"Like I was trying to tell you before you started all that," she says with a smile. "Unfortunately the current settings do not take into account the female orgasm. As you can no doubt tell we could cum all night and it wouldn't change us back. We weren't sure how well the female orgasm would work in the new bodies. Thankfully, whether it is a byproduct of being partially human still or these animals derive pleasure from sex, we definitely can feel all manner of joy in the modified forms. But the female orgasm can be a damn fickle thing in humans to begin with. And we're one of the few species that has sex solely for pleasure.

"We didn't want to risk transforming into a female animal, being physically unable to orgasm, and be trapped because of it. So, when we put the safeguards in we relegated them to the male ejaculation alone. In other words, until we find some cum for ourselves we cannot turn back."

"Well, what about John?" I ask.

"That could work for me, but remember, the semen stays in your body even after the change. Are you willing to risk getting pregnant when we might be able to work out a less risky method of reversing this?"

"No, I guess not. I just don't want to be stuck like this for the rest of my life. And I certainly have no idea how to adjust your toy. Even if this is all my fault."

Kristie gives me a hug and shushes me. "It's all right. Hiccups happen in scientific advances. And all things considered it could be worse. At least we aren't stuck with horse heads for the rest of our lives."

I laugh at her obvious attempt to lighten the mood, but I let her go. "You go help your man. I'm sure you two will come up with something."

She gives me a lingering glance like she's searching my eyes to make sure I'm holding up ok. She must find what she's looking for because with a quick nod she trots over to her hubby.

Left to my own devices, I pace back and forth across the living room floor. I wonder briefly if the clip-clop of my hooves are distracting for the two lovers diligently working to clear up my mess, but I figure they would tell me if it did. Besides it helps me work out some of my nervous tension. Not to mention it does wonderful things with the dildo still buried hilt deep in my twat.

Somewhere between their muttering and my wandering an orgasm starts to build. But before it can grow some legs and walk me home my overactive pussy squeezes it out of me. I immediately regret the loss, but before it hits the tile inspiration strikes. I facepalm over the shear idiocy of not seeing it sooner.

"Guys, I have a plan."

Not waiting to see if they hear or even start following, I turn tail and make tracks for the front door. Full night has fallen during our escapades and a chill breeze greets me as I step out onto the porch. My plan hits an unforeseen hitch. How the hell am I supposed to go down the stairs with four hooves?

I ease myself carefully sideways down the steps. I have to move so slowly that I hear the steady clop of Kristie's hooves as she chases after me. Whether they saw me leave or noticed I had left makes no difference. The important thing is they made it.

Her giant body makes a beautiful silhouette in the open doorway just as I reach solid ground. But I am in no mood to wait after the slow descent. I turn and start to run. Almost immediately the wind picks up against my body. The wind pressure is rough but my new legs power right through it. I find myself running faster than I ever have in my life with almost no effort on my part.

I look back at the house to see if Kristie can even keep up with me. I'm just in time to see her dark body fly out over the steps and land solidly in the grass. She tears off after me kicking up clumps of grass as she goes. I mentally kick myself for not thinking of simply jumping the damn stairs to begin with, but I'm not going to let her outrun me.

We race into the night, but I manage to maintain my lead. Running on instinct through the shadowy yard, I find my target and gallop straight for them. The two stallions are still in the outdoor paddock milling about. However, their attention locks onto the two dashing females as we approach. I slow just long enough to open the gate before entering their outside home.

I trust Kristie will close the fence behind her once she follows me in. The two horses trot over to me with their nostrils flaring. My whole arm still reeks of Kristie's fluids and my own are most likely dripping down my legs. I assume our scents are having the desired effect when the two nudge than lick my enlarged breasts. Their tongues are long, thick, and coated in saliva. They soon have my breasts bouncing under their attack.

Up close I can see the stallions are Tiny and Tim. If Kristie is to be believed the toy she made for me is modeled after Tiny. I'm eager to find out if he lives up to the silicone fake. The attention to my nipples is turning me on, but they soon lose interest in my mammeries and start sniffing around my pussy.

