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A man decided to lay down some ground rules to his wife. He started; I shall go out and come back whenever I please, when I come back to this house I must see a palatable dish on the dinning, I drink and play cards whenever I want with my friends and he went on and on talking. The wife was looking at the man and listening to all what he was saying. When he was done speaking she said " I have understood all what you have said but whether you are in this house by 8pm or not there'ld be sex in this house, is that understood" the husband stood there speechless.

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2012-06-29 04:47:18
LAME..fucked up the ending really bad, even thought i got it...learn to spell and grammar check please..

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2012-02-10 07:55:53
I also dsiere to have sex in risque situations or public places Then there are occasions when I'd just quite stay home and take action low key. Relating to those nights, I enjoy have a v horney moms ery little sexy company.

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2012-02-01 13:34:46
تيفي سكس

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2011-12-28 18:34:10
i guess it was so funny i forgot to laugh! the comments were hilarious lmao!


2011-12-20 12:58:25
a man text his wife.... "hon, i can't go home early
sorry... i know its our anniversary.. im really sorry"

the wife replied.... "ok hon.. its ok but the sex will start at 9pm
with or without you... "

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