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Thanks again for all of the support and comments. I just want to recap a
little of the previous story to keep your minds fresh on this on going
story. My name is Chaz, I am a 17 year old senior on summer vacation
spending the first two weeks with my Aunt Rita and her two daughters.

Aunt Rita is a 34 year old divorced woman who stands about 5'6" tall and
weighs about 130 lbs. She is a extremely well shaped woman with 38 DD
cup breast and slim waist and great little ass. She has black hair and a
golden tan that makes her look stunning. What drives me wild is her
light blue eyes to top every thing off. Her daughters are twin replicas
of their mothers only younger and still developing since thy are only 16
years old. They are about 5'2" tall and about 110 lbs sexy young
creatures Shelly and Diana. They both wear an amazing 34 C cup bras though looking at
them naked you wonder if even that is necessary specially since they are twins. She has one more
child Nathen or Nate as everyone calls him. Though Spooky Nate would be
more suiting. I swear he is a 60 year old man trapped in a 7 year old
body. The way he speaks and the things he says aren't normal for a 7
year old.

As I arrived, Nate was off to camp and I got very reacquainted with my
Aunt as her daughters went off to the mall. It started with some
flirting that moved to touching. The touching quickly moved on to some
amazing oral sex before almost getting busted by her daughters as they
came home early. After declining an invitation to join them on their
mall shopping trip I made my way up to Aunt Rita's bedroom. I caught her
just as she was coming out of the shower for some great sex. After
cleaning up and showering together we sat on the living room couch
waiting or the girls to come back when lust started to creep back into
our minds. When the girls got back we eat dinner and they put on a
modeling show of the things they got at the mall when things got really
wild and I ended up getting sucked off by Aunt Rita and came all over
her and her daughters.

Just as the fog of lust and orgasmic bliss started to clear my mind noticed I was in a mass of breast, pussies, and female bodies surrounding me. That's when I saw to sets of blue eyes lustfully looking at me. They both start to crawl up next to me and as they both stand up on each side of me. The twins grab each of my arms and begin to coax me off the floor and stand with them.

"Mother, we are going to bed now." Shelly announced to her mother.

" Yeah you had more than your share of fun with him this afternoon so tonight he belongs to us." Diana confirmed her sister's statement.

Dumfounded I followed them up the stair in a trance not sure if this was just another wet fantasy or if today was really happening. Walking up the stairs both girls lead me by the hand but being a step behind them I enjoy the great view of their lovely teen asses. I also noticed like Rita that they lack much in the way of tan lines. Since they never did remove their baby doll out fits during our little fun in the living room I can't help thinking how much that I want to rip them both off with my teeth and ravage their bodies.

As we reach the top of the stairs Diana suddenly stop in and turns to her sister and whispers something into her ear. A broad wicked smile strikes across Shelly's mouth and they both turn to look down at me.

" Say Chaz, after everything that has happened today I bet you could use a vitamin so we don't break you tonight." Shelly asks me.

"Sure" I laugh, "I sure don't want to come short of giving you two hot ladies my very best." I continued.

Without saying a word Diana shoots past me down the stairs and into the kitchen. We hear her pouring some water from the tap and then her coming back up the stairs. When she reaches me, Diana hands me the glass of water and a strange blue pill.

"This will help you out and I know you will be more than ready t give us your very best." Diana says wickedly.

" Diana!!" Rita calls from the living room.

Laughing " What mom? If you hadn't been greedy this afternoon we might not have need of it." Shelly retorted back.

I stared at my Aunt Rita as she laughed and waved her hands at us like she was dismissing us. She turned around and began picking up our clothes as the twins resumed leading me into their bedroom. Once at the door they both enter and turn to watch me coming in. Feeling like a fly walking into a spider's web they spring their trap and surround me kissing and running their nail up and down my still naked body.

"We have been wanting to do this for months. Ever since your mother sent us you high school pictures." Shelly said between kisses and nibbles.