Without warning, Tiny rears up and lands on my back. His forelegs grip my sides and his blunt cock starts ramming against my ass. It only takes him two tries before he hits his target and sinks fully inside me. My pussy comes alive the instant his flared head forces its way between my lips. In the matter of a second the pole fills me up and his balls slap wetly against my dripping slit.

While the actual time for full penetration is a mere second the sensations are permanently imprinted in my mind. The first penetration of the thick head sends a flood of sparks along the edge of my skin. My hair prickles and stands on end and I feel like I am struck by a bolt of lightning. Stars burst behind my eyes and such warmth suffuses me that I think I could just die a happy woman right there.

I'm afraid his touch has ruined me for any future lover and then it gets better. The next inch pushes the electricity deeper into my flesh. It arcs through my skin and into the muscles just below the surface. They twitch and burn and quiver and shake. I wrap my arms around my body trying to hold myself together against the forces taking control of mind and body.

Another inch and it goes deeper still. The deep muscles absorb the pleasure and push back against the intrusion of their own accord. My eyes screw shut. The constellations colliding behind my vision are already washing out reality anyway. Tiny's hot breath blows my hair along my back sending soft tickling trails to swirl through the electric shocks surging through me.

The huge cockhead continues to burrow inside me widening my canal. While the next few inches heave through my entrance I manage to whip my torso around. Tiny's beautiful head is right behind me. Through the haze of the light filling my eyes I can see his nostrils flare in exertion. His tongue hangs loose from his open mouth. I gaze into his wonderful eyes and feel his magnificent haunches fill my pussy with horse meat.

In other words, the real thing blows the toy completely out of the water. No offense to John. He's a fairly strong man and he tried his best, but him pushing the dildo is nothing compared to over one thousand pounds of muscle shoving a rigid pole into me. I could feel my tightness fighting the dildo and it half won in the house. Out in the pasture the stallion is king. And the force of his thrusts easily plows into me. My tightness serves to increase the stimulation for both of us without hampering his movement in the slightest.

In addition, the toy was cold and lifeless, but no one could feel his rod inside them and not know it is alive. It burns with an internal heat pushing warmth out and through me with every stroke. It quakes inside me like a vibrator on steroids.

And the model penis further lacks one key aspect. The heavy balls smacking my lips every time he achieves full penetration. The balls keep hitting my clitoris each swing. The sensitive bundle of nerves overcharges my nervous system with every hit and my orgasm comes tearing through me after only a few thrusts.

My body locks down on the invading cock and still fails to slow down the horny stallion. My body returns to the front and I collapse forward like a puppet with cut strings. Weak as a baby I can do nothing but ride out my orgasm as it eats its way through my spine and out through my body. But my strength returns rapidly as Tiny continues his assault. I rise back up and my eyes are clear.

Across the pasture I'm not surprised to see Kristie getting drilled by Tim. From the stream of profanity and screams coming from her mouth I can only assume she's having as good a time as I am. What does surprise me is seeing John on the other side of the fence. The red casing of the See and Say is obvious even in the low lighting, but it's sitting in the grass. His right hand is too busy pumping his dick to hold onto the delicate device.

For some reason I am astonished to see him masturbating out in the dark field. Sure the sight of two beautiful women being taken as mares is unbelievably hot. It certainly feels amazing. But I've never seen a man whacking off before and I find it fascinating.

Of course, the initial shock and intrigue fall away under the constant jackhammer thrusts of Tiny's pole. I give myself up to the orgasmic delight once more. I turn to see my lover again. My eyes are clear having adjusted to his girth rubbing the deepest parts of me. I gaze into his chocolate eyes and see an earnest need to unleash his seed within me.

I grip his massive cheeks. Stroking his hair I sink deeper into his eyes. Finally giving in, I reach out with my tongue to touch his. I kiss his nose and then gently lick his protruding muscle. He must find something tasty on my breath or my tongue. Before I can blink his tongue flips up like a worm and plunges into my cavity. I suddenly have two separate pieces of this giant stallion fighting to enter me.

