hand, I took that off, while the other hand went to explore her young pussy. When I found it, I started rubbing it, which caused her to break off the kiss to moan. I took the opportunity to start licking and sucking her tiny little nipples.
I lifted her off me and sat her down on her knees in front of me. She seemed like she was dazed, definately. As she sat there I took off my pants and my 7 inch dick whipped out in front of her face. When she saw it, her eyes widened, she smiled and grabbed it. She was just jerking me off until I sat down. Then she decided to go further. She slowly put her lips over the tip of my dick and then took in as much of me as she could. The warmth of her mouth was almost unbearable. I had to will myself not to shoot a load into her mouth. She sat there and sucked my dick for almost 10 whole minutes and then I got up and placed her on the couch. I took off her sweatpants and panties in one swoop exposing her bald little teeny pussy. I lowered my face down to her snatch and started to explore it with my tongue. At this, she started moaning uncontrollably. Louder and louder she screamed until she climax and pussy juiced poured out. I assumed that I had just given Bree her first orgasm.
When I looked up, I could see she had passed out. The sleeping pills had finally worked. I picked her up like I would a baby to take her back to her bed, but had a better idea. When I had her all the way up in my arms I held her with one arm and with the other, guided my cock her little pussy, rubbing and prodding it for a while. Finally, I stuck it in enough to feel the wall that was her hymen blocking me. When I had it in there I took her and, using gravity, slammed her onto my cock, tearing through the hymen and into the tightest pussy imaginable. I knew she was a small girl, but damn! She screamed and started cyring, but It subsided into wimpers.
I held her there until I had gotten her upstairs and put her in bed, face down, still wimpering. As I climbed on top of her, I lifted her tiny little ass just a bit to meet my dick and then entered her again. As I started thrusting into her, her moans came back and replaced her wimpers. After fucking her from behind, I flipped her over and put her legs over my shoulders. I returned to thrusting with all the intensity that I had before enjoying every second of her incredibly tight, warm, and wet, pussy. I was fucking her so hard when all of a sudden, I felt the climax building up in me. Harder and harder I buried my dick into her she started screaming out of pleasure and I shot into her harder than I had ever came before. I pulled my dick out slowly letting the cum that was hot in her pussy run out of her onto her sheets. I left her there to sleep, while I went and took a shower. Then I went down and fell asleep on the couch.
The next morning, I woke up when I heard Bree coming down the stairs. She looked really awkward and didn’t say anything to me. As we both made breakfast, we decided not to tell anyone, because it would only cause problems. She and I sat in silence the rest of the time until her friends came over to pick her up. That wasn’t the last pussy I ever got from one of the Piper girls.
More stories to cum…
(Tell me how I did, this is my first story.)

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Guys, the tag says "Rape". Learn to read the tags.

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Not a bad story. It did get me hard. I'm not really into rape or drugs, but do continue writing. More sex with the 13 yo and definitely need to get the 9 yo involved! To the guy who says he's fucked at least 2 dozen girls 8-11 - send me a PM! I want to chat with you.

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