Diana hand rakes her nails down my left side and grabs hold of my hard 8" cock. She starts to stroke it slowly running her small hand over the head and along the shaft. I laugh to myself that her finger can't wrap all the way around my cock. I was thinking her pussy will be just a small being stretched full as I fuck her sweet little pussy.

Shelly grab my by the back of the hair and turns my head towards her and plants her sweet lips against mine. As we begin to make out Diana steps closer and I feel her lips on my neck kissing and nibbling it as she continues to stroke my cock a little faster now. With this kind of stimulation I dare any man to remain soft. I start moaning into Shelly's mouth. My hand seeks out each set of breast in cased in the sheer baby doll outfits. When my hands find their nipples I begin to stroke and lightly pinch the one inch long hard nipples I find on each girl. Holding the nipples between my thumbs and middle fingers I start to flick the hard nipples with my index finger. As if on que the girls start moaning at my attention I pay each of their nipples.

About this point I noticed my heart as sped up and little and the my blood seems to boiling in my body. I also start to eel like my cock gets harder and hotter in Diana's hands. Now both girls are grinding their pussies on each side of my leg. I can't take this much longer. I pull back from my kiss with Shelly and I use both of their nipples not too roughly but with some tweaking force I make them step front of me.

"Now ladies, do you think it is fair that I am the only one naked in here?" I ask them.

With that I drop to my knees in front of Diana pressing my face into her sheer panty covered pussy smelling her sweet scent. I just can't help but to run my tongue between her pussy lips. Her juices hit my tongue as I start to lick her pussy. Shelly walks behind me pressing my face into her sister's pussy. I can feel her clit growing harder on my lips. So pressing my tongue up I start sucking her clit in my mouth. This wasn't what I had in mind but I wasn't complaining was it was going.

