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after my reintroduction to cock things progress in ways i did and didnt expect
In my last post i told of how i was reintroduced to enjoying cock and also
the newer pleasures of being submissive, obedient,an exhibitionist and as best
a slut as i could for a horny guy using me.Later after being used over my
car bonnet and having time to think about it and fantasize about what i wanted
to happen next time.

i decided to take out an ad on a website catering to bi/gay guys
meeting up and set up an advert looking for single guys who wanted to fuck and well use a
fit smooth whore.Fairly straight away i had messages from guys but most were either miles away
,couldnt manage more than wanna fuck? and a phone no or just not my type altho i wasn't sure
what was at that point anyway.Anyway nothing happened for a while except i liked to spend
a lot of time in the camchat room showing off to guys on there who seemed
to be quite interested in guys with totally smooth cocks etc so was having a little fun
and thinking about things that turned me on over the last 20 years.

one thing i'd always enjoyed was when i was living with a longterm girlfriend years ago,
sometimes if she went out for the night i would dress up in her underwear and clothes
it started just with wearing her hold up stockings and then gradually progressed to
panties and bra too and then a mini skirt and top the whole thing afer a while.
the feel of wearing the hold ups would have me rock hard with a swollen cock in mere seconds
and the miniskirt barely covering my ass just made it worse.

Anyway after remembering this i decided i would have some more fun dressing up again
but this time the clothes would be mine bought and paid for and exactly the items i wanted
and chose by myself.
after a couple of weeks browsing various internet sites i had managed to buy some
pairs of black hold ups, a pair of tight crotchless see thru panties,
a micro mini tight lycra clubbing skirt which covered nothing at all it was more like a belt,
a nice bra and a fishnet top.

once i had a full set of clothes together i started dressing up and taking pictures of myself dressed
when i went online on cam in the chatroom and would put on a show for everyone before milking my cock
and letting everyone see me shoot my cum all over like a slut.
I was getting plenty of attention again maybe even a little more than before,
guys seem to like a nice cock and ass in stocking and knickers and seemed to be enjoying my
new pics and watching me on cam judging from the whispers and comment or mail.
One thing that helped i think is that i'm quite small for a guy so am pettite weigh under 10 stone
and are slim with a small ass which some guys liked a lot in my pics.
I still hadn't managed to find anyone local i liked the look of though so started spending
more time in the chatroom on cam ,often untill 2 or 3 in the morning.
Then one night i was in the chatroom about 11:30 pm and on cam when a whisper popped up flashing
in my chat pane.
It was from someone called Tel69 saying i had a nice looking cock and looked good on the cam.
I messaged him back saying thanks i was glad he liked what he saw so i must be doing something right.

We chatted for a few minutes longer and he asked me what i liked and i said well i had a taste of cock
a couple of months and since then have been dying to get some more as it really made me horny.
Well i'd love to have you pleasure my cock and play with yours he said so i waited for
the "but i'm the other side of the country" part but it didnt come .
Then before i could say anything he said that he had checked my profile and he
was from the same town as me and actually less than a mile away.
Suddenly i became very interested and clicked to check his profile out,Well he was middle aged mid 50's
fairly good shape for a guy of his age and had a nice cock that looked about the same size as mine i thought
from looking at his pic.
I was definitely ineterested in seeing him and his cock closer up so asked if he would like to get together
then some time thinking we could arrange a time another day and meet up .His response caught me out,
he said he was free right now and horny and as i was all dressed up and horny too i should come straight round
to his and have some fun! My cock began to tingle and get hard at the thought of being given cock within the hour,
so i replied that it would take about 30 mins to lock up and walk to his place if that was ok .
Yes thats fine he said and gave me his house number.

