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Jennifer heads to the chapel
It might seem like I was kind of naive, but I had no idea what the mile high club was. Mary and Bud winked at each other and began to tease me. The pilot turned off the fasten seat belt sign and said we were free to move about the cabin. "Come over here and sit on my lap Jen", Bud smiled, "and I will explain to you what this mysterious mile high club is".

I did as he asked and considering it had been over two weeks since we had made love I assumed he also wanted to play. My already short skirt hiked up to the tops of my nylons as I sat on his lap with my legs spread facing him.. I could feel the hard bulge inside his pants as it pressed against my crotch. He put his arms around me and kissed me deeply, my breasts mashed against his strong hard chest as he held me tight. I must say, I was really getting hot in this position with his tongue exploring my mouth and his bulge growing larger pressing up into me through our clothes. "My dear dear Jennifer", he began, "I know that right now I want you as much as you want me. I have been saving myself for you but I want to wait until we are in our honeymoon suite before I go any further. I think the wait will be worthwhile". I smiled and agreed that no matter how hot I was his body on mine would be worth waiting for.

He picked me up off his lap and sat me down in the chair next to Mary. "Mary", he said, "I think it is time to show our darling Jennifer what is meant by the mile high club. I am saving myself for later but I do know that you so enjoy playing with her." With that he unbuttoned and removed my blouse exposing my breasts, lifted my skirt and pulled my panties down and over my heels leaving me sitting there with just my skirt, garter belt and sheer hose for him and Mary to see. They could see that I was excited by this and Bud said, "Oh my dear. I am afraid that I will be keeping you up until the wee hours of the morning. It is all I can do to wait until then." He was rubbing the large bulge in his pants as Mary stood and allowed her dress to fall to the floor. Reaching around behind her sh unfastened her bra and removed it then got down on her knees between my legs and took my hard clit into her hot wet mouth. She began sucking on it and moving her head up and down. Deepthroating me allowing me to feel the tip in her throat. I lay back and closed my eyes, moaning with pleasure as she sucked harder. Bud stood and said, "I just cannot wait to take those hard round nipples into my mouth" and he took my right nipple between his lips and lightly nipped at it sending jolts of electricity through me. Suddenly Mary released me from her mouth with a slight pop. She stood, removed her panties and facing away from me, lowered herself onto my hot hard 'dildo' as she liked to refer to my shaft. Sh slowly began to raise and lower herself on me and every time she lowered her self her wet cunt engulfed all of me. I was in heaven, with her sliding her hot pussy up and down my stiff shaft and Bud sucking and nibbling on my nipples I was almost ready to cum. Mary could sense this and began moving faster and faster, up and down while my shaft was in and out, in and out. Suddenly I arched my back and she slammed her hips down on me so I was totally inside her as I began to cum and pump my hot cream deep inside her. I was cumming so hard it felt I would never stop. Her screams of pleasure merged with mine as we orgasmed so hard together. She sat on me for several minutes after that. Looking at Bud, he was obviously very pleased and had enjoyed watching the two of us. His participation had sure added to the pleasure.After we had both come down from that wonderful sex, Mary stood up and I could feel the slight little pop as she pulled her now soaking wet pussy off of me.

Bud said with a big smile, "Welcome to the mile high club Jen. It means you have had sex in an airplane at over a mile up in the air. It might be your first time but certainly will not be your last if I have anything to say about it". I smiled, jumped up and threw my arms around him planting a big wet kiss on his open mouth. I then gathered up my panties and close and made my way back to the lavatory to clean up and get dressed. Mary headed to the other lavatory for the same reasons. When we emerged, Bud had a large bottle of Champagne and told us it was the beginning of a big celebration for all of us. We drank our Champagne and buckled up. The pilot said we would be landing in 30 minutes.

When the plane landed and taxied to the private hangar, there was a private limo from The Venetian waiting to take us to the hotel. Bud told us that he had booked two rooms, one of which was the Honeymoon Suite and another room close by that Mary and I would go to to get ready for the ceremony. He had made arrangements for both of us at the spa to get complete makeup and hair as well as herbal wraps. Then we would go to the second room and all of the clothes for the bride and bridesmaid would be waiting for us. "Las Vegas never sleeps", Bud said, "and our wedding is to take place at 2:00AM. You have 4 hours to get ready and I will meet you at the chapel. A limo will pick you up at 1:45AM."

Mary and I were both pampered in the spa. The herbal wrap and mud bath was to die for. I had never had a pedicure and it was also wonderful. The manicurist and hair stylist were so marvelous and when they were done I felt like a queen. Mary also looked fantastic. We went to our room and on the huge king size bed were our wedding clothes. Mine were on one die and Mary's were on the other. I quickly stripped down and with Mary's help began dressing. First on was the beautiful white brides corset with garters hanging down. Next were the beautiful white silk stockings which Mary helped me to fasten. We tucked my clit between my legs and I pulled up the skimpy whit silk panties. Next was the beautiful white low-cut wedding gown. It had lace trim on the bodice, around the sleeves and on the hem of the dress. After sloping on the full white lace slip we slid the dress on over my head, being very careful not to mess up my hair, and Mary fastened the buttons up the back. Looking in the mirror I could not believe how beautiful the woman looking back at me was. With only about 40 minutes left until the limo arrived for us, I helped Mary into her slip and beautiful off-white knee length dress. We stepped into our white 4 inch heels and Mary carefully put on my veil. With only a few minute so spare we admired ourselves and complimented each other on how beautiful we looked. We heard a knock on the door and the limo driver announced he was ready for us. We followed him to the Elevator and out throughout the lobby. He opened the door for us eloped us in and we were on our way to the chapel. It was so exciting for both of us.


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