I stopped licking Diana's pussy and looked up to see her sexy body waiting to be explored. I ran my hands up her sides taking the sheer baby doll outfit with me. I started kissing the exposed skin from her pussy up my flat tummy until I finally reached her perky breast. Once my mouth reach the center of her breast I took the left nipple into my mouth sucking hard on it as I flicked my tongue across it. She grabbed the back of my head and mashed my face into her breast moaning loudly. By this time my cock was the hardest it has ever been. The pre-cum dripping from the tip was steady. I knew I had to fuck one of these girls and I had to do it right now.
It was in that moment I felt a warm mouth engulf my cock. It was so hot, and wet. I felt like I would explode in the very instance. Shelly must have felt my cock expanding from between her lips cause she grab the base of my cock and squeezed it tightly. This seem to keep me from cumming but the pressure was enormous. Thankfully though I was able to concentrate on the breast before me. I lightly bite onto Diana's nipple and flicked my tongue across it faster. This seem to drive her into a mini orgasm. She was shaking and moaning like crazy.
Shelly not to be left out started sucking my cock harder while pumping the base into her mouth. I in turned moaned into Diana's nipple. I reached one hand down her body and started fingering her pussy. My other hand raise the baby doll outfit over Diana's head and I threw it to the ground. I then dropped it down between our bodies to grab a handful of Shelly's hair and braced her head as I started thrusting into her mouth. Taking my mouth off Diana's let nipple to switch to the right I looked down long enough to see Shelly's hand inside her sheer panties fingering her wet little pussy. I latched onto the right nipple and started nibbling and sucking it like I did the left nipple.
Feeling Diana continue her nipple orgasm while I was fingering her pussy must have been to much cause the next thing I knew she feel backwards onto the bed. My finger left her scolding wet pussy with a wet popping sound. This left Shelly room to line her throat up to try and take my cock deeper. While she tried to reach her lips to the base of my cock she began to cough and gag around my cock. I have to admit the feeling was amazing. The way her throat quivered around my cock was awesome. I guess it was a little to good cause my hand pressed her head hard against her head causing my cock to slip further into her throat. I was half growling and moaning my enjoyment. Shelly on the other hand was pushing her hands against my legs to pull my cock out of her mouth.
"Chaz! I think you should let Shelly breath before you choke her to death." Diana said breaking my trance.
Realizing what I was doing I released my grip on the back of her head and she quickly pulled my cock out of her mouth. Still coughing and dry heaving as drool coating my cock trailed down her body.
"Oh god Shelly I'm so sorry.'s just that felt so fucking good." I stammered.
Only a couple of seconds after that she smiled up at me looking into my eyes. She said "Thank you Chaz, that was so fucking hot. I didn't think I could even get that thick cock into my mouth let alone down my throat. Only next time I might need to breath a little sooner." Then she gave me a wink.
I thought that I had ruined the mood only to find her thanking me for forcing my cock down her throat.
But, seeing how she thanked m I knew I would have to repay Shelly and fuck her brains out and I needed to do it right now. So I wrapped my hand into her hair and dragged her off the floor to stand in front of me. What ever they gave me put my body and brain in full lust mood now. I reached up taking a hold of her light blue baby doll out fit and ripping it down the front of her body til it was open all the way. The look in her eyes was sheer lust and excitement. I then reached down and ripped her matching light blue sheer panties in two pulling her body roughly around til the materials fell to the floor. I picked Shelly up by her waist and tossed her onto the bed.
Shelly only got one bounce as she hit the bed cause my body was on top of her pinning her down before she could make the second bounce. I grabbed her legs threw them over each of my shoulders and lined my cock up to ram as hard as I could into her wet pussy. I didn't think if she was a virgin or not and at that point I didn't care. Running the head of my cock between her slight protruding pussy lips I did make sure my head was pretty wet with a combination of my pre-cum and her juices dripping. Once I had my head ready I rammed full force driving my cock as far as it would go on the first thrust.
Shelly gave a toe curling scream as my cock rammed in 6" on the first try. She trashed about as her pussy clamped down on the intrusion of my cock into her 16 year old pussy. Not that it mattered but I didn't feel any hymen so I didn't think I popped her cherry. The feeling was amazing. I felt reach ripple and contraction her pussy was squeezing my hard cock. I slowly started thrusting in short strokes in and out of her pussy. This allowed my cock to get wetter and slip further inside her. I didn't feel it at first but she had wrapped her arms around my back and dug her nail deep into my back. That and the feeling of her pussy truly amazing. I started pulling my cock further out and slamming back into her trying to get my entire cock deeply buried in her pussy.
"Holy shit Diana, his thick ass cock is splitting my pussy in two. He is so much thicker and longer than mom's dildo." Shelly half yelled to her sister.
"Mmm good make sure he have something left for me so he can split my pussy open as well." Diana responded back to her sister.
"Until then you little bitch, you are going to lick my pussy since you got his cock first." Diana continued.