It slithers into my mouth like a snake. It's so thick it makes me gag as it flicks about inside my maw. But thankfully he acts a cat lapping up cream. It plunges inside and searches my teeth and gums before retreating for a half second. The brief pause allows me to catch my breath before I'm refilled with meat from both ends.

The constant give and take pushes me into another orgasm. But I manage to keep my torso rigid so he can continue to lick the inside of my mouth as my lust burns through my body. The second instance of my rippling vagina must be too much for Tiny. He stops exploring my mouth and lets loose a sky splitting whinny before unloading his balls in my belly.

The flood of sperm boosts my sensation enough to rob me of the last of my control. My body flops forward once more as he finishes up with a few solid thrusts. His dick floods me with hot semen and I hope it is enough to return me to normal.

With his deposit complete, Tiny slips off of my equine body. I wait for the familiar tingles of change to begin. But a sudden weight lands on me once more. I turn to see Tiny, nostrils flaring, on my ass again. Before I can gasp in surprise he's inside me again. His cock is still rock hard and huge. Even after cumming he maintains his prior stamina. His pounding humps churn the milky fluid boiling in my love tunnel.

Alas, Tiny's sexual stamina is not up to his physical stamina. After only a few minutes of fervent thrusts his balls explode within me. At this point, I am beyond my influence. My body burns with such wild abandon that I can no longer remain conscious. Before Tiny dismounts I am absorbed by the blackness of sleep.

A light jostling wakes me, but only slightly. My naked legs dangle in the cool night air and I can feel the warmth of John's body. I'm aware enough to realize I'm fully human again and he's carrying me back to the house. But I'm so damn tired. Staying awake is far too difficult so I succumb again to sleep.

The last thing I hear before drifting off again is: "Poor dear. I don't even think she was conscious for the fourth time he mounted her." I can't even be sure who is talking.

The next time I rouse I'm swaddled in a pillowy comforter. The change startles me awake. I look around trying to piece together where I am and what happened. Even in the darkness I recognize the spare bedroom I usually stay in when I spend the night at Kristie's house. I find I'm still rather exhausted despite however long I slept. But my mouth is completely dry.

Choosing drink over sleep, I fight my way free of the comforter. I am rather unsteady on my feet, but I make my way out the door and down the hall. I almost make it to the stairs when the soft rumble of John's voice stops me in my tracks.

"It looks like the device is fine. The strain of so many quick changes doesn't appear to have caused any lasting damage."

I breathe a sigh of relief knowing it's my fault that it was used so much this night. Last night?

"You might have explained to her that this is mostly untested tech and shouldn't be stressed so much."

"Well, I hardly had the time. She found the transmogrifier and triggered it sooner than I expected. I barely managed to keep her calm and reverse her first change myself. I was afraid she might have had a breakdown. Of course after that she took to it like a duck to water, no pun intended, and didn't let up long enough to allow me to caution her on the ins and outs of the thing.

"Besides you were the one who wanted additional test subjects we could trust. With the way she took to it I probably could have brought it up before hand rather than leave it like a landmine in Joshua's toys, but what's done is done."

I have to slap my hand over my mouth to keep from shouting. She set me up? My knees go weak from both exhaustion and shock. Forgetting about the water, I return to my bedroom and crash into bed. Before I can work through my muddled feelings I pass out.


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"Walk Like An Animal V:Changing Horses Midstream" - Angela, Kristie and John - (Female Friends and Husband)

These female friends, and literal willing guinea pigs, have run the gamut of several inbody animal experiences. It seems, to Angela at least, her most enjoyable is as the mare and rutted by stallion Tiny. Of course Angela's attitude about the fantasy aspects of animal inbody experiences seems to be blase' and her rights to treat the experiments as she damned well pleases.

Still an elephant trained to use its proboscis to fuck a human female into oblivion is a feat that could easily happen. And, the sexual copulation and impregnation of a human female by an ape or large monkey family could very possibly by genetically engineering!!


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The best I can offer is I have a rough outline in my head for another chapter and tying up some of the loose ends. Unfortunately, most of my writing time is currently focused on finishing up The Auction which is largely finished in my head. I'm planning on reediting it and including the two remaining women along with a new introduction as my next published work through Smashwords.

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