Half an hour later roughly i was at the door to his house and rang the bell.He opened the door beckoning
me in into the front room and joined me .Offering me a drink he asked would i like to change and get dressed
and said yes so he handed me a vodka and showed me to his bathroom telling me he'd be in the front room
when i'm done. I got my clothes out and took a big swig of drink before getting dressed in my hold ups,
crotchless see thru panties, micro mini, bra and fishnet top.I checked how i looked in the mirror and finished
the vodka off and then walked back into the front room.
my host Tel was sat at his pc and looked me up and down,very nice he said and asked if i wanted a refill.
I handed him my glass and sat down on the sofa, As he stood up infront of me and handed me my
refill he asked me to hitch my skirt up a little and then get his cock out.
This is what i'm after i thought and drained as much of my glass as i could before putting it down and
reaching for his trouser zip.Undoing it i reached inside and released his cock from his underpants
and out thru his fly.As i looked at his cock it appeared to be definitely thicker than mine and
by the look of it a little longer.As i lowered my mouth to it and slowly started to swallow it he said
"yeah thats it suck it, thats good" .As i continued sucking i was shocked, it grew until it was nearly twice the thickness
of my cock and at least 2 -3 inches longer leaving me almost drooling at the sight of it .
it looked around 7-8 inches in length and about 2 inches roughly in girth, definitely much bigger than the
one belonging to my guy from a few months before who was about the same size cock as myself.
I continued to slowly suck his cock taking as much in my mouth as i could trying to deepthroat it,
and wanking it and playing with his big ball sack.
The vodka had kicked in by now and i felt hot and a little horny to say the least sucking on this big fat cock when i heard
Tel ask if i wanted any of this?.looking up from his cock i saw he had a little small bottle in his hand and after a
second realised it was popperz, Feeling quite aroused and always willing to try i said yes please so he took 2 deep inhales
and passed it on to me.I took the bottle and inhaled deeply in one nostril, and the other too he said so i did and handed
the bottle back to him.As i resumed sucking on his fat cock i felt my whole body start to tingle and i went rather light headed
and this wave of what i can only call pure filth came over me and i started sucking very much more enthusiastically
on his cock and feeling so horny making it nice and wet and deepthroating as much of it as i could .
As i sucked he took another couple of deep inhales and passed it to me smiling, i didnt need telling twice
and took 2 deep long inhales in each nostril this time. After i gave it back he told me to lie face down on the bed,
so i lay down my head swimming and waves of rushes sweeping over me feeling absolutely great and horny as hell.
Tel ran his hands up my thighs to my ass and then between my legs telling me to open them wide like a good slut which i
duly did. he passed me the popperz again and and as i opened the bottle and began to inhale i felt his hands on my ass
and something cold and wet being rubbed in to my asshole lubeing it up nicely before 3 fingers suddenly went
knuckles deep in my tight little ass.for a second there was dicomfort and then they began to work my ass
stretching it open a little at a time until i was nice and relaxed and taking it quite easily.
As i inhaled on the popperz i felt so horny laying face down with someones fingers working me and my ass relaxed even more.
then the fingers were gone and i felt the big bulbous tip of Tel's cock pressing at my asshole before being rammed
right in balls deep all the way in one vigorous thrust. I could feel inch by inch as it rushed deep into me to the hilt,
and it felt enormous,never ending almost and like it would split me open with its thickness.Then without furthe ado
Tel started to pump his big cock hard and deep in and out of my petitte little stretched slut ass.
there was no messing about and starting slow here - he began ruthlessly fuckingand reaming me hard ramming his huge cock balls deep
with enough force i was beginning to slide up the bed.
for a minute or so it was a little painfull but after some more popperz and a couple of minutes getting used to the size of him
i was beginging to enjoy it like nothing else i'd experienced in a long time and felt like a good whore by now taking it as hard
as he could fuck and wanting felt amazing riding this cock being speared like a slut and i told him to fuck me harder ,faster
deeper, call me a dirty whore, spank me .He said i was definitely a good little slut who took cock well and i agreed as he
continued to fuck me roughly, i couldnt get enough of this cock in me.
For the next hour as i sniffed the popperz he fucked me hard and ruthlessly on my back with my legs spread wide in the air, on my
side,doggystle and then i got on top and sat on his cock and rode it as hard as i could until he came.
In all now i felt more of a slut having been dressed up and fucked by one of the biggest cocks i'd ever seen in the flesh
and taken it hard like a good obedient little submissive cockwhore should.

I didnt see Tel for about 2 weeks after but the next time i went round he had an unexpected surprise for me
which will be the next chapter in the series.


2016-05-19 14:21:18
Yes!!! nothing like having a BIG HARD COCK in my ASS-PUSSY but I have yet to have any fingers open me up, I just get lubed and FUCKED and can't seem to get enough.


2015-04-26 05:03:33
love slut on cam, showing there stuff, well I jack off

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2013-10-26 07:36:24
A0Am8F Hey, thanks for the article post. Awesome.

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2013-05-04 18:52:58
what a fantastic feeling it is to be treated like a slut the emotions when you taste your first cock cannot be explained it has to be experienced


2012-02-01 04:26:37
A good horny story, that's something I would like to try, being dressed as a slut and being fucked hard

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