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Take that!
It was a particularly sunny day when I met her. It was like looking at a goddess.

Her was Tyra. She had bronzed skin, brown eyes, black hair, long legs, great breasts and a sweet body. She was also quite intelligent.

I was taking a walk through the park when I decided to have a bit of fun with my dog. I started to throw sticks around for him to catch when one of them landed near a bench. I ran over to get it, and I looked up and saw her.

The erection in my pants was threatening to tear open the zipper. She was so breathtakingly beautiful that not even God could resist her. I picked up the stick and apologized for my intrusiveness. But she said it wasn't a problem. She introduced herself to me, and I to her, and soon we got to chatting.

It turned out we lived pretty close to each other, and we had offices that were just down the street for each other. I worked up my courage and I asked her out. And she, to my great surprise, agreed.

Little did I know that that night would be one of the highlights of my successful life.

I took her out to a small restaurant, and we started to get a bit more intimate. She would rub her legs against mine, spread her tight dress' legs wide open so that whenever I dropped my fork I could see her silk, black panties. Hell, there was one time when she threw her fork down for appearances and nuzzled my groin. I seized the moment.

I asked her if it would be my place or hers. She said it would be mine. I paid for the meal, and she ran into my car. I jumped in, and she started to kiss me, all over the place. I reminded her it would be at my place, not in my car.

She calmed, but kept me alert with her constant self-arousal. I drove aggressively, and we ended up at my place in three minutes. She grabbed my arm and ran up the stairs. I fumbled with the keys and we took the elevator to my apartment.

We pretty much smashed the door down. I walked in, grabbing anything I could to resist her passionate embrace. She cornered me on the couch and began to unbuckle my pants. I, in turn, unzipped her dress and removed her bra in seperate, free movements. Soon enough we were completely bare, and she said to me a single sentence.

"I'm a twenty-two year old virgin."

I couldn't believe it. As she started to suck on my long, hard dick, I tried to grasp the idea that this unbelievably sexy woman was only just losing her virginity at twenty-two. She continued to suck, and eventually I blew all over her. She thanked me and turned around to present her sweet pussy. I slopped up all her love juice, gooey and good. I think I made quite an impression, as she shuddered for three minutes when she came after that.

We continued to fuck each other like bunnies. We tried all sorts of positions, like 69s, doggy-style, on the floor, on the bed, on tables, even out in the corridor for a few minutes before rolling back inside. She did handjobs, blowjobs and to my surprise, brought out a vibrator which she had bought earlier on just for this occasion, apparently. I started to doubt whether she was a virgin or not, but it didn't matter while she took my dick in her sweet, fragrant pussy.

Many hours later, we were exhausted, having fucked each other everywhere. We examined my place, and there were white stains and white marks on everything. We decided to get together again, and since then, she has moved in with me and we still go at it like bunnies...


2008-10-30 12:08:51
Absolute fun wow


2007-10-12 14:38:08
What the fuck......................


2006-09-11 12:49:04
i am just hinking the female person is not in the story in need to sort that out to get because ihad very sexy sex in all position and is the best think in human live when you get over 18 or 21 thats the laws it doesnt say whethearing a thong or a lingeiries or if her pussy was juice xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx...


2006-05-29 01:49:30
yes a lot more diion is needed and where is the spanking that you headed this under??? If you promise something in your entry try to live up to it.


2006-04-27 15:41:10
You need to decsribe a lot of this. this story suck, No deion about ne thing

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