The brothers get their final punishment
100% fantasy, characters are all fictional

For full enjoyment read parts one and two first.

As I sat on the bed next to Brandon and Josh, my cock hard if they enjoyed watching me beat their brother. They looked at me in horror. "Speechless huh" I ask. "Well I guess its Josh's turn". As I was saying this I grabbed Josh and brought him over to the table in the middle of the room throwing him on to it., him fighting the entire way. I started handcuffing his arms tightly face up on the table his cock flaccid bouncing around as he fought my every move. Brandon just sat there watching knowing that I was stronger than him. I looked at Brandon and said "get over here and help me play with your brother". He got up his dick limp and walked slowly over to me.

"What do you want me to do" Brandon said.

"Rub your brother's cock and get him hard" I replied " I want him to enjoy whats about to happen". With that Brandon reached over and started playing with his brother tiny dick. He fought at first then finally just laid there and let his brother get him hard. It got hard fast. I walked over to the bed reached underneath it and pulled out a ten inch black thick double-sided dildo from under the bed. I ordered Brandon to hold his legs up and apart. I walked over with the huge dildo and lube, lubed it up and then began pressing it into Josh's ass, loose but not that loose. He screamed and tried to get away but his arms were tied to the table. I slid it half way up his ass, then looked at Brandon. "Your turn big boy".

He bent over and backed his ass up to the dildo and slowly took the rest of it up his ass. "Fuck yourself" I said.

"Yes sir" he let out with a moan. He began sliding his ass up and down the black dildo it moving in and out of his brother's ass as well. Brandon's cock started to grow and soon he was at full mast. His dick rock hard from the huge black dick in his ass. My cock stood full mast directly in his face.

“Suck it” I said. Brandon Gladly opened his mouth and began deep throating me while he fucked himself and his brother with the double sided dildo. His moaning barely making it out from my huge cock down his throat. I forced myself deeper and deeper into his throat his gagging making my dick feel so good. Josh’s cock was soft again bouncing up and down as his brother slid the dildo in and out of both of their asses.

I kept throat fucking him sliding the entire girth down his throat with each thrust. His face would turn purple every time I went in he could barley breath. I pulled my cock out and slapped him in the face with it. "Stand up you little pussy" I ordered. As he stood the dildo slid out of his ass but remained in Josh's ass. I pulled the didlo out of Josh's ass and replaced it with my dick. His ass was well worn now and there was little resistance as my cock just slid into his used hole. "Come over here and throat fuck your brother" I told Brandon. He complied and soon Josh was sucking his brother's cock. Josh was limp his brother's cock bringing him near to the point of passing out. He felt little pain in his ass as I fucked him hard. My thrusts became faster and deeper. I pulled out at the last second and blew a huge load all over his stomach. "Lick it up Brandon".

Brandon Eagearly complied and began licking his brother's body, taking in all my cum. He couldn't resist himself and was now sucking on Josh's cock, hard again from the loving contact. I started kissing his nipples as Brandon sucked his cock. It started with just a little licking but soon I was bitting and twisting his nipples, pulling and sucking. He moaned in pain and pleasure as I worked his tiny pink nipples. His hairless body arching as he dry came. Brandon never stopped sucking his cock, he kept dry orgasming over and over again. It started to get painful and he would scream every time one would come. His body arching on the table with the little wiggle room he had. Brandon and I never letting up on pleasuring him.

Josh's young body finally got a break when I stopped playing with his nipples and ordered Brandon to stop sucking him. Josh lay there worn out from the near 20 dry orgasms he must have had.

Brandon looked at me eagerly wanting to know what I had in stock for him. His two brothers laying limp around the room, Brandon's cock hard with anticipation, I told him to bend over and if he's a good boy I'll let him go. He complies spreading his legs and bending over, his hole waiting to be penetrated. I walk over my cock fully excited. I get on my knees behind him and probe my tongue into his hairless ass. He lets out the deepest sig of satisfaction. He's really enjoying me licking his hole. He moans over and over again begging me to fuck him. I continue licking his hole making him beg even more his cock twitching, wanting, begging for the pleasure of my cock in his ass. After twenty minutes I finally give him what he wants. I stand up my cock fully hard. I push the head in and slid the entire girth deep into his ass. I fuck him like he was meant to be fucked. Deeper and harder than ever before. He screams in pain and pleasure my cock tearing him in two. When I finally cum in his ass, I smack him and then walk over to the wall grab a towel wipe myself off and leave. Brandon lays on the ground his cock still twitching. He begins to stroke himself and then brings himself to the best orgasm of his life. He sleeps there that night and in the morning he unties his brothers and they head home never speaking of that night ever again.

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2013-10-25 06:29:54
9M8wuo Thank you for your blog.Much thanks again. Keep writing.


2012-07-14 22:03:43
oh hell the only thing wrong with these stories is that there isn't more. loved them, thank you.

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2011-12-08 01:10:07
You gotta edit your work dude, punctuation was a mess, and you used the expression "full mast" twice in only two sentences.

That being said, it's still a sexy story

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2011-11-30 20:01:48
Wow totally awesome story man I so loved it.I just wish it don't ended so soon,that he would have more fun with them again and that it was a little more longer still awesome fucking story

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