My immersion into the world of coitus. Based on a true story.
Shit what am I doing…
The unspoken words echoed in my head as I pulled into the driveway and shut my truck off, tucking my keys above the sun visor above my head. It was mild out, average for august at night, so I shucked my jacket and left it in the truck. As I closed the driver’s side door behind me, I looked at the house, took a deep breath, and made my way to the front door. I knocked, and waited for her to open the door.
Amanda Pearson. I had graduated with her nearly three years ago now and back then she was well on her way to becoming hot. Now, she had long, wavy reddish-brown hair, smallish tits, and a very naughty attitude if you catch my drift. It’s been a while since I had seen her.
From what I had gleaned over our reunion Skype chat day before yesterday was that she was dating this guy who was very open about their relationship. When I asked for a disambiguation, she said that they liked to have group sex and threesomes and the like. So, the issue came up that I was still a virgin, much to my duress, but her reaction could not have been better.
“REALLY??” She spoke though her laptop webcam to me, “Well, me and Matt will have to change that!”
So here I was, knocking on the front door of a girl whom I hadn’t seen since school, waiting to get laid in a threesome. Thus my unspoken self-admonition.
The door opened. It was her boyfriend, Mike. 5’8”, dark short hair, claw tattoos on one arm and glasses. He looked straight enough, and for that I was grateful.
“Randall, right?”
I held out my hand to him. “Yep that’s me.”
“Come on in man”
So the evening began. I didn’t really expect much to happen, since this was pretty much just an evening to get together and get comfortable with one another before engaging in sexual activities. So needless to say, I hoped they liked me.
So after a few hours of videogames, music and conversations, the evening wound down to an end, and so I took my leave. I had no sooner shut the door when it reopened before I had left the steps. I turned back, thinking I had forgotten something.
“Randall, wait.” Came a whispered voice. Amanda came out onto the little porch beside me; her low-cut shirt revealing just enough cleavage to keep the imagination going. I looked at her as she came closer, peering around in the dark to make sure all the neighbors’ lights were off. I opened my mouth to ask a question, but before the words got from my brain to my mouth, she had removed her shirt, and was blinking her long-lashed eyes at me in the semi-darkness.
I came right up to her, and cupped one of her breasts in a hand, unsure of how far I could go. I figured that since she had left the room that Mike was still in, it was probably because he had said it was ok to fool around a little bit on the first night. So, as my hand fondled her chest, her lips found mine, and I found myself in one of the most erotic positions of my life. I grabbed a piece of ass and pulled her against me; her breathing was hot in my ear. My dick was hard as a rock and she knew it because she ground her pussy through her skirt against my jean-clad crotch, making me pant a little bit.
My hand found its way up under her skirt, and felt her damp panties with the tips of my fingers. Apparently, she was a little horny! So I took it upon myself to relieve her of such a ‘burden.’
“Omigod, Randall, I need you. Here and now.” Came her breathy voice in my ear.
I didn’t need any more persuading.
I undid my fly and pulled down my boxers a bit just so I could free my 6.5” cock from its prison. I wet my fingertips with my hand and moistened the head of my dick so there would be no resistance upon insertion (just like I had seen in the pornos). Her panties were gone by time I was ready, so we got down to business.
With her back against the wall, she wound her legs around my waist, and I quickly guided my dick into her now sopping-wet pussy, and buried it in there up to the hilt. She inhaled as she slid down my length, her eyes shut and one side of her bottom lip caught between her teeth. I pressed a little harder with my hips, working for the deepest penetration as I could my first time inside a woman. I felt the tip of my cock press against her cervix, and she grunted a little bit.
I ground against her, all of my cock inside her love tunnel, and thrusted steadily for about two or three minutes before I felt that familiar feeling coming over me. I withdrew more of my cock each time and slammed it back in as I came closer and closer. She was now gasping in time with my strokes, her fingernails drawing lines down my back and over the back of my neck.
“You gonna cum yet baby? I can feel you getting bigger inside me, go ahead and cum in that tight pussy, y’know you wanna!” came her ragged, chopped sentence as I fucked the shit out of her.
So I exploded deep inside her love tunnel, filling her up until I was completely spent. She inhaled a little on each squirt inside her, so even though she never said it, I knew she felt me seeding her soil, as it were.
I never wanted to withdraw, but I could feel my cock shrinking already, so I slowly pulled out of her. It was the most exquisite feeling; pulling out of her while semi-hard and expended. The head of my cock was really sensitive, but it felt amazing! My slowly shrinking member was glistening with Amanda’s juices, but I didn’t see any of my cum on it, so that meant that it was all up inside her.
She drew her panties back up as I recaptured my beast in my Levi’s and zipped them up. It was then that I looked over to the window next to the door and saw Mike’s face in the window. He grinned at me and gave me a thumbs up, having probably watched the entire show. I was oddly unaffected by this knowledge, so I rolled with it and grinned back at him.
Amanda coyly threw her arms back around my neck and licked the end of my nose.
“So are you going to come back and see us again?”
I softly kissed her lips and grabbed her ass one last time before bidding them both a good night.

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