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My big sister Laura (27) and myself, Daniel (25) recently lost our parents so to get over it we decided to go on holiday to a plush resort in Barbados.

We inherited a large chain of successful pubs and restaurants so we had a lot of money to afford the best that money can buy.

I always fancied my big sister, in fact we used to masterbate together when we were staying with our parents in our teens when they were out and we both agreed it was always amazing to be naked with each others and touching each others bodies in a way that a brother and sister shouldn't. We never had sex as she was not on the pill and I was to shy to buy condoms.

After touch down we headed to the resort which was fantastic and secluded as it was for honeymooners.

"Hey Laura, they got a jacuzzi in the bathroom!!"

"Cool, why dont you turn it on, let me get ready and I will come join you"

My cock twitched at the very idea of seing Laura in her bikini.

I put on a pair of swimming shorts and waited my dick was semi hard when she walked in to the room. My sister was wearing a red bikini that was only covering her nipples I scanned her body looking at her flat stomach and down to her panties that were held with a bit of string.

My dick when from semi hard to throbbing.

She had a couple of cocktails which she carried in to the jacauzzi with her and handed me one.

We finished them in double quick time and sorted ourselves some more from the fridge at the jacuzzi.

"Ever since Dave (her ex) left me, I feel so horny and thought about the times when we were younger, have you ever thought about it?"

"Yes, I get such a hardon and wish we did have sex to see what it felt like to be with my big sister"

"Do you love me Dan?"

"Of course"

"Well, as we are on holiday, do you belive in what happens on tour stays on tour?"


Laura then got up out of the tub, untied the bra part of her bikini to show me her tits. Her nipples were hard and her areolas were nice and pink, then she utied the panties and let them fall into the tub revealing a beutifully waxed hairless pussy.

"I'm so wet for you baby brother I want your cock inside me"

She sat on the edge of the tub with her legs spread for me to see her soaking pussy in full glory.

"Will you make love to your sister?"

I got out my shorts reavling my massize hardon.

The jacuzzi was build perfectly for fucking because with my sister laying with her legs open, I was able to stand in the tub and perfectly get access to her pussy.

I rubbed my dick all over her clit and up and down the length of her labia stopping at her entrance.

"You sure Laura?"

She bit her bottom lip nervously

"Dan, fuck me, fuck your sister"

I slipped in side her with ease, we looked into each others eyes as we made passionte incestous love.

"Dan, I want you to ram your dick hard and slow into me so I can cum"

I did as I was told, like the good brother that I am.


I felt my sisters pussy contract and squeeze my raging dick.

"I'm close to cumming to Laura"

As I said this, she hooked her legs around my back and put one hand around my neck.

"As this is a special moment in our relationship, I want you to cum inside me"

"You sure? I thought you didnt take birth control?"

"I dont, but this is just a one off, the rest of the holiday, you use condoms"

The thought of cumming inside my sisters unprotected pussy sent me over the edge into an explosive orgasm.

"Thats it cum inside me, it will make me cum again too"

As the first splash off my cum hit my sisters womb, I felt her shudder beneath me and cum again.
I fired 5 times into her before pulling out.

As she stood up, I saw my baby juice oozing from her pussy into the water.

We sat back down in the jacuzzi out of breath, my mind was racing at the total taboo sceanario my sister and I just commited.

"Dan, what would you do if you just impregnated your sister?"

"Well, we can move to Austraila if you want?" I laughed.

"I have always wanted to go there" she giggled.

"We do have a lot of property between us we could sell and be comfortable!!"

Laura got up, I watched her perfect ass move toward the door.

"That was the best shag I have ever had bro, this next week is going to be the best of both our lives!!!"

I lay in the jacuzzi basking in my conquest of my big sister.
I was laying on a hammock on the beach just staring at the waves, it was nice and secluded on the beach.

I was thinking about last night whereby my big sister wanted to get her pregnant and move to Australia I was replaying the events in my mind and got a hardon thinking about her body.

I looked up and saw Laura walking toward me in a sexy gold bikini her toned stomach looked amazing, her golden hair up in a pony tail and her tits just captivated my eyes.

"Move over Dan" she said and got in the hammock with me, her ass pressed against my raging hard cock.

"Laura, I think that we should just book flights from the island straight to Oz, it wont be hard to phone our lawyers too and get the selling process under way"

She tuned around a little and looked into my eyes and smiled at me.

"I bought an ovulation test kit, it says that I am ovulating right now, please fuck me"

"Ok, what are brothers for" I pulled my shorts down and moved her gold bikini bottoms to the side and saw her moist pussy lips.

"Dan, before you enter me, can you rub your cock over my clit to give me an orgasm, I loved that last night"

"Sure can" I started to massage her clit using the head of my dick, which was throbbing at the chance to bury itself in my sisters pussy. I kept massaging her as I felt her body start to gyrate and move, I slipped my hand inside her bra and played with her nipple.

"Oh my god I'm going to cum, its so good dont stop"

A second later and I saw my sister have her orgasm, her heavy panting and sweat on her body was mind blowing.

"Now then, time for you to get your sister pregnant"

"I cant wait"

I slid my dick into her and was ball deep in her, I placed my hand on her flat stomach.

"I will miss your sexy toned tummy when your pregnant, but knowing that its my baby inside you will be ace, I always had a thing pregnant women"

"I hope you will suck on my tits when you get me pregnant too" she replied.

"I am going to cum already sis"

"Ok then just do it, what if I talk dirty to you when you do it, will that make you feel good"

"Hell yeah!!"

"Ok, how does it feel to be fucking your big sister, and cumming deep inside her fertile pussy?"

"Keep it up, Laura its making me cum"

"Go on, knock me up get me pregnant, give your sister a baby"

I felt me nuts tighten and my cum erupted into my sisters body.

"Thats it baby brother, give me all your incestuous cum"

I was totally exhausted after the session with her, I felt my dick begin to soften, and went to take it out.

"Nooo! leave it in me for a bit longer, if you take it out all your cum will escape my pussy"

"Sure thing sis" I chuckled.

We fell asleep on the beach with our bodies entwined.

When we woke up a few hours later, I slipped my dick our of her pussy and moved her bikini bottoms back over to trap the cum that might escape.

We walked back to the hotel hand in hand, I snuck I peek at her sexy ass as we walked up the stairs.

"Daniel!" she playfully shouted as if to mock offense. "You dont need to sneak glances at your sisters body anymore, its all yours!"

"I'm going to make a few phones calls, be back in 10"

I arrived back in the hotel room, my sister was in the shower.

"Well, how did it go?" She asked when she came out drapped in a towel with her long wet hair cascading down her left hand side.

"Perfect, flights to Melbourne tomorow and the lawyer has started the selling up process, he reckons we may get around £8 million for the lot."

"Awesome was her reply, better get packing then"


"Whats up?"

"Im going to head down to reception and get an ovulation tester. I want you to give me a baby, do you want to get your own sister pregnant."

"Yes, I love you so much"

"Good. I love you too."

As she left the room she turned and winked at me.


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Australia sheep shaggers you got the wrong country besides the story is ok. Are you Anonymous readers scared of remarks about their stories .

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whats so special about australia? they're sheep shaggers, not sister shaggers

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Leave Australia alone

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Leave the guy alone. The writing might not be the best but it isnt a bad read. I have read alot worse!! Keep going and you will be an erotic novelist. Practice makes perfect!!

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I didn't know where to find this info then kaobom it was here.

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