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Hey guys, this is the third in my series and it helps if you've read the others. I hope you all like it! This might be the last, so let me know if you want one more with this series or not ;)
I look at Liv with a lightly stunned expression as she lowly rolls me over swinging her legs around my hips and pushing me onto my my back.
“Wh-wait, what are you doing?” I stammer. Liv looks at me lightly confused.
“You did it to me. What's the matter?” She says, leaning in closer to me, her lips hovering just above mine. “Don't you want me to?” I'm getting hot now, my heart speeding up.
“N-no, it's not that I don't wa-” Liv lunges for me, pressing her lips hard against mine. All thoughts leave my mind, and she slips her tongue into my mouth, rolling it over mine. The kiss slowly starts getting faster and hotter, I'm getting wetter. Liv breaks the kiss, and starts slowly trailing kisses down my neck, gently biting it. I let out a moan, and, encouraged by this, she slips her hand down my stomach, and softly strokes my pussy. It sends shivers up my spine, and I make a mewling sound. Liv giggles and bites my neck again, then presses harder with her fingers, rubbing them back and forth. It feels so good, I'm loosing my mind.

Then, suddenly, she swiftly slips her fingers under my panties and pushes them up into my wet cunt.
“Ahnnng!” I growl, as she starts moving them in and out of me. I cant believe the feeling, my pussy is on fire and I can feel myself starting to quiver. Her breathing I speeding up, and she's started pumping her fingers in and out of me faster and faster. My hips start bucking, and I hear myself letting out high pitched moans and squeals. Liv looks up at me and kisses me again, hard. Her tongue sliding with mine, combined with her fingers curling up and hitting my G-spot is almost unbearable.
“AHHH OH FUCK, OH GOD!!” I scream, and start to shudder. Liv twists her hand inside of me, and flicks her thumb over my clit. This sends me over the edge.
“AHHHN, OH YES FUUUCK!!” I scream and wrap my legs around her arm. Liv puts her crotch onto the back of her hand and thrust up one last final time, bringing me over the edge again. I let out a high pitched squeal and then a low moan. Liv takes her hand out, and licks her fingers clean, smiling up at me seductively.

She slips her fingers under my panties and slides them off completely.
“If you think that felt good,” She says starting to kiss down my body, “Wait till you feel this.” She finishes, having moved down my stomach, and sucking on my inner thigh. My stomach flips over, and I let out a soft moan. I feel her hot breath just above my pussy, making it drip. She gently leans and kisses me so softly I can barely feel it, flicking her tongue as she pulls back up.
“Ahn” I moan. I squeeze my eyes shut.
“Still don't want me to do it?” She whispers. I whimper. I hear her giggle, and then she licks slowly but deeply up and down my slip. Oh god oh god oh god, it feels so good. Then she pushes her tongue down swiftly and hard, hitting me directly on my clit, flicking it back and forth.
“Ahhhh! Oh fuck, oh god!” I moan and cry, bucking my hips onto her ever fastening mouth. She spreads her lips over my whole pussy, and sucks hard, flicking her tongue harder and faster onto my clit, making me scream and moan. I feel her fingers slowly caressing down my stomach, sliding around my thighs, and then pushed up into me.
“FUCK!! OH SHIT YES LIV YES!!” I wail, thrusting hard. I can feel it coming, I'm going to cum. Liv is pumping her fingers in and out of my dripping hole, and flicking and sucking my clit with her mouth. I can't take it.
“Ah OH AHHH OHMYGOD FUCK FUCKFUCK!!!” I scream and wrap my legs around her head, and explode. Well it feels that way. I keep cumming and cumming into Livs mouth, and she just drinks it up. I shudder as the last wave comes over me, but Liv has other ideas. She bites my clit gently and thrusts her finger into me hard, curling them upwards. I scream louder than I thought I could, and cum again, harder and longer than the last one. I let out soft gasps and moans as she drinks from me again, slowly bringing me down from my shock wave of an orgasm. I fall back into the pillow, groaning. Liv crawls up to greet me, nuzzling my nose with hers. I open my eyes and look up into hers.
“Hey.” She whispers.
“Hi.” I smile and whisper back at her. She looks at me and I stare back, wrapping my arms around her, caressing the small of her back, making her shiver. I slip my leg in between her legs, and lean in gently, kissing her softly on her lips. She makes a quiet squeak sound, and pushes my lips open, slipping her tongue in with mine. It still sends chills down my back. I start kissing her harder, pressing her to me. Still kissing, I slowly move my fingers up along her, and then curve them to meet her already dripping cunt. I slip one up into her, and she breaks the kiss with a gasp followed by a long moan as I start pumping in and out of her. I flick my thumb over her clit a few times, copying what she did to me. This results with her shuddering and moaning. I use my leg as support so I can get into her deeper, and add another finger. She squeals and thrust down onto my hand wildly. Bucking onto me harder and faster, she starts wailing with pleasure, then a ground breaking orgasm wracks her body. She cries out and digs her nails into my back, making me groan. I slowly remove my fingers from her, and kiss her again deeply. She giggles into my mouth, then breaks the kiss, and nestles into my neck. I melt. I suddenly realise how tired I am, and feel my eyes shutting. We fall asleep like that, her breath on my neck. And dream about each other.

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2011-11-30 11:29:26
Awesome story makes me want to know what happens next. Does mom find them still asleep and cuddling when she comes home.

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2011-11-30 02:17:19
Keep up the good work! Well written and beautiful deion.

Oh yes, I'm a guy. :-)


2011-11-30 01:56:29
It was a follow on from my other ones. There is a story in it, but you have to read the others.

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2011-11-30 01:42:23
That wAs an awesome sex storie buutt itdidnt have any story! It would beeven better with story but keep it up!

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