With that I felt the bed shift and Diana walking across the head board on her knee until she grabbed me by the shoulders and straddled Shelly's face with her pussy. Seeing this made I cock jerk hard inside her pussy. That cause Shelly's head to jerk up into Diana's wet pussy, but Shelly stayed there latch onto her sister legs and she began to lick, suck, and eat her sister's pussy out for everything she was worth.
'That's right you little cunt licking whore, lick my pussy clean for Chaz to fill it with his seed." Diana went on. "I can't wait to eat his cum out of your pussy either, so you BETTER make sure he fills you all to way up so I get a snack before getting my turn on his cock." Diana said as she grounded her pussy into Shelly's face.
I was fucking the hell out of Shelly by that point. I could feel my cock smashing into the back of her pussy with each thrust. This cause Shelly to jerk and moan into Diana's pussy. All of us were in a fluid motion as I fucked Shelly's pussy, she would moan and squirm into Diana's pussy, and Diana was now reaching up my bare chest taking my nipples in each of her hands tweaking and lightly pinching both of them driving me insane.
Diana then lean into her and kissing my lips and our tongues hungrily twirled around in each others mouths. Just then I felt Shelly's hand between our crotches as she fingered her clit. After a couple of minutes of this brought Shelly off on her first orgasm. I changed the angle I was fucking her pussy were the head of my cock was ramming the top of her pussy hard. That's when Shelly lost it. With her tongue deep in Diana's pussy, Shelly screamed through her orgasm.
This set Diana off as she pulled harder on my nipples pulling me into kissing her harder. Well needless to say between the pleasure of Shelly's pussy rippling her orgasm on my cock and Diana's torture of my nipples my cock swelled and I came like a rocket of cum shooting out the head of my cock. Jet after jet of cum slammed into Shelly's pussy. I know for the fact there was no way her womb wasn't fully coated with my cum. All three of us and screaming moaning and grunting like wild mating animals in the throws of passion and lust.
Almost in unison " God damn, that we fucking hot." we all said together between pants.
We all fell back and off t the side of each other. As I did my cock came free of Shelly's pussy and a wet sounding pop. I couldn't believe it but my cock was still straining with it's hardness. I had jerked off countless times since I first hit puberty and I had fucked my ex-girl friend a few times and this had never happened. I was still coming down from the orgasmic high so i laid there for a minute catching my breath.
Shelly was down for the count having passed out from the sheer force of her orgasm. Diana recovered a bit faster moved between her sister's spread out legs and started licking the combined juices leaking from Shelly's pussy. After her first couple of licks Diana dove into Shelly's pussy like she was possessed. I watched as she loudly sucked the cum from her twin sister's pussy. I was both spell bound and amazed at how hot it was watching this. It looked like she was eating her own pussy. But that didn't last but a couple of minutes. Seeing Diana's pussy and ass sticking up into the air was too much for me. I got up behind her and position my cock to her pussy. I grabbed her hips and slammed my entire cock deep into Diana's wet pussy and this time I didn't stop to let her get use to my cock like I did her sister. Oh no, for the torture this little vixen did to m nipples was going to pay with her pussy getting fucked as hard as I could.
As we were gong at it Shelly started moaning again to Diana's sucking and licking of her pussy. She looked down between her legs to see Diana eating her pussy and me fucking her sister from behind. As I slammed my cock into Diana it drove her face into Shelly's pussy. We keep this up for what seemed like hours when it was more like 20 or 30 minutes. Shelly and Diana were moaning through their continual orgasms but I was rapidly coming closer to mine.
An evil smile spread across my face as my cock started to swell in Diana's pussy. I dipped my thumb along side of my cock coating it with Diana's dripping pussy juices. Her juices were dripping down so much I knew there must have been a lake under us. I then pressed my thumb against Diana's sexy lil asshole. I felt the pressure in her pussy as my thumb slipped pasted her sphincter. God the feeling was amazing. I worked my thumb and cock in and out of Diana's holes. Thrusting both in and out of her pussy while alternating my strokes fucking her sexy ass.
Feeling I can't take much more, I pull my thumb from Diana's ass and place the head of my cock to her asshole. Diana pulls her face from her sister pussy long enough to start saying not that hole when I slam the head of my cock into her ass. The sphincter clamps around the head of my cock but cause my cock is coated with her cum from her pussy I keep sliding it deep into her ass.
"OH MY GOD!" Diana groans. "He's fucking putting it up my ass Shelly. I truly feel like he's ramming his cock into my throat." Diana continued.
"Fuck yeah you demented little vixen. Take your medicine and remember next time you try to dominate it's not me." I tell Diana.

I start to slowly fuck Diana's ass with long strokes feeling every inch of my cock being squeezed and milked by her ass. I pick up the strokes going a little faster with each thrust as I also feel Diana's ass loosen a little bit each time. Then I felt my cum racing through my cock and blast Diana's ass full of my cum. Wave after wave of cum kept shooting into her ass.

"Oh fuck baby that's right fill my ass full of your cum." Diana moaned.

"Yeah, fill her ass full of our cum Chaz!" Shelly moaned. It was the last thing I remembered before my head laid on Diana's back and I blacked